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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2022 12:15pm-12:31pm CEST

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euros, the money will go to a foundation that will buy equipment for the ukranian army. the group colors orchestra won the european contest on last month with its song stiff anya, mixing hip hop and traditional music. ah, ah, ah, this is g w news and you're up to date up next. we have dw business with rob watts . don't forget, you can read all the latest news around the clock on d, w dot com a michael. ok, thanks for watching d, w. or c asia and artic lovers guide 5 vibrating, asian cities. 5 local artists ah, in the unique experience of their craft,
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join us for exclusive master classes with barnes c asia starts june 1st on d. w. ah rearing to read. ah, everyone who loves books has to go insane with d. w. literature list. 100 german must reads. ah, ah, battling to ban imports of russian oil and he use some, it is hoping to end the deadlock over an import embargo but hopes not high. the world's biggest industry festival,
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returns the honey. the fat comes back with bottleneck lighted. manufacturer is in need of a boost and not in our back yard. we visit the tiny american town that saying no to electric truck make a river. the state of a business on robots in berlin, welcome to the program is proven elusive so far. but e representatives are attempting to hammer out an agreement on an embargo on russian oil imports. leaders are gathering in brussels, hoping to reach a deal on a 6th round of sanctions against moscow, but talks over a possible embargo stalled on sunday with hungary the main opponent. it says any ban on imports of russian oil would cross a red line. meanwhile, oil traders are waiting to see if a deal materializes crude prices have hit their highest point in more than 2 months or more or less, less cost to our correspondent in brussels. barbara vessel,
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robert barbara is great to have you with us. so who and what is getting in the way of, of this oil embargo actually being agreed. we've just seen him who this is, victor ivan, of course, who has put up the main, partly political, and then partly economical resistance against this island barger. and the longer this battle goes on, the more difficult it seems to become. i mean this is almost a month now that the european union is trying to get this over the line. it becomes more and more intractable. victor arbin was the 1st one to say, and i say no, i said no. i said no to this because hungry is a landlord country and we totally rely on oil from russia. and slovakia and the czech republic are relatively in the same boat that the political resistance really mostly comes from him. and then of course, other countries found they can hide behind victor arbin because they all feel that
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of course it's difficult to within a several months know towards the end of the year replace or russian oil imports by others. and so it drags itself on and it doesn't look good for the summit. there are no real hopes you mentioned already rob that the leaders can sort of kept this not and to come to a conclusion. is there any way around these objections from the hungarian survival creative solution? of course, this is the european union. i mean they, they are live and thrive of creative solutions. now what they've tried to do is say, ok, let's split this. are we phase out towards the end of the year all coming in by tanker, which is the majority around 70 may be up to 80 percent. the uses is being transported by tanka, but we exempt from this the drug bar pipeline. that's the pipeline that runs from russia to hungary as slovakia and, and, and the czech republic, poland, and germany, napoleon and germany. they can help themselves. they can bring in oil by other
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means. but this re, landlord countries would be exempt for 2 years. and even to that, victor armand says the hungarian prime minister says no, i mean many suspect, of course, that their political reasons and his closeness to president putin behind this. but everybody here in brussels says the pontiff need deployments. it's technical, it's difficult because we need of a level playing field with regard to the exist to oil. and if the exemption is made for some the others get angry. and of course, in banning tanker oil by tankers, grease for instance, comes up and says yet why punish us? because they of course, have a strong shipping sector. so whatever you do, it's difficult and they don't manage to get together. yes is ever is always difficult to get those 27 member states or pulling in the same direction, isn't it? barbara hazel in brussels forest. thank you very much. now, a shortage of materials in germany's manufacturing sector is getting worse
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according to the countries evo institute. for economic research, almost 80 percent of companies complained of bottlenecks and problems getting into media products and raw materials like steel. during may foreclosures in china to district locked downs. i've made the situation even worse and recent months. other proposals or problems even facing manufacturers, will be one of the key topics this year's hanover fair, which has returned after a pandemic hiatus. the world's biggest industrial conference comes at a time of great uncertainty for makers across the globe. the 2020 to hanover fear is running at around half its pre pandemic capacity with some $2500.00 exhibitors instead of $5000.00 industrial transformation is the theme the call to action. businesses cannot afford to ignore, given the pandemic and soaring energy prices. amid the war in ukraine,
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and while companies with sustainable energy solutions may benefit from renewed focus on maternity of energy, they also have their own challenges. but it's not a talk with one of the biggest challenges is taking people with us along this transformation to move on to offer new ideas. for example, in public transportation for us to really offer alternatives and not just talk about them. there's been more than just talk lately. decisions are being made faster than ever before. in may brussels announce it would invest up to 300000000000 euros to help the e. e. u become independent of russian fossil fuels. and in germany, the readiness of policy makers to help businesses response swiftly to ongoing challenges has also increased in crisis situations. we usually see that our mutual interest and readiness to talk and on think about solutions is bigger than
