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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2022 7:03am-7:31am CEST

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is rising, homelessness is commonly caused by poverty, unemployment conflict, and natural disasters. worldwide in 2020, around 1600000000 people were living and provisional accommodation, including tents, hots and vehicles. even in ostensibly wealthy countries like australia. the wind in the waves are just right. it's a fairly typical day in byron bay, a town on australia's eastern coast circle spend the day out on the water hanging 10 and enjoying life. gas. morgan is also back on the bush giving surfing lessons again for almost 2 years. australia's porters were closed, it was a devastating blow for tourism. and all those who live from it, like gas, morgan stopped how well stop, i've got to get a job,
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a real job unreal job doing this. and i've had this business for 23 years. we had to go pack firewood, we had to go do some labouring. we had to do something else so we can get some money to buy food and live, you know it's, it's been a crazy time and it's not over yet. many have lost their jobs and their homes. byron bay street, so full of people who have lost everything. they get by thanks to free food from the local soup kitchen. before volunteers are cooking for a growing number of needy people. here they get food and more. if we can offer him a friendly face, hopefully that is a little bit done. it's just amazing how tough some of these people will have to deal with. roland dixon gets by on his pension, but he says life and byron bay has become something of a paradox. with
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a lot of very, very wealthy people who just, it's a, it's a nice place to live. and particularly during copays of the prices in farm, they went up 70 percent one year and it was expensive here. anyway, that immediately cuts out all the people who work here, all the people who work in restaurants, in the hotels and carefully, they come with a live environment. during the pandemic, many fell into poverty. it was a huge shock. there were no tourists, no jobs, and rent prices, sword. the rate of homelessness in byron bay is now among the highest in australia . besides picking up food, those need to can also do the laundry for free. peak town, he has a job and a supermarket, but he can barely afford the goods. he packs on the shelves. so he comes here for the basics. and i've got a bit of salad and bread from you say by to some other people where i live. so i can just take that they all have
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a bit of stuff of alleged stuff for the other people as well. p county used to earn more and live well. things have never been as tight as they are now. in the evening, he shows us his home. he's renting an old van on the edge of a caravan park. he's lived here for over a year for the equivalent of 120 years a week. still quite a lot of money. it's not too bad. i mean, for byron, you never get anything cheaper, especially if you're never going to think that price where you have a bit of your own space. and i think so you can't afford a flat or even a room together. yeah. possible. you wouldn't find it to start with, and then if you did, i mean it was just hundreds of dollars away. i'm in a guessing and is not pointing to have a look. i would say $4400.00 a week. after a meal from the soup kitchen,
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the day comes to an early end. he doesn't complain because he's aware that others are even worse off. after that, there's nothing to do would lie down and wait for morning and hopefully better chance ah, but for those with money, we're just passing through. like said dream in byron bay. the town has 10000 residents, but many more tourists had some stay on. the place is a magnet for the hip and wealthy. those able to sit out the pandemic or other crises under the australian sun. a while some enjoyed the quiet during the pandemic. others were bearing the full brunt of what byron's mer calls a housing crisis. seeing
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a huge, i move from the cities to the regions and then so that means more pressure on housing. more people despised harhouse prices, higher rental costs getting the higher, getting the job, the harper. and once you had that, you find you get a house and i problem. now if you've got a job, maybe it's meaningless. your unique needs to be a really well paid job. mikaela bailey has just finished one job, but it's on her way to the next. after her shift at a cafe, she works at this take away from child. double duty means double the stress. i got their stiff competition for jobs, for employers. it's cheaper to pay several temporary workers than $1.00 fixed employee mikaela bailey's to jobs. keep a roof over her head just her small band is parked on the edge of town. this is
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home, even with the tear, i still have enough water flights around here on but yeah, maybe, maybe the higher paying job codes are both relatively low going. so i can't really pay for that for the so picturesque byron bay has a problem. while the return of tourists is being celebrated by the industry, many residents priced out of the market during the pandemic exam can no longer make plans with forests play a crucial role for our planet. they regulate the climate wooded areas, a cooler and more moist than elsewhere. and every year they also absorb around $2000000000.00 tons of c o. 2 from the atmosphere. forests span just under a 3rd of the world surface. the largest of these areas are in the northern hemisphere and near the equator. rain forests boast huge biodiversity,
