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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah this is d w. news a lie from berlin. ukraine says russian forces are advancing on the center of c v. era. the next president vladimir zalinski says russian bonds have almost wiped out the eastern cities. critical services, as he makes his 1st visit to troops on the front line,
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also coming up. more than 20 travellers are dead after an aviation disaster in nepal. rescuers reach the side of a plane crash the himalayan mountains. the bodies of the locals and tourists are found in the racket and lou incurred, they threw me out of my house, stole my belongings and beat me. kurdish refugees say they are being kept from returning to their homes or then 2 years after turkish forces. she's control of northern syria. we look at turkey's plans to reset the region. ah a michael ok welcome. ukrainians. officials say russian forces have now entered the city of severity and ask after days of intense,
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showing the eastern city has become the focus of moscow's push to capture all of the dumbass region. president, val, autumn is zalinski, said russian bombs had destroyed almost all the city's critical infrastructure and damage. most buildings. meanwhile, on sunday, zalinski made his 1st official visit outside the capital to meet troops on the front line near hall. keith, assessing the damage with his own eyes, ukraine's president visited the wall ravaged region of hockey. ukraine has pushed back the russian offensive here, leaving behind ruins in his 1st official trip out of cave since the russian invasion. zelinski also met troops have been fighting on the front lines a little bit below. what i want to thank each of you for your service. you risk your life for all of us and for our state. thank you for defending the independence
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of our country. it will take care of yourselves, lori, to ukraine. so. so lensky says, ukraine is doing everything to defend the country's east, where russia is focusing its assault. russia aims to capture the entire don bass region, calling it an unconditional priority for the kremlin. the fighting has made evacuating the sage towns across don bass, dangerous. but aid groups are working to bring this seek and injured out. global. almost of them of wounded people who i have a great in from the hospitals. in eastern regions, the tumult safe and and more and to be of upgrade them to the hospitals in western grain. and we've had no pill and a song to prove that of them and to give them proper medical care. in savannah, donetta, shelling has destroyed old, critical infrastructure, and russian troops and now storming the largest city still held by keep in the loo,
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hunt's great in of don bass. thousands of civilians are believed to still be in the city. the governor of lou, hans said the constant shelling makes it impossible to count casualties. t w correspondent rebec ritter's is in cheve i astro for an update on what's happening on the battlefield. well, the fighting has been sent it on this city. sever done yet, because you as your report just said, there are for some days now and russian troops are managing to surround that city almost at least on 3 sides. the, this, the mayor of that a, sorry, the governor of low hom square that city is situated, has been saying for days that, that, that ukraine has lost the upper hand. that russians are gaining control and that they are moving forward. but we're hearing reports now that the ukrainians half manage to at least hold the current lines. despite the intensive shelling you mentioned, it got worse overnight. you ukrainian authorities saying that they're getting
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probably around $200.00 shells an hour. so they've had to, in fact, even stop counting the dead bodies because it's simply too risky to go out there and collect to them that they're going to have to wait. so that kind of gives you a sense of the intensity down there. but as i said, we are hearing that you kind of managing to perhaps hold the current line a, but really is you know, that they have in the last few days last the upper hand there in that don't mess region rebec. i'm curious for weeks, the messaging out of keith was one of confidence and strength. but in the past days there appears have been a shift in tone, stressing the loss of ground to the russians. what do you make of that? has the situation deteriorated that drastically or is the calculation and keep that appearing weaker might increase the sense of urgency in berlin, brussels, and washington. i think it would be too cynical to say that it was purely a tactical position that the ukrainians are taking. i think the proof is in the pudding that ukraine is, as i said, losing the upper hand, that,
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that the tide has turned in favor of the russians in the east. and that is particularly concerning for ukraine. of course. these colds from will weapons these calls for support from the international community that are coming from ukraine. and they are hoping that it's not going to be felt on fallen on deaf ears rather that, that, you know, these places that you mentioned, the powerhouse is the brussels, the washington's a, you know, that they, they are going to step up and try and try and help you cry and push back the russians. so, you know, i think it's a little bit of both. i think it's definitely too cynical to say that it's purely tactical yet. there is obviously a call for help in those words, hoping that they're going to be is going to be heard. rebecca, you mentioned the east on sunday, russian foreign minister sugar lab, rob said moscow's quote, unconditional priority is the so called liberation of the da nets and new hands regions. does that to you signal a clear change in the kremlin strategy to now limit it?
