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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2022 11:45am-12:01pm CEST

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the germans must rates to meet it out in the south. a mother was going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for murdering her 3 dogs. oh, i see, besides bell, postpartum psychosis is an awful illness to have her mother's nightmare starts, june forth on d. w with ah world stories also dedicated to the warn you craving this week reconstruction and booter hope for orphans. but we start in northeastern
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ukraine in car keys, bombs are no longer falling on this large city. but many people are still so afraid . they don't want to give up their shelters. they came here to be the bombs and now they don't want to leave people who have been living in the subway station are petitioning the government to let them stay subway stations here and hot could have been serving as bomb shelters since the beginning of the war. ve katerina top i and her husband have been living here since the very 1st day. you do have a volume ross that he there i go home every 3 weeks, so busy but most but i always need to prepare myself mentally before i can go with the moist when i run home and take a bath. so we can wash here. but the conditions are not ideal, utils, for that matter, my life is dylan. others don't have a choice. they do not have a place to go back to any more. the selling of harkins has all but
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subsided and the local government wants to get the subway system running again. it wants the people to leave the metro and is offering to relocate them, but many here don't trust the peace. no, because i know you're a law yet on look, i do go out on the street sometimes but the fear is always there. i think for it is not that easy video. we need time to overcome it. not done around the subway station. many of the houses have been destroyed in some streets, barely a horse has been untouched. olga has also spent the past months in a subway. it's the 1st time she's come back to see the apartment where she lived with her mother and her son. she was told that there was damage, but she didn't know how bad it was. all just it's terrible all along with the shell. hit
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a wall in one of the rooms as debris, everywhere she documents everything. people can report the damage on the government website, but nobody knows how long it will take to get any support. under a short cut, my knees are shaking. my knees are actually shaking. i still can't believe adjustable. i knew that the windows were broken when you are, if only that shall hadn't, isn't. yeah, and there wasn't a hole in the wall. we might still somehow move back more. the house is still standing, but this is different fairly for now, the only thing to do is to collect some of their belongings. they will not move back to the subway, but to a relative's house. ah newtown,
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north of t, of has become synonymous with the horrors of russia's war of aggression against ukraine. the mass graves discovered their have sent shock waves around the world. now reconstruction of the city is said to start long lines of this fuel station in butcher drivers are only allowed to buy 10 liters each in the, in. it's not enough to fill up your car even to get to cave. around 3000 residents have returned since ross shall withdrew from here and the front line shifted. but the impact of the war is everywhere. even the basics, like water and electricity, are still lacking their priorities. restoring essential services. mclean ascorbic works for the city, coordinating the reconstruction, this ah,
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trade center was, are completely robbed at the beginning. she wants people to come back and help rebuild what remains after the russian occupation, if russians will not do it 2nd attempt. oh, it's a cave witcher. ah, they'll become comfortable place leaving us. it was but for now the city depends on private donations like this to feed people. as most supermarkets re destroyed, yet residents optimistic wouldn't tell them that a guy above is peaceful. we are getting back to normal with them. so everything is getting better. people are coming back. okay, so since this is right, but not everyone who wants to return has anywhere to live. nearly 3 quarters of all homes here have been damaged or destroyed. helene and nicholas house burned to the ground in a rocket attack. roy was in me, oh my god,
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that will at least was my living room the couple flat to keith, but wants to move back to butcher as soon as possible. jim bowen lewis at butcher has been liberated. it's my home. i don't want to be anywhere else. i'm staying here a little in the ruins. they find 2 jars of pickles, that's russian troops left untouched. there for a week, at least we still have these 28 life goes on. they got barbosa. no one those that are safe enough to return in the long term. but those brave enough to come back are sending a clear message to russia. they will not give up on their homeland. ah, boucher has also shown how important education and a free press are. but the war is extremely dangerous for journalists, some have died and many have made sacrifices. here's an example from live
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this is where ukrainian journalist victor covalent go now lives. he has found refuge and the live media forum. so local scrutiny sports because i think is it, but i put my whole life into this backpack and i fled together with my family. we just with his wife and children, left ukraine after the family fled the russian occupation in their country south. they all started off from their hometown bare dance on the sea of on solve victor. since the family had to pass 12 russian army checkpoints as a journalist, he was in grave danger each time it shows but shop. at 1st i tried to find reasons to stang arousal, but 2 or 3 weeks into the war, i realised that for russians, journalists are of special interest. johnny, staple, early on. bad yarns, saw large daily protests against the russian occupiers. this is one film secretly.
