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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  May 29, 2022 10:15pm-10:31pm CEST

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old reporters, but she doesn't see so well. a clouding slowly to the ground was a good feeling. this is dw news up next sports life joints of blind climber as he tracks of mountain kenya. i'm the spicer, thanks for watching. a 100 german street on d. w. b closely with listen, carefully. don't know how with today go ah, feel the magic discover the world
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around you subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. hey, how are you? oh, oh, i know me as a blind person. i want to see where my limits are because in the mountains i think i haven't found them yet. oh oh to with them. i think it's a powerful message to transmit to blind in disabled people. yeah,
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sure. it's an adjective. it's a characteristic of it is not necessarily a limitation where i can because if you try harden with the right team around you or you can do anything with it, well get both are ah, ah, 3 days before he climbs mount kenya, jed, our desk at a guy is enjoying a bit of normality with his 4 year old daughter, emmy, alicia, danny, he gave me a kiss, you know, have fun, but anyway, when i see you guys, hello, j r is a gold medalist over 400 meters at the past 2 paralympics in the category totally blind you success is thanks to training hard with his guide. keen with whom here is a special connection from what we are one other that's good,
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but it can be bad too. i just have to concentrate on running at 100 percent answer and focus on his subtle directions by the rope in our hands will awkward and when we both flow and we get carried away is when the results come and we run faster. my lab. mm. to her was diagnosed with threat and i just pigmentosa when he was 3. that meant that he was progressively losing his sight by 18. he was completely blind to the feel. it was hard to adapt since i began to lose my sight. as a teenager, the about out of for a kid that age, it's complicated because your personalities being fought for, we won't girls to like us. we won't be perceived as normal anymore. and i was not norma because i had to grab on the shoulders of my friends on nights out in class. i used a magnifying glass to read them at nights and i looked at the clock and couldn't see the number. oh yeah, the extreme 11th hour, meet our law. i am grateful that it happened like this because i have started adulthood with my blindness accepted empathy. me that i am living with the cards that have been dealt social media, i am blind. and luckily i have the tools and technology to see whether the theme is
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nothing lucky, but i will there shortly. lavish in warrant asked us, it's also been tough. legit. rob's mother to come up with one of the killers. he used to play football until at h 8 or 9, his teammates told him, for better not bad because he was the goalkeeper and half of the boards went in. i did that if you know that your child has a difficulty, you tried to protect him, but he never allowed that. jetta is very inscrutable and well he denied that nothing's wrong, right. other than that, he needs to be challenged to deal it. he needs to pursue new goals, like let's see, how far can i go? i see the yoke is the most independent of my children. his next goal planning non kanyes 5200, meet his with what can you see? there's a car for a supermarket down there. oh, that's a car. what's it? can you see? anything or not? arrival in i roe v kenya here as in other african countries,
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avoidable blindness is increasing. so general meets another blind to paralympic champion who is fighting for awareness. henry, to hi ashley with you. hi, brenda. how are you? good. yeah, thank you very much. yeah. now. hm. kenya. henry one. yeah. okay. and gerard, uninvited onto a panel to discuss awareness of blindness. ah, we may have been shown in all the things like this man, boy with my daughter, the same i never see the face or to body. she is the machine all in my head div somewhere like to me, happy got bid out in the morning. prepare myself may be a few minutes before that because i take more time and then title to me is very, very important. because in this port is thought about tight, i not one line, and it's difficult to accept that you are different than the other. but the most important thing is except ourself. now i'm very happy because i, i love myself,
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i accept jim, i had to go a long way before he could accept himself. first, take long to 3000 me to mountain, then mo, blong, now mount kenya. the 2nd highest peak in africa. ahead of him a 5 days of hiking, then 12 hours of timing, his father accompanies him to pace. can we tell him to sit out just as a role model and try to improve anita challenge that he sets himself interest gilbert i think that makes people see that limitations are imposed by oneself. that's what gerald always says. yes, we get him through his it overall. i think i finished. my trees are really green. she renovated from the very impressive with the trees, are very impressive yesterday they also so monkeys with abraham will lab result what is today. i would not have imagined the forest trail to be beautiful, but because you on a dirt track that smells like that. dutch almond the visually, i guess it gives you a lot easier, but since i don't see, i ask what i mean monkey. what i'm,
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what i feel at peace is when he got over to singing the ground, his soft ears, spectacular jaws. and i feel great. oh and id like that will id machine to move in on. i mean, we'll get ah, jacobs. yeah. i don't know what they're called but it's cool. touch it going. yeah . the wow. wow. cool. it's really soft too with to house best friend. fiscal is also his adventure companion or social tonight. if we sleep at 3000 meters, it will be noticeable with the magenta. 350-4008 contact will tell you why. and there's nothing else lying around out here. right? no, not that i know this is talk out of, he didn't accept that he was really going blind. he fooled himself that he could still see nicholas when he was walking down the street. he didn't care at all on
