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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2022 6:45am-7:00am CEST

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are you familiar with this with the smugglers? were lions dissolving? what's your story? i mean, wasn't i was women, especially victims of violence, seen a lot of them take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, another guests. you want to become a citizen in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information. ah, ah, ah, there is vo raging and anna and such as homeland the to an over a few cheese and germany. oh, as i stand here, i think my husband,
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he died early on in this war with the future is uncertain. bush how, what they adapting to the new life in germany? ah, an sasha have been living in berlin since feeding from ukraine. they found accommodation with a host family wide stroke of luck. they managed to flee the russian poems they got out of geneva, full weeks after the russian, the tech on you train. they are safe here. but their thoughts are still with ukraine and their family and friends there. but there was still nothing in mind of his yoke. i thought astonished my friend stayed in journeys my
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classmates would, but i can't bear the thought that they didn't have the chance to escape, even though they wanted to. that's what's terrifying. and even though i'm doing well here to bring my sword because i can't help luncheon from which in the wall completely changed their lives. anna was nearing her high school graduation. sasha worked in a court center on february 24th. the home thompson neve. north of key f, was bombed. for the 1st time, it lies close to the below russian border, where russian president vladimir putin sent his soldiers into the city. but did not hold on as soon as they bombed us from day one year when we moved to my mother's house the 1st week and hid their interval quite truly the whole time. we were hold up in the basement. that naturally long doors can uh,
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both the bombing started shots by the woke up at some point that we could even discern from the sound of what kind of shell was falling at us. but a dealer. we knew many people who died in the streets. those 1st days now when its civilian song, people are neighbors off of the seed and not ha ha, ha ha. oh, after their 3rd attempt anon sasha managed to escape despite the daily attacks. and now they live with martin, and couldn't alia young english. the couple drove a rented bus to the polish border to pick up the refugees. latoya of the toya berlin's with. and luciano, as we, as humans, are social beams, when, if someone falls down next to you, you lean down and pick them up again. it's called their shirley hurting and need to process for law, but how they're coping with it and just about getting into gear and for his beautiful again, i'd fuck loosely,
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tess's shewn lawyer getting into gear that doesn't happen in germany without facing some burg chrissy to day and, and such, i have an appointment at the social welfare office the hoping to actually receive financial assistance for the 1st time today. cats been a family friend, is helping with the paperwork myself, health club. i hope this works out for you. me. there's nothing missing. and really nothing can be missing. good man, but i've already been in contact with the people from the district office and a lot of back and forth. and they've already opened a file for them and everything should be okay. they've been waiting for this appointment for weeks with i you registered with the state of berlin yet. douglas leon? yeah, yeah. i registered a yes, but there is no set appointment for it. okay. okay. and do you have proof?
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yes. could be that i have it with me. they're missing the confirmation, the top or to helps the massage through that e mails again. and luckily they tracked on the right one. yeah. thus yeah. good on both of the day of altamont as well. yeah. okay, great. we can you forward that to me. this in all thing that's in looks on. it's a bit nerve wracking making sure that absolutely nothing is missing. with content, we have a great feel because as far as i understand that you will receive the money directly afterwards and that takes the pressure off with them as just let's not come forth from a bonus to nothing. i live in santa ana. i surprised how quickly everything is going on. gotta germany has removed many bureaucratic hurdles for ukrainian refugees. the pac can collect the money directly. it's about $350.00 euros papason,
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which they'll start receiving every month. so ah, 9 get a lot of jokes you, yadda, i'm glad everything went so fast where austin and can use and push all that running around. and then you stand there waiting and wondering whether it will all work out or not. does equal fidelity to us. i'm feeling hopeful now that everything went so smoothly, mister whistler, deactivated that. we want to save up and send some money to grandmother and she so she can repair her roof, which was destroyed in the war anymore. could you ship them, woke up with them, but me listen, would know who to come to integrate even better. unknowns asha have signed up for it. shannon coles, a charge congregation organizes weekly lessons, free of charge chand armenian, half their short introduction. they start practicing in hub and do you have
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children? i am 2 children. well, what is the name of your wifi and your husband? i'm with. i am single with in cooler mom. no dish you out with . oh, yes, good. we want to start. did jill money play at them? so this is joy, and that's why we wouldn't spend all saw it on the g o. my me where good session among 60000 refugees from ukraine now living in berlin,
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they often see ukrainian flags across the city. a sign of solidarity to say the 2 are on their way to the ukranian embassy in london. they want to lay your and us father. slow moves, hopeful as i stand here or go. i'm thinking of my husband, his mother, when he died early on in this war, was safely. we'd found a little piece with it, took away the fisher, but all those painful feelings are coming up again. my mother is also sad to shannon he died 5 years ago while fighting in east and ukraine. the war has been going on since 2014 since fresh has annexation of crimea.
