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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 28, 2022 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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who is behind the benefits and why are they a threat to us all o p worlds? start to june, 2nd on d w. ah ah ah, this is to do news live from berlin. moscow says its forces have taken control of a strategic town in eastern ukraine. the defense ministry says its troops control the key crossroads town of lamar. russian soldiers and their local allies are getting closer to taking over the entire who hands region. it used to be ukraine's industrial park land. also on the program. pressure grows on texas police to
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explain their apparent inaction, while children were being shot in elementary school state officials including the governor, blast to police for failing to act fast enough to end the val day school massacre. and the cannes film festival is drawing to a close. we go live the french riviera to find out if it lived up to the hype of being a post pandemic celebration of cinemas revival. and what's on track the coveted parliament door award. ah oh, next by sir. welcome to program. i'm ready to talk. that's what russian president vladimir putin has told german chance there olaf schultz and french president emanuel mack home about getting ukraine's grain shipped out of the country that
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couldn't also warn them against supplying cave with western weapons. meanwhile, moscow's forces are making slow progress in parts of eastern ukraine. the russian military says it has taken control of la man, a strategic ukrainian railway. hum. the takeover follows days of intense fighting as moscow's forces slowly invade the last areas in the hands region control or ukraine. the russian barrage is being felt in easton ukraine. moscow say's its youth missile strikes. to destroy posts where ukrainian soldiers and equipment were located. it's false as the inching forward. alongside progression, separatist militias, one of the latest targets leman, has gateway bridges over the diversity donnette river will go to following the joint actions of the units of the militia of the done acts, people's republic and russian. i'm forces the town of leman has been entirely
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liberated minimal as the fighting intensified lemons. residents who'd been holding out attempted a desperate escape. they could be more like them nearby towns if ukrainian troops can not hold back the russian advance, which is proving to build a persistent threat. landscape or blue are all will gantski public. amy done at work and especially low hands regions. the enemy is increasing its forces and intends night and day to carry out the task of reaching its target areas while making new efforts to encircle our troops. yet this guilt, sir, marcy res, grab those on the front lines are on high alert, but it will take much more than awareness to keep hold of their territory against russia's military might. and for more on the situation will bring in on dress rats . he is with the german council on foreign relations and an expert on russian
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defense and security policy. welcome to w andre. of russia. it is getting closer to season control of the entire don't bass region by all accounts. what would that mean politically and militarily? yes, news or true by no rush on controlling approximate. the 95 percent of your grades graham and to follow for the mon and crucial railway home, unfortunately seems to open directions of a advance towards lobby. ask another key cd of little much. however, one needs to end, there are several major settlements in the do much range and yet under ukrainian control. so even the fall of the month does not mean that ukrainian defense would be collapsing by all accounts ukraine. our forces have retreated from the among the organized bait, and they are still holding the eastern, more part of the city and the sibling at least john region. i'm in the situation.
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derek is getting increasingly critical. so all you know, if russia succeeds, taking the territory of lawns and doing the green that might enable russian president vladimir, put him to claim some kind of a big story. anyways, the whole war has started by russia recognizing the independence of the so called don't ask and public. so in the long story short taking diane, it's going to have been unable russia to basically declare victoria both at home and abroad. ok, so they would provide, put in with a kind of finish line to cross over declare victory and so on. but look, would the game really the war rather, forgive me really be over. could ukraine possibly take them back again? and if so, what would they need? to do so, do they have everything they need to to counter attack? noticed booking for all the sources, i'm facing a serious caveat about the real status of your grades on forces. so convert docs.
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we know a lot more about the state percent situational pressure on for so then the ones of ukraine. however, based on the open source information available. unfortunately, it doesn't seem to likely that ukraine would be able to launch a successful counter attack and take back to you by dories anytime soon. just a last question if i may, french president, imagine my call and german chancellor la shoulds recall in vladimir putin to hold talks with ukrainian president vladimir soleski. is that likely to happen anytime soon? i'm afraid that russia is following business. the similar pattern like it did in the initial stage of the war in 20142015. meaning russia will be ready for high level talks only at the moment. then the better the situation will change in the rational favor. in other words, the better reality is we to define the negotiations and not the other way around.
