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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is d, w, news ally from berlin. the european union agrees to ban most russian oil imports by the end of the year after weeks of infighting, e u. member states reach a compromise that will allow some russian oil to keep flowing. it's being described as the best deal they could get. also coming up, brushing forces pushed deeper into the eastern ukrainian city of c, have gotten the net. authorities fear that city could meet the same fate as marie
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opal which brushes bombardment all but flattened and investigating war crimes. ukrainian prosecutors meet with i. c. c. officials to coordinate their work. but holding perpetrators to account could get harder as more areas come under russian control. ah, i'm michael ok. welcome. european union leaders have been meeting for a 2nd day to coordinate their response to russia's war on ukraine. we're waiting for their closing remark shortly, and we'll bring you those statements alive. but 1st, this look at the partial ban on russian oil imports. they agreed to monday and a compromise described by estonia as the best we could get. among the 27 member states,
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oil pumped from russian fields is no longer welcome. in most parts of the you. d, u leaders in brussels reached an unexpected breakthrough on the 6 sanctions package just around midnight. cowen so should now be able to finalize a ban on almost 90 percent of all russian oil inputs by the end of the year with the embargo. a move that had been proposed by the commission weeks ago. and the ukranian president had urged leaders to finally make, keep, or don't, don't you've rope on my europe must chose strength. what? because only russia perceives power as an arguments. it is time, but it is time for you to be not separate, not fragments, but one whole mil lumpkin. i get the limb seal. however, member states are still not entirely united on the issue. the you plans to cut russian oil transported by see only a concession made in order to get hungary on board. hungarian prime minister victor orbit has formed close ties with russia in the past,
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making the country heavily dependent on russian energy. hungary will be able to continue to receive oil by pipeline for now. the sanctions package also excludes rushes, largest bank from the swift system benz 3 more russian state own broadcasters and sanctions individuals responsible for war crimes. some leaders like the lottery and prime minister, have called to go even further now. but opinions differ from oates. men perspective from my perspective, we temporarily have reached our limits. definitely regarding sanctions that have to do with energies the to mock and evan met let in it. here. despite hungary not playing along, the latest round of sanctions are believed to be some of the most damaging measures taken by the you so far. make alco taken is an oil and gas expert based in oslo. earlier i asked him how much this partial oil embargo was
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really going to hurt russia's war machine. i'm not sure about the war machine, but the rest of the economy. you will suffer a very heavy blow. it is not just a crude oil that will stop flowing to the west. it is very fines products produced at the rest in the refineries and the refiners will have to terminate their activities or suspend some of them. as a result, the rest and oil production is go into a decrease a dramatically made by the end of the, or by 2 inches or certain percent different. vargo is probably no surprise to russia. the e u had been discussing and oil embargo for weeks is russia prepared for this. while the russian has been preparing in terms of making declarations about the opportunity to reroute the flows over russian oil or east or to china or be the
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south mark to india. but in fact, the transportation capacities, the china, our field is 100 percent. it is impossible to increase exports over us in the oil to chain. maybe a couple of tankers will be loaded additionally, in some baltic ports or lexi ports. but this does not make the wither and an additional 3 or 4, or maybe even 5 need them for a year or container, which receives $8000000.00 over us an oil every year. it is a very microscopic course and which is not going to replace the western oil flow in india or competition with saudi arabia, iraq and kuwait. and the united arab emirates is very heavy. it's not going to absorb more than 6 or $7000000.00 of russian oil per year. and this is absolutely not enough to replace the european market. i want to get back to that,
