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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, russian forces enter the ukrainian city off a settle down yet. authority of the city could follow mario paul, in falling to the russian onslaught. after weeks of relentless bombardment. also
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coming up more than 20 travellers are dead after and aviation disaster in nepal. rescue as an apple find the bodies of 21 people killed in a plane crash in remote himalayan mountains. one victim is still missing and kurdish refugees say they're being stopped from returning to their homes. more than 22 years after turkish forces seized control of northern syria. we look at turkey's plans to resettle the region. ah, i'm monica jones. good to have you with us. russian forces have entered the outskirts of the eastern ukrainian city of several don yet sc. ukraine says it's troops are battling to hold their positions after days of intense shelling. say better than yet. kiss threatened by rushes,
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push to capture the whole of the dumbass industrial region president holiday mister lensky says, almost all the city's infrastructure has been destroyed and most buildings damaged . it's he, it said it was on yet could follow mother you, paul, by falling into russian hands. will this be a copy of matter you pull? as the russian army intensifies its assault in the loo, hantz region. the town of severe internet's looks like it's moscow's nearest talk. in the devastation, intense shilling has already destroyed critical infrastructure and russian troops and now advancing into the city. the largest still held by ukrainian forces in the region. thousands of civilians are believed to still be in the city. and the governor of lou hanson said the continent shelling makes it impossible to count casualties. the push confirms russian forces objective to capture the entire dumbass region,
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which the kremlin is calling an unconditional priority. the fighting has made evacuating besieged towns across the don baths, dangerous, but aid groups a working to rescue. the sick and injured walker must have them of wounded people who ah, advocate in uh, forms of hospitals. sir, are in eastern regents the tumult safe anymore and to live, upgrade them to their hospitals in our western grain, and believed that no pill and dis on auto for that of them and to give them proper medical care. amid the russian onslaught, keith is counting its victories. on sunday precedence, lensky visited the war ravaged city of har. keith recently reclaimed by ukrainian fighters. it was zalinski, his 1st trip to the embattled east since the invasion. and he took the time to meet
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and decorate the front line troops. so this was my job was i want to thank each of you for your service. you risked your lives for all of us and for our state. thank you for defending the independence of our country. take care of yourselves. glory to ukraine goes over slowly. with moscow tightening its grip on the east. new battle lines are now being drawn. early i talked to dw, corresponded rebecca written in key if she gave us this update on the russian gains in the dumbass. well, as you've been reporting them, monic her, it does appear now that russian troops have entered that cc that key city of several, the net skin, the la hans region are they. there is now apparently fighting happening inside the city in the straits ukrainians for some days had been managing to hold back the russians from entering the city. they had been surrounding it on 3 sides. but as i said,
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the ukrainians were managing to hold back. those lines have now been broken and troops and tanks are in the city. now, 90 percent of that city as we heard, has been completely destroyed and people are calling at the, the new mary, you poll, if you will. the infrastructure is also being completely destroyed. so what the russians are fighting for now seems uncertain. i'm in territory only because there is no city left to speak of around 1500 people have been killed in the fighting. i the by direct conflict or orb due to a lack of food and medicine. most of it is a living under the under ground it, it's really dire situation. we've also heard in the last few hours that a french freelance journalist who was operating in the area trying to report there has also been killed in the shelling. ah, but yeah, that's, that's the latest that we have. the russian troops making it further stiff in their goal of taking the entire dumbass. and certainly also from what you're telling us there, the,
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it seems that the tide has turned now in rushes. a favor is that the case the ukrainians have been saying for a few days now that they have lost the upper hand in the dawn bass. and there were a few people, or many people, in fact sort of hoping that that might have been a tactical statement that they were, they were saying that they were making it sound worse than it was because they were hoping to get more support that were trying to sound the alarm, but i think it's pretty clear now from what we're seeing in the battlefield. that, that, that statement just simply is true and honest. the russians really have gained the upper hand. they are making ground, and the ukraine is simply outnumbered when it comes to heavy weaponry. now we always hear that ukraine is also fighting the battle for the rest of the western world. what to do ukrainian forces need now to cease back territory wall, as they've been saying all along, what they really need is weapons. i mean,
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they have morale, they have people willing to fight, they have a strong army, but they simply don't have the kind of weaponry that they need to to hold the russians back and to even push them back to those pre february 24 lines. and that's what president lensky and the foreign minister have been calling for their desperately seeking these long range missile launches. that can go 2 to 300 kilometers away. and that's the kind of weaponry that they need. there is some as sounds. now the us saying that they're willing to supply those kind of machineries, those kind of machines rather, but the time frame is unclear, the u. k. also making sounds that they perhaps might deliver these kind of weapons, but there's really nothing confirmed and certainly nothing on the battlefield that's going to help in the immediate future. right. rebecca written their reporting for us from kia for rebecca. thank you so much. the european union is still divided over banning russian oil leaders are meeting in brussels to agree on