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james in ukraine will ever since said they were humiliated in their attempt to take care of when they were pushed out of this region where i am, they were re focusing and focusing their efforts on the dumbass region and, and also the south of the country and we've seen that we've seen that uptick in the 8th and that real focus there. and that shift already vis. messaging about liberation, that is one that they have been bringing the entire time through this conflict. but i, you, the people that we've been speaking to who by the fled the don boss, or who have friends and relatives, they don't really feel that they being liberated at the moment. some 1500 people have thought to have died in this conflict. just in that region, whether that's from shilling or from, from actual war, all from a lack of food and medicine. so it's, it's doubtful to think that they, that they, these people think that they being liberated in terms of the change of tactics. yes, it definitely has been seen as a shift to the 8th,
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but the worry is that if they're successful they're, they will continue to spread outwards. many thanks, rebecca, that so d w's, rebecca readers and keith. european leaders are meeting in brussels today to discuss more sanctions against russia, including a plan to face out russian oil imports. but a full ban is looking unlikely after opposition from hungry, which depends on oil delivered by russian pipeline. the to day european council meeting is attempting to avoid a display of dis, unity over the blocks response to the war in ukraine. and gary and prime minister victor all round is likely to dominate the ear leader summit here in brussels. while several e u nation stay it, they can't afford a complete embargo and russian oil. hunger is the only one still blocking it. that means arbor and holds the fate of the match. she laid sanctions package in his hands, weeks after it was proposed. we are addressing our dependency on washing oil. and
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let's be clear. it will not be easy because some member states are strongly dependent on rational oil. but we simply have to do it. hungary is one of those, he remembers the ear commission has now watered down its proposal to get the central european country on side only. russian oil transported by c would be targeted. that's 2 thirds of the eels. all the supplies from russia and pipeline gas would be excluded. something which would greatly benefit landlocked hungary, but that's not enough for their country. budapest one's 800000000 euros from that you to adapt it's refineries. ukrainian, president village immerse. polanski has repeatedly urged your leaders to finally agree on an embargo on all russian energy. these putting pressure in russia is a matter of saving lives. every day of procrastination,
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weakness disputes or proposals to pacify the aggressor at the expense of the wicked him means more ukrainians being killed. ear leaders are expected to express solidarity with ukraine, promised more financial support and address global food shortages due to the war. but for now, it's not clear they be able to meet landscape knees and break. the deadlock with hungary dw brussels bureau chief alexandrovna nomine joins me now. alexandra, we just heard it there. the e u commission is watering down its proposal and has signaled it will only embargo oil transported by c, allowing hungry to still receive oil via its pipeline. how much sense does that make? well, when we consider my killed that members off to you, a p and union pay up to 800000000 euros every day for russian energy
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supplies. that is important to try to face out irrational oil deliveries. to what extent it's possible, at least according to many diplomats here, there are saying it's better to have such an oil embargo than 2 to half, nothing at all. because as we just heard in the report, all deliveries are delivery shipments are coming into the european union amount to 2 thirds of all russian oil delivered today you opinion. and now we are hearing from our source for us here and brussels, that there will be able to night to agree. in principle on this ban, i can almost hear some of our viewers alexander asking why does hungry have so much power over the block? what does this mean for the unity and integrity of the block? well, it's of course and not a good sign to have hungry,
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but also other nations saying, well, we are so concerned about our energy security that we are not ready to ben russian oil altogether. however, we have to remind our viewers at that, and that's how things work in the european union that you need. all member states on board when comes to such important decisions because they want to be united, they want to show this unity. and sometimes it means that you have to make compromises to get the deal done. the to date summit will also discuss the defense investments and a plan to rebuild ukraine. what more can you tell us about that? we expect the leaders to agree to provide ukraine with none. 9000000000 euros in 2022 to help the country pay the bills, pay on the payments to, to state workers, et cetera. this is very important for ukraine. so the state can still sanction then
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of course, they will be talking about defense because this discussion has been going for quite a while now that the european union inst, member states, they don't want to be so dependent on the military capabilities provided by the u as so they want to be less dependent, they want to see where they have to invest more money, how they may be, can procure military equipment together. this is on the agenda as well. however, we do not expect any decisions there. many thanks. as always, the w, brussels bureau chief, alexandra banana monitoring groups or warning that aid projects across africa or under threat. due to the facts of the warn you crane. support agencies in somalia have warned that price hikes caused by the conflict or potentially putting millions at risk of famine. while donations from rich countries are being diverted to help ukrainians like at just 5 and a half kilos,