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but what i'm hearing you say essentially is there's no getting around this for russia. yes, a russia cannot. the side step, any sanctions now and oil is oil and gas are the main staple commodities of the thrush and economy is based on if the air measures according to this new band are in effect by the end of the year, or actually is go into loss about 20 or 25 percent over even years to the federal budget. briefly, sir, you, you mentioned already the other international partners who buy from, from russia, china and india, for example. could they provide some, some way for russia economy to can continue to keep going? or are you saying this is, this is something close to a death now? well,
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i don't expect any new technologies to come to the russian oil of just industry from india or from china. and the russian oil producers are suffering from liquid technologies because of the international sanctions. about $12000.00 companies international companies have left for us because of the sanctions and $300.00 companies have decreased their activities and the russian and the rate. now, the ability over us to move forward, logically, or even to keep pace with the risk of the world logically, is grossly limited. and i believe this is the end all over the rest, an oil and gas industry, which is the main one in my country. that's a big statement and what impact will energy sector sanctions have on every day? russian people we already see that. so some people are losing their jobs in the north,
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sparks over western siberia where oil and gas are produced, mostly in those areas. people are just abandoned their homes and going into war more regions over russia without any hope to get near jobs. and we see that because of the well depressed situation of the russian economy, the price is or popular commodities are going up. the price of the fuel is not going down and it is a, it is obviously this the signal that bill level on the oh, well, in comes over, russian families is already decreasing. that's a loyal and gas expert may kal, critiquing in oslo. many thanks her the mirror of cfo nat skin eastern ukraine says russian forces are now in control of about half
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the city. one relief organization estimates as many as $12000.00 civilians are trapped there without necessities like food and power, and are unable to flee due to heavy fighting. russia is pushing to seize the entire eastern region of dun boss, which has already been partially in separate his hands since 2014 ukrainian president. val. autumn is zalinski says to yet go to the nets. has seen widespread destruction similar to what happened in the port city of murray opal, a city under siege severe donetta has been battered by intent shelling for weeks. now russian forces have entered the city and fears a growing that it may share. mary upholds fate. thousands of civilians are thought to still be in the city, the largest in the loo, hence, grecian still held by ukraine. according to the man,
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the relentless bombardment has left it impossible to keep track of casualties. with russia, bringing its overwhelming advantage in artillery to bear in its assault on the don bass, ukraine is pleading with its allies to provide it with more advanced long range weapon systems do us was reportedly considering the move, but president biden has now thrown that into doubt. a rock with the rock. but while ukraine's allies debate, russia continues to concentrate its fire power. in the dawn bass. with some of the fighting has reached its maximum intensity with russian troops firing along the entire line of contact and trying to fire artillery deep into our defenses. at the same time, the assault is continuing in several directions. they can call them up jamaica. for now,
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at least ukrainian forces continue to fight on in the face of the russian onslaught . dw corresponded rebec readers is falling developments for us from the ukrainian capital keith. i asked her for an update on the frontline situation in see ever the next? well, just that michaela, as, as we know, yesterday, russian troops did manage to break through ukrainian defences. were trying to hold russians back from entering the city. we know that the city had been surrounded on 3 sides for some time. on the other side, there was a river and russia has yet to make it to that area. but they did break through the defense lines and taking the city. i mean a street by street, if you will. we're hearing reports around about half of the city now is under russian control, but it's really hard to give up to the minute update as to what's happening on the battlefield. as you can imagine ukrainian ukraine, you qu, ukraine rather, is trying to push them back. but they're just out gone. they're really struggling