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the subway. he bumped into people who stuck on the field. he was embarrassed to use the stick. you didn't like that he was going blind. imagine at that age with girls of friends feels like and it was a very hot transition. i think these challenges helped us going, climbing and coached us to say this is who we are. we're thankful because there's a solution to any problem. we can adapt to everything ah and over this is good. can you see the valley? the sun is rising, men, do you notice a little light or not? but a little on the horizon. today, you can see the cliff we have passed, which is like a door. there's a valley between cliffs and you can see the peaks and a few stars and a very orange light. beautiful. you know, food and i have you. i wish you could see it let you know. i feel it. and that's very important to, ah,
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joey procedures. can i go through places where it's hard for me to walk and he follows me and it's like he doesn't care every step even if he bumps into the rocks . gosh, he goes forward and that is tiger ish determination. and the others are going to be is inspired me a since i met him. linsey dot had got i still hear me thanks me because i pushed him to do things, but he has helped me more to brother how to find a solution for problem. how to be practical. i've imagined being blight many times and it's not nice yet, but for him being blind is not a problem anymore. that connection has changed my life and all of your local. i use one to grab and the other one i need to lay the ground on that and bridge where the client summit team comprises jetta, cisco and legendary openness. oscar korea. one of the few people to have climbed all 18 mountains over 8000 meters without oxygen. i got you got the assign says to
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caves, 100 meters are careful of the stones. rio up as the river. it's passing by and it reaches a point where it becomes a waterfall. it falls a bit 30 meters right here. oh yes, yes. oh mm hm. ah hold on tight. your feet behind me are doing fine, almost a whole spectacular. here's another treater with a lake one level. yeah. and they become from that. yes, miss travelled the whole valley. below you can see the lake where we came from is already far away, were left. here we can see the whole savannah alejandro. as for alice alana,
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there is a splendid, you've been a what a pity that i can't see it. when i imagine it's spectacularly went up or when i get on many people who haven't been able to come up here for you. lucky. and you can tell them you're a good one. what is an agreement with us to follow syllabus conduct at night the post is performed local music. i believe it's orange nor to fire or yellow, or we're going to go to the place where the fire is the only thing that they can see. it's quite important in climbing to know where your body is. yeah, i think that the eyes are not important to me by me. a lot of times i bought them to see the rude bud. you know what the feelings are the most important thing. this expeditions also fast for climate felix back. no, i've never climbed with a blind person on such a big mountain. it is it more? i think a mental strength then really necessarily ability because the terrain,
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if you don't see it as difficult to manage and if he look how he keeps on hitting a rock and twisting with the ankles, he just keeps on going. which a lot of people will just give up. i think after that happened 3 times to them like your mouth. and so i've got the white, bad altitude sickness and a lot of neck pain because there was a bad moment when i thought we'd had to turn back on the clue. the printer was raining a lot right down. i imagine you can hear it. the new one though, so we don't know if we'll be able to try it or what will happen? natalie with nati, alt up, wellington, that latino give us a for a n time for the summit. ready to go feeling good for so despite altitude, sickness and lack of sleep. yes. as determined to reach the top of mount kenya. hello.
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the did it with the right foot goes up. that's it. you have a good step there, brian: yes or no, it's hailing. and to be honest, i'm having quite a hard time on of these are the moments where i prefer warm bed. without this heading off to 12 hours of climbing the summit of mount kenya is within reach. jehovah has made it with i want to go lobby. the beauty of life is that every one can beat himself. ashley, the hawk. in the end, we are here to be happy and make our loved ones happy. consequently, things to live life, which is short enough and if we don't enjoy it now i and it's over harder and there is i want mm hm. be loud. be visible and help others with your
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story. every 3rd woman is a victim of gendered violence and they have experienced it 1st hand in demand that you look and act stop violence against women. ringback ah next on d w standing in the crowd, winnie's cookson t ah and when is it dangerous? an extent with 1500 pieces of james on presenting must tommy and making jalisa tomorrow to do 60 minutes on d w. they want to know what makes the gem we've just been the john
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love via banning thing with stuff away from that. but i'm not even have to watch my own car and everyone with later holes and everything today. first getting, are you ready to meet the german? then join me, rachel stuart on d. w. with awe . from emotional abuse to physical assault and murder. domestic violence is far more widespread than many people realize, give out violence against women is the biggest demik there is that he's experienced by one of the 3 women worldwide. all too often fatal outcomes are downplayed as family tragedies. why couldn't they see that this homicide? does that needs to change? doesn't that lack of suspicion? not as curios breaking the silence around.


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