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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 28, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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the the make up your own mind. w. made for mines. ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin bosco says its forces have taken control of a strategic town and eastern ukraine. the defense ministry says its troops control the key cross road town of lou man, russian soldiers and their local allies are getting closer to taking over the entire new hence, reaching also in the program. pressure grows on texan police to explain why they
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waited so long when children were being shot in an elementary school state officials including the governor, blast the police, are failing to act fast enough to end the val day school mass ah unexpired are welcome to the program i'm ready to talk, that's what russian president vladimir putin has told. german chancellor, olaf, sholtes and french president, a man un back whole about getting ukraine's grain shipped out of the country. but prudent also warned them against supplying keith with western weapons. meanwhile, moscow's forces are making slow progress in parts of eastern ukraine. the russian military says it has taken control of the man, a key strategic ukrainian railway ab the russian barrage is being
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felt in easton, ukraine. moscow says it's used missile strikes to destroy posts where ukrainian soldiers and equipment were located. it's false as inching forward alongside progression, separatist militias, one of the latest targets leman, has gateway bridges over the savanski donnette river. although the following, the joint actions of the units of the militia of the done ex people's republic and russian, i'm forces, the town of leman has been entirely liberated roughly more as the fighting intensified, lehman's residents who had been holding out attempted a desperate escape. they could be more like them nearby towns if ukrainian troops could not hold back the russian advance, which is proving to build a persistent threat landscape us i blew our whole gantski of like get in the done
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at work and especially lo, hunter, regions the enemy is increasing its forces and intends night and day to carry out the task of reaching his target areas while making new efforts to encircle our troops. zach they're killed, sir. la savage. grab those on the front lines are on high alert, but it will take much more than awareness to keep hold of their territory against russia's military might. earlier we spoke to andras rock, who is with the german council on foreign relations and an expert on russian defense and security policy with russia getting closer to seizing control of the entire don't bass region. i asked him about the political and military significance of moscow's latest gains. yes, news or true by no rush on controlling approximately 95 percent of your grades to graham, and to fall pretty mom and crucial re re harman. unfortunately seem to open the
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russians. they are the ones towards lobbyist and other key city of little much region. however, one needs to end. there are several major settlements in the don't much region yet under ukrainian control. so even the fall of the month does not mean that ukrainian defense will be collapsing by all accounts. ukrainian force is heavily treated from among organized bait. and they are still holding the eastern part of the city and the similar they have to listen to situation. derek is getting increasingly critical. so all you know, if russia succeeds, taking the cord territory of blue house and the ukraine that might unable russian president plug me, put him to claim some kind of a big story. anyways, the war has started by russia recognizing the independence of the so good, don't ask and to ask republics. so in the long story, short taking dance, going to have with unable russia to basically declare victory both at home and
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abroad. ok, so they would provide putin with a kind of finish line to cross over declare victory and so on. but look, would the game really the war rather, forgive me really be over. could ukraine possibly take them back again? and if so, what would they need to do? so do they have everything they need to to counter attack? noticed booking for all the sources, i'm facing a serious caveat about the real status of your brain on forces. so combine or docs or play. we know a lot more about the status of situational pressure on for so then the ones of your grade. however, based on the open source information available. unfortunately, it doesn't seem to likely that you would be able to launch a successful counter attack and dade back to you by that dories anytime soon. just a last question. if i may, french president amended my call and german chancellor la shoulds recall. and let
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me put into hold talks with ukrainian president vladimir soleski. is that likely to happen anytime soon? i'm afraid the russia is following basically the similar pattern like i do in the initial stage of the war in 20142015. meaning, russia will be ready for high level talks, only at the moment when the better of the situation would change in the rational favor. in other words, the better reality is we to define the negotiations and not the other way around. so again, i don't think that we can use it before that yet. well, thank you. then on andre route, an expert on security policy with the german council on foreign relations. thanks again. thank you. and here's a quick round up of some other events making news around the world. former ukrainian president petro shanker, was prevented from going abroad to take part in an event in the 20th is party said he was stopped twice at a border crossing with poland. shanker was due to attend to nato parliamentary
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assembly meeting in vilnius. the crew is me. at least 31 people have been killed in a stampede at a church in southern virginia police, a large crowd turned up to receive free food donations in the city of port harcourt . nigeria has seen similar tragedies over food distribution in recent years. mourners have gathered for the funeral of a 15 year old palestinian killed by israeli troops in bethlehem, in the west bank. israel said his soldiers open fire on a group that attack them with rocks and molotov cocktails. a witness, as the boy was pleading for his life when he was shot. the town of val day in the us state of texas is still reeling from tuesday school shooting that left 19 children and 2 teacher is dead. but the grief is turning to anger as local police are now being accused of taking much too long to intervene. a punch in the gut to a town already reeling new details,
