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man that you are and act dot violence against women. ringback ah, in 60 minutes on d. w. so he wanted to know what makes the german here just in the gym. loved on banning thing stuff away from that, but i'm not even know how to work my own car and everyone with later holes and everything today. first getting, are you ready to meet the german can join me. rachel stewart, and d. w. a sort of knows that berlin is like the trans queer city. ah, the term transgender didn't really come into existence until the middle of the 20th century. this been my west. berlin really was a safe haven back van. that's true. you could live here without being bothered
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with the vibrant cosmopolitan city of berlin. attracts l g, b t q i, people from around the world, including trans people. the transgender community has become increasingly visible in recent years. boom, blue trans people have always existed around the globe in every culture. berlin has played a key role in trans history for more than a century. now people come to the city from around the world so they can lead lives unconstrained by gender roles or conservative sexual norms.
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according to the city authorities, berlin is home to between 2 and 300000 queer people, an estimated 8 percent of the population. it's not clear how many of them identify as trans or intersects many places cater for the l. g b t q i, community berlin, square magazines, eagles. euler has collated a map of relevant venues on its online portal because the euler d e advice centers, specialist doctors, hundreds of party locations and cafes, as well as cultural resources such as museums and bookshops. we're taking you on a 4 chapter journey through berlin's queer past and present one that explores one why trans asterisk people from around the globe come to berlin to day to how a scientific pioneer challenged prevailing sexual norms. more than a century ago. 3, how berlin achieved cult status for its quiz,
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seen in the 19 seventies and full what life is like for trans people in berlin today and what problems they encounter. but what does being trans mean? well, 1st off, trans people are part of the queer community. queer is a collective term for people whose gender identity and or sexual orientation does not correspond to the heterosexual norm. trans asterisk is an umbrella term for people whose your identity differs from the sex that they were assigned at birth. ah, well then there is a huge range, there are some people who identify themselves, trans man or trans woman. and then recall this they fit into gen a binary and some people don't even to fire with male or female gender. and that
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defend themselves. for example, as non button eric chapter one. so why do trans asterisk people from all around the globe flock to bud in? we asked 2 young members of the trans community who have moved to the german capital. felicia maletchko, a tour guide in berlin's gay museum, which focuses on l. g. b, t q. i. themes and culture. and holden, my dog, a. me, an opera singer from the u. s. who has put down roots in berlin. in tile. mon compton tish bon is fish out of us come to yard st. lindsay. my name is holden, dog, amy and i moved to termini in 2013 because germany has about a 3rd of the wells opera. and i am treasure under. i felt comfortable sort of relaxing myself as a trans person in berlin. hi, my name is felicia my pronouns. are she her?
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and i'm a transgender activist and tour guide in berlin. i came out in 2016 so 6 years ago . and coming out of us, very mixed experience had very positive experiences here in berlin, in the communities in space, i was moving in the area was studying and the friends i had the social circles i have most of that was very positive. felicia began transitioning in 2015 at the age of 20. she came to berlin because she wanted to live in a city where she could come out as trans holden came to berlin from the united states for work, but it wasn't just a career move. there were also some highly personal reasons for the relocation i think what attracts it, trans and queer people internationally, to come to berlin is partially that there's a big, big community here already. and everybody sort of knows that berlin has like the trans queer city, like it has that international reputation for it already. when i think also because
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i don't want to call it a utopia, but it, it because it's not necessarily used hope yet, but it's like berlin is a really great place to be trans and queer, feels really, really safe. and i think a lot of the world is not safe. and so i think a lot of trans people come here because they know, basically they're going to be safe. and if they come from really oppressive countries or oppressive places, bob, it's going to be so much better here. i think that's a major part of it. there are huge opportunities for trans people here. there is a chance for community just in places like this is we are at now are in other community spaces all across the city. things trans people in the rest of germany often don't have, don't have to that degree. which is the reason why many trans people moved to berlin in order to live their life. berlin 1st became a queer haven over a century ago. that long history has helped give to days city its colorful and
