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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2022 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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on the opaque worse, who's behind? who benefits? and why are they a threat to us all worlds start to june, 2nd on d w a . ah ah, this is did all the news lie from berlin? russian forces enter the ukrainian city of a settle down yet. authority of the city could follow mario paul in falling to the russian onslaughts after weeks of relentless bombardment. also coming up with europe divided over sanctions on russian oil, while hungary is holding out against
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a band of you, member states are pushing for a compromise. russian forces have entered the outskirts of the eastern ukrainian city of several don. yet ukraine says its troops are battling to hold their positions after days of intense shilling. save it, hold on yet scarce threatened by rushes, pushed to capture the whole of the don bus. industrial region, president volota, mister lensky says, almost all the cities infrastructure has been destroyed, and most buildings damaged. it is feared that scenario don yet could follow matthew pole by falling into russian hands. will this be a copy of mary paul? as the russian army intensifies the salt in the loo hands region, the city of savannah done yet look like it's his moscow's newest target, the devastation. intent shelling has already destroyed critical infrastructure and
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russian troops and now advancing into the city. the largest still held by ukrainian forces in the region. thousands of civilians are believed to still be in the city. and lou hanks governor said the content shelling makes it impossible to count casualties. the push confirms russian forces objective to capture the entire don best region, which the kremlin is calling an unconditional priority. the fighting has made evacuating besieged towns across the don best dangerous, but a groups of working to rescue the sick and injured launching program. most of them of wounded people who ah, advocate in uh from the hospital or a in eastern regents the tumult safe fennimore and to leave upgrade them to the hospitals in western ukraine and leave it at no, phil and this on to for that exam. and to give them proper medical care. amid the
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russian onslaught, keith is counting its victories. on sunday, present, zalinski visited the war ravaged city of ha, keith recently reclaimed by ukrainian fighters. it was the lensky, his 1st trip to the embattled east since the invasion. and he took the time to meet and decorate the front line troops. so as long as it was, was, i want to thank each of you for your service. you risked your lives for all of us and for alice state. thank you for defending the independence of our country. take care of yourselves glory to ukraine. those will dissolve booth slowly with moscow tightening its grip on the east new battle lines and now being drawn the european union is still divided over banning russian oil leaders are meeting in brussels to agree on
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a 6th round of economic sanctions against moscow. but hungary is resisting an oil embargo because it's heavily dependent on supplies from russia. oil embargo, or no oil embargo. e leaders will have their eye on this man to day hungarian prime minister victor all been. well, several you nations say facing our russian oil will get expensive. hunger is the only one still open, the blocking it, and urban didn't give his fellow leaders much hope. this will change at this summit . thar, now did he's in agreement. oh, well, now i don't know about that would be acceptable at the moment that we will compromise with women for both to get hungry and size. the ear commission has already watered down its proposal. only russian oil transported by sea would be targeted and pipeline oil would be excluded. something which would greatly benefit
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landlocked hungary the central european country is heavily dependent on russian energy. but that's not enough for organ. he said hungary wanted oil supply guarantees. it's a demand leaders, dont think they'll find a solution for this summit. my expectations are low that it will be solved in the next 48 hours, but i am confident that they're after. there will be a possibility. german, gentler or la shoulds, however, hasn't given up ho. he and his colleagues will come up with the unite decision, a listless issue of or what i'm hearing. of chances are there could be eggs and senators, hunter, and sooner layer level of good either your countries are getting increasingly irritated. the block is moving forward. so slowly latvia, which as a border with russia, has been pushing for an embargo on all russian energy, is only money. ukrainians are paying with our license. if we get bogged down only
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in thinking about money, then what is the sense of our union? besides oil, your leaders are discussing more financial support for ukraine and global food shortages due to the war. but despite a long agenda, it is the deadline with hungary that overshadows the discussion. earlier i spoke to i had political for a member of the european parliament's foreign affairs committee, and i asked him how long the european union can accept hungary putting its own interests before those of most other members. well look, we should differentiate between justified concerns that hungary as a land law country, thus in the town and the political games that may be played in order to under caught the solidarity of the union. that's why i think that we should not
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talk about a watering down of the original proposal term commission. i think the new compromise that commission has put on the table would indeed take into account justified interests of hungry and other lat, blocked nations. and i think at this very moment where it's really difficult to move forward, even though we urgently should, there's no point in just shouting more loudly from the roof top. we have to insist on negotiating until we find their conclusive solution. is there an alternative to an oil embargo, an alternative in order to put more pressure on vladimir putin just in case hungary won't agree. look, there is just one alternative to an oil embargo, which is no oral embargo. and that's obviously not
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a better solution. and whatever else we might come up with as ideas and proposals in order to move forward together the $27.00 half to agree. so i don't think we should fantasize about moving around hungary, they have us at a position where we need to negotiate to achieve a common proposal that can be supported by all the 20. so of course that is always the a matter. it's also the needs of the set up of the european union that all it's a 27 member states. find common ground and agree. but let me just put this to you. russia has just stopped sending gas to the netherlands, or at least starting from tomorrow. buggery and poland already exempt. why is the waiting for russia to stop its supply one country after the other before including gas in the sanctions?