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raising questions if their worst nightmare could have been prevented. while almond police were at the school, within minutes of the gunman opening fire, they waited more than an hour to stop him. as parents outside begged them to help. ah, and as desperate children made repeated none when one coals from inside the classroom where the shoot had locked himself. as many as 19 armed officers waited in the hallway, just meet his away for more than 45 minutes. with many more outside the building. off to days of providing incomplete and conflicting accounts of how police responded. officials have now admitted they should have acted sooner the course of the novel, right, the 2nd, the wrong is very there is no, no excuse for that. just a few 100 kilometers away in houston, pro gun activist gathered for the annual convention of the national rifle association, the nation's most powerful gun lobby. outside the timing and location of the event
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added to the sense of outrage. we just had a shooting for 21 people in texas. and here you are talking about how great your guys are. but inside former president, donald trump delivered a defiant speech saying the answer to the u. s. his school shooting epidemic was more not fewer guns. ah, the existence of evil in our world is not a reason to disarm law abiding citizens who know how to use their weapon and can protect a lot of people. as the age old saying goes, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. but these activists in millions more americans are demanding a different response. according to recent polling, a majority of americans back strict to gun laws, but with republican lawmakers in congress, staunchly opposed,
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there's little hope of change, even in the wake of yet another mass shooting. and d, w, correspond, stiffened. simons joins me now from houston, texas, where the n r a or national rifle association is holding its annual convention at 7 . what's happening where you are now? well let me take you on a little walk here in front of the convention center where the n r a, the national rifle decision is meeting here. what do you see here is actually the protestors who are making the voice asserts and all kinds of posters as well as literally with their voices are trying to convey their displeasure of this convention happening there. and if i asked my camera and bastion to turn around as you see it, african mentioned center, lots of police oil respect, state trooper, san euston police at the ready here. and of course i'm an are a member through were, are only too happy to a while battle it out with their voices screaming insults at each other, protesters and i,
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visitors and member. so this is what we have here, right now. this is gonna go on probably all day until everybody gets tired and then everybody probably gets home. if you hear bus above me, that's news helicopters circling around as soon as the yelling begins, they pop up and want to get a piece of the action. we can just hear a woman screaming about the 19 children killed on tuesday. i'd like, i want to go to that local press reporting damning details about how police responded to the valdez shooting. can you tell us about those or sports and how are the people of ali reacting to them? yeah, i mean, even though you've all, they are in shock, they are absolutely hurt in pain, not only because they lost 90 children and 2 teachers this rattle the community. everybody feels it, but now this pain, this hurricane is compounded with the new details revealed by police. basically
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making one point that this operation, this police operation pay it. it was an absolute failure. incident officer incident, a leader made the wrong call. he basically had 19 officers standing around for a long, long, long time, not doing anything waiting for a technical team, which also was on side almost an hour before they stormed for formed a so called tactical breach into this classroom. because he determined it was a barricade situation and not an active shooter situation anymore. that was wrong. people are angry. people are full of pain and outrage. and i don't think that anybody knew of although we'll get over this for through this any time soon. this town and the people there are not the same as they were just a week ago. as we can well imagine d, w correspondence safe and simon's reporting for us from texas. thanks so much
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time for sports and football now. and the champions league final in paris is less than an hour away. there are thousands of rail, madrid and liverpool supporters in the french capital. and they begun to converge on the stand of halls as kick off approaches with liverpool, hoping to avenge their 2018 defeat to rail. and there are tens of thousands of supporters without tickets in paris. they've been partying in the city where they'll watch the game in bars and on big screens. final is the most watched annual sporting event in the world. 41 years after these 2 teams 1st faced each other in a european cup foreign or here in paris, ro, madrid unlivable, are going toe to toe hay in the french capital. once more. back then a one new victory for livable saw them crowned european champions. for the 3rd time in the clubs history to night there chasing a 7th title, while rail madrid pursue
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a record 14. make no mistake. this fixture is a meeting of european footballing royalty. a colo ansolaski, and yoga taught. there are 2 heavy white coaches on the touch line, a needless to say, however, the teams why not there will be no shortage of exceptional talent out on the page. all is on the side to phones this evening. the biggest prize in european club football is up for grabs. that was tom. good. oh, i did of you sports correspondent in paris, of course in front of the eiffel tower. we move on to talk about the world's oldest man who has celebrated his 113th birthday venezuelan juan vicente pettis was awarded the title by the guinness book of records. he says, hard work, relaxing occasions and going to bed early. are the secrets to his longevity. he is 5 years younger than the world's oldest woman. here's a reminder. the top story we're following for you. russia's defense ministry says
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its forces have taken the strategic hub of li matt and eastern ukraine. the cranium controlled cities in the region of come under relentless bombardment. crane is warning that its troops may have to retreat is, is didi of used live from berlin up next is reporter with a look at a ukranian widow and her daughter adjusting to life. and for them make spicer for me and the entire news team here. thanks for watching tooth o up to date. don't miss our highlights. the d w program online d w dot com highlights closely with.


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