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inclusive reputation. but the terms we use now to describe queer people are comparatively new. the term transgender didn't really come into existence until the middle of the 20th century. is not to say that people weren't experiencing discomfort and they're assigned gender dysphoria or feeling a desire to express gender more broadly or more or differently then them society um would have wanted or expected. oh, tempted to have a pioneer challenged sexual norms more than a 100 years ago. oh, berlin became internationally famous in the early 20th century for its hedonistic decadent night life. but it was also where the 1st groundbreaking research on sexuality and gender identity was conducted. and the 1st sex reassignment surgery, magnus, her spelled, was the driving force. he was
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a pioneer and sexology and one of the 1st people to scientifically investigate sexual and gender identities. in 1919, he set up the institute for sexual science and berlin. he coined the now outdated term transvestite for people who described themselves as trans asterisk today. he actually researched the entire spectrum of gender identity and sexuality. he assisted people in his practice as a doctor to try to come to terms. he gave people a vocabulary about what they were experiencing and he offered actual assistance in the case of, for example, of trans men and women. he helped them with, with early on gender confirmation surgery with homeland therapy with 6 i tree was tactical, less is like, ah harriman, the full, so he really didn't make a difference in all other people's lives. mm hm. james conway
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is the translator of berlin's 3rd sex, written by magnus hesh failed. it was published in 1900 and was one of the 1st works about berlin's queer subculture he ish failed, was himself part of this community, and wrote about venues like the queer night club and cabaret el dorado. it was later targeted by the nazis before that berlin was a place of freedom and experimentation in the viola era. you have really elva who is known to us through the um, the book and the film, the danish girl, the movie, the danish girl from the year 2015 retails the story of lily albert, the danish trans person, an artist was a media sensation. she was one of the 1st intersects people to undergo gender reassignment surgery. in 1930, she came to germany for the procedure he
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overcame from denmark and consult with bruce levels. his throat found, he guided her through tend to confirmation surgery. magnus, here she failed, wasn't just a doctor and a scientist. he was an activist campaigning for the rights of queer people. this campaign included a revolutionary berlin law from the year 19 o 9 co drafted by hears felled. it granted trans people the right to dress as they pleased in public and in the workplace. they no longer needed to fear arrest for public order offences. yes, fed haute mitten, pull inside president and deal else. god, it does. the 1st world negotiated a deal with the police chief, which looked like this, an athlete herschel would issue a medical certificate ignore and a diagnosis which red transvestite consistent me. diesel duke knows a good with this diagnosis. the trans person will go to the police headquarters and
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get a food whitening, stating that the transvestite interstate is the pal zones, and plants the steep and possibly that soon. and then the document would be stamped by the police chief div upon spell. so after i started, life is come to put it side on has the, if this trans person walking down the street and the police stopped them, say they could show their transvestite id and the police would refrain from arresting and charging them are covered up c, n c, fests and name on until the 1st. in other words, either this was a waiver, beating legal persecution or focus and that was an important milestone set at 19 o. 9 on her shrill initiatives. yeah. what's the handled noise in the 2nd gazette stood, afl sophisticated said tv here spelled was ahead of his time. but not everyone agreed with his ambitious reforms. as far as the nazis were concerned, he embodied every thing they despised about the unsure mon weimar republic. when they seized power in 1933,
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the nazis ransacked the research library at here spelled institute. it was one of the 1st targets of the nazi book burning program by diesel bishop or pennell. for the d vista fall knocked us hills at this book, learning that from the bust of mug, missouri felt it was carried over the hands of the nazis as they marched towards the bonfire, due to fear, human institute miss seizing these trophies from the institute. there was a way of showing that the spirit of the by mar, era must be extinguished, wi symbolically casting them bust, and the entire contents of the library into the flames wound the schism to shift good in. does foil give often felt i was almost a pagan ritual to cleanse germany of quote, unquote, unclean tendencies. madness. harris felt was on an international lecture tour when the nazi came to power and laid his institute to waste. he never
