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yeah, this keeps me and they tell us to nicky to and chat with you want to know their story, my grants verifying and reliable information for my grants. ah ah, this is d, w. news ally from berlin. the european union agrees to ban most russian oil imports by the end of the year. after weeks of infighting, e u. member states reach a compromise that will allow some russian oil to keep flowing on day 2 of their summit. leaders are set to discuss defense spending. also coming up. russian forces
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pushed deeper into the eastern ukrainian city of c. yet for the next authorities fear the city could meet the same fate. is mario full, which rushes bombardment all but flat? ah, and welcome to our viewers around the world on michael ok. european union leaders have agreed to a partial ban on russian oil imports, the toughest you sanctions imposed on russia since its invasion of ukraine include concessions to hungry and other nation still dependent on russian oil. estonia described the compromise deal as the best we could get among the 27 member states. but a top a to ukranian president valadez zalinski says the sanctions are still not enough. oil pumped from russian fields is no longer welcome in most parts of the you.
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d u leaders in brussels reached an unexpected breakthrough on the 6th sanctions package just around midnight. collins so should now be able to finalize a ban on almost 90 percent of all russian oil inputs by the end of the year. who's the embargo? a move that had been proposed by the commission weeks ago. and the ukranian president had urged leaders to finally make, keep, or don't do you've rope on my europe must chose strength. but because only russia perceives power as an arguments, it is time, but it is time for you to be not separate, not fragments, but one whole mil lumpkin. i you the lim, seal. however, member states are still not entirely united on the issue. the you plans to cut russian oil transported by see only a concession made in order to get hungary on board. hungarian prime minister victor oregon has form close ties with russia in the past,
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making the country heavily dependent on russian energy. hungary will be able to continue to receive oil by pipeline for now. the sanctions package also excludes russia's largest bank from the swift system benz 3 more russian state own broadcasters and sanctions individuals responsible for war crops. some leaders like the lottery and prime minister have call to go even further now, but opinions differ from roach men perspective. from my perspective, we temporarily have reached our limits. definitely regarding sanctions that have to do with energy's data. market never met that energy despite hungary not playing along. the latest round of sanctions are believed to be some of the most damaging measures taken by the you so far. did job brussels bureau chief alexander vaughan nomine joins me now. alexandra,
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give us some perspective your how much of a success is this russian oil band really? well, and the last 3 weeks we started to see cracks in the unity and to those 3 weeks were very embarrassing for the european union. now the fact that they were eventually able to get their act together and to agree on this partial oil embargo is a very significant. so it was a success a by banning 2 thirds of all oil or deliveries to the european union. this is going to hurt russia because normally you would pay russia and about $400000000.00 euros every day for day oil delivery. so now when we also take into account them, in addition, germany and poland have announced that there are going to quit oil russian,
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all russian oil at that to would amount to 90 percent of all russian, all oil imports to the european union. so it is a says it is significant. so, so let's a dive a little deeper into that. alexander, what kind of impact is, is embargo expected to have on well, as i just mentioned, we are talking here about millions of euros that the european union is not going to pay russia in the near future. and according to expert, this is the experts, this is going to hurt the country. and of course, at this money was used by russia, presumably to finance it's brutal war on ukraine. however, when we talk to ukraine and officials, they are not happy. they are calling on the european union to ban all all energy experts, energy imports from russia because they are saying that this would be the only
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important signal and that that would really hurt a put in surgeon we just heard of the belgian prime minister, of course, in that report saying that from his perspective, the e u has temporarily reached its limits regarding energy sanctions. what other sanctions could the you agree on? well, i think we, 1st of all should have a look at her this a sanctions package, as we saw in the report, a sanctioning sanctioning dead largest russian bank. the spare bank. this is very significant. there are going to blacklist military officials that are held responsible for war crimes, 40 atrocities committed in butch and albert ukrainian towns. so this is also very important. and officials here have already announced are starting to work on another sanctions package. however, you right? it will be very difficult to extend those sanctions to ban russian gas,
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for instance, because many member states are so dependent on it. but of course, the european union could also have a look, an existing fl pulls that. so d w. russell's bureau chief, alexander von nomine. many, thanks. alexandra. russian forces have entered the city of c everwood and that skin eastern ukraine. keith says its troops are battling to hold their position street by street. after days of intense chalet. russia is pushing to seize the entire eastern region of tom boss, which has already been partially in separate his hands since 2014 ukrainian president of a lot of his zalinski says. so yes, dennis has seen widespread destruction. similar to what happened in the port city of mario pal, a city under siege savannah. danielle has been battered by intense shelling for weeks. now russian forces have entered the city and fears
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a growing that it may share mary paul's fate. thousands of civilians. a thought to still be in the city, the largest in the loo, hence, creegan, still held by ukraine. according to the mare, the relentless bombardment has left it impossible to keep track of casualties. with russia, bringing its overwhelming advantage in artillery to bear in its assault on the don bass, ukraine is pleading with its allies to provide it with more advanced long range weapon systems do us was reportedly considering the move, but president biden has now thrown that into doubt. a rock with the rock. but while ukraine's allies debate, russia continues to concentrate its fire power. in the dawn. bests