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a 6th round of economic sanctions against moscow. but hungary is resisting an oil embargo because it's heavily dependent on supplies from russia. oil embargo, or no oil embargo. e leaders will have their eye on this man to day hungarian prime minister victor all been. well, several you nations say, facing our russian oil will get expensive. hunger is the only one still open the blocking it, and orb and didn't give his fellow li do smart show. this will change at this summit. thar, now did he's in agreement. oh, well, now i don't know about the venue would be acceptable at the moment, but we will compromise with mormon proposed to get hungry on side. the ear commission has already watered down its proposal. only russian oil transported by c
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would be targeted and pipeline oil would be excluded. something which would greatly benefit landlocked hungary the central european country is heavily dependent on russian energy. but that's not enough for organ. he said hungary wanted oil supply guarantees. it's a demand. leaders don't think they'll find a solution for at this summit by expectations or know that it will be solved in the next 48 hours. but i am confident that they're after. there will be a possibility german, gentler or la shoulds, however, hasn't given up ho. he and his colleagues will come up with the united decision, a listless issue of from what i'm hearing your finances over. there could be executive hunter and sooner layer level of the street from other countries are getting increasingly irritated. the block is moving forward. so slowly latvia with yes, a border is russia has been pushing for an embargo on all russian energy. it's only
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money ukrainians are paying with our lives and if we get bogged down only in thinking about money, then what is the sense of our union? besides oil, e o leaders are discussing more financial support for ukraine and global food shortages due to the war. but despite a long agenda, it is the dead log with hungary that overshadows the discussions. early i talked to did up the brussels bureau chief alexandra from norman, and i asked her why hungry could still veto though watered down a sanctions proposal. and what this would mean for the block? well, at the moment it is not clear whether hungry would use it's vito power. however, we have to say that victor alban countries prime minister, made quite an entrance he in brussels, not pulling his punches. he said there is no compromise at all at the moment,
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but he also said that hungry and principal supports to stick sanctions package. however, they want to have guarantees that if anything happens to the pipeline that is providing them with russian oil, they will be able to get this oil in other ways. and we are hearing from a many you leaders here that they are quite optimistic among them was also, or 1st and foremost, the german chancellor shawls, who said that what he is hearing is sounds like consensus that he is optimistic. that hungry worth is not going to use its veto power because of course, that would be very damaging for the european union. and her dad would put it's unity in tatters and be a gift for moscow of course. so let's say are there will be a compromise. what then talking about a, a kind of embargo light,
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an oil embargo light. would that actually make any difference? would that still have any bite? yes, it was definitely monica. we just have to consider that. now you are p n a union member states, they pay russia up to 800000000 euros every single day for russian oil and gas deliveries. so if the european union moves forward with this partial oil embargo that would be something. and then even if they ran some exemptions to hungry or our landlord countries, such as the czech republic, for instance, other big players, germany in poland. they have already announced that they will quit all the russian oil deliveries by the end of this year. and if that happens at that altogether, it would amount to 90 percent of all oil deliveries from russia, and that would be something right. of course an agreement has yet to be reached.
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and this today, samantha is also supposed to discuss defense investments, as well as a plan to rebuild ukraine. what more can you tell us about that? the leaders will talk here about how to support ukraine, how to help them. they are expected to agree to provide you quinn with 9000000000 euros in 2022. and of course they will also will be speaking about strengthening the european defense. they, many of them at least wants to be in the future, less dependent on american military capabilities. but that is a quite a long term discussion and i do not expect any decisions on that. he and brussels this to day or the next day. or it did have your brussels bureau chief, alexandra from them. and they're reporting from that you summit in brussels. thank
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you so much. germany's name political parties have agreed to increase defense funding, chancellor, will i shoulds ones 100000000 euros to better equipped to armed forces? germany's military has long been under finance and poorly equipped. the new deal gets around strict budget rules and helps the government to meet nato spending goals. chart says the new funding means germany will make a greater contribution to european security. the door to a bonus via the german bonus row will be strengthened. it will be able to fulfill its defense mission better than ever before, and it will be able to make its contribution to nato so that we can defend ourselves against attacks at any time. and also either types of visits and d, w political correspondent, leona on hammerstein is all night story for us. hello leoni. ah, a special $100000000000.00 euro fund for the german army crew. curt in the constitution. how significant change is this for german defense policy?
