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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 29, 2022 4:00pm-4:16pm CEST

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because no one should have to flee. ah, make up your own mind. w. made for mines. ah . ah, business dw news live from berlin, russia steps up its efforts to seize full control of ukraine's don bass region. people living near the front lines fay would come next if the russians advance. our correspondent visits ukrainian town on the fire. also coming up outrage in brazil, people take to the streets to demand justice following the death of
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a black motorist after a shocking video shows police trapping him in a car filled with tear gas. and as a voting begins in columbia, a political maverick hopes to become the country's new president. he took a terrorist, says he'll unite colombians after years of civil war. his running mate tells d w what his secret is. ah milan, sika welcome to the program. russian forces have kept up their vast offensive aimed at seizing all of ukraine's industrial dumbass region. ukrainian officials say russian troops are attempting to storm cbs done yet as they expand the territory under their control. the city has been under intense shelling, knocking out power and mobile phone lines. russia 1st invaded don't bass 8 years ago, capturing part of the region. now it says it aims to take the rest,
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dw correspondent, but he has bellinger, has visited a town called new york, living under the shadow of war. for years occasional shelling has occurred here. but now the shells had daily. welcome to new york. that is what this town on the front line in eastern ukraine is officially called. german settlers picked the name in the 19th century style and renamed it novgorod scale. the name was officially changed back last year. boris boucher of a local poet was hoping the name of new york would bring a new spirit to the former industrial town. claybrooke applicable when there's no production any more. he asked that we thought the name would attract investors, who would help us deal with this building has been restored with foreign a 100. yet we've been holding forums and cultural events. he argued circle sabrina
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. now bomb craters lined the road in front of the cultural club. several shells of hit the neighbourhood, wharton. oh, my windows burst and the roof was lifted. i was sitting in the basement when it happened. i opened widely. he gala instead of reading his poetry, oh, trav now looks after the remaining inhabitants and organizes aid. i guess i'm in the basement every day and we've been sitting in basements for 8 years. yes. many houses in town are damaged or destroyed. 3 quarters of the 8000 inhabitants have left those who remain live in constant fear. alane, a vast joke is picking up the pieces. a rocket came down in her yard 2 days ago. he doesn't really but that we're trying to replace the doors. we find some old ones
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because there are no more doors, not here and not there. i don't even know what the use of restoring everything is that we fix it now and tomorrow. another shall head morris has evacuated his wife to western ukraine, where his daughter lives. you see what is happening here. nevertheless, he's determined to stay as long as help is needed. yes, her as the saying goes, i hope is the last one to die. i'm on ukraine side who i trust the news and i was born in this town yet i will tell you what. so i hope there will be no incoming shell to stop this with sounds almost like we need to dive. just months ago, they were dreaming of creating a cultural hub in new york. now it's all about surviving.
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earlier i asked military unless frank lead, which if recent rush in advance as me and they'll be able to seize control of the entire dumbass region. well, let's put the grades that they've made it to perspective the russians is nothing particularly, i know it sounds callous but unexpected. here the gains i've made is i've been slow over the last few weeks and the casualties have been very high. and i say grind through into serbia internet, which is now the focus of the entire russian war effort. so right now those casualties will get higher, the gains will get slower. they will have expended momentum after this fight and take it even more cryptic losses. so can they be stopped? yes, they can, but we mustn't get fixated on one battle in what's going to be a long war? a lot where attrition davis ukraine in the medium and longer terms. ok, so the gains might get slower, but if larger parts of his ukraine are. com,
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could you expect the russians to go for other parts of the country again, like they tried? well, it seems that they'll have enough trouble holding on to what they have rather than trying to over extend what they, what the attacks that they've already made. i don't think they'll have the momentum to go further. they are making attempts now in the south towards upper asia. they're being repulsed. they will of course, try and extend their line in the bus further west. i suspect they'll be reposed the choice for the credit high command, by the way, is whether to try and pull back out. i don't think they'll do that. they're prepared positions and they want to, to, to dish out today, casualties to the russians. so i think the russian problem over the summer will be holding on to what they have, especially as western american start getting through. that's a slow process, but eventually that bite will start to take home. ok when the dust settles as it were, and the dumbass whenever that is, do you expect we will find evidence of atrocities like the ones committed in boot
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or pain or in my real pull then well, those atrocities that are taking place. i certainly think they are taking place, of course now behind russian lines and we will find evidence of the crate in military will find evidence once they retake that ground. maybe to next year. who knows when, but look, russian army does what the russian army does. it's an army deficit of professional standards, of ethical standards. it seems entirely unfamiliar or unwilling to comply with the basic laws and customs of war. as one of the veteran, connell said only 2 weeks ago, there are me suffering from a severe lack of professionalism. and i think it was entirely right. and one element to professionalism is not only the ability to apply force to targets in the, in the pursuit of operational games. there's also to do so while comply with the laws and customs of war that go about maliah. russians have shown themselves incapable of doing so. so the question we will be finding more evidence of
