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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 29, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. moscow says its forces have taken control of a strategic town in eastern ukraine. the defense ministry says its troops control the key cross road town of leman russian soldiers. i'm their local allies are getting closer to taking over the entire move and screech brown, madrid,
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brain supreme again in the champions league. spanish side triumph with a one mill think when over liverpool, making champions for record. 14th time, the game kicked off late after chaos outside the stadium empires. and the can film festival takes its final values, are corresponded to on the french riviera, tells us about the movie that one the coveted outdoor ah, i'm pablo foley, as welcome to the program. russia says it has captured the strategic ukrainian city of layman in the don boss. region. ukrainian forces are taking heavy losses and a large number of troops. risk being surrounded in the city of seattle. don't ask
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the russian advance is also raising fears that cities in the don boss could face the same hires that took place in my to you paul dw correspondence. my ts billina has visited one time living under the shadow of war. for years occasional shelling has occurred here. but now the shells had daily. welcome to new york. that is what this town on the front line in eastern ukraine is officially called. german settlers picked the name in the 19th century style and renamed it novgorod scale. the name was officially changed back last year when boris boucher of a local poet was hoping the name of new york would bring a new spirit to the former industrial town where it's worth a got a couple when there's no production anymore. here that we thought the name would attract investors who would help us deal with this building has been restored with
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foreign a was connected, yet we've been holding forums and cultural events here getting circular. sabrina now bombed greatest line, the road in front of the cultural club. several shells of hit the neighbourhood, wharton. oh, my windows burst and the roof was lifted on me. i was sitting in the basement when it happened. i opened widely he gala instead of reading his poetry. oh, tear off now looks after the remaining inhabitants and organizes aide. i guess i'm in the basement every day. what we've been sitting in basements for 8 years. yes. many houses in town are damaged or destroyed. 3 quarters of the 8000 inhabitants have left those who remain live in constant fear. elaine of ash joke is picking up the pieces. a rocket came down in her yard 2 days
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ago. she doesn't really but then we're trying to replace the doors. we find some old ones because there are no more doors, not here and not there. i don't even know what the use of restoring everything is. we feel that we fix it now and tomorrow. another shall heads. morris as evacuated his wife to western ukraine, where his daughter lives. you see what's happening here. nevertheless, he's determined to stay as long as help is needed. now, yes, that's her on. as the saying goes, i hope is the last one to die. i'm on ukraine, sighed holton, i trust the news and i was born in this town yet ideal to quit school. i hope there will be no incoming shell or to stop this whistling who admitted which sounds almost like we need to dive. just months ago,
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they were dreaming of creating a cultural hub in new york. now it's all about surviving. well let's go to the ukrainian capital keyboard, dw correspondent rebecca readers is standing by. hi rebecca, good to see you. now how is the situation developing elsewhere on the front line in eastern ukraine? all the situation in the dawn bass is going very, very badly for the ukrainians at this stage. public, excuse me. the they've been admitting for a couple of days now that they have lost the upper hand there that, that russia really has the upper hand. it is dominating the battle in low hands and on yet. and as you heard from that report, that certainly seems to be the case. 95 percent of la hans is now under russian control and they are going forward as well as the city of severity. and yet square merchant, most of the fighting is now centered in that region. they are the russian trips are now in circling that city. there is some mixed reports as to whether or not the
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russians have gained control of that city. russia saying that they have ukraine saying that they haven't yet, but they have said for a couple of days now that they may have to pull ukrainian troops out of that area, enabled her to shore up defenses further back. they just don't have the, the heavy weaponry, they need to be able to hold back the russians and push them back there. they are calling on the international community pleading with the international community to send these big weapons, particularly multiple rocket launchers, particularly rather multiple rocket launchers that can fire up to 300 kilometers in the distance. they need this kind of weaponry. if they're going to be able to stop rushes advance, but whether it comes in time really remains to be seen. pablo well, in his daily address, ukrainian president followed the mirror to lansky, talked about the human cost of war. how bad is the situation for the civilians? stuck in the areas under a bombardment as we know civilians. 6 always pay the highest
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cost in these situations in these was the people living in that area as you heard from some of them, you know, the situation is really di of for civilians. i mean, similarly to what we saw in places like mary lou paul that would been completely bombarded for weeks, months, and people have to live completely almost under ground. they, they don't have access to fresh water, they run out of food, you know, they're living in darkness most of the time. they're being completely pounded by russian and, and also ukrainian, a bombs in defense of the regions as well. so you know, these situations i just diet for the civilians on the ground and it doesn't look like it's getting better anytime soon. rebecca ritter's in cave. thank you. meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin has again spoken to german transfer. all of schultz and french president emanuel my call by telephone. he reportedly told him