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so again, i don't think that we can use that before that yet. well, thank you. then on, on rush route, an expert on security policy with a german council on foreign relations. thanks again. think the town of o valet in the american state of texas is still reeling from tuesday school shooting that f 19 children and 2 teachers that but the grief is giving way to anger as local police are now being accused of taking much too long to intervene a punch in the guts to a town already reeling new details, raising questions if their worst nightmare could have been prevented. while armed police were at the school, within minutes of the gunman opening fire, they waited more than an hour to stop him. as parents outside begged them to help. ah, and as desperate children made repeated none when one calls from inside the
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classroom, where the shooter had locked himself. as many as 19 armed officers waited in the hallway, just meet his away for more than 45 minutes. with many more outside the building off to days of providing incomplete and conflicting accounts of how police responded. officials have now admitted they should have acted sooner than the course of another. right to say the wrongs very, there is no, no excuse for just a few 100 kilometers away. in houston, pro gun activist gathered for the annual convention of the national rifle association, the nation's most powerful gun lobby. outside the timing and location of the event added to the sense of outrage. we just had a shooting for 21 people in texas. and here you are talking about how great your guys are. but inside former president, donald trump delivered a defiant speech, saying the answer to the u. s. is school shooting epidemic was more not fewer guns
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. ah, the existence of evil in our world is not a reason to disarm law abiding citizens who know how to use their weapon and can protect a lot of people. as the age old saying goes, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. but these activists in millions more americans are demanding a different response. according to recent polling, a majority of americans back strict to gun laws. but with republican lawmakers in congress, staunchly opposed, there's little hope of change, even in the wake of yet another mast shooting. return to culture. now the 75th edition of the can film festivals. drawing to a close that this year's festivities have been overshadowed by the war in ukraine. a military fly over at the premier of tom cruz's top gun. maverick startled those we've experienced the warden crane like chill maker hannah villa rover her fiancee,
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director, man task critter jew was killed while filming. for more on that and the movies we go live to can were dw scott rock. tspra is standing by force. so it's got you done more than a few of these. is there anything special this time around? yeah, this, this year is unlike any that i've ever covered. and this is more than 20 now. here in can it really? i think it's been a tale of 2 festivals. we've had the sort of cinema spectacular that can is really known for mentioned top gun in the piece before that premiered here last week, pop maverick, the sequel to the 1900. 86 action of blockbuster, and it really was an amazing event. i mean, we had that fly over which some people, questioned of the squadron of french jets, rocketing over the cause that here literally making the ground shake beneath us. but was undeniable, undeniably a phenomenal show and
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a phenomenal presentation of sort of hollywood blockbuster at its, at its best, in sharp contrast to that have been the political protests that have been happening on the red carpet here in can, including a very aggressive one by woman who stripped nearly naked, painted, had her body painted in the ukrainian colors of the cranium flag with the words stop raping us printed on her, her torso, sort of a stark reminder of the realities of the war in ukraine, which is not that far away from here on the cause that and really a blast back to reality for many of us here who probably come to festivals like this to escape those harsh realities of the world. you know, they're pretty inescapable, i think, across europe. but if we could just go on to the movies now, which is you know, the purpose of, of the festival. is there any indication who will be winning the big prize? the panama dog? yeah, it's interesting this year because there's no real favorite. i mean of the 21 films
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that were presented here, none really one over all everybody. they basically split audiences and critics, every, every one. and i only think of 2 films that have basically have a consensus of being phenomenal. um and at those i think the best chances of winning the palm door to night i'm once a, a belgian film called close from a young director lucas dont. and this is a coming of age, a tale about 213 year old boys whose intimate friendship is threatened when they both enter up puberty. it's a real tear. jerker ciara, a critic friend of mine, said it could single handily save the kleenex industry because there won't be a dry eye in the house when this film a shows up. so that's a big favorite. um, but my absolute personal favorite is a korean film called decision to leave from park chand whooped. and this is a romantic thriller sort of in the vein of alfred hitchcock's vertigo. and it's about a detective who becomes obsessed and falls in love with woman. he suspects may actually be a murderer. it's probably the best crafted film i've seen in years and it's my absolute
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favorite to win the palm door to night. sounds like an interesting one. listen, just a last quick question of her me. this was supposed to be a returned to normal festival and cinema life. the organizers were looking at this being kind of a big release after 2 years of pandemic to think they succeeded. i think a large part they did succeed. this was a real celebration of cinema, of all sizes from the, the huge like, like top gone to the very small and intimate that like some of the smaller films that screened here. but the realities of, of the world rallies will warn you, crane. we're inescapable. and they did cast a shadow over the proceedings here. but all in all, i think the cannes film festival is really a did really the achieve a set out to do which was mark or returned to cinema after 2 years of a pandemic. okay. did of use got rocks for thanks so much forwarding from can time for sports now in football. the champions league final kicks off later to day in paris. there's already a buzz on the streets, the french capital,
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as fans of both liverpool and rail madrid. soak up the atmosphere, it is the most watched annual sporting event on the planet. and it looks like being a really open final w sports correspondent, tommy noise in the middle of the action in paris. and here's what he sent us. 41 years off to these 2 teams, 1st faced each other in a european cup final here in paris, ro, madrid, and liverpool are going toe to toe hay in the french capital once more. back then a one new victory for livable, so them crowned european champions for the 3rd time in the clubs history to night there chasing a 7th title while rail madrid pursue a record 14. make no mistake. this fixture is a meeting of european footballing, royalty, and carlo and chelsea on yoga top. there are 2 heavy white coaches on the touch line, a needless to say, however, the teams why not there will be no shortage of exceptional talent out on the page.
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all i is on the side to franz this evening. the biggest prize in european club football is up for grabs. this is of course the w is leih from berlin up next we see how smart architecture and technology is helping build new buildings that go green. forgive me about that. this is a next fi, sir. thanks for watching. t w's crime fighters are back in the africa, most successful radio drama series continues them all episodes are available online . and of course you can share and discuss on d. w africa's facebook page and other social media platforms, crime fi.


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