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in maybe more regular normal times. so right now doesn't bury, brought an open readiness on both sides to talk to day. policy makers are increasingly we drawing the framework for companies to do business. it's happening at a rapid pace. still, companies have their work cut out well, i think export orientated companies have to rethink the strategy of some find a solution, biding, changing nothing because they're not active in any countries that are high risk. other sir, start to invest also in production and research in certain regions to become independent and will have a complete different value changed. the value chains of the global economy are being we drone rapidly, amid significant macro economic and geopolitical challenges. to fundage embellish roses that report there. and here's the joyce's lie from the hanover fair. now to
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ponder, you mentioned it there. how the value chains changing though, where are the opportunities in the risks? while rob the valley changes as the value chains are changing and that of course, china is one of the problem areas for a lot of companies here in germany. because of course, germany is export dependent and relies heavily on china as a market. now china has a 0 coffee strategy which has impacted, of course supply chains. but it's also of course, as a market for german goods, a problem. so german companies are looking to see if they can get other markets on if they can get other suppliers. and just an example here at the hanover massa. this year, the hanover trade fair. there's like one over $1000.00. but there's less than like, fewer like a 1000 and something chinese exhibit as a 1300 i was told weren't able to show up because of the coverage. they were copied strategy in that country. and because they were so unsure if they'd be able to make
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it for the fair this year. and this is one issue that we can see. so there's a re drawing of the value chains. it's mostly european exhibitors this year. a great deal changing, isn't that, but what are your other impressions from the hanover fad this year? what are you getting a sense is also high on the priorities. well of course the exhibitors here the businesses that are here have really prepared their pitches. they're trying to show that they have the solutions for the future doesn't matter where they are selling. if it's digital solutions, i say those digital solutions will help with deal with dealing with problems with energy or, you know, with sustainability. so they're trying to basically sell their goods and repackage whatever whatever they can offer in order to adapt to the new global macroeconomic environment. but the truth, as the environment is really difficult for all of them. and there's a lot of challenges out there and all of them just they'll know where they're going with a future. and so it will be interesting to see what happens. and i can't wait to see what happens next 12 months and to come back here next year. okay,
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and conduct funded by the about the ahead of our for us. thank you very much. we update to us now and it'll create over 7000 jobs and help build a green, a future. but electric truck make a river runs plans to build a new factory are being met with fury. residents of the tiny town of rutledge in the us state of georgia have flooded county officials with complaints. they say the 5000000000 dollar plant will ruin their rural quality of life. this is ravines version of the shiny new electric vehicle world. the company's electric adventure vehicles ready to conquer the u. s. market river, headquartered in irvine, california says it's future is bright. one reason for that optimism is here. well, not here, but he, oh, no,
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come to manage smoothly 50 miles east of atlanta. the tiny town in morgan county, georgia is home to just about 900 residence. there is no traffic light in rutledge . the only intersection in town is safeguarded by this, the stop sign beryl ah, cruise alton howard, the mayor of rutledge is in a bit of a tight spot right now, ribbons plan to build a huge electrical vehicle. assembly plant nearby is not sitting well with everybody in town. alton, our things, he knows why most of the people who moved moved here and they were all like, oh my wife carol and i, i gotta be empty nesters and we were tired of the, of the hassles of the atlanta area or that. so we, you know, we came out here to, to relax many here fear at the beginning of river in rutledge could
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mean the end of their cherished lifestyle. the even make once this area a whopping 2000 acres or the equivalent of 1515 football fields for their massive new plant project. terror as river calls, it could bring an estimated 7 and a half 1000 new jobs into the roof region. oh, we me, jo, ellan arts and chess. more for lunch, the only open restaurant in town, joelle, and then chess are part of a local group representing thousands of opponents to the proposed river project. every day is like a vacation here that you're talking about bringing 750210000 people a day. 24 hours a day into a town that doesn't even have a stoplight. also the concern about lithium batteries. and once this had been announced, it then was revealed that they planned to make lithium batteries and site in
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a production process. it's never been done before in the united states. ah, there are many more concerns including groundwater level than water quality protection. for example, there are also many grievances about the decision process. there's anger about the elapsed lag of transparency and frustration with local and state officials involved and bringing river in to the area that's over main of is the same here in berlin from, nor do i me can head over to our website to see to we dot com slash business we or so on the doing, his issues tend to next time he come to throttle your mac specials, breaking the chains in following long school. shawny. humorous,
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