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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2022 3:30pm-3:46pm CEST

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ah, listen carefully. don't know how with to the a girl. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. does it have the news aisha coming up today? china strategic moves in the south pacific res alarm among australia and its allies, china, one to 10 pacific island states to inc. a wide range of deal with beijing. it failed . so what other concerns with this deal? and how did the pacific island nation themselves view it?
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and later in the program bank books, real life fight club, the cult movie has inspired and underground fight scene in the tie capital. the cops are seen read just like some of the competitors. but the events approving extremely popular ah i british manager, welcome to d. w. news asia. glad you could join us. an attempt by china to secure a sweeping security and trade deal with 10 south pacific islands remains elusive. jay's foreign minister, one ye has was hoping to sign such a pact during a stop in fiji, bought his diplomatic to out of the region. but one came away from a virtual meeting with his south pacific counterparts. without a deal, he urged them not to be too anxious about his country's aims in the region,
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and promised to clear the air. we hope to from john, after the meeting to china will release its own position paper on our end positions, propositions, and co operation proposals with pacific island countries, ovando, and going forward. we will continue to have ongoing, an in depth discussions and consultations to shape more consensus on cooperation tricia, public junction. but the lead up of that commitment saw tom offensive to give the pacific notions on board one that set alarm bells ringing in canberra. but also, as you will see in our extra bought in some pacific islands as well, a whistle stopped charm offensive by china's foreign minister. wine ye, he's spending 10 days island topping in the pacific. seeking to deepen beijing's regional clive's at the center of the tour, i propose co operation packed with 10 pacific island nations. china's calling is
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a common development vision, but a draft of the plan shows that some patients go much further. beijing will become more involved in regional security training police officers and expanding its cyber security reach is would also gain greater access to natural resources and sensitive marine mapping in return beijing's dangling the terrace of a free trade deal along with access to china's lucas of marcus it's also offering financial assistance including humanitarian unpaid debt, make relief to deal with drastically increase china's role in the politics, security, and economy of the south. pacific bass has countries like australia and the us rattled because of their geographical proximity and long standing strategic interests in the region. concerns the us state department as expressed alarm, saying beijing might use to propose the court to exploit the island. some feel regional tensions of the concerns echoed by australia or non ahead. of monday's
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meeting, micronesia president, david pan, willow, pens and 8 page leisure warning fellow, pacific island leaders that the agreement threatened to bring in new cold war iraq best and a world war at west. china's pushing off those fears they thought to the pacific island countries, china is not a newcomer, but an old friend with a long standing friendship. the rapid progress and the relationship between china and the pacific island countries does not come out of thin air. but as naturally progressed over time, china's adamant that the deal has no political strings attached. but with not all pacific island leaders convinced if it's more diplomatic blitz as a head to calm their fears. and joining me now for more is rory rector of his head of the national security college of the australian national university in canberra, rory the china hasn't been able to sign off on that security. and he can on
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a deal with the term pacific island states as it wanted to. why do you think that is least is a significant moment in china's attempts to dominate the pacific. and i think china has overreach. so i think we're saying a convergence of several factors in the past few days. the, the over rich, the hubris, if you like, all china and foreign minister, while you seem to, to, to read many countries into a many dimensional, the grain and security, economics, culture, development, fisheries, etc. and of course, there was gonna be obligation. so i think what's happening now is that the nice business that china is bringing to the region and the cracks, the divisions of the beginning show. because the small countries cannot reach consensus on doing it with china. therefore they will put on the shelf. but the
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other piece of puzzle i think, is the way that the new australian government has been showing real leadership and real engagement with pacific country. not telling them to refuse or ignore china, but to remind them that the choices that by making about the development i put along. and if they had been to read the fine they need to. and in addition, when you are striving governments like the government as a much more progressive foreign policy is the last one and the pool killing pacific pacific. all countries what they need to hear from astray on climate change, which is obviously an issue for them. so, any way i'd like to get back to the the pacific island states and that does appear to be somewhat an appetite vocal operation. but paging doesn't mean we're talking. we have the smaller arraignment of security agreement with the solomon islands,
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a bilateral agreement with some more. so there is some sort of an appetite, isn't there for cooperation with beijing. oh, look, no question. i mean, the, the countries with enormous development needs, it's understandable. the only country offering the lions or the infrastructure or the technology to help them fill that gap. he's going to receive an audience. and so china is part of the solution for the pacific, but it's not the whole solution. and so what we're also saying is that the vision come to the surface within countries like solomon islands, for example, where of the community wants close to ties to taiwan. part one, to close the aging is worried about the impact of chinese power. and many in that community still want frustrating in guy. so he's going to be a, a really multicolored tapestry. if you lie all foreign to the city. the main concern,