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went back to germany. after all, he knew that as a gay jewish social democrat, he would never be safe. in the 3rd rush, legacy, his phone died, a broken law. he died on his birth out a notice of the significance to that. but he died. having seen his life's work literally going up in flames. hash felt reformist influence was lost during the nazi dictatorship. berlin's free spirit disappeared for decades and with it the freedoms that queer people had fought so hard to gain. but then came the 19 sixties and seventies. chapter 3, how berlin became a cult location for the queer community in the seventy's when berlin was still divided by a wall, there were places in both parts of the city where transgender and queer people could gather and express themselves. i'll viet in different ways. as of responding
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by damage south, west berlin really was a safe haven back then. that's true, ma'am. you could live here without being bothered. you're wrong. we didn't really have any rights, but we could get everything we needed as copying. and there was a trans community which meant we could communicate with each other. and scott, there were already basic networks in place, which is important because you need information. and that existed in west berlin within this. but the trans community was small as it existed here. and you didn't have to feel that you would just on your own, obscene or more sinister food harm yolanda to resign. ah norah occurred as written a book about her life story. as a, as in the time 63, when i came to west berlin in 1973, it was the 1st place i had ever heard of trans people consent or i learned there were people who were trans. hm. and that was very important for me because i saw that it was impossible that these people actually did exist as
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a mentioned person has gotten there was a nightly drag show, which was also something really special about it. but for me, it was also an opportunity to go and see trans people, your transmission to see it. not every one on stage was trans allen, there were also gay man who had made a career of performing and dragged his grandma. but there were also trans women performing and seeing them was very, very special for me because i was able to see that it was possible to live that way . who the best known trans performer at the time was ro me hard? who's tardies for one of the reasons why disreputable west berlin became a hot spot for miss feds and the art community. the dutch national arrived in berlin in the 1970s. before that she'd been a dancer at the famous paris night club alcazar, seen viner cuz she was an absolute idol. of course, she looked amazing and that alone made her role model i've, it will be in $974.00 ro me hug,
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opened her travesty club. she wrote me hug in west berlin. it quickly became a popular venue with those thinking a more open, inclusive night. life experience ah, this was when ro, me hug started dating david bowie, the singer like to play with gender roles and adopted an androgynous look in rebel rebel, he sings about a mother who is annoyed by her child's confusion. a boy at the same time dancer marlo la fontose deep, was lured by berlin's free spirit and arrived from the united states. she loved the city so much. she ended up staying for 30 years. she also worked with ro, me hug for a time where she was coming from barry and she was with her
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name and she came to say new. ready work that think, oh my kid, quite enjoyable. ah. but for shay ro, me hug. there was the she new berlin oldest, clear cabaret, or travesty theatre as they are called, famed throughout europe. it opened in 1958 enclosed in 2008. i can try to work in cabaret, she knew my dea region, the owner and founder of the capitol and i left on new york. i went to fair land after my contract, which i knew it was a year. then i end up standing working, an alert, clarkston cavalry at the either
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i, cabaret and especially cross dressing were in vogue at the time. marlo felt more comfortable and accepted as a trans women and performer in germany than in the united states. with. i will check and the girls won't just terminated again very badly. but berlin says jennifer, i like it and jamie was very exciting. in a wall there. wrong minded, fantastic people. i love travesty. ah, oh, the night clubs and cabarets shade to west berlin's image around the world. ah,
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in east berlin, there was also a small connected queer scene in communist east germany. nadia schellenberg lived openly as a trans person and was an activist in the queer community groups. one of her main meeting places was the san tugs club, which still exists today. ah, as rebellion via berlin was always a melting pot for all kinds of people in east germany, for intellectuals, homosexuals, artists, and miss fed. mm hm. all there wasn't much information in the eighty's and from one, neither in west germany, nor in the east to go on read also wish. and what you did see in the media was almost always presented in a very negative lights, a man in women's clothing, but that was something out of the movies on clyde, on the popular food brooklyn. in east berlin sher, lots of fun. miles door was a pioneer in the trans community. she began collecting every day objects in the 19
