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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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we shed light on the opaque world who is behind who benefits and why are they a threat to us all o peak worlds? start to june, 2nd on d w d ah, this is the w news line from bad lane. russian force is pushed deeper into the ukrainian city of savanna done the ask for 33 of the city could follow mario paul, in falling to the russian, all sought after weeks of relentless bombardment. also on the program you were a divide it over sanctions on russian. oil hungary holds out against
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a ban. as other member states push for compromise. and curtis refugee saying they're being stopped from returning to their homes more than 2 years after turkish force to seize control of them, syria. look at these plans to resettle the region. ah, i'm show gail. welcome to the program. russian force is of entered the outskirts of the city of severity. done nets can easton ukraine, can you says its troops are battling to hold their positions, street by street after days of intense shelling? severe dynette excuse threatened by rushes, pushed to capture the whole of the eastern industrial region of dumbass ukrainian present. bodamer zalinski says almost all of the cities infrastructure has been destroyed and most buildings damaged. it's fear the city will follow mario paul and
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fall into russian hands. a city under siege surveyed danielle has been battered by intense shelling for weeks. now russian forces have entered the city and fears a growing that it may share mary paul's fate. thousands of civilians are thought to still be in the city, the largest in the loo, hence, grecian still held by ukraine. according to the mare, the relentless bombardment has left it impossible to keep track of casualties. with russia, bringing its overwhelming advantage in artillery to bear in its assault on the don bass, ukraine is pleading with its allies to provide it with more advanced long range weapon systems. the u. s. was reportedly considering the move, but president biden has now thrown that into doubt with rock,
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with the rock. but while ukraine's allies debate, russia continues to concentrate its fire power in the dawn bass. will you please show me the fighting has reached its maximum intensity with russian troops firing along the entire line of contact and trying to fight artillery deep into our defenses. at the same time, the assault is continuing in several directions. they can come up into the now at least ukrainian forces continue to fight on in the face of the russian onslaught. with a w, a correspondent that is bullying her is in cave. he gave me an update on russian games and the dumbass. yes. so we have just report returned from a 10 day trip there. and during that time we've really seen the situation getting worse and worse. the city of similar, the next is or almost inaccessible for,
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for days now, we know that thousands of people are trapped there. the, there's only one bridge operating and this bridges is constantly shelled and the, the russians are now advancing is probably something that was expected because they have really put a lot of firepower onto a conquering the city. they have really concentrated troops. they have been shelling the city indiscriminately and most of the buildings are destroyed. we would assist a city which sits just on the other side of the river. this chance can we were there a few days ago and you could see that all over the city of see that on. yes, it's a little bit higher there. so you could look over everywhere. there was smoke and this is the tactics they are using now is a scorched earth tactics. they raise everything with artillery. they have a lot of artillery, they have a lot of ammunition, and then they march in it's the question is whether this will give them really
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a strategic gain. that's another question, but it looks like they are attaining their goals when they really concentrate their firepower. this way that they raise the city and then they march. right? because we see it in the past. how ukrainian forces have beaten russian forces back . but now, with all this, miss massey fire turned on the region. things appeared to be turning in rushes favor there. yes, russia has more firepower, and russia has probably concentrated more troops there, although we don't know the exact number. but that means also that in other regions, russia has not the same concentration of troops and we are seeing ukrainian advances. we've seen some in your hark. if they have st there stalled, now they're not making much progress there. but now in the south, ukraine has made some progress towards the city of care. so they, so far from the cities itself, but there are some advances there. so in the one, in one place,
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tides turn into favor of russia and other places they might still turn in favor of ukraine. so this is not a decision yet. ukraine has also been able to hold back russia in the don bus in other places that us or she teacher cli important. russia has been trying, instead of marching into the city, directly to cut it off to surrounded. this has not worked so far. they have come pretty close to that, but then they were beaten back by ukraine. so it some, everything is still not decided they're smith is bullying her. and now keith, meanwhile, the european union remains divided over ways of bombing the import of russian oil laid as a meeting in brussels to try and agree a sick round of economic sanctions. brent hungary is resisting an oil embargo because it is so heavily dependent on russian supplies, oil embargo, or no oil embargo. e leaders will have their eye on this man to day hungarian prime
