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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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hostile see on the green fence and to me it's clear we means change. join me for a deep dive into the green transformation. for me, for you, for the plan. ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. ukraine says russian forces are advancing on the center of the barrow. the next president vladimir zalinski says russian bombs have almost wiped out the eastern cities. critical services as he makes his 1st visit to troops on the front line. also coming up
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a leftist former rebel winds the 1st round of presidential elections in columbia. gustavo petro villa will now face the populace. businessman rodolfo hernandez, in iran of thought next month as columbia conservatives are pushed out of the race . ah, i'm gabelle as well come to the program. ukrainian officials say a russian forces have now entered the city of c of aero dynette scarf. the days of intense shelling. the eastern city has become the focus of moscow's push to capture all of the don bass region. president le busy lensky, said, russian bombs had destroyed almost all the city's critical infrastructure and damaged most building step. meanwhile, on sunday, zalinski made his 1st official visit outside of the capital to meet troops on the
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front line near. hark, if assessing the damage with his own eyes, ukraine's president visited the war ravaged region of hockey eve. ukraine has pushed back the russian offensive here, leaving behind ruins in his 1st official trip out of cave since the russian invasion, zelinski also met troops have been fighting on the front line. so good luck with my job. i want to thank each of you for your service. you risk your life for all of us and for our state. thank you for defending the independence of our country. you will take care of yourselves. lori to ukraine. slow zalinski says ukraine is doing everything to defend the country's east, where russia is focusing its assault. russia aims to capture the entire don bass region, calling at an unconditional priority for the kremlin. the fighting has made evacuating
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besieged towns across don bass, dangerous. but aid groups are working to bring the seek and injured out launching program. all most of them of wounded people who ah, have a great in the forms of hospitals. in eastern regions, the tumult safe and, and more and to be of upgrade them to the hospitals in western grain than we've that no pill and a song to but that of them and to give them proper medical care. in savannah, donetta, shelling has destroyed all critical infrastructure and russian troops are now storming the largest city still held by keep in the loo. hunt's great in of don bass. thousands of civilians are believed to still be in the city. the governor of lou, hans said the constant shelling makes it impossible to count casualties. did have you corresponded rebecca written in cubes. and earlier i asked her whether
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ukrainian forces i able to keep up morale in the face of the continued russian aggression. well, on a whole yes, i think across the country civilians and in the military and morale is strong. and i think ukraine still believes that it can win this battle. but, but at the moment is a bit of a law because, you know, russia really are taking the upper hand in the battle for don basses. it's been dubbed, we've known for few days now that they've had that upper hand that they now have 95 percent of the hands greeting. that's half of the don bass and they are pushing forward the fighting now in several donates the last ukrainian st stronghold. the last ukranian city in that area fighting is now st by street and we're seeing about $200.00 shells an hour. so they've even stopped counting the casualties in that city and in that region at the moment, get hundreds of really dire situation down there, of course. okay. level reiterating that they're trying to liberate that region,
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but it's hard to see how the people down there who are living through this hell will be feeling very liberated at the moment. no, you current it probably has lost a counter offensive in the south towards the occupied city of care. so what can you tell us about that? her son was one of the 1st areas, 1st cities to fall to russia. it was taken quite quickly at the beginning, at people there have been living under occupation since almost the beginning of the conflict. and now you're seeing a counter offensive fine ukraine. and that's also, you know, obviously to right try and retake the territory but also to try and thin out resources on the russian side. tron thing out there, troops and trying to pull direction for away from the dumbass a little bit as well. so. so that has taken place over the weekend and they would have coffee attempting to try and retake that area. that's something that presidents zalinski has reiterated time. and again, he said, you know, warning, russia not to get too cozy in the places that they have taken, that,
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that ukraine plans on taking everything that has been taken since the beginning of this conflict back. and that certainly what they're attempting in her son zalinski and i've interviewed sunday. her said the duration of the war party depends on support from the west. if you crime getting the help with me, i think he's been even stronger than that in the past. i think it depends very much on the west, and particularly of course, the weapons coming from the west. they've been calling, jumping up and down, really insisting that the international community support are more if they are to in the whole the russians will push them back. that they've seen a slowing down of the, of the kind of weapons that they were seeing coming into the country and that they desperately need them. and they are completely outweighed in the dorm bass. when it comes to heavy weapons, they really need those multi rocket launchers that can, that can go to distances of 2 or 300 kilometers in, in, in the distance. that's the kind of weaponry they need,
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that they don't have that the russians do have. and that the russians are using to completely annihilate those areas. and when control, i mean it's not being one sort of in a traditional on the battlefield style. it's really being one byte and by the russian, using this heavy weaponry to pamela and completely destroy these areas. so you kind saying without them, we're just not going to be able to stop the, the, the, the sheer force coming from the other side. first rebecca with us in here, there for us. thank you. european leaders are meeting today in brussels to try to agree on russian oil sanctions following moscow's invasion of ukraine. but the today, european council meeting is being complicated fi opposition from hungary, which is heavily dependent on russian oil and objects to a full ban eelie, as i expected to consider a compromise which would allow hungary to continue receiving all virus pipeline. with factions only stopping shipments via the sea?
