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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  May 29, 2022 6:30pm-6:57pm CEST

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oh, so many levels. actually, even your romance in 60 minutes. oh d w, hulu. what people have to say matters to us. ah, that's why we listen to their stories reporter every weekend on d w. ah, a ah. busy ah
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ah, the clean environment is essential for healthy contaminated environment is adverse effect on people and plants. and even on animals i love clean environment because it makes me have a sound made in everything that i keep is free. we look good for see when our environment is clean, we should have a clean environment because we once the place to look good, we want to country look good people who'd care more about this kind of environment cuz he's good law house can environment means both the food for me, in me being told with having a clean environment help with the cool community. the ed is the only fun enough the floor plan and does it really fun if you have people should care about having a clean environment?
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because when you take care of nature and lead to it to take care of you, hello and welcome to africa. i am sandra to know do coming to from compiler. here, uganda know, 1st of keeping everything cleaned on. all denali is is good for us. so why not apply? is that principle to the environment? good question, sondra. and in this addition, we'll be meeting all sorts of people who do just that. they're wanting to improve the environment and protect the natural world. i am chris lambs in lagos, nigeria, and the is what we've got coming up. an island in the indian ocean, blend into phase of energy produced from 40 fields to young german entrepreneurs provide the in green alternatives to chemical cleaning agents. and artists in gone up or combining creativity and environmental activism,
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africa is my to reverse the lifeline in many parts of the continents. the what is the use for both domestic and agricultural purposes, making a lot of people reliance on the reverse for their livelihoods. was increased by aggression to urban areas is taking its toll. in john berg, the head of the river is critically polluted with devastating consequences for its biodiversity and communities living alone gets bank. now, local volunteers are working to limit the damage. ah, every one is getting indirectly. we are killing ourself us one. i don't think itself is over ground. in k pals of rubbish washed up heavy rains. it's a common sight in densely populated areas along the hen up. so if this spot is just
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a few meters from them, bees of township home to more than half a 1000000 people, our children play around here and we buy food that is so just makes 2 very and then that food is contaminated, everyone is getting sick, which is not conducive environment for us now. it's not safe representatives from the south african n g o fresh take stock of the devastation. their mission is to restore the hen ups river and its surrounding wetlands with the help of volunteers. just a few kilometers below the source of the 3rd or the theatre for tramping water to be crystal clear. but i think her to be the loop. if we don't pick up the threat, no one's going to pick it up with effectively, no waste collection system here in south africa. second largest township local
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simply dumped the garbage on the already existing piles residency. the river has become a communal rubbish. been that the place does it is not cool, is not good at all. no fee, you know. so yeah, i think we need does clean people is gonna clean it. they would like to know and eggs. no. yeah. when you change it out to day, the team from fresh wants to inspect one of the little traps for have been installed on the rivers. upper course. the angel has invented its own traps. they are constructed from thick wire cables woven through nets and filled with recycle polystyrene. the contraption is anchored on either side of the river, mostly cuts historic firm in the floods, and also it's a sediment trip to am, to slow the water down. so sediments out a lot of sandia and that sand also serves as
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a home for beneficial organisms. it prevents further erosion to the source of the hen ups river, a situated east of janice bird. after leaving the urban areas behind, it meanders through fields and valleys until it eventually joins the limpopo river system. it later ends up in the indian ocean. this intricate system of waterways supports millions of people in both south africa and 3 neighboring countries. this river is an important source of drinking water is also vital for agricultural crops . farmers like your hands, steinberg, a very concerned sometimes the rover and with totally black because of the storage is very bad for street. worried about the phosphor in the water. we're going through the ground to go into your crotch, and i don't think it's a healthy forward ground. it's also not healthy for people. and that's not all
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large amounts of raw sewage, just spilling into the hand ups. what are samples are tested for equal i bacteria to assess fecal contamination. near the river source equal i, concentration has been measured at a 100000 times above the accepted limit the root cause is down. so an absence of proper wastewater treatment, according to environmental scientist, a ye shall lee her. while we find determinants associated with waste were to affluent our chemicals such as ammonia, which should result in the death of all aquatic organisms including insects in fish . we also find phosphorus which can lead to blue green blooms, algo blooms in reverse, and we find a very high levels of eco lie, which will make you sick upon contact, attempts to get the government to address the results of layers. tests have been
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discouraging, so far, so fresh is now pushing to get the river landscape officially declared and nature conservation area, as protected by diversity corridor meandering through the most urbanized areas on the continent. it will help to revitalize south africa's industrial heartland. and then also got quite a complicated geography flows through 3 different basic philosophies. it really needs the crease of vision of a provincial authority. but their main concern is that the rivers so polluted on earth d this year, a group from fresh set out to demonstrate to the authorities, the potential of a cleaner river system. the returns the little trap on a mission to remove 60 tons of wastes from this spot. in one day, 15 volunteers from the local community were paid 20 euros inch, kill us lunch for their efforts. bit by bit, the waste was carried off to