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atrocities and i'll be terrible. but we won't be seeing that for quite some time. we suspect you can start taking back. good, talking to you, frank. lead, which thanks for your analysis. thank you all. here's a quick look at some other stories making news around the world. several civilians have been killed in eastern democratic republic of congo by members of the adf rebel group. the attack took place in the many region in north key the province early on saturday. the local red cross said 24 people died. and in the same d r c province, the u. n says more than 72000 people have been displaced in just one week. is due to fighting between the army and the m. 23 rebel group. the you and said around 7000 people seeking safety had crossed the border into uganda. in the last week alone is ready. police have class with palestinians at the alexa mosque in jerusalem. the unrest comes ahead of a planned nationalist parade through the old city. israel says the march is meant
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to celebrate is capture of east jerusalem in the 967, mid east war. but thomas indians view it as a provocation, landslides and flooding out the heavy rains have left at least 30 people dead in northeast in brazil. more than a 1000 people have been forced to flee their homes. experts say climate change is turning rainy. season down falls into extreme weather events that have killed hundreds of people in brazil over the past year. and staying in brazil, a wave of protest has swept the country spock by the brutal death, the black man at the hands of police. the 30 actual died of a 60 ation after he was held inside the boot of a police car as it filled with tear gas. this is the viral footage that has sparked public outrage on the streets of brazil. the police hold jan of aldo did joseph santos inside the trunk of a police girl. as a vehicle fills with what appears to be to guess he'll be back with
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a leaf for the love of god, get my brother out of that. i begged him beg and immediately they replied, no, he won't guess out. i mean, i walk in my sight. the video of santos death has re ignited public anger over police violence. and the treatment of brazil's black population, official statements say that santos had resisted arrest and fallen ill on the way to the police station. he was then taken to a nearby hospital where his death was confirmed. a preliminary autopsy concluded he died of as fixation, brazil's federal police have promised to open an investigation into his death. but that has done little to quell the fury of protesters. what, what is important is that they didn't give him a chance to live. what is that? people say there's no death penalty here there. sure is. there's a death penalty for the black population. for many of those protesting on brazil
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straits, the death of a black man at the hands of police is an all too familiar story to columbia. now where poles have opened for the presidential elections. the frontrunner is gustavo petro, a former rebel who could become columbia's 1st left. his president was on the ballot, is from a man, federico gutierrez, who is promising to kickstart the economy by corruption and bill ties with washington. d. w. as you hand ramirez as more for bulletin c co gutierrez says he's running on his record. polls ranked to miss columbia's most popular mat when he was in charge of the northwestern city of met aim in 2015. gutierrez won a surprise. victory to that office. thanks to with citizens initiative that gathered thousands of signatures. he became madden's thirst ever met without the backing of a political party. his vice presidential running mate,
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is another former mer, rodrigo lotta, who ran the southern city of neva. he says that municipal experience is a big advantage and i to, i had him, we both served on local government, which is a microcosm of the country's problems. people were different approaches need it. that gives us a regional perspective, that columbia has to be built from the provinces. we don't have all the answers and we're not messiah saviors. we're not going to solve all the problems of colombian for years, but we are going to bill from the local level on a basis of getting people to participate. there's a little guy. if elected gutierrez promises to grant 1000000 scholarships for students to build or improve 18000 kilometers of roads to boost rural areas and to plant 200000000 trees around the country to help the environment. a key. i own us. a very, very important proposals such as reactivating, the rural areas we activating social development by granting subsidies to mothers
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in charge of families and to the elderly, but also to mothers who have children with disabilities and who therefore cannot work. there are very important commitments in the social sphere, but also in the economics fair and didn't mother dazzles, yes. beautiful to put them in in math area economy. gutierrez is an engineer by trade. he says he is an independent candidate who does not serve parties and interests. but he is supported by a coalition of parties on the political right. 4 years ago, many of them back the candidacy of outgoing president of am do k. that's why gutierrez, his opponents accuse him of representing more of the same something his campaign rejects your senior de la la la, said if i did not have the confidence of figures a dedicated heart working man, that he has his cultural columbia that he's transparent, body, and he has nothing to do with any criminal group going. i would not stand with him that he, i got a companion, but there is one goal,
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gutierrez and laura say they aim to achieve above all. it's perhaps colombians greatest hope. but something that has eluded the current administration to bring peace to the country after 50 years of civil war. oh. at the cannes film festival, the palm door, the coveted top prize has gone to sleep district. reuben, stunned for triangle of sadness, a satire on modern day capitalism. 3 and cinema talent also made waves this year with park chan woke winning best director for his erotic crime thriller decision to leave on his ankle ho became the 1st south korean to pick up the best ac surprise for his role in broker due to the middle junior, this is d w. news hes a quick reminder of the top story we following for you. russian troops are prepared to stole the east and ukrainian city of cbr done. yes, cutting out power and communications. bosco's relentless,
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but costly offensive aims to seize all of ukraine's industrial dumbass region. that's it. you're up to date coming up after the break. shift living in the digital age, looks at how green architecture can make a huge dent in c o. 2 emissions. and of course, don't forget, you can get news around the clock on p w dot com. we can find us on social media. we're at the w news on instagram. i'm will also take a with you meet it out. it. unfortunately, she.


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