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to defend themselves when coming up against russian heavy weaponry. russia has been hounding these areas for wakes, whatever they will be claiming victory over won't be much of the pictures that we've seen coming out of this region. everything is completely raised to the ground . people talking about it being the new, mary, you, poland, and from the pictures. it certainly looks that way. you know, as much as any one ukrainian forces should be in russian forces back in the past. but all reports indicate that tide appear should be changing. that's right, i mean, you know, the initial success is that ukraine had he where i am and kiva in the northern parts of the city being able to push back russian forces. there was an initial reverie here. people were very excited, very happy, felt like they were going to really be able to, to, to push russia back. now we are saying the tide turning in ukraine itself has been admitting for days now that it's really lost the upper hand in the dawn best region
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. and there was some hope that perhaps that was a tactical, a response from ukraine hoping to be, be a bit, have a cry for help, so that the international community would supply them with more weapons. but, you know, i think the proof is in the pudding michael, they really are struggling and it certainly doesn't look like the time has turned away from the ukraine. favor and towards russia, who was simply out gunning them with heavy weapons. which is why president salenti and the pharmacy here, a calling out for support. they desperately need longer range weapons in order to be able to hold back the russians. now, rebecca, you've been covering the war on the ground for many weeks now. do you still see the shame measure of resolve the, the shame fight in the ukrainian people? yes, absolutely. i mean, of course, people are worried when they see what's happening in the dumbass and they do see that tied turning in favor of russia. but, but people are still very united. they believe that in the long run,
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ukraine will be victorious. so they hope at least and, and, you know, i think there needs to be that unity among everybody that they really are even though you cry. i'm here raw. that for example is returning to some semblance of normality. you could say people are back at work, things are starting to open up here. but the people have to really with, with their, their, their comrades in the east of the country. and they're of course, very worried about what will happen eve, russia do succeed in taking the don bass. what will be next? the south of the country will they try and come back to keep people at the end of the day? hopeful some people saying to me, what else can we do thinking of the alternative that we want when it isn't worth thinking about this idea of you corresponded rebecca readers as always may. thanks . rebecca, ukraine star prosecutor says her office is preparing to try dozens of suspected war
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criminals with hundreds more russian suspects under investigation. she was speaking at a news conference with her counterpart from the international criminal court in the hague, which is also probing alleged atrocities by russian soldiers in ukraine. some trials have already begun thanks to meticulous documentation on the ground, but investigating potential war crimes could be more of a challenge in regions where russia has taken control. a warning. our next report contains some disturbing images from the store. images that no one should have to see civilians strewn across the street in butcher the immediate aftermath of a strike on a maternity hospital in mary, you pull a mass grave holding the unidentified bodies of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grand parents, and children after ukrainian fight is pushed russian forces back from towns and
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villages they'd occupied evidence of atrocities began to pile up all being documented by human rights groups, ukrainian officials and journalists on the ground. now almost 2 months later, you crane's prosecutor general says investigations are underway into well over 10000 suspected war crimes ranging from pillaging and looting rape and summary execution to indiscriminate bombing of civilian infrastructure. the 1st war crimes trial concluded last week, resulting in a guilty verdict for a 21 year old russian soldier, charged with shooting an unarmed ukrainian man. but in the eastern don bass region where the war is still being fought, tracking down evidence and prosecuting potential war crimes could prove
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a lot more difficult in the southern city of mary you, paul ariel pitches showed the word children dogged outside the theatre building. that was hit by russian asterix in march and associated press investigation suggests as many as 600 people may have been killed that as they sought shelter. ukraine says russia knew it was a civilian target. now, mary, you poll is in russian hands and an independent investigation at the site has been impossible. exactly who and how many people died that may never be known. in april satellite images showed apparent mass graves near the city. local officials say up to $9000.00 bodies could be buried that victims of russian aggression, they say now russia is focusing its assault on the loo hunter region.