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a collection point to be transported to a nearby landfill. it's beautiful, the river's breathing, i think all weights and is looking much better. i have to think we can, we can restore this place. it's a went blank area, so if it gets polluted and i knew indirectly, we are killing ourselves and suave because we this what i want to be able to suspend, lash and sustains. so we dependable to this water system reunion is a small island in the middle of the indian ocean. main, ver 19 seventies. most of its n a. d maids were met by dro pop by the population has doubled since then as have their energy needs. the islanders become increasingly dependent on diesel and cold . that is very right, pres bought reunion values, eat written by it, a varsity, and the status as an eco tourism destination. so now the island wants to clean up its act and switch its entire energy production to renewables. before the dickhead
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is up, now we went out to find out what progress has been made so far. reunion island is famed for its beautiful beaches and large green mountains. but it comes to carbon emissions. the islands record is less attractive. around 2 thirds of its energy needs are covered by fossil fuel. this heavy oil factory in the city of flu pool is run by french utility e d f. in future it's you to switch to lucky couple neutral operation running on calls are in soil. just one step towards achieving an ambitious goal, switching to renewables, completely by 2020 it. this power plant owned by albumin runs partly on coal from south africa. and partly on to mystic biomass. it will need to switch completely to bio mass in future. the sugar refinery next door it his provides
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a convenient source of the queen fuel this at gun will utilize is much of the sugar cane as possible. we pressed the liquid out of it in the sand, and eb court in the kent gets distributed on the surrounding fields as fit laser. the more sooth go to the ram distilleries. the albumen pars teaching, uses the plant fables to produce image that flows into the public, greed from which we then draw our electricity, is oh, by that him on the bottom of the albumin power plant accounts for around 11 percent of the islands overall in 80 output the conversion to all bye, almost production is costing the company to 100000000 euros. and that's just for this one plant. and i see no, no for a while it doesn't. did that is i want to new storage toms, they have a capacity of 9500 cubic meters each. you have, these are the kinds of units remain you use. like we plant you sustainable by
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almost that miss european lenient standard. more or less shall you use would pellets from the united states, but to a later switch to suppliers closer to home, like in mozambique in south africa, or prepare for farm deposit. i known issue oil as it was on either. i think you should only 10 percent of the wood permits will be sourced from the island. that means $900000.00 tons a you'll need to be imported. the company sees it will still cut the plants over carbon footprint by over 80 percent. that environmental activities, john flood food thirza sees importing, ward is not a sustainable solution is for factor, not of cause those factories need to be converted. but we also need to build up our domestic production of bio mass that will be better for the environment in create more jobs food tarza build this house if few years ago,
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it's creeped with solar panels in the solar boiler, no closet. so i'm just making tea, i'm hitting the water with solar power in the haves are for my gardens, make it a it a block on the co garage and korea there. how's his built in ventilation? so he doesn't need air conditioning. it uses only a 3rd of the energy that his old house required. so he has surplus electricity that he sells to the public grid. he says many more homes could be converted to solar power without great expense, nor collage of the matter for wildlife. it's your modem is all, i could show you plenty of houses that still do new solar power. if they all had solar panels into solar boilers that would already cover half of the islands in need, you needs to. we are mostly poorer, such as her with a couple holly liberals, one dish and seemed a little so for the government is more interested in large scale solar farms,
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like less cedars in 9 megawatt project in the south of the island. here fruits and vegetables are grown under the solar panels which provide the plants protection from the hot sun and some to renew this is a small island. we have to make good use of space when you're building for farmland in power plant, sol. so here we are combining a solar power plant with an organic from. we also have a battery system, got strows, militaristic to produce during the day, to feed it into the greed, it peak times, the distorted in elgin bonner lawfully more. the company plans to expand is more dull in multiply it solar output 6 fold. that would be another important tip towards achieving unions. goal of covering all its energy needs with cupboard neutral renewables by 2028. here's a quick question for you. do you feel better when everything around you ease clean
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untidy, but still in someone's thought have found as you going to meet next? certainly do. but they don't want it to be on the course of the environment. so find out how they sold it, dial him up in these weeks, doing everything, blah. if we realised how many home full chemicals are in our cleaning products, we would use a lot less of them or not at all. at least that's what jeanette schmidt decided towards the end of her design studies. she focused on sustainability in everyday life. i believe in quotes, but i realised that many conventional cleaners in detergent contain lots of harmful substances but not good for may and not good for the environment and all that packed in plat state park. she remembered how her grandmother cleaned, so with her friend henrietta cleveland, she developed
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a business concept with 6 simple substances. you can make 10 different household cleaners. besides baking soda and vinegar essence, you need citric acid. could so soda uncertain other essences the boxes are assembled in the workshops of 2 german charity organizations in lifecycle. the startup cells everything online, either the individual product or the whole set site since we set out 4 years ago. our customer base is growing. now includes many retailers, we have many bring your own packaging stores on for park laden for the future. they plan on developing even more sustainable products. and above all, they want to make their company itself completely sustainable. ah, and how about you? if you are also doing your bit, tell us about it, visit our website, or send us