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minister victor alban. well, several you nations say facing our dressing oil will get expensive. hunger is the only one still openly blocking it. and urban didn't give his fellow leaders much ho . this will change at this summit. thar, now did he's in agreement. oh, well, now i don't know about the venue would be acceptable at the moment that he's not compromised with mormon proposed to get angry and size. the ear commission has already watered down its proposal. only russian oil transported by c would be targeted and pipeline oil would be excluded. something which would greatly benefit landlocked hungary the central european country is heavily dependent on russian energy. but that's not enough or been. he said, hungary wanted oil supply guarantees. it's a demand. leaders don't think they'll find
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a solution for this summit. my expectations are low that it will be solved in the next 48 hours. but i am confident that they're, after there will be a possibility german, gentler or like charles however, hasn't given up ho. he and his colleagues will come up with the united decision on this last issue of or what i'm hearing advances are. there could be executive hunter and sooner layer level artist or other your countries are getting increasingly irritated. the blog is moving forward. so slowly last year, which as a border with russia has been pushing for an embargo on all russian energy. it's only money ukrainians are paying with our lives and if we get bogged down only in thinking about money, but then what is the sense of our union besides oil really does a discussing more financial support for ukraine and global food shortage is due to the war but despite a long agenda,
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it is the debt love with hungary that overshadows the discussions. well, daniel black is a canadian lawyer living in ukraine. he previously worked as a chief investment advisor to the ukranian. prime minister is now a member of the country territorial defense forces. i asked him if he had a message for hungary. well, i certainly would echo, let the foreign ministers or comments, but there's a strong perception in your grand that there's a political dimension to all of this. not just commercial or economic for mr. urban has had designs on western part of ukrainian territory for a long time, so kind of it talks about their hungarians there, even though it's the hungarian ethnic minority where you granted citizens and has a very extra territorial ambitions in this regard. fact, our or the secretary of the national student defense council said that we had
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evidence that there was a deal that he took over your brain. that hunger gives a question. so i don't think this is benign. i think there, you know, he's, he's proven to be a master over the years at extracting a weapon ising his veto in the you. and i really think the even needs to take a look at how the consensus voting works is that to work properly will need to be aligned with their values and ok. so you know, you suspect alteri motives of that. how important is it to you crane that the re, she's agreement on blocking russian oil and pose? yeah, it's, it's critical. i mean it's, it's absolutely unconscionable that the was paying 1500000000 euros a day to finance is war against ukraine. and ukraine's probably had $2.00 to $3000000000.00 assistance in total from the you since that time,
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and some of it and load some of it in grass. this essentially the financing state terrorism. and this is, this would be a very, this is not just an economic issue. this is, this is a moral issue and it needs to stop. they need to find a way to do this. so those figures on a u, a u x, but they, the amount that the pays her russian fuel versus the amount of grants for the given ukraine, that really puts it into stock. contrast, i'm moving away from fuel and looking at the food crisis is being caused by this war. as russia brock's ukrainian grain exports, moscow says it will help by creating an export car doors out of ukraine if international sanctions lifted. and i'm guessing that this is a deal that you, you feel does not deserve consideration. well, you know, if their lips are moving there lined basically, and you know, there was
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a very famous german named bismark who said that any, any thing that the russians write down as a treaty isn't worth the paper. it's written on. of course they're going to renee, of course, they will just for the russians. any form of compromise is a sign of weakness. you know, you and nato. i mean, you can't do this on its own. i mean, and everybody recognizes this, but you know, in conjunction with nato and other countries of the willing and perhaps under un auspices, there needs to be a corridor there needs to the mines need to be cleared. and the russians need to be told that this is just going to happen because it's there. we can't avoid showdown with them because they will always weapon on everything, including food. as we've seen, 100000000 people are a lot. great. will they just all not point of we have countries like cameroon can yet nigeria, who are suffering massy food insecurity because of a will half way around the world that has nothing to do with them. so what's your
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message to them if you say, well, we're not, we're not gonna, we're not going to do a deal with russia in this way because we don't believe them. so what do you tell them? well, i would tell them that they need to get the security council. we need to have russia removed from the security council. we need to un general assembly resolution . there were put an international flotilla into the black sea, which after all is international waters. it's not russia's bathtub, that's what they would like to be. and to create a court or a safe haven for the ships. because, you know, we're, we're the ones who were invaded were the ones doing the fighting, where the ones are doing the dying and, and somehow we're, we're the ones that have to compromise. this is classic, you know, nobody wants to take on russia. and so you p u a p u a piece, and this is where appeasement has got us. the e has been an enormous enabler of russia for the last, at least the last 8 years. we've been telling that we've been at work with russia