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the fia is if mo, towns and cities fall under russian control, the harder it will become to investigate potential will crimes and hold any one there to account. oh, correspond and terry schultz is in the hey, she told us about the difficulties facing investigative teams in ukraine. the international criminal court has already sent does as of investigators as have individual governments. we know there's been a french team there. of course, ukraine is doing everything it can on the ground, but as was mentioned that report, there is a hot war going on. there are entire cities in control of russian hands. so of course it's not safe for investigators to go in and, and gather evidence on the ground there. but when you talk to the experts, they'll explain that they are still talking to witnesses who left the area, finding out who they've lost. what may have been left behind and they're doing everything they can while not adding to the loss of life by sending more people into rushes line of fire. d,
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w corresponding terry sholtes reporting there from the hag. now some of the other stories making use around the world at the shower funerals have begun for the victims of the school shooting in texas where 19 children and 2 teachers were killed a week ago. the tragedy in the town of you all the has rekindled the debate over gun control in the us. shanghai is ending its 2 month cove at 19, locked down, and will soon allow shops to reopen. people in low risk areas will finally be able to leave their homes, but some restrictions at public venues will still apply. mexico's 1st hurricane of the season has hit the country's southern pacific coast. hurricane agatha made history as the strongest hurricane ever recorded to come ashore in may, bringing torrential rains and threats of flooding shelters were prepared in advance with the capacity to house 26000 people. while here in germany,
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police are reporting a sharp rise in images of under age, sexual abuse. authorities estimate that one or 2 students at every school are affected each year by sexual violence. while more people are coming forward to report cases, the actual number is believed to be much higher. 49 children ruthlessly exploited every day. victims of sexualized violence in germany, that's according to german federal police. investigators in the state of north rand westphalia, shown a spotlight on the most recent case at a press conference on monday. and so his also mos on mentioned, i'd never encountered such a level of inhuman, brutality, english and callous indifference towards the suffering of young children, klein can none inch mattson the pain and their cries and their obvious fear. it's been on this magnet in december last year. police arrested
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a 44 year old man in this town of emma's question, he since been charged with multiple cases of child sexual abuse. the suspect advertised himself as a baby sitter on online portals like these. prosecutors believe he abused or raped, at least 12 of the children. he looked after, half of whom were under 3. as old prosecutors say, the suspect also exchanged child sexual abuse, photos, videos, and contacts with other pitfalls. over a number of years, police secured 32 terabytes of data that helped them track another 72 suspects across germany. officials believe the suspect was in contact with another known pedophile that worked in the city of minster. the site marvellous shows once again that the perpetrators mainly exchange information via the international details of what the perpetrators are not alone online. the police are there to feed on. i can only say to all pita, fall criminals, we may not get you to day, but one day will be at your door for oil. german police are making progress with
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child sexual abuse cases as a result of investment in better i. t technology and extra staff. the federal criminal police office says more investigations allow them to track down more suspects, does nothing. after the 1st case in northrop westphalia, we made a major investment to examine all the cases intensively and in a timely manner that fitted to glory. federal states are now said to be broadening their investigations. but therapists say that one problem is that many victims are still too young to even speak properly. thus, d thomas is even unguarded. paul can decent mention in terms of trauma and these girls and boys that move once they become men and women that need the opportunity to turn to good professionals if they need them with the fuzzy album. so i have a tough no, nothing. many experts say those resources are still in too short supply. they want to see more funds dedicated to supporting survivors of abuse to india. now,
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where police are investigating the killing of a punjabi rapper with a major following both at home and abroad. 28 year old cedar most walla was shot dead while driving his car in northern india's punjab state. authorities believe his killing was linked to gang rivalry. the musician was considered a controversial figure who promoted gun culture in his songs. most walla had a considerable following among the diaspora in canada, in britain, he recently joined india's congress party and ran unsuccessfully in the state assembly elections are corresponded. minear chaudry, who is in new delhi, gave us more details about the killing of mas while job. you have been pouring in for the 28th, you know, a singer wrapper syndrome. we'll see. one is fans and florida was often job using across the world are in shock. the signal was short,