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including large animals like forest, elephants and gorillas, through to insects and fun gate. despite this every year around $10000000.00 hectares of forest to cut down or burnt, that's an area the size of iceland are reporter ab rodeo fella. travel to the island of borneo where large areas of rain forest have already disappeared. farmer linger, cousin is heading to a forest on the island of borneo. in recent years, he's planted around a 1000 trees on his 7 hector's of land, where there was once just bare earth. he sees the work as an investment in his future. i the lady i talked to thomas tree down man, and i'm thinking that i might wait until the trunk is more than 30 centimeters wide . i did not get the maximum prize for italy,
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moxie married linger. cason also keeps oil palms and rather trees. but they don't yield enough profit. so in 2016, he was among the 1st to sign up for a re, for a station project. it aimed to create sustainable forests and provide an income for local people. it includes growing crops to avoid creating a monoculture, the farmers are allowed to chop down some of the larger trees to sell. more than a 1000 farm is now involved in the project. dubbed 100000000 trees, indonesia has lost nearly a 5th of its forests in just the last 20 years. some work lead for gold mining like here. the damage to the environment that comes from gold mining is huge. as the project manager explains, it used to be a 4th bar after a year. it become like this. and they basically flipped ah,
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the scent. and then bring the top soil inside the ha, it's in the did site part. so it's almost impossible to forest this area and, and ah, it's very high risk job because in a process they're using dangerous chemicals such as mercury. and of course it's better, but for the informant as well as the people. but unfortunately, this is one of the few source of income for the local people here. so it's vital to create alternative sources of income. mon elisa poochie got up is reaching out to the gold minus, hoping to bring them in to the reforestation project. i went through parting of e m. they're actually very open to new ideas, as long as it is not illegal in all, they're not risking their lives. this is what we tried to bring through the rangers through 100000000 threes. this form
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a forest was burned down to make way for a palm oil plantation. now, a new forest is being planted here. many local villages of pitching in that allows them to earn some extra money is being financed by private investors. on the german government's international climate initiative, the farm is get the seedlings directly from fair ventures, once they've received training on how and where to plant them. today caught up it's visiting farmer possy hon. he's only been involved in the project for a year, but he's already planted several hundreds and gone. trees descend on is very fast growing around 5 to 6 meters in 11 months. this is why we love this kind of 3 so much because you know, the more they grow in the morning trojan they put into soil. the more birthday life
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is the soil and, and it allows the farmers to actually plan any other things in his field. and yeah, this is how it's growing and, and imagine a $1000000.00 are recent center cali month on. and it was planted by the farmers here the absorb the carbon, i think for the farmer. it's not only about providing a stable income for himself and later his children, like in many parts of borneo, floods are growing problem hear that music on this at the but in these days our village floods 3 to 4 times a year that it used to only flood once a year or we saw one, but it doesn't seem to matter anymore. what the season is. we still get flooded. but how do law to months? apple valley. i don't was in the league and won't get ma'am. i think it's down to the impact of mining the same morning. the forest has been cleared up so the ground
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doesn't absorb the water, a mortgage to that. and when it rains heavily, i know every word just floods all young that a little, but gay, good thought i'm been gotta planting more trees. could help prevent such damaging floods in the future. more than a 1000000 new trees have been planted throughout the region so far. some of them will now be felled and sold as timber, while others are planted in their place. the idea is to attract more business to borneo, to help the farmers, the timber industry in indonesia. now it's still very centralized in java island. right. and, and we've tried to convince the industry to or so. and in a best in color mountain, or what we're trying to do is we tried to connect to farmers directly with the industry to cut down a middle man, which is, you know, we tried to, to make it more to make the most profit for the farmers through the system