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with some of the fighting has reached its maximum intensity with russian troops firing along the entire line of contact and trying to fire artillery deep into our defenses. at the same time, the assault is continuing in several directions. they can call them up to him. for now, at least ukrainian forces continue to fight on in the face of the russian onslaught . but spring and d, w corresponded rebecca ridder, she joins us from the ukrainian capital. keith, rebecca, the city of us, you have road in that skids are being taken as we speak by russian forces. what's the latest from the front line? well, just that michaela, as, as we know, yesterday, russian troops did manage to break through ukraine. defenses were trying to hold russians back from entering the city. we know that the city had been surrounded on 3 sides for some time. on the other side, there was
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a river and russia has yet to make it to that area. but they did break through the defense lines and taking the city. i mean a street by street, if you will. we're hearing reports around about half of the city now is under russian control, but it's really hard to give up to the minute update as to what's happening on the battlefield. as you can imagine, ukrainian ukraine, you korea crane rather is trying to push them back. but they're just out gardens really struggling to defend themselves when coming up against russian heavy weaponry. russia has been pounding these areas for weeks at whatever they will be claiming victory over won't be much of the pictures that we've seen coming out of this region. everything is completely raised to the ground. people talking about it being then you marry your poland and from the pictures, it certainly looks that way. you know, as much as any one ukrainian forces or beaten russian forces back in the past. but all reports indicate the tide appears to be changing. that's right, i mean,
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you know, the initial success is that ukraine had he where i am in kiva in the northern parts of the city. being able to push back russian forces. there was an initial reverie here. people were very excited, very happy, felt like that they were gonna really be able to, to, to push russia back. now we are saying that tied turning in ukraine itself has been admitting for days now that it's really lost the upper hand in the dawn best region . and there was some hope that perhaps that was a tactical, a response from ukraine hoping to be would be a better have a cry for help, so that the international community would supply them with more weapons. but, you know, i think the proof is in the pudding michael, they really are struggling and it certainly doesn't look like the time has turned away from the ukraine. favor and towards russia who was simply out gunning them with heavy weapons. which is why president salenti and the pharmacy here, a calling out for support. they desperately need longer range weapons in order to
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be able to hold back the russians. now rebecca, you've been covering the war on the ground for many weeks now. do you still see the shame measure of resolve the, the, the same fight in the ukrainian people? yes, absolutely. i mean, of course people are worried when they see what's happening in the dumbass and they do see that tied turning in favor of russia. but, but people are still very united. they believe that in the long you crime will be victorious. so they hope at least and, and, you know, i think there needs to be that unity among everybody that they really are even though you cry. key of rather, for example, is returning to some semblance of normality. you could say people are back at work, things are starting to open up here. but the people are still really with, with their, their, their comrades in the east of the country. and they're of course, very worried about what will happen eve, russia do succeed in taking the don bass. what will be next?
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the south of the country will they try and come back to keep people at the end of the day? hopeful some people saying to me, what else can we do thinking of the alternative that we want when it just isn't worth thinking about this? i d w correspondent, rebecca readers as always. main thanks. rebecca is a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world at this hour . police in the german city of cologne, say a man arrested in december on severe child sexual abuse. charges has been found to possess a vast amount of child abuse depictions on his computer. the new findings highlight a major increase in reports of sexualized violence against miners in germany. last year. funerals have begun for the victims of the school shooting and you've all the texas were 19 children and 2 teachers were killed. a week ago, a memorial gathering for a 10 year old girl was held at a funeral home across the street from the school. the tragedy has rekindled the
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debate over gun control in the us. indian police are investigating the killing of a popular punjabi rapper, the 28 year old musician, see, to lose walla was shot dead while driving his car in northern india's punjab state . authority say an initial investigation indicates the killing was linked to gang rivalry. and shanghai is ending its 2 month locked down and will soon allow shops to reopen. people in low risk areas will finally be able to leave their homes. but some restrictions at public venues will still apply, and people will need to show a negative covey test to enter. and in football news, there was jubilation on the streets of casablanca in morocco. after we dug casa blanca, one, the african champions league. ah, football fans lit flares and celebrated laid in the night after casablanca beat the
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egyptian club. i'll ali to nil the game controversially took place at we dod, casablanca, as home ground in morocco, after synagogue withdrew there, bid to host the final this is d, w. news up next business with rob watts, looking at shoring inflation here in europe. don't forget, you can get news around the clock on d, w dot com and of course find us on social media. i'm michael local in berlin from me and the team here. thanks for watching. hold she up to date. don't miss our highlights. the d w program on line d, w dot com highlights people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center and more refugees are.


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