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a tweet. past tag doing your bit. we share your stories. throws history, people have attempted to put human, you're into good use. the british researchers once and developed a process, what is into lexical energy. what does your household applications have also been explored? sanchez using it to kill watts or cones on people's hands on the feet. but more recently, we sought, as in sweden and at france, have been conducting experiments on using the human by products in agriculture could own urine helps of the planet. instead of being flushed down the toilet. let's take a look at a large tank of what some are calling the new liquid gold. this abundant supply is destined for a wheat farm in a leading agriculture region of france will come home to her. after filling up the
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tank will use this but a machine to spray the urine onto the field and that urine is of human origin. lucy bye home is in charge of a project law was among the 1st local farmers to sign up for the trial. initially skeptical, he was concerned that the urine might contain pharmaceutical residues, but once those fears were allayed, he was very keen to get involved. a fake was your progress. it'd be great to replace other fertilizers with urine, which likewise contained nitrogen hooked to otherwise it just ends up in a storage system much already evaporate, so as lost to the atmosphere. we may as well re, user to nourish our crops, always am shown you should look into. the preliminary results have been very encouraging. researches estimate that human urine could replace around one quarter of nitrogen and phosphorus based fertilizers worldwide. it does require collection
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and some processing bank of supply of the raw material is infinite. in contrast, while synthetic fertilizers do increase crop yields, there are also a major pollutant and costly. it was a lot good. as long as i, it's important to bear in mind that price is for chemical fertilizers have tripled in the space of 18 months or so. of course, this new kind of fertilizer officers from urban areas is of huge interest. except that in practices, it's still a very short supply. woke up, most of the urine supplied so far has come from mobile toilets at public festivals, which are notorious for being unsanitary and smelly. but there are alternatives. one restaurant in paris is using a model that is a world away from the original urine diverting dry toilets. fabiani gondo c, says the new mechanized units are just as hygienic as toilets that use water.
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oh, absolutely. we've been getting some very positive feedback. young people are initially a bit surprised, but i think that in daily use they'll see little difference compared to a traditional system. and there's even a bonus. factor is one. okay, then we save 22000 liters of water and just 3 weeks or more course, my good news in the face of increasing water shortages and of all toilets were liberated from the dependence on a water supply system. they could be put just about anywhere, collecting and using urine as fertilizer is not truly revolutionary. bought the practice is currently gaining momentum with studies being conducted in countries all over the globe, from sweden to south africa. how can african artists respond to the climate crisis endangering the planets? it eas,
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uninteresting question that you think. luckily it is one we have an answer to here on equal africa. right? chris does ride sandra creative minds from across africa. i explore in the devastating consequences of the climate crisis. there are whether they're benches, stop those dances, organizations. the message of their work has the ability to rick. many people would make 2 authors will also wants, is why the federal game ends to do the bids for the environment. typically with for 10 years now. musician david hubbard, see walter goose by the name took piano, has been trying to mobilize people to clean up our craft, kicking kid with
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help will listen to music. that when and as tough in a day, a low voice would take a loaf um, advice, and also about 100 kilometers from the craft. he designs installations and collages the works pick up on things from the light in the country. this one includes part of the flotation device. my message also talks about how we have distance our so from the environments go from a fun distance. you see my way across a painting wake, a flats wake have very beautiful athletic. but when you get close to with business, when you realize that you see a whole lot of trash, he bumped him, also teaches at a high school. gonna has recently incorporated environmental education into its regular curriculum is or not in his classes or banton teaches kids painting and talks about environmental topics. they future generation is the people who are
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willing to think would care of us and we are old. and then the other people who are going to really care what environment in the near future. so if we are not able to inculcate this type of idea in them, no, grew up not to really understand and loved environment. as susie bunton sometimes takes the students on field trips to day, they're paying a visit to his gallery where he presents his own works. some of them have suit very well. deeded chromarty and contrast can't make a living just from his music. but he has made a difference. thanks to him and other volunteers across beaches are a little bit cleaner now. got there god. no, no, no, no, no, no. with me not now. where was no good. if for those individuals do isn't inspiring, then i don't know what is i am. chris alums from lagos, nigeria,
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thanks for joining us. it's very well for now. what we hope you to the next time for another episode of echo africa as thanks of course to sondra. it's all is a pleasure hosting the show with you. thank you, chris. it is a pleasure for me to fantastic teamwork. an incredible show and of course our attentive audience. so that said for equal africa this week. good bye for me here in cappella. uganda. see you next week. ah, ah, ah ah, ah, ah, with
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ah! with it, he says after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates to make their own laws. they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden opaque, secretive works through what they. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque
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worlds who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to what's all open worlds? start to june, 2nd on d, w ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin, ukraine's president makes his 1st visit to the embattled east. 100 days after russia invaded ukraine below 2 mirrors, lensky meats with troops and car keep defending the city. meanwhile, moscow's don vos offensive is closing in on the key city of theater. a finance
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also on the program voters in colombia are casting ballads for a new president. among the candidates is a political maverick. if you go to terrorist this hill, united colombians, after years of civil war is running, mate tells the w.


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