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since 2014, and we have been telling the west over and over and over again that this is going to happen, right? nobody wants to believe is everybody was on, on the take on to. so that's very clear, tanya, the back end from it keeps a territorial defense for thank you so much for joining me. thanks for having me. and germany's main political parties have agreed to increase defense funding by a 100000000000 euros. as chancellor shalt says, he wants to modernize the armed forces to his military is long, been under finance, and poorly equipped with new deal gets around strict budget rules and helps the government to meet at nato spending goals. all i've shown says the new funding arrangements will mean germany will make a greater contribution to european security. thoughts on this via the german goodness, well, will be strengthened. it will be able to fulfill its defense mission better than ever before. and it will be able to make its contribution to nato so that we can
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defend ourselves against attacks at any time on either side of the other. lose d. w, corresponded leona font hammerstein explaining why this 100000000000 euro fund for germany's army is so significant. yeah is. ringback pretty significant change and because you mentioned germany has bends, an infamous the little money on its defense over the last decade. much to the criticism of nay's who allies, who have long been demanding that germany meet it's nature obligations and raises defend spending above 2 percent of its ad, g d p. i mean, our bonus bel officials have been complaining for years that germany is unable to defend its country, is neglecting the ability to defend its country and its partners. and there are many stories about how massive the shortcomings and off the shortage of combat ready equipment. and ammunition really is a reason riddle would says,
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only 40 percent off the bonus, this helicopter's eco med ready. and, but we also have to remember the contexts, you know, for decades, germany has been extraordinarily wary off building up its military power because of its history and because of the destruction abroad on the continent and beyond during world war 2. and so that is kind of the context in which we have to see this change and we'll have choice. we heard him there, you know. and so this russia's war against ukraine has basically led to a reckoning of decades off, foreign and defense policy. and he is now emphasized that germany needs to be able to defend itself. so this is expected proficiency expected to go to a, voted parliament on friday. if you'd like me to prove controversial. well, i mean, it is, and it isn't. so yes, it has been controversial discussed over the last months. and especially, you know, within the parties, especially on the left side of the political spectrum. so parts of the green party
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you see themselves as a pacifist party, part of the social democrats and most vocally the left party. and they've criticized that, as you said, you know, this, this extra funds that it's now going to be anchored in the constitution basically. and goes around for me is very strict fiscal laws and it finds it hard to explain to voters why a $100000000000.00 euros can be spent on defense when other areas of society also need urgent investments, like climates and protection like education like infrastructure. so the law has been sort of moodily opposing this, but am what i feel is needs a 2 thirds majority am to pass this and he has that majority. all of his coalition caught us at backing this. and so is, and the biggest opposition party in german parliament and the conservative c s. u. so we are expecting and the vote to pass this week. i care about clearing from homicide. she monetary groups
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a warning that aid projects across africa being threatened by the war in you cried support agencies in somalia, se price hikes me are caused by the conflict. mean, millions are at risk of famine. while donations from rich countries are being diverted to help you create an ex report, includes images that you may find upsetting quite at just 5 and a half kilos. one year old, her son weighs half of what a boy his age should. he is being treated for severe acute malnutrition, at this somali camp for displaced families. but global price shocks caused by the war in ukraine mean that access to life saving food supplies is becoming increasingly difficult. i fled from al bob and the severe drought that hit our village and we lost our livestock. i didn't receive any aid there and my child is very sick. and underaged her
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here in somalia, severe drought, and the rise of the alphabet militant group have already left millions desperate for aid. now the fallout from the war in ukraine is only adding to the pressure food and fuel prices have risen shortly since february on top of record highs caused by the coven. 19 pandemic. our commodity price have almost doubled in somalia. and there is some parts, like c percent type, the humanitarian api for some ideas, only 15 percent funded. so what we need now is right now is money. we need the cash to avert and the rest of a famine. since the war in ukraine began, international aid to africa has dropped significantly. many donor countries have diverted funds to support more than 6000000 refugees fleeing the fighting in ukraine. and the u. n. has warned that prices will continue to rise,
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putting many of africa's most vulnerable in danger of starvation. serious civil war has driven refugees into many countries, including neighboring turkey. now anchor wants to resettle more than a 1000000 people on land. that was one's home to serious kurdish minority turkish forces cross the border into northern syria in 2019, at the height of the civil war to his police, who have some 18000 troops stationed in the region. and he displaced kurdish refugees now live in the our ha saca refugee camp for the hope of returning to their homes of faded connie, for 70 years. she a u. o. monica occurred who lived in the syrian city of ross aline. but 3 years ago, he and his family of 8 were forced to flee. he says that allies of turkey had attacked and wounded him when he tried to defend his home, hulu because i allen heard they threw me out of my house, stole my belongings,