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i mean, it's a pretty significant if not historic alan shift and why? because germany has sent infancy little money on its defense in the past decades. much of the criticism of its nature and eyes with long demand of the term you raise its defense than the above 2 percent of its g d p. or any no bonus. we are fishing, complained for many years, and how genius neglected its ability to defend itself and his country in its partners. and there are many, many stories about how massive the shooters are on bed ready, whitman's and ammunition. the really is. and we have to run the why, you know, passes, sentiment just remain very strong, a country and many terms have been wary off the strong army, obviously, because of historical reasons and that. but so this city, the russians war on ukraine has left with this massive reckoning and with the germans, our defense policy am of the last decades. and we heard shows in
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a statement today and, you know, emphasize how it leaks urgently needs to come to happy ability to really defend its country. album, angles and battles. what is left to this massive shift in defense policy? mother. so 100000000000 euros are in defend, so funding that still needs a final boat, which is jewel parliament this friday. is it a controversial vote at all? i mean, it is and is, is, and the happen when you controversial discussions, especially places from a sort of the left of middle spectrum. and we have criticized disagreements, most vocally, domestic policy, but also youth way off the green party. and that's funny. it shows his governing coalition and to let you know the left party has, has it worn about spending a 100000000000 years on the fence and has said a drawn attention to the fact that oversee those, you know,
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100000000000 can be spent on other areas and also meters investments. i'm trying to protect for example, but oh no, it isn't a controversial both as fighting. i mean shows needs it to suit eci hazards majority to pastors and he has and that seems worth majority. and because all of his information partners and also the biggest opposition and environment that he started to use, yes, you are. and behind this agreements in the i expecting of wilton mara did obviously only fun how much time. thank you. she monetary in groups are warning that age project across africa are threatened by the war in ukraine, support agencies in somalia, se price hikes caused by the conflict mean millions are at risk of famine. while donations from rich countries are being diverted to help ukraine. this report includes images that some viewers may find upsetting. i just 5 and
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a half kilos, one year old, her son weighs half of what a boy his age should. he is being treated for severe acute malnutrition. at this somali camp for displaced families. but global price shocks caused by the war and ukraine mean that access to life saving food supplies is becoming increasingly difficult. hm. i fled from al bob and the severe drought that hit our village and we lost our livestock. i didn't receive any aid there. and my child is very sick and malnourished other than oh, here in somalia, severe drought and the rise of the alphabet militant group have already left millions desperate for aid. now the fallout from the war in ukraine is only adding to the pressure food and fuel prices have risen sharply since february on top of
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record highs caused by the coven. 19 pandemic. a comedy to price have almost doubled in somalia as in some parts like sleep or some type of humanitarian, a p for some others, only 50 percent funded. so what we need now is right now is money. we need the cash to avert at the risk of famine. since the war in ukraine began, international aid to africa has dropped significantly. many donor countries have diverted funds to support more than 6000000 refugees fleeing the fighting in ukraine. and the u. n. has warned that prices will continue to rise, putting many of africa most vulnerable in danger of starvation. and is a quick look at some other stories making news around the world. rising food and energy prices, road german inflation to just under 8 percent last month. it's the highest rates in 1974. when crude oil prices spiked. economists say further price hikes are on the
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horizon a killer whale that was stranded for weeks in the sand. the river in paris has been found dead. experts unsuccessfully tried to guide it back to see using sona, an autopsy. we'll try to establish why the whale got stranded and how it died. a suspected climate after this has been detained at the louvre gallery in paris after allegedly trying to vandalize them on elisa, the protest to try to break the glass protecting the famous portrait before spearing it with cake. he was disguised as an elderly woman in a wheel chair. rescuers in nepal half recover to the bodies of $21.00. people killed when an aircraft crashed in a remote area of the himalaya mountains. one victim is still missing at the scene of the accident, near the border with tibet photos from deep in the himalayas confirmed the worst for the missing flight, the wreckage was discovered in the early morning
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a day after the small plane went missing. multiple bodies have been recovered, but bad weather and the remote location have made accessing the site difficult. the flight from per kara to the mountain town of johnson is a popular one with tourists. it normally only takes about 20 minutes, but air traffic control last contact with the aircraft shortly off to take off. now, or stories have confirmed that an accident occurred about 5 minutes before the plane was due to land. experts are still assessing the cause of the crash. buffalo with us we lay again. if we analyzed the pictures we received, it seems the plane did not catch fire. oh boy, oh does all of you? everything is scattered across the site. giddy. the eagle, the flight seems to have collided with the big rock on the hill, which doubles as long as i be here. the twin auto plains, similar to the one shown here, was carrying 22 people,