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sommerling cason who's been involved from the start, is optimistic. he's hoping that the 100000000 trees initiative will improve its life in the long term while also benefiting the environment. even better than reforestation is preserving old growth forest in the 1st place. that's what conservationists in romania has. capacity and mountains are working to do by creating one of europe's largest national parks. ah, in romania is car patheon, mountains. it's easy to get lost. everything here is big. even the animals were looking for europe's largest herbivores. oh my gosh, a bag he and these far garage mountains here in the romanian co pay the ants are
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the largest contiguous and intact natural area. we have in central, in eastern europe for this reason. we believe this has the potential of becoming the yellowstone of europe. we've gotten a foundation set up by christophe and barbara pom bagger has been progressively buying up and leasing land in the fagot ash mountains. the car patio project is set to cover 2000 square kilometers of land. but what's on national park with wildlife 75, bison have no being re introduced to the same area that the used to room 200 years ago. you can you name of it. we always tend to say that we want to create something great, but it costs a lot of money and a whole lot of building and other activities going to need, but we don't need that. and then when we talk about nature, the best thing we can do is fix what we broke and then leave it alone for you guys don't want, you are actually intervening by releasing wild animals for example, who gets you that? so you're intentionally altering what's here and what we're doing is bringing back
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the animals, all the species that actually belong in this system to sustain given the bison are shy, but their tracks are everywhere. after hours of searching, we just about managed to spot one from behind. humans constitute a disruptive presence in their world. the video trap shoes that a large number of the animals were here a short while ago. 1234, play safe. 10 minutes ago to me. so if of if the posher give it open and on on pain footprints. phoebe because they're heavy. create smaller holes here sir. which collect water and do you bills will, will live for umbrella spaces of
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the palm. burger's have in mind is a long term undertaking. restoring the complex ecosystems will take more than a century. the parks mean benefactor swiss entrepreneur, hans york. this has to needed 47000000 euros to the project. the prom back as motto is, think big. using the discount misty boy, you weren't born with big ideas of course off, but we learned somewhere along the way in our lives that if you really want to accomplish something, you need to have a big vision in the broken girls. if you see on this as soon as she, it's a very nice story. i take it in the day to day. it's also an emotional rollercoaster. there were lots of high knows who the low ah, although they've not always been welcome here. locals attitudes to them sour due to the couple from austria and germany,
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being seen as carrying more for the welfare of wild animals than people. romania as part of the you. but a country still undergoing transformation with wide spread poverty and little industry. corruption is rampant. the idea of giving nature free rain and having bears, for example, living in the local wilderness is not a very popular one. here. the b, hon platoon, exclude the get all that the bad population is exploding right now. there have always been conflicts, but at the moment people have strong opinions about it. so support is dropping a bit right now. be seen. i've seen some more bears live here than anywhere else in europe. trophy hunting was ended in 2016. now the peers are protected and with the winters getting warmer, the bears to hibernate. any more. while beech tree shed more nuts, more frequently, and the improved food situation means the bears and turn produce more
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offspring? some of my that's not a lick since a skeleton besides a little drive, but we're in luck as it is not that we can see the whole of this is no longer fresh, but you can see a batch ikea. that's maybe 4 or 5 days old from thong. nice man. and mark is the important thing. it's not how high the population is, but how big the conflicts are as homeless, but that's what the management side needs to focus on conflict. it doesn't really matter how many bears there are in the forest in this, in boca out of it. if the, the light they happen, people wouldn't have a problem with 10000 bears in the forest. if they stayed there, i'm the conservation carpathia foundation pays compensation sheet killed by the beers are replaced, and the fcc also provides hurting dogs. dealing with the country's timber mafia is not so easy. they make millions and profits from logging local forests and the prom bagus tellers of strong connections to the corrupt authorities. in the deluxe