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i think from an extra interest is that no one country dominates. and it does not use development as an excuse for a strategic footprint for security dominance. foremost, trailing prime minister scott morrison had referred to the pacific islands as australia as backyard did. australia dropped the ball with engagement in the region . well, to be fair on the previous government, it was trying to do more. you've had a policy called the pacific step up where it was increasing development assistance, increasing security assistance and so forth. but the political messaging was not effective or was not working. there was too much sense that a strategy with either thing, a little bit condescending towards small island countries or that a strategy was looking at all of the problems through the prism of us china, strategic competition. so effect is more continuity than people realize that the
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new government i think has got the right ahead, for example. but it's very fee that we will not use the word back yard in describing the specific estate, but the neighborhood region and in the family. so talk to us a bit about what we can expect from this new government in terms of its engagement with the pacific island states. well, more broadly pacific the broader window specific asia, the new strategy and government really has hit the ground running. we've had a big increase in strategy is national, national security capability and outlook over the past 5 years or so. so the new government inherits quite a hope, the national security business strategy. but it will now be much more engaged diplomatic, much more emphasis on the listening on multilateralism on broadening the range of
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countries with building ties. we've not only in the pacific but also southeast asia . the previous government rightly elevated the quote of india, japan and the united states as a priority. the struggle are in policy and we will keep that the new government that the needs all the specific and southeast asia. and we're already saying, i think some really fruit from that out of the course making week. well, for any long mess you can increase in spending and helped to encourage greg to call the investment in this region. we leave it there for the timing, but thank you so much for joining us today. rodney medco from the australian national university. thank you so much. thank you. me all now to the gritty, underground fight taking place in thailand capital in bangkok. the bout attract
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amateur fighter looking to let a few punches fly, and get bloodied in return. the st style brawls fall into a legal grey zone which organizers exploit to keep the police from cracking down. when the street lights flicker on, it's also time for flight co, thailand, nothing here is as glamorous as the glitzy tie boxing stadiums. but these underground bouts in the port side neighborhood of bangkok have their own magnetism . ah, it's quite different from traditional sites. it's fun, it's unique. fighting with containers surrounding us is just fun. and it's exciting . my venture, my knees and also what when i roll i build on the fight club is partly inspired by the cult brad pitt movie with the c name. no skills are required here. it's all about instinct. everyone gets to go all out in
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a single 3 minute round. whatever style the use. it's become a local sensation since its founding in 2016. but all the level in the beginning, we just wanted to fight and film the fighting. but once to for teach got on the internet, people became interested. so we ended up creating this club than more and more people approached us. and it all snowballed from there. the gatherings of also gained the attention of the police. they say the matches, violate the so called boxing act, which is punishable with a jail sentence. but the group has found a way to keep the fights going on along one of them. we're not under the laws of the boxing act. so that means we're not holding unsanctioned fights with. we're out holding boxing matches, or spots matches. we are holding an event under the association of fight club
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thailand and event with guidelines after the reverie explains where the amateurs allowed to hit their punches start to connect. and as the co founder puts it, changed violence into friendship. many painful friendships there. that's the end of this round of d, w 's asia, at least for today as i have others more on our website. and you can follow us on facebook and twitter as well. we'll see you back here tomorrow. good bye. as you've got any issues with all say what grade he will be able
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to meet at now south a method is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for murdering her 3. got call me back. i. i see the site's down postpartum psychosis is an awful illness. mothers nightmare starts june short on d. w. ah ah, battling to ban imports of russian oil and he use some it is hoping to end the deadlock over an import embargo but hopes not high. the world's biggest industry festival, returns the hanover. fac,
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comes back with bottleneck blighted manufacturers in need of a boost and not in our back yard. we visit the tiny american town that's saying no to electric. megan reviews the state of the business. i was in berlin. welcome to the program is proven elusive so far. but e representatives are attempting to hammer out an agreement on an embargo on russian oil imports. leaders are gathering in brussels, hoping to reach a deal on a 6th round of sanctions against moscow, but talks over a possible embargo stalled on sunday with hungary the main opponent. it says any ban on imports of russian oil would cross a red line. meanwhile, oil trade as a waiting to see if a deal materializes crude prices have hit their highest point in more than 2 months or for more or less, less cost to our correspondent in brussels.


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