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oh, but now hardly any independent information is available from the town. usual, journalists, like victor covalent go, should now be able to work safely from the media forum in live if it's great. the establishment is partly funded by foreign donations, as well as the aid organization reporters without borders. c, e o, all ha, middle vege received a new delivery from a broad to day boss of helmets and bullet proof vests. yeah, absolutely. but i'm convinced that eliminating free speech was part of russia's plan for invading a crane from the very start. is a hawk. linelle cra yearly in levin, which is still relatively safe. victo coven ankle can finally take a deep breath. he's looking for a new job, which is difficult. russia's war is also an economic attack on press freedom.
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advertising revenue has plummeted. many are now trying to work for international media. a former brewery restaurant in live has been converted into an international media center, a meeting place for foreign and domestic journalists. victor koval ankle must read, orient himself, sarcoma. i may be here physically eatable, but my thoughts are far off. you don't go back and bear johnson on his alissa alissa bum victor. covalent go hopes that the war will soon be over. that piece won't return and that he can soon go home to bed. yonce, the port city on the sea of ourself ah, thousands of ukrainian orphans have found shelter in poland. one of them kiera is now safe in lodge, and she has big dreams for her life after the war. sometimes
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curious, life looks almost normal. do i need to add oil? yes. mcbride. now mix it up a bit. she has baked many easter cakes with natalia, her guard young at the ukrainian orphanage this year though. she's doing it in auch poland. she's also trying to keep with her schooling advantage. nancy said the galena, your vehicle was the managing director of the orphanage in koval in the western ukraine. she decided to flee, not long after the war, started a week of air rate, warnings, and fear. and 2 nights with all the children hiding in the cellar was enough. there is no way we left to rescue the children. no one thought about themselves. we only
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worried about the children and what would happen to them, but it's difficult to love the war behind a socially cherished. i'm afraid that the war will go on here while the year that my brother is at war fighting for our freedom and tell of others there. hi, this is jacqueline lang, the fatherland galena meets every day with her polish colleagues to discuss how best to help the children. i legally while fleeing small children were told that we were on holiday. but the older ones knew what was happening was the problems shouldn't be hidden, isn't because the children don't like being deceived. the polish and she all happy kids has been working with the ukrainian government to find shelter for ukrainian orphans so far. some 1500 children have been given new homes in poland.
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kiera is one of $41.00 ukraine. children here in would have a question to poland has saved her from war, but her dreams have been put on hold the emmys, canada. yeah. was a pity i want to sing. i want to study to be a conductor. and i would like to conduct and charities, and to have my own choir mi, east 2 opposite, but there's a warm out and i can start to study after finishing the 9th grade anamosa was to put the to the network was yahoo! kiera practices every day to keep her voice fit for when she hopes she can sing again at home. oh me. oh, oh,
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oh, sandy hound. when is proximity? ah, and when is a dangerous and then with 1500. subject on preventing must panic and making gather lisa to morrow today. ah. d, w ah, art asia and arctic lovers guided by vibrating asian cities. 5 are local artists. ah, indeed, nic experience of their craft joined us for exclusive master classic
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well done about daniel barns, c, asia starts june 1st on d. w. 2016 as i go by to the queen casa wants to see if germany was for me. the last few years had been quite a ride. get a brilliant touch with the german. and i've already done the homework when it comes to jem a bit. and of course, i always look right in the eyes for chairs, but perhaps the biggest on the new hobby of mine hunger longer approved. i want to be in the news barrows, americans, but when you're feeling altogether, you'll realize it's called just another way of living. are you ready to meet the driver and then join me, rachel stuart, and b w. ah, i'm glad to see when i arrived here. i slept with a sick of people in a room and it was hard. i wish fear. i even got white hair is learning the language head. yeah. a lot this kids to me and they told us to nikki,
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to interact with you want to know their story, migrant verifying and reliable information for migrant. ah, this is d, w. news ally from berlin. the european union agrees to ban most russian oil imports by the end of the year. after weeks of in finding e u. member states reach a compromise that will allow some russian oil to keep flowing on day 2 of their chummy leaders are set to discuss defense spending.


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