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look, i think you're miss representing the state of play at the state of the discussions where not postponing a decision that we could be taking just for the sake of earth. there are concerns from many important countries, including my own, which have demonstrated or add more c m, that it is not possible to stop russian gas import right now without being able to find out a substitute. and as long as this is not the case, i think it's talking of war strongly more radically. it doesn't solve a single problem. so i think we should go step by step. we should now afford a compromise to facilitate the oil embargo, which is certainly much more important economically for cochin,
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because it gives him much more revenue than the gas business does at if you succeed. if the oil embargo come, sir about, it will eventually change anything in moscow. well, certainly it will change. the situation of the russian budget of the russian federation spotter relies heavily on though, um the, the revenue that they the ride from exporting fossil fuels. right? any p 9, i did a call for their member of the committee on foreign affairs of the european parliament joining us from brussels. thank you so much for your time. thank you. sure monitoring groups are warning that aid pro tags across africa are threatened by the war and ukraine support agencies in somalia, se price hikes caused by the conflict mean millions. our address of famine,
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while donations from rich countries are being diverted to help you crane. this report includes images that some us may find upsetting by at just 5 and a half kilos. one year old, her son weighs half of what a boy his age should. he is being treated for severe acute malnutrition, at this somali camp for displaced families. but global price shocks caused by the war and ukraine mean that access to life saving food supplies is becoming increasingly difficult. i fled from al bob and the severe drought that hit our village and we lost our livestock. i didn't receive any aid there and my child is very sick and malnourished than here in somalia. severe drought and the rise of the alphabet militant group have already left millions desperate for aid. now the fallout from the war in ukraine is
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only adding to the pressure. food and fuel prices have risen sharply since february on top of record highs caused by the coven. 19 pandemic. or comedy to price have almost doubled in somalia. and there is some parts like sleep for some type of humanitarian. i. p for some ideas, only 50 percent funded. so what we need now is right now is money. we need the cash to avert at the risk of famine. since the war in ukraine began, international aid to africa has dropped significantly. many donor countries have diverted funds to support more than 6000000 refugees fleeing the fighting in ukraine. and the u. n. has warned that prices will continue to rise, putting many of africa most vulnerable in danger of starvation. and here's a quick look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. rising
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food and energy prices drove german inflation to just under 8 percent last month. it's the highest rate since 1974. when crude oil prices spiked, economists a further price hikes are on the horizon. a killer whale that was stranded for weeks in the sand river in paris has been found dead. experts had unsuccessfully tried to guided back to see using sona, an autopsy. we'll try to establish why the whale got stranded and how it died. is expected to climate activist has been detained at the movie gallery in paris, as allegedly tried to vandalized the mona lisa, the protest. i tried to break the glass protecting the famous portrait before smearing it with cake. he was disguised as an elderly woman in a wheelchair by the next r striker, a robot 11 dorski has confirmed. he's planning to leave the club. the pole has been rumored to want out after 8 seasons with the german champions in which he won the
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bonus niga every year is also lifted. the champions league trophy broken the leaks cease and scoring record and was twice crowned to best men's player. now on international duty with poland, levant ascii has spoken publicly for the 1st time about his desire to move discipline this in the summer. he thought of one thing is certain to day my story with by and munich is over, but was also looking for things over the after everything that has happened in recent months, i cannot imagine having a good working relationship, any longer patricia's bicycle supervisor. i realize a transfer will be the best solution for both sides, and i believe that by and will not stop me just because they kaiser dozer was a by a nissan you could let that goes amazon. and he is a reminder of the top story. we're following for you. russian forces have entered the outskirts of the eastern ukrainian city office several dani. it's ukraine says its troops are battling to hold their positions of the days of intense shelling.
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in watching dw news coming off after a short break, close up heads to chile, where the uh, tacoma, desert has become a dumping ground from the fashion industry. monica jones from the team, thanks for watching. assist with all se gray. he will be.


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