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fifties and exhibiting them in the goods house miles' door. the manor house became a villa, meaning an arrow museum, and a famous meeting place for east berlin's queer community. on coming all topic ocean, after coming out i met shallow and that's how i found the community in via luncheon was already well known in the east german scene. but after german reunification, people's awareness about her grew a lot. 16 sackcloth, charlotte of one miles dork received the federal order of merit germ these highest order in 1092. she passed away in 2002, she to paved the way for 2 days more tolerant to berlin. at the gay museum in berlin, and exhibition is dedicated to the efforts of trans activists like charlotte, a fun miles dorothy and nadia schellenberg chapter 4,
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how do you trans people live in berlin to day and what problems do they face? there are many spaces in berlin, a can act a safe harbors for trans cable, but not universally as video as a whole. is huge dimension of head crimes and violence and discrimination that we experience in the streets in our workplaces and in our social environments. it's difficult to gauge the exact extent of violence against queer people until recently, only a fraction of anti l g b t q i crime was recorded by the authorities in 2020, however, berlin became the 1st german state to publish an annual report monitoring the homophobic and transfer bit violence in 2021. the victim support center monet. oh, registered a spike and reports to fight an estimated 80 to 90 percent of incidence going unreported. the center recorded 731 cases of insults, threats, and attacks against transgender people. gays and lesbians in this in between phase
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where like, they can't tell if you're a woman or a man, people get really angry. they get angry that they, they can't figure it out, you know? and so now people would spit at you or had like, um, like boys would like squirt water, me with squirt guns or something like that. you know, like that stuff like happens all the time. went on, i was walking home late at night and a boy was writing bicycle and he was just like harassing me and on is really scary . it was really late. it i and there was maybe around here and it is not only the fear of hate crime that weighs heavily on members of the trans commune. those who hope her fast and uncomplicated medical treatment in berlin may also be disappointed. and if we're talking about germany specifically, then there are the, there is the issue of massive barriers for trans people when they're entering the medical system, looking for gender affirming treatments. some of these barriers may include extensive waiting period for access to hormone replacement therapies are,
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and it kind of other medical procedures are long waiting periods with discriminating and humiliating processes that are part of that. despite many obstacles, trends, people are becoming more visible in society. in 2021 voters elected the 1st 2 trans women to the german parliament, the bonus tag. internationally the spotlight is on hollywood stars, like elliot page or mikaela, j rodriguez, who raise awareness about diversity. there were many decades of, of activism and resistance and risk taking by many people, particularly by people who could not, who could not hide who they were and who can't hide, who they are. oftentimes, it's people who don't fit into the categories and who can't, who don't have the option of hiding. right? it's, it's people who who are trans and present has trans. i think the history off
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like the queer community in berlin is still important till today because like our cheese and family, our ancestors did a lot of work, like all so and the very harsh condition. and that seeing leg is their work and their passion, which allows us today to have this spaces to have knowledge and to have the idea of what it could mean being trans, being queer. and i am very thankful and i think leg is one of the important part of being queered to honor the people. yeah. who have worked for it was dad for it. well suffered for it and a thing, it's important to acknowledge that every single time you're being out and queer. although the struggle for more tolerance and diversity continues, the cities past offers some hope. i think as a trans person in berlin,
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what i think ice, i see it becoming more of a sort of interconnected carrying system. so i see things like that getting even better in berlin. berlin is definitely home and i, i would like it to stay as my home. i know ha, long claw. if he gets hawk da vice mon lot or my dentist daughters, don't the fall was like munsey, i expect that as an artist, as like a singer. i will probably move a couple of times for jobs, but berlin will always be home burned in the rainbow capital. it might not be a trans person's paradise yet. but the city remains the refuge for queer people seeking an open community. just as it has been for over a century,
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