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well, lead us, as today's european council meeting, will also discuss more funds to help ukraine rebuild possibly paid for by confiscating russian assets abroad. a little earlier, i spoke to toby on becker from the stock on institute of transition economics. how that meant might work. well, i think it will work, but it will probably take quite some time. i mean, we already had the frozen asset sees, but it's, it's a matter of how can they be used. and that's going to take some legal processing before we can make sure that the money actually reaches ukraine and can be used for the res, reconstruction of ukraine. now you and your team have tried to calculate costs of reconstruction and the damage to ukraine's economy. what was the result and how do you calculate these things in an ongoing war? well, this is an effort led by the key school of economics, and they basically document the damage to buildings and roads and ports and
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airports, et cetera. and as of today, that number is now over $100000000000.00 us dollars in damage just to infrastructure. so it's a numbered up keeps increasing every day the war goes on basically. so one big topic for today's you council meeting them are the sanctions on all imports from russia sofa. hungary is not backing them. how important is this embargo and that it is a full of bug i think is very important that we limit rush us access to foreign exchange. and of course, in all embargo is a very efficient way of doing. the hunger itself is, of course, not one of the biggest customers in europe for russian oil. so in some sense, it wouldn't make that much of a difference in terms of limiting foreign exchange going to russia. but of course, it's symbolic to keep the united so from that perspective, we want you to be part of the group to be part of the package but,
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but really on the financial side that it's not such a big deal. i would say, well, don't you think that others, if an accept exemption is being made for, for hungary and other countries will also receive pipeline all want the same? well, it's a matter i think also of a bit of name and shame here. how do you want your country to, to be seen by the rest of the world and from the ukrainian perspective? so i think we have seen president landscape in quite a few speeches, pointing out hungary as a special case and, and he wants them to reconsider. i don't think most leaders in europe would want to be on his list when he talks about what, what we can do more to support ukraine. so maybe so, but i think it's not going to be as super obvious how this works. so the director of the stock on institute for transition economics tobin becca,
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thank you very much. logan. thank you. let's have a quick look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. germany's major parties have agreed to increase defense funding in response to russia's invasion of ukraine in february. just that all of shaw said he wanted a 100000000000 euros to better equip germany's armed forces, which have suffered from a lack of invest. the new deal gets around strict budget rules and helps to meet nato spending goals. please and colombo, have used tear gas in water cannon on students trying to storm the home of phil uncles, president protest as a demand in go to buy our raj a paxis resignation. sherlock has prime minister later went on tv to offer young protesters greater say, in policy. at least 14 bodies have been recovered from the sight of a plane crash in the pole. the small plane carrying 22 people went missing on route from the tourist town of paccar, 2 jobs,
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some in the himalayas. authorities say bad weather has been hampering such efforts in that area. in columbia, in the left is senator gustavo petro. as one the 1st round of voting in the countries presidential election, the former gorilla fighter campaigned on the platform of tackling poverty and crime while also moving a whale from oil and mining. petrol will now face the populist independent candidate rudo for an under his in a run of vote. next month colombians, a clamoring for change in gustavo federal is counting on it to make history. the former rebell came out on top in the 1st round of presidential elections, bringing him one step closer to becoming columbia's 1st left his leader in what is traditionally a conservative country on feel. so i trust colombian
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society in its will to change now and then there are only 2 options, whether it's a relatively simple choice or a course of either leave things as they are in columbia, while in meal, which in my opinion is more corruption, more violent, more hunger or we can change colombia, colombia federal is a former member of the em 19 gorilla movement. and the former mayor of bogo and his presidential campaign. he has vowed profound economic and social change. a federal presidency would be historic in more ways than one. his running made francy, or marquez is hoping to become columbia's 1st ever black female vice president. but the come in for us is a black community. it is a great recognition to be
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a black person there. people have always been in slave. we have always been at the bottom and to have the opportunity to be there and represent us as black people fill us with pride and federal coalition. for short of the 50 percent needed fallen out great retreat. he will now faced populace millionaire rudolfo hernandez in a 2nd round of voting. the man dubbed columbia donald trump emerged as a surprise taken place candidate no matter who wins the run off on june 19 changes coming. one way or the other. francis sports minister says liverpool fans without valid tickets were responsible for crowd problems at the champions. league final kick off in paris was delayed by 35 minutes after liverpool fans were corralled into security checkpoints. at the entrance, gates level chief executive billy hogan said the treatment office stops,
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fans was unacceptable and demanded a transparent investigation. liverpool lost the fun to real madrid. one knew you watching the w. c. as a reminder of the top story, we're following for you. your friends, president vladimir zalinski has made his 1st visit to troops on the eastern front line. milan ukraine says russian troops have entered the key city of seattle donates as they pushed to take all of the east and don vos region. that's it from me and the new steam. thanks for which booth and south they matter is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for mercury, berkeley. i believe i can.


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