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rama and beat me there ago. a googe who was rather disinterested of dim alma mater, the family looks at old photos of their former home, their neighbourhood and their fields. they're distressed. they've heard that non kurdish syrians will be moving into their homes. well, i said that we're very angry. we can't accept that refugees from hama or italy are moving into our houses. it's not fair. we must be able to go home. the family now lives in the aisle house, sucka camp, and northern syria, about an hour and a half strive from their home town. almost all of the roughly 14000 curds of the camp fled from turkish attacks and recent years. most live in tensed, in humble conditions. there is little water and few fresh vegetables. when turkish tanks rolled across the syrian border into kurdish territory in 2019 their lives
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changed. turkish allies control their towns and villages to this day. donald mohammed ali, who advocates for refugees, and ross a line says turkey is trying to systematically settle kurdish areas with non kurdish syrians along with, along that she would are a, get you. this is a targeted attempt at changing the demographics. turkey must be stopped going on plaza. there are no longer any codes or any other minorities, such as the syrians or armenians in with us. i'll, i'm another, we've all been driven out in a now, syrians and iraqis live the other course. very good, and he explains how groups close to turkey destroyed his own house and then sold it for the equivalent of $115.00 us dollars ladaja. but he says it's not just property that's at stake here, but also culture. esla love it, but we haven't just been here for a couple of decades. so this is where our history and our culture are. strange is
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moving to our city of threatening that to him on the chance of shape or you home. are family ever being able to return to the place where he was born? seems low. what's more likely is that more kurds will soon seek shelter in the camp . as turkey has announced fresh military operations in syria. little ease alyssa kristin held bag told a w y the turkish president is trying to resettle northern syria now and why his nato pon and won't stop him. he's under internal pressure within turkey because the trucks are blaming their economic crisis more and more on the steering refugees. turkey has taken more than 3700000 syrians inside the country, and they so kind of as scapegoats for this economic problems. and at president avalon is under pressure from his nationalist, a position that want to send even more civilians back. so he wants to deliver on that. he wants to send some seo against back because he wants to win presidential
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and parliamentary elections next year. so i think he's very much serious about sending people back. he very much, he's empowered by the new role he can played you to the ukraine war because nato needs turkey more than ever, out of one knows this. he has to approve the membership off sweden and finland t once sweden, to diminish their help and support for courage, dissidence as well. so anyone feeds very much empowered to unilaterally follow his plans within syria without any green light from what and moscow which he used to wait for in the past. he doesn't need to right now. chris, have back. now the old is known survivor of a nazi concentration camp has died age 108. but his pothole resisted. fascism was a young man and was sent to several nazi death camps. he later wrote about his experiences . the knots, my last hood hope camp in eastern france where the nazis imprisoned. 52000 people,
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mostly for resistance activities. just over half survived among them, boris popcorn decades later, he wrote of his experiences and a memoir called necropolis versa. but gives it in 28 in power, told an interviewer ideal with the past because i'm interested in the future at our little town. he explained that the past was bad and shouldn't be repeated. he'd visited it visited info. pa hor, was a little boy when italian dictator benito, mussolini annexed his hometown of triest and banned the regions, minorities levine community from speaking its own language. since our lean body we had no language, practically, no nationality. we were worse off than slaves, visually, jelly powers resistance to fascism landed him in 5 nazi concentration camps over a period of 15 months, which he later chronicled in his native language, slovenia, and powers works have been translated into at least
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a dozen other languages and earned him top honors from slovenia and countries across europe. he died at his home in italy, aged 108 aah! and football by munich star striker robert levin dusky has confirmed that he is planning to leave. the polls been rumored to want out after 8 seasons with the german champions in which he won the pool and his legal every year. those are lifted, the champions league trophy broken the leaks seasons, scoring recorded was twice crowned best men's player. i won international duty with poland. lemon dusky has spoken publicly for the 1st time about his desire for a move that you spend this in law has a mild he thought of. one thing is certain to day. my story with by and munich is ova vocal as of the bookings, just cancel it. after everything that has happened in recent months, i cannot imagine having a good working relationship any longer to reach his license to go. browser,
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i realize a transfer will be the best solution for both sides and then on. i believe that by and will not stop me just because they cather dozer as a by of news up. so i'm, you look a lot that goes amazon is remind of our top story, this, our russian forces pushing deeper into the east and ukrainian city of savannah didn't ask. you cried, says its troops are battling to hold that position street by street after days of intense shy mo world nears at the top of the hour in just a couple of minutes. i'll be back though to take you through the day taking a closer look at russian force is closing in on savannah didn't ask. and if you run blake over russian oil and buck stops in just
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