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including 3 crew members. the aircraft is operated by tara air. this weather will nathan, up among the 19 passengers, a 2 german nationals for indians and 13 nepalese citizens anybody know. for the families waiting anxiously for news, the discovery of the crash has realised their worst fears. unpredictable mountain weather and remote airport locations means that plane crashes in nepal on not infrequent the civil war in syria drove refugees into many countries, including neighboring turkey. now anchor i wants to resettle more than a 1000000 people on land. one's home to serious kurdish minority. turkish forces crossed to the border into northern syria and 2019 at the height of the civil war. turkey is believed to have some 18000 troops stationed in the region, many displaced kurdish refugees now live in the al hassock,
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a refugee camp. but the hopes of returning to their homes are fighting doesn't come here for 70 years. shape are you? oh my occurred lived in the syrian city ever us an island. but 3 years ago he and his family of 8 were forced to flee. he says that allies of turkey had attacked and wounded him when he trying to defend his home hulu. because i alex heard they threw me out of my house, stole my belongings, velma and beat me there ago. a googe who was that he told us that is demolished. the family looks at old photos of their former home, their neighbourhood, and their fields. their distressed. they've heard that non kurdish syrians will be moving into their homes. well, i said that were very angry. we can accept that refugees from huh. or italy are moving into our houses. it's not fair. we must be able to go home. the family now
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lives in the aisle house sucker camp and northern syria about an hour and a half strive from their home town. almost all of the roughly 14000 kurds in the camp fled from turkish attacks in recent years. most smooth, intense in humble conditions. there is little water and few fresh vegetables. when turkish tanks rolled across the syrian border into kurdish territory and 2019 their lives changed. turkish allies control their towns and villages to this day. donald mohammed ali, who advocates for refugees. and ross, a line says turkey is trying to systematically settle kurdish areas with non kurdish syrians. love with all that she would are a, get you. this is a targeted attempt at changing the demographics. turkey must be stopped. going on plaza. there are no longer any codes or any other minorities, such as the syrians or armenians in with us. i'm another. we've all been driven out in a now,
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syrians and the rockies live the southern course veteran. he explains how groups close to turkey destroyed his own house and then sold it for the equivalent of $115.00 us dollars launch. but he says it's not just property that's at stake here, but also culture. a slide love it by we haven't just been here for a couple of decades. so this is where our history and our culture are. strange is moving to our city of threatening that throughout him on the chance of shape or your home or his family ever being able to return to the place where he was worn seemed low. what's more likely is that more kurds will soon seek shelter in the camp. as turkey has announced, fresh military operations in syria by munich saw strike a robot. lavon dorski has confirmed, he is planning to leave the club. the poem has been rumored to one to out after 8 seasons with the german champions in which he won the buddhist niga every year is also lifted. the champions league trophy broke the leap season,
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scoring rec horton was twice crowned best mans, este men's player. now on the international duty with poland, lemond dorski has spoken publicly for the 1st time about his desire to move. a disciplinary in law has a mind he thought else, one thing is certain to day. my story with bye and munich is over you, but was also putting chickens over the after everything that has happened in recent months, i cannot imagine having a good working relationship any longer to reach his license. to go brothers am, i realize a transfer will be the best solution for both sides and that is wrong. i believe that by and will not stop me just because they cancer dozer as a by of knew that saw me look a lot that goes amazon. and remember you cranes, you revision song, contest winner scholarship orchestra. they have just auctioned off their witness trophy, the glass microphone fetched more than 800000 to your rats. the money will go to
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buy equipment for the ukranian army. kalish orchestra won the contest last month with their song, stephane ja, mixing, hip hop and traditional music. watching d. w. news coming up next. a. d. w. news, asia with b rush, a banner j. of course, you can find all the news around the clock on our website to w dot to com. and i'll be back with the latest head lives at the top of the hour for me and the team thanks for watching. ah,
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unfortunately and south a mountain is going to spend the rest of her life behind. bars for murdering for 3 daughter with was part of a psychosis. is an awful illness. postpartum is a nasty mothers nightmare starts june 4th on d. w. they did have the news, a shot coming up to date. china strategic moves in the south pacific rays alum among australia and its allies. china want to tend to pacific island states to inc . a wide range of deal with beijing,


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