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one year old hassan ways, half of what a boy his age should. he is being treated for severe acute malnutrition. at this somali camp for displaced families. but global price shocks caused by the war and ukraine mean that access to life saving food supplies is becoming increasingly difficult. i fled from al bob and the severe drought that hit our village and we lost our livestock. i didn't receive any aid there and my child is very sick. and underaged here in somalia, severe drought, and the rise of the alphabet militant group have already left millions desperate for aid. now the fallout from the war in ukraine is only adding to the pressure food and fuel prices have risen sharply since february on top of record highs
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caused by the coven. 19 pandemic. comedy to price have almost doubled in somalia. and there is some pots, like c percent type, the humanitarian api for summit is only 50 percent funded. so what we need now is right now is money. we need the cash to avert at the risk of herman. since the war in ukraine began, international aid to africa has dropped significantly. many donor countries have diverted funds to support more than 6000000 refugees fleeing the fighting in ukraine. and the u. n. has warned that prices will continue to rise, putting many of africa's most vulnerable in danger of starvation. his a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world at this hour . germany's major parties have agreed to increase defense funding in response to russia's invasion of ukraine in february, chancellor, all of shawl said he wanted
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a 100000000000 euros to better equipped. germany's armed forces, which have suffered from lack of investment. the new deal gets around strict budget rules and helps him meet nato spending goals. in columbia left, his gustavo petro has come out on top in the 1st round of presidential elections. the former gorilla and one time bogus tom mer has campaigned on a platform of tackling poverty and crime. petro will now face the independent candidate, rodolfo hernandez. in toronto, police and colombo have used to your gas and water cannon on students trying to storm the home of relock as president. protestors are demanding go to by russia pasco as resignation to relock. as prime minister later went on tv to offer young protesters a greater shade in policy making the wreckage of a plane which crashed with 22 people on board has been located in the himalayan
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mountains. in nepal, rescue or as have so far recovered all but one of the bodies from the crash site. the plane was carrying locals and tourists to a mountain town. photos from deep in the himalayas confirmed the worst for the missing flight. the wreckage was discovered in the early morning, a day off to the small plain went missing. multiple bodies have been recovered, but bad weather and the remote location have made accessing the site difficult. the flight from, for kara to the mountain town of johnson is a popular one with tourists. it normally only takes about 20 minutes, but air traffic control last contact with the aircraft shortly off the take off. now authorities have confirmed that an accident occurred about 5 minutes before the plane was due to land. experts are still assessing the cause of the crash. but the lower busby lay again. if we analyzed the pictures we received,
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it seems the plane did not catch fire. oh boy, oh, doesn't of you ever thing is scattered across the site? giddy. the eagle, the flight seems to have collided with a big rock on the hill, which double was those of you? he was the twin ot plane, similar to the one shown here was carrying 22 people including 3 crew members. the aircraft is operated by tara air. this money will net up among the $19.00 passengers, a 2 german nationals at full indians and 13 nepali citizens. for the families waiting anxiously for news, the discovery of the crash has realised their worst fears. unpredictable mountain weather and remote airport locations means that plane crashes in nepal are not infrequent to the conflict in syria now, which caused a refugee in flux into many countries including neighboring turkey. now aqua says
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it wants to resettle more than a 1000000 syrian refugees in territory. once home to people from serious kurdish minority turkish forces crossed the border into northern syria and late 2019. as a country was racked by civil war, turkeys believe to have some 18000 troops station in the region, which the kurdish people claim as part of their homeland. many displaced kurdish refugees now live in the ala suck a refugee camp. but their hopes of returning to their homes are faded. connie, for 70 years, she a u. o. monica occurred who lived in the syrian city of ross island. but 3 years ago, he and his family of 8 were forced to flee. he says that allies of turkey had attacked and wounded him when he trying to defend his home hulu, because i allen heard they threw me out of my house, stole my belongings,
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rama and beat me there ago. a googe who was other than just sort of demolished the family looks at old photos of their former home, their neighbourhood, and their fields. their distressed. they've heard that non kurdish syrians will be moving into their homes. but i've said that we're very angry. we can't accept that refugees from hama or it leap are moving into our houses. it's not fair. we must be able to go home. the family now lives in the aisle house, sucka camp and northern syria, about an hour and a half drive from their home town. almost all of the roughly 14000 kurds in the camp fled from turkish attacks and recent years. most live in tensed, in humble conditions. there is little water and few fresh vegetables. when turkish tanks rolled across the syrian border into kurdish territory in 2019 their lives changed. turkish allies control their towns and villages to this day. donald
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mohammed ali, who advocates for refugees, and ross a line says turkey is trying to systematically settle kurdish areas with non kurdish syrians, a law that she would are a, get you. this is a targeted attempt at changing the demographics. turkey must be stopped going on plaza. there are no longer any codes or any other minorities, such as the syrians or armenians in with us. i'll, i'm another, we've all been driven out in a now, syrians and iraqis live the other course. very good, and he explains how groups close to turkey destroyed his own house and then sold it for the equivalent of $115.00 us dollars ladaja. but he says it's not just property that's at stake here, but also culture. esla love it, but we haven't just been here for a couple of decades. so this is where our history and our culture are. strange is moving to our city of threatening that to him on the chance of shape i you home are
