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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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ah, so you are not a visitor, not a guess. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information ah ah, this is do you have use life in berlin? the european union agrees to ban russian oil, at least in part. after months of division e. u. member states reach a compromise that will allow some oil to keep flowing. still, the leaders are hailing it as a hit to financing rushes war in the ukraine. russian forces pushed
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deeper into eastern ukrainian city. a sorrow don't asked. authorities fear the city could meet the same fate as maria paul, which russian bombardment all but flattened ah and we will craft welcome to the program. european union leaders have agreed to a partial ban on russian oil deal sees to the stopping of oil that comes by ship, which is about 2 thirds of ease imports. but oil that flows, you pipelines remain untouched for now. that allows countries like hungry, which is dependent on pipe in oil from russia and was blocking the band to keep getting oil pumped from russian fields is no longer welcome. in most parts of the you d,
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u leaders in brussels reached an unexpected breakthrough on the 6th sanctions package just around midnight. cowen so should now be able to finalize a ban on almost 90 percent of all russian oil inputs by the end of the year. because the embargo, a move that had been proposed by the commission weeks ago, and the ukranian president had urged leaders to finally make, keep, or don't, don't, you've rope on my europe must chose strength. but because only russia perceives power as an arguments at his time. but it is time for you to be not separate, not fragments, but one hole mil lumpkin. i get the lim seal. however, member states are still not entirely united on the issue that you plans to cut russian oil transported by see only a concession made in order to get hungary on board. hungarian prime minister victor orbit has formed close ties with russia in the past, making the country heavily dependent on russian energy. hungary will be able to
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continue to receive oil by pipeline for now. the sanctions package also excludes rushes, largest bank from the swift system benz 3 more russian state own broadcasters and sanctions individuals responsible for war crimes. some leaders like the latvian prime minister, have called to go even further now. but opinions differ than oats. men perspective from my perspective will temporarily have reached our limits. definitely regarding sanctions that have to do with energies the to mock never met in it. here. despite hungary not playing along, the latest round of sanctions are believed to be some of the most damaging measures taken by the you so far. have you brushes horse monetary schultz is there and gave me this update on the latest you sanctions against russia? well, william, it wasn't necessarily expected that this would happen to night,
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and that's why e u leaders were so relieved and happy to come out and announced that they have in fact agreed in principle, a political agreement to ben, at least 2 thirds of russian oil imports to the european union by the end of the year. now there is still some discrepancy in the figures. we're hearing european commission president ursula lucille of underlying is saying this is 90 percent. and that's because you've got about 2 thirds of the oil coming into the european union by seaborne means, and that is what it has been agreed to stop. now, by the end of the year, you have another one 3rd coming by pipeline. and there have been some disagreements over how quickly that can be shut off. but in fact, they are saying that indeed as quickly as possible, all russian oil imports will be completely band. so a lot of a proof in the pudding, so to speak, what has been the hold up in getting to this agreement?
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well, it's that pipeline portion, and that's because hungary gets all of its oil from russia via pipeline. and it, it was simply unwilling to agree to this band until it was sure that it would have other means. and that's something that's still in the works. hungary is victor or bon says that not only is he not yet willing to agree to cut off russian oil imports because he doesn't have an alternative supplier. but even should he agree, he would, he would want to have a guarantee from the european union that if he couldn't get oil from russia via the pipeline that he would be able to, to take it in through these means that will now be banned in other words via the sea and that's something that you leaders had to work out tonight with victor or bon before they could come out and say that they have this agreement in principle. but in fact, it looks like that has been agreed. we have yet to see the legal text as well as some other exemptions from for example, for slovakia. but again, overall, the agreement is made that russian oil imports from the sea will be cut off and
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that they will return as soon as possible to cutting off the pipeline supplies as well. is there any way to tell, given how much is unknown right now? what kind of impact this boycott is going to have on russia? well, e leaders are clearly hoping that not just this oil boycott, but also the fact that they've already phased out coal exports from russia to the european union. and that they are taking other measures like cutting off russian banks from the swift financial messaging services i'm a which, which really limits its ability to do business around the world. they're hoping that all these financial measures all these efforts to cut off rushes, rushes income, will if they can't change. vladimir, who's mind about the wisdom of waging war on ukraine, if they can at least cut off his ability to finance this ongoing war. and of course, that remains to be seen that it is the 6th round of sanctions. and the 1st 5
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haven't had that a desired impact. so far, partials are corresponded there for us in brussels. thanks very much with that update. russian forces have entered the city a severe oh, don't ask. in eastern ukraine, keith says its troops are battling to hold their positions. street by street. after days of intense showing russia is pushing to seize the entire eastern region of dawn bus, which has already been partially in separate his hands since 2014 the cranium president of owners. lensky says, have heard donna's has seen widespread destruction. akin to what already happened in the eastern port city of maria pulled a city under siege. severe donetta has been battered by intense shelling for weeks. now russian forces have entered the city and fears a growing that it may share. mary polls fate thousands of civilians,