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he's ready to talk about lifting a blockade in the black sea that has hit ukrainian farmers hard, and this threatening a global food crisis. a bump across. usually that is good news for fama the future, but with exports out of ukraine's black seaports blocked these green silos in denise pro, a still full from the last harvest. you can see that the field is in excellent condition where the harvests will be good, but where shall we keep it? we don't know who they are. jordan thought transport if the last resort, but it is too slow to empty the communities. the next harvest is due mid july. if thoughts remain closed, this farmer says he faces bankruptcy. closer to the shifting, frontline farming may be too dangerous. these fields near hi, keith have been reclaimed,
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but they are still littered with mines and shoves. some farmers continue to see the soil with the limited equipment left well, there are a lot of holes. the whole farmland is full of holes left by shelling. we don't have strikes right now, but there are shelves and rockets on the ground. so we drive past them and still see what else can we do? russia has said it would be willing to allow green exports if the west infection, as food prices continue to rise sharply. the ongoing crisis is expected to push millions more around the world into hunger. well, here's a quick round up of some other events making use around the world. at least 31 people have been killed in a stampede or a church in southern nigeria. police,
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a large crowd turned up to receive food donations in the city of par port. harcourt . nigeria has seen several similar tragedies over food distribution in recent years . the n r a's annual convention taking place in texas as sparked protests held just days after a deadly school shooting in the state. police gabbert people gathered outside the convention center in houston, calling for stricter gun control protests of also broken out in brazil after a black man was killed during a police stop. a shocking witness video shows police forcibly keeping jenny val dishes whose santos inside the trunk of a police car as a filled with what appears to be tear gas to sport and soccer giants. round madrid have written. ain another page in their glorious history. by winning the champions league final, yet again, they beat liverpool one nail for
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a record extending 14th title. the most watched annual sporting event on the planet began late amid chaotic scenes. thousands of liverpool fans were stuck outside the stadium trying to enter. and police used pepper spray and tear gas fans blamed organizers for the confusion of the turnstiles. but authority said the supporters had turned up too late. liverpool fans were in a party mood in paris before the champions league final. but the holds of supporters from england struggled to get in the ground amid security checks and kick off had to be delayed by over half an hour. police even used pepper spray and they replace it with rail madrid. supporters at no trouble accessing the steps to france when the game finally got on the way. little dominated the 1st half,
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but couldn't force an opener. the spanish champions then scored out of nowhere just before the hour mark through brazilian winger vinicius dounia joy for the spaniards . as they sealed a record extending 14th continental title and color one to lottie became the 1st coach to wait for tines not it was misery for liverpool, that the abiding images of the event being the thousands of their fans stuck outside. well, after the match, we spoke to our correspondent tom gangway, at the stadium in parish rail madrid, the most successful team in the history of the continents premier football in competition, all crown champions of europe. once again, yoga clubs, liverpool were unable to avenge the defeat that they suffered right out, hands in the 2018 vinyl. instead, the spanish champions have added another trophy to their already brimming cabinet. thanks to a single 2nd half go from vinicius junior. coach call,
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i went to lottie rounds of an incredible season in which he already became the 1st coach in history to win domestic titles in all taught 5 european leagues by becoming the 1st coach in history to win for european cups. but while the spanish celebrate it was a bitter night in paris for liverpool supporters mod ahead of kick off by difficulties and delays at the turnstiles and ending ultimately in disappointment and defeat a champions league season that was supposed to climax in saint petersburg has ended . instead, here in the french capital, with a record extending 14th title for ryan madrid, the 75th cant film festival has drawn to a close with its awards ceremony. the pounder, the events coveted, top rise went to reuben, a st. lens triangle of satins satire, on modern day capitalism can, you will, can build this festival as
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a returned to cinema. after 2 years of closures, due to the pandemic, and we asked our correspondent, scott rocks brit, whether it succeeded in some of its golds big golds. now that restrictions have been east. yeah, going into this festival. the idea was, this should be a restart to after 2 years of pandemic locked down 2 years of cinema closures that this years can, will be an opportunity to celebrate cinema. again, to get all the people who've been sitting on their couches for a 2 years excited about going into fears to day again and i think in that case it really did succeed them yet. some amazing a premier's here last year. last week we had top done a maverick with a tom cruise, a phenomenal a premier where, where we had a fly over from a french fighter jets is really astounding. just a couple of days ago. basil german razzles dazzled us with his rock and roll biopic . elvis, again, a huge hollywood, a premier and some, as i said, some of the best art house cinema in the world being shown here. so got people really, really excited about cinema. but of course,
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of the war in ukraine cannot be ignored. even here in can. we had a number of ukrainian filmmakers here talking about their experiences in the war. and a number of protests on the red carpet trying to call attention to the suffering of the people in ukraine. so that was definitely at the back of every once mine here a in can. but this isn't a political summit. it's a film festival. and in terms of, of the film festival and the approach to cinema in the celebration of cinema can this year definitely deliver. this is jacob, the news, and you are up to date of next is our magazine reporter. i'm pablo fo lillius in berlin. from the team here take care. see again, i'll connect starting with you meet about it. unfortunately.


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