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sawdust di anselm from that to now of course, they're afraid of the national parks model because they know it poses a threat to their business model and can output patrolled. and that potential changed like them is why they're fighting us so fiercely on hectic became for the couple will to show me the scars left by the timber mafia even before we reached the mountains, the impact of the clear cutting is clear to see widespread erosion and overflowing streams, ah, she forrester me. hi sata is distraught at how even city the mountain tops up here still resemble a battlefield. it's much easier to destroy. it's hard to restore, but to have to weight the weight to $100.00. the of the 3 of forest woocommerce 300 head tears of woodland have been completely raised here. in the meantime, the foundation has begun to reforest the area by planting spruce trees and sycamore
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maples. laborious task pan there is no quick and easy fix for doing what an old mature forest can, such as producing oxygen and filtering water. if somebody would ask you 20 years ago and would have told you that we will drink only bottled water, you wouldn't believe. and now we are drinking almost the only bottle of water and what will come next. so what are your fear? i think the importance of the water sources will increase, but i'm, i think mm, you need to see the disastrous consequences up here. but also witness the beauty of nature. to understand that large national parks and nature reserves are crucial for our future. even if ultimately, the most immediate argument is that protecting nature brings more prosperity and destroying it. human different our people here can see for themselves. and that
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does money to be made from this beautiful area without destroying it, without shooting and killing any animals or using any other kind of extractive activity this extractive most in schism. overall the trend is a positive one. and that's also a motivation based off there's no doubt that a european yellowstone park would be a blessing, but it won't come to fruition all by itself. so, this makes global snack is a sweet change from south africa. ah, ah, beau cat lies at the foot of signal hill in cape town. the muslim entrance quarters are known for its colorful houses and steep anyways. it's home to cooper mohammed or anti cobras. she's known in the neighbourhood. her speciality is cook sister,
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a sticky, spicy deep fried pastry, a mustard sunday. breakfast in bulk up. a quick sister come from those years when that that came to south africa, africa their time. right. and they gave out people that are safe of a don't. and why did a, what out the, for the east, the air that the little but i'll send them and then the ed at god i woke up thought and thought it came to the n a c. and they call it in the cook, says, 1st butter and sugar blended in hot water. then yeast on the spices. that is ginger, that is mixed spice. where that cut them all. that is my fine n a c. and this little yellow things here is my dad. i find a nazi pill. not ship here. this is i can explain. it's
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a citrus for that. i that i out the pills and kind that every week. dead milk, eggs and flour stirred in to form a dough for needing but a no account mechanically or the dough will be too soft. been doing this for over 20 years and it's all weather one n o. jo then stands for 2 hours before it's time to shape the cook, sisters. ah, and deep fry them for round 4 minutes. every saturday auntie cooper's kitchen is transformed into a bakery work continues on sunday morning at daybreak. the cook sisters are warmed in syrup and enrolled and desiccated coconut. the 1st customers already waiting every
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sunday monday because otherwise you're not the sunday. i anti cooper charges 5 south african run equivalent to 30 euro cents for 3 coaches, sir. ah, in good them on sunday they let is consistently thank you. thank them all over the show. and then this one for me is who myself, my wife is the priest i, auntie cobra could sell up to a 1000 cook sisters on sunday mornings and winter a few less in summer. and because south africans loved them so much. september 1st has been official world cook sister day since 2019 and that's all from us that global 3000 this week. don't forget to drop us
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a line with your feedback, right? to level 3000 dot d, w dot com and check us out on face that ting d w global ideas. see you next time ah, ah ah, ah ah, ah, standing in the crowd. when is ah, and when is it dangerous?
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an extent with 1500 teeth jamie in on preventing must panicking and making gatherings safe to morrow to noon on d w. oh, how many push it out in the world? climate change. very hard to story. this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much was going to really get we still have time to go. i'm going all with someone else through the hardwood tv highlights. it's selected for you. you every week in your inbox. so describe now
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ah a massive groups of people, how to avoid disaster. we take a look at crowd research also the boy ukraine is affecting the science. well it is well we visited to researchers who had to play.


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