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falls the corner for medical good that there somewhere in berlin where ukrainians can come to express their grief and leave it in this place. i can. but the children who have been killed are commemorated here with the drawings candles and flowers. yet when he thinks them aloud, papa feature to post, i feel that the bush of buckling with wood let's make wash together. ah, a few weeks later sasha and anna want to show their things. they're preparing a meal for their hostess. catherine is learning how to make a traditional ukrainian beach fruit soup, a ukrainian cooking class of it is also a master class. i just
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assume this is our ukranian national dish. it really fills you up. today we're making it with lots of beans to replace the meat, but a real ukrainian or is cooked with meal. with pork ribs lou, the bush brings back memories. anna has not seen her family and friends for weeks semester when cheney of others like her have fled abroad, was still in transit. i want to see my grand vernon and eat, grinned for grandma's foot, because is the most beautiful thing in the world. yeah. and the meat, my friend and talk about oh, how was a feeling? and allison is fine or maybe some think it's terrible. and just took most goof because the bush is ready and an sasha are settling into their new lives
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. they get along well with their host family and know that they can stay with them as long as they want. good licious, very tasty would be good when of course it feels like we're having dinner with our own family. we're already totally comfortable with our german family. it's like being at home by them. got dormer tooth than me. those in law. oh, the mother and daughter, a slowly finding their bearings and berlin. together, they're discovering a new country, a new culture, before they fled, that never been outside ukraine since neva arrived my they've grown even closer together. more to a different ma. hi, anna, feel so comfortable. she can even imagine studying here. right now. she's wrapping up her high school, final exams online. i want to or to come back to ukraine to see my own family
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members. but i think about leaving in terms of my life in the future. because like his country. yeah. and if don't both of us, if so, i'm not at the age to completely overturn my old life. all my relatives are in ukraine and my house to dorm. i want anna to decide for myself whether she wants to stay in germany or returned to ukraine on, but i want to go home some day he leave when the war is over. i will definitely do that though the conscience of i know you're busy to let this deal. ah, but at the moment they have no idea how long that will take. ah, professional of them. mm hm. mm. mm. mm. ah,
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the 100000000 trees pam, can asia's rain forest still be saved. so far? record deforestation has provided the locals livelihoods. now an environmental project on borneo plans to revitalize the jungle and secure the well being of small farmers, ah, global $3000.00. next auntie w. o. standing in a crowd. when is proof? ah, and when is it dangerous? an extent with 1500 genes on presenting mass panic, and making gatherings safer to morrow to do with
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d. w. o. is the end of the pandemic in sight. we show what it could look like. will return to normal. and we visit those who are finding it difficult. exceeds his successes, amazon in a weekly coven, 19 special. every thursday con d w. o, you meet it now. it unfortunately, she and a south, a mother is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for marguerite, for 3 daughters. i
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and i see the site was part of a psychosis, isn't awful illness. postpartum is a nasty mothers nightmare starts june 4th on d w. ah, this is the of you news. these are top stories. ukrainian president. hello, ms. lensky has made a surprise visit to the war torn east. it's his 1st official to the front since rush a launch. it's begun to lensky.


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