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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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shopping and dining office enjoy alice services will be all a guest at friends, foot able at cd, managed by frank bought lou ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, ukraine's president makes his 1st visit to the embattled beast. 100 days after russia invaded ukraine, loaded me as the lensky meats with troops and heart keep defending the city. meanwhile, moscow don bus offensive is closing in on the key city of san jonas. and
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a leftist formal revel tops the 1st round of presidential elections and columbia estoppel, petro will now go head to head with businessman rodolfo, and as in a runoff boat. next month and in formula, one red bull stair yield perez claimed his 1st win of the season. at a rain lashed monica ran free. ah, and way will craft welcome to the program. the cranium present, evolutionary lensky has visited eastern ukraine. his 1st official trip outside keith since russia invaded his visit comes as russia steps up. it's offensive on the don bush region. ukrainian official say russian troops are storming the key city of severe disc. assessing the damage with his own eyes,
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ukraine's president visited the war ravaged region of hockey eve. ukraine has pushed back the russian offensive here, leaving behind ruins. in his 1st official trip out of cave, since the russian invasion zelinski also met troops have been fighting on the front lines. oh good. well, what's my job? oh, i want to thank each of you for your service. you risk your life for all of us and for our state. thank you for defending the independence of our country. your will take care of yourselves. lori to ukraine. slow zalinski says ukraine is doing everything to defend the country's east, where russia is focusing its assault. russia aims to capture the entire don bass region, calling it an unconditional priority for the kremlin. the fighting has made evacuating the sage towns across don bass, dangerous. but aid groups are working to bring the seek and injured out of them all
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. most of them of wounded people who i have a great in the forms of hospitals in eastern regions, the tumult safe fennimore, and to be of upgrade them to the hospitals in western the grain them with that no pill and a song to prove that of them and to give them proper medical care. in savannah, donetta, shelling has destroyed old, critical infrastructure, and russian troops are now storming, the largest city still held by keep in the loo. hunt's great in of don bass. thousands of civilians are believed to still be in the city. the governor of lou, hans said the constant shelling makes it impossible to count casualties. have your correspondent mathias bowinger is on the ground and ukraine's eastern don bas region. they filed this assessment from the town of comma torque. there's been heavy fighting along the front line long,
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some part of the frontline here in easton ukraine in the dawn bus, especially around the city of seawater. the next with the russians are doing now is that they're using as much a tillery as they can. they have brought a lot of technology into here, lot of equipment. they've also brought a lot of soldiers to these frontline parts where they want to break through. and what they do is they shell everything with a lot of her to re until basically they have destroyed the positions and they're also often the residential areas that are in their way. and then they march in their advances are in fast. they are advancing very slowly, but they are advancing steadily in some parts of the front and that puts the ukrainian omby under huge pressure. this is why ukraine has been reiterating that they need heavy artillery to fight them back. that would put them on paul would even give them an advantage because the western artillery is a little bit better than the russian artillery. it's heavier, it's more explosive,
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it's, it's targeting better, and it can reach further. that's what why ukraine is hoping for, more, a tillery to fight back the russians in this kind of an attrition war of not tillery war. i was the w correspondence. he had bellinger reporting earlier from ukraine's eastern douglas region. now let's have a quick look at some other stories making news around the world right now. germany is major parties have agreed to increase defense funding to meet nato spending goals in response to russia's invasion of ukraine in february, cancer, all of shelter. he wanted 100000000000 euros to better equip germany's armed forces, which have suffered from lack of investment. the extra money would violate strict budget rules, which the deal gets around. lance lies in flooding after its rental range of chillies, $56.00 people in northeastern brazil. the armed forces there have stepped in to
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help with search and rescue missions for the dozens of people who are still missing . extreme weather incidents have killed hundreds of people in brazil over the past year. israel's annual jerusalem day has become a stage for israeli nationalists to march through jerusalem's old city waving their nation's blue and white flag. palestinians view the march as a provocation. however, as it passes through the muslim quarter and islamic holy sites, violence is often the result. tens of thousands of people turned out for sundays march nationalist israelis stage an annual flag march through the damascus gate and the muslim barrier of jerusalem to the whaling wool. the parade celebrates israel's capture. in 1967 of east jerusalem lay to annexed, but not recognized by most countries. you got that which i have to come to jerusalem to support our people, our country, and our flag. you know what they give to them. well,
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we're not marching to be provocative, but because jerusalem belongs to the israeli people. it's part of israel palestine ins dispute that for them the march is highly provocative. as is the presence on temple mounts of ultra nationalists, including the member of parliament, bene, query jewish people are allowed to visit, but prayer and political activity. a band trouble fled as jewish and muslim activists came to blows as much. nora, the police let these lunatics come here. they come and attack us or got hit with him. no, no, i shut my shop, but they damaged my property of how much awkward be funneled to find out. they spattered us, even though we didn't do any thing. home and pack, wrap it, and how massena this city doesn't belong to them. it's our city and our country haddocks. ha! the violence is escalating on the palestinian side. masses threatening rocket