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a thought to still be in the city, the largest in the loo, hunt, screeching still held by ukraine. according to the mer, the relentless bombardment has left it impossible to keep track of casualties with russia, bringing its overwhelming advantage in artillery to bear in its assault on the dumbass, ukraine is pleading with its allies to provide it with more advanced long range weapon systems. the u. s. was reportedly considering the move, but president biden has now thrown that into doubt a rock with the rock. but while ukraine's allies debate russia continues to concentrate its fire power in the don bass. with some of the fighting has reached its maximum intensity with russian troops, firing along the entire line of contact and trying to fire artillery deep into our
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defenses. at the same time, the assault is continuing in several directions. they can call them up to him to the now at least ukrainian forces continue to fight on in the face of the russian onslaught. to have you correspond, mathias berringer is in key of and gave me an update on russian dance in douglas. yeah, so we have just report returned from a 10 day trip there. and during that time we really seen the situation getting worse and worse. the safety of it or the network is or almost inaccessible for days . now, we know that thousands of people are trapped. they had the, there's only one bridge operating and this bridges is constantly shells and the, the russians are now advancing is probably something that was expected because they have really put a lot of fire power onto
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a conquering the city. they have really concentrated troops. they have been selling the city indiscriminately and most of the buildings are destroyed. we would, there is sister city. we sit just on the other side of the river. this a chance can we were there a few days ago, and you could see that all over the city of seattle annex. it's a little bit higher there. so you could look over everywhere. there was smoke and this is the tactics they are using. now it's a scorched earth tactics. they raise everything with artillery. they have a lot of artillery, they have a lot of munition. and then they march in it's the question is whether this will give them really a strategic gain. that's another question, but it looks like they are attaining their goal is when they really concentrate their fire power. this way that they raise the city and then they march and have a brief look now as some other stories making news around the world is present. joe
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biden has mark memorial day by planting a tree outside the white house with families of fallen service members. earlier, biden laid a reef at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. in his memorial day addressed by them said democracy is worth dying for the bodies of 21 victims of a plane crash into paul have been flown to the capitol. cat lendue small aircraft carrying 22 people went missing and route from the tourist. town of kara to johnson in the himalayas, official say recovery efforts were delayed because of difficulty moving metal debris. a killer whale that was stranded for weeks in the sand river in paris has been found dead. experts had unsuccessfully tried to guide it back to see using sonar, an autopsy. we'll try to establish why the wheel got stranded and how it died. landslides and flooding after torrential rains of killed least 91 people in
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northeastern brazil. present. mirabelle scenario visited the devastated areas by air as armed forces continue to search for the dozens of people still missing. this is the 4th major flooding of an in brazil this year. whole chunks of land carved typed by major mud slides off as the torrential floods from the last few days. slowly recede. the devastating extent of the damage caused is becoming clear. rescue efforts continue in the hopes of finding more survivors. dozens of people are still missing. many residents are waiting for news on their loved ones, while dealing with the loss of their homes. told me, i'm not sleeping, i'm not eating because it was such a painful experience for them. so very painful and a never before has so much rain fallen in such
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a short time as it did no more. i live very near hill. i know all those who died and i saw everything when it happened on the seal and a gesture of support. president jeff bell snarl visited the affected areas from the air. he said they were unable to land safely jude the damage, but attended a press conference nearby. no supposed film of we are all obviously saddened. or when we express our sorrow to the relatives. money for several of the warranty, whether oh so i mean i wasn't, our main objective is to comfort the relatives and to attend to the population with material means are to be a proposal. the government has announced an 8 package to help rebuild people's homes. who are neighborhoods like this one are often hit the hardest. and the risk of further flooding remains very high for the people here.
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you, if a has commissioned an independent report into the events outside the grounds that delayed saturday's champions, league final between liverpool and rail madrid, europe soccer governing body said a quote, comprehensive review would examine a number of factors. these include the decision making responsibly, behavior of all parties involved in the final statement added that upon receipt of the findings, v for will evaluate the next steps. earlier on monday francis sports ministers acknowledged difficulties in managing crowds at the final, then pointing blame for the chaos offense with fake tickets. finally, geologists working near cairo, have unearthed hundreds of ancient egyptian coffins and bronze statuettes. objects were found at a cemetery. it's kara home to egypt, oldest in the pyramids. thank the statues of gods in one of the pyramid architect, emotive, painted coffins, contain mummies and amulets,
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and are thought to be over 2500 years old. one container, rare prior scroll collection is expected to be displayed at a new museum due to open later this year. and a reminder of the top story we are following for you. your opinion leaders have agreed to a partial ban on russian oil. you cancel present, sha, michelle said the band would immediately cover more than 2 thirds oil imports from russia. watching the news. that's all for now. we have dock hill top next. so stay tuned for that and we'll have more for you. thanks. a south bay market is going to spend the rest of our life behind bars for mercury. berkeley got with .


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