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dead is sunday evening after the guide, the driving came under attack, according to the course, want to be boards or what do doesn't bullets, we'll fall into these, wanting it, asking a d often the state government job. they do all the security cover, all the full 100 people, including us in a big got down. because getting this, getting this machine, political crunch legacy as investigations are going on. and some suspects have been detail that was our correspondent mini rashadi there in from new delhi. and now to brazil were landslides and flooding after torrential rains have killed at least $91.00 people in the countries northeast. president gyro boss. an arrow has visited the devastated areas by air, as soldiers continued to search for the dozen still missing, pulse, an arrow who's up for reelection later this year has been criticized for his environmental policies,
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which activist shay or contributing to climate change. whole chunks of land carved out by major mudslides off as the torrential floods from the last few days. slowly recede. the devastating extent of the damage caused is becoming clear . rescue efforts continue in the hopes of finding more survivors. dozens of people are still missing. many residents are waiting for news on their loved ones while dealing with the loss of their homes. although i'm not sleeping, i'm not eating because it was such a painful experience for them. so very painful. and i never before has so much rain fallen in such a short time as it did no more. i live very near you. i know all those who died and i saw everything when it happened on the seal and a gesture of support. president jack ballston aro, visited the affected areas from the air. he said they were unable to land safely
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jude the damage, but attended a press conference nearby. most approved thermal. we are all obviously saddened or when we express our sorrow to the relatives. monday through a 3rd of the roads at brother, on 29th, most of our main objective is to comfort the relatives and to attend to the population with material means are to be a proposal. the government has announced an aid package to help rebuild people's homes. poor neighborhoods like this one are often hit the hardest and the risk of further flooding remains very high for the people here. fears of russian aggression are spreading beyond ukraine to the united states, where there's a boom in demand for private bunkers, d w. 's enos paul, has visited one of the largest bunker mag of factories in the u. s,
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which is turning out luxury shelters for those who can afford them. he turn on the news, he see north korea talking about nukes, he say russia talking about nukes, you see tying a, talking about news. i've never seen so many people talking about nuclear weapons or my lifetime. and it's scary. and that drives people to buy bunkers. ron hubbard owns one of the biggest bunker building companies in the u. s. he founded atlas survival shelter 11 years ago. the factories based just one hour drive out of dallas, texas. these bunkers are not cheap. they average anywhere from $40000.00 to a $1000000.00. everybody on board? no one thinks anybody's crazy for buying. i'm shelters now. we have a good business right now in ukraine and poland because war is going on there. i have several ukrainian customers, so they're wealthy people and ukraine. they want to get a bunker. as soon as they can like mediately. we'll go on this one. this is
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a standard 10 food by 40 foot bunker, starting at $200000.00. this is the new american trend. i sell millions of dollars of these every week. it's got a regular flattering toilet van at 8 granite counters. it's beautiful, sliding doors. it has the under floor stored care, so the april and all this down here are stored, then there's also water tanks that are built in so he can keep all his food supply down here. and then of course the most important thing, the air would run through this carbon filter with the hepa filter in it, it would give you a breathable air. and when this is furnished and everything's going, you just feel like you're in an apartment or flap. demand is not only growing in eastern europe, it's also exploding in the us, even though ukraine is far away. hubbard sees the reason behind that, in the fear obo,
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violence in the country struggling with extreme inequality and polarization. we're more worried about other americans. been hungry and starving and looting and robin . that's our immediate concern. so people want a place where they can take their family cape, uncomfortable, safe and underground. but who can actually afford that exclusive type of safety? tv will be there. and you're thinking, what about the regular people it's, it's unfortunate, but it's not fair, but the elite, the wealthy, get to live a better life than the rest of us. interesting. returning now to our top story and we're waiting for e. u leaders to speak after their to day summit to discuss e wide measures in response to russia's war on ukraine. the 27 member states have agree to
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a compromise deal that will ban most oil imports from russia. the agreement includes concessions to hungry and was described by some leaders as the best they could get . we are now joined by d. w. bureau chief, alexandra von nomine, in brussels. and with us in the studio is a d w chief, political editor, michelle, yellow cook. no. alexandra, let's us start with you in brussels. how much of an impact will this council meeting have from an you perspective? well, i think it was very important for the european union and for the european leaders in the and to be able to agree on this partial oil embargo on this ban on russian oil transport it today. you shipped, sir, because at the beginning we sell some cracks in the unity. now there are so saying


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