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attacks as widely fit the flag march has made an already tense situation. even worse or earlier, we spoke to our correspondent in jerusalem, tanya kramer, we asked her how tense situation is on the streets of jerusalem. be seen to day again the very 10 stay in jerusalem. but when you know the fact march happened in the afternoon and this year again, it was allowed by the israeli government that marches many ultra nationalists, very young a crowd to have to say from what i have seen this afternoon. marching down from west jerusalem to what's the hard so to speak, to east jerusalem to the moscow skate and from there into the old city, through the muslim our quarter, now they are celebrating the capture. and then the reunification in the eyes of a jerusalem, the captain 9067 from jordan israel and next east jerusalem. and i consider
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that if unified a capital that is not this move was not recognized by most of the international community for palestinian residence in easter. we some this is not a day of a celebration for most of them. if you break it down in their older life, this is the day where most of east jerusalem around damascus gate is closed off by the israeli police. they a lot of checkpoints that cannot pass. businesses are closed. i talked to one of the residents. there thing, you know, usually they stayed home or come back very, very late. they also feel harassed because again, to davies heard some of the, not just, they are chanting very racist slogans. you know, from a desk to arabs to other racist as slogans. and basically the feeling on the palestinian side is from what they are experiencing day is that the much as a telling them be in charge here. and this is ours. and this is not years in columbia. leftist gustavo petro has come out on top in the 1st round of
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presidential elections there, the former gorilla and one time mayor of the capitol bogota as campaigned on the platform of tackling poverty and crime. petra will now face the independent candidate with wilful amanda's in a run off, the businessman finished in a surprise, 2nd place in the election. and let's get more now from d. w. corresponding johan ramirez, who is joining me from bogota, the on very good evening to you. so 1st of all, this surprise when by and, and as what made that happen. this is it. yeah. when we see is that people are tired, colombians are tires off of their whole if they got a leak in the country. that's why what we see today are 2 candidates. on one hand, gustavo petro left his candidate. if he winced the 2nd round, he would be the 1st time dad to the left updates power in columbia. on the other
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hand that we have rolled fernanda, an independent candidate, he has never been really able. i mean, he was back in 2016 that he was mayor of his hometown city. he does his own the experience in politics. he was in the office just for 3 years, a very bung trial experience, but he has, he's not far off the political elite in columbia. so it means that the message to day is a, is a strong message. colombians are tired of the political, traditional parties on the politic off a political elites in the country. and i think when you hear some of that displeasure behind you, what are some of the major issues that voters in columbia are facing that have led to this result in the election up 1st and foremost, violence. columbia has gone through a civil war for more than 50 years. i'm back in 2017. the alarm and the state on
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that, gary? yeah. a rope. so sign it up. peace accord. up use accord. the hasn't been really implemented. and colombians are hoping we should expect the new government to implement that, that be a go or something that could bring peace to the country. then now fighting poverty on relaunching economy. as the whole world, most of the war lobby has been hit and very hard by the pandemic, and now by the consequences of the war on ukraine. so economies also a very important issue di columbus are raising that was one of the mayor, topics that during the electoral campaign. alrighty, debbie, of course, my younger mares would have to leave it there for now, but thank you very much for that update. in formula one red bull driver said yo perez was the surprised winner of the monaco grand prix. after a delayed start on a rain swept monte carlo circuit and there was more disappointment for local boys.
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sharla clare, who again failed to win his fabled home race. despite starting from pole position dark clouds on the monte carlo horizon and they proved a bad omen for home favorite charley clerk. after a delay of over an hour, due to the deluge, the monocle grown pre got under way and the clerk was flying. until ferrari called him in for a 2nd time change on 22 laps an engineer realized they'd made a bad call. as didn't anguish mcclare when mc schumacher split his house into the race was stopped again after 30 laps. schumacher walked away in one piece of the crush meant the grown pre became attained race by this time red bill. sergio perez had stolen a march on the clair and even with his tires cut to ribbons,
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hilda fridays carlos sites to take the checkered flag. hi, guys like us badge as the mexican celebrated an aggrieved laclare had some choice final words for his team. for his role. a 1st win for perez this season and a good deal road for red bul standings leader max for stop and came in 3rd and a football champion league winner round madrid. have paraded through the spanish capitol following their record extending 14th title. thousands of people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the trophy at the front of the bus. at the city's cathedral captain's kareem bends. emma and marcell presented their latest price to the local cardinal. the party lasted long into the measured evening rail, beat liverpool,
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one mill in paris on saturday in a game that was delayed by crowd problems with the english club and french authorities blaming the other says, dw news, and that's all for now. up next we have doc film, which is taking a look at violence against women and what can be done to tackle back to forget you can get all the latest d, w dot com and on our social media channels, etc. w, noose, twitter, and instagram. the way it would prophesy you soon ah ha, we're all set to get to go beyond deal with as we take on the world. i do all this. yeah, we're all.


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