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family ever being able to return to the place where he was horn seemed low. what's more likely is that more kurds will soon seek shelter in the camp. as turkey has announced, fresh military operations in syria. i'm don't know about chris and hel, burger freelance, journalist, and middle east analysts who specializes in syria. a simply put to a kristen is turkey engaging in ethnic cleansing of northeastern syria. well, turkish interventions during the last few years have cost the displacement of several $100.00 thousands of people in the majority kurtz. but as well as syrians and ease, they are property and land has been confiscated by turkey's proxy, which is the syrian national army. it's some islam militia that take over these areas. now the idea to settle, they are mainly arab syrians that come from completely different areas from damascus from hammer, from hans from it'll,
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it means that you changed the demographic reality along the border. you displace curts, you settle arabs, which means demographic engineering, and this will cause major unrest within the searing society that is already deeply divided due to the war 10 years of war and violence and atrocities. demographic engineering, you say, how likely is it that president or to one will be successful? he's very serious about it. he has already started to build some $57000.00 houses, further west along the border. he's under major internal pressure within turkey. he wants to win the parliamentary and presidential elections next year and then moved within the society has turned against you in refugees because they are being blamed for that economic crisis within turkey. and the nationalist, a position within turkey even wants to send back more serious out on wants to deliver on that he wants to be serious about sending these unions back. so he will
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follow this plan. as you well know, or to one is threatening another military incursion into northeastern syria. do you think he will carry out that threat? i think he is decided to do so because it's not only about settling soon. refugees is. it's as well about rooting out a kurdish melisha called the y p g, the people's protection units. the target considered to be a terrorist organization because of its affiliation with the p k. k. for the americans and the europeans, it's a strong ally in their fight against the islamic state. so the terrors of mr. on are the allies of the west and northeast syria, which is at the root of the problem. basically, antoine is very serious about this intervention because he feels empowered by the fact that nato needs even more than ever due to the ukraine war. so he feels that you to the fact that, you know, the membership often lead and sweet needs his approval. he's in the situation to
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now, unilaterally pursue his own goals within syria and not wait for a green light from washington and or, or moscow. this was the fact the last for years whenever he wanted to do something, sir, he waited for some approval from washington approval from moscow. he is now empowered to do so even without any yes, approval or coordination with his partner. well anchor may have some leverage here will will err to one uses a turkish veto over finland and sweden joining nato to prevent the u. s. interfering in his plans. he's already doing so he's already asking for, for example, sweden and finland to restart their arms delivery to turkey. you know, due to the last intervention in 2019 several european countries like germany, sweden, infant and stopped their weapons delivery to turkey. he wants them to restart this . he wants sweden to take a harsh stand on kurdish dissidence that has taken refuge in sweden. so he
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definitely uses his new leverage on the nato to pursue his goals even in north and syria. and he will not wait for anybody to approve on his plans to reset the syrians there and for another incursion within nathan, syria. journalist christian halbert. many, many thanks to you. thank you. the french interior minister has apologized to ticketed liverpool fans who miss the champions league final because of delays outside the ground minister jihad them. yeah, said that while french authorities had taken steps to prepare for the risk of english hooliganism at last weekend's champions league final, they were caught off guard by local delinquents. organizers originally blamed the delayed start to the game on english fans arriving late. but after a review of the incident acknowledged that was not the case. and
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a reminder of the top story we're following for you ukrainian present. the lot of me it's a lensky, has made his 1st visit to troops on the eastern front line. meanwhile, ukraine says, russian troops have entered the key city of sierra donetta as they push to take all of the eastern dumbass region. this is dw news, and you're up to date up next eco, india, d w's, environment magazine looks at the world's worst air quality. don't forget you can get all the news around the clock on d w dot com a michael. ok for me in the berlin team here. thanks for watching. ah ah. ah, ah.
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ah ah ah, with or because india thinks the indian industrial side of the body, the city with the most air pollution in the world. why, coal power, uncontrolled waste incineration too much traffic to few laws and controls,
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but fresh ideas should bring a friend the friend share eco, india. next on d w. o. in we'll get into the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and and after 911, he says after 911, the clubs came off where organized crime rules and genuine is a global network of companies, banks and operators who will provide those services to anyone. operation in the criminal economy. where conglomerates and make their own laws.
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they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden, opaque, secretive. i worked through what's vague. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind, who's benefits? and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds start to june, 2nd on d, w a in the air on land and under water industries are contaminating a natural environment. often.


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