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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2022 3:30pm-3:46pm CEST

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ukraine, the 27 member states have agree to a compromise deal that will ban most oil imports from russia. the agreement includes concessions to hungry and was described by some leaders as the best they could get. we are now joined by d. w. bureau chief, alexandra von nomine, in brussels. and with us in the studio is a d w chief, political editor, michelle, yellow, christner. alexandra, let's us start with you in brussels. how much of an impact will this council meeting have from an you perspective? well, i think it was very important for the european union and for the european leaders in the and to be able to agree on this partial oil embargo on this ban on russian oil transported today. you shipped, sir, because at the beginning we sell some cracks in the unity. now there are so saying
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we are united and this is of course, a very important signal towards ukraine, but also towards russia. this is for presumably something that is going to hurt to european economies, but 1st and foremost, of course, it will have an impact on the russian economy, on the russian energy sector, and presumably on the russian war machinery. a day after day they european union pays russia up to 400000000 euros for russian oil inputs. today you are p and union and a big amount of that is not going to be transferred by the end of this year when a turn to em. hail or cook nicky in the studio with us germany will commit to boycotting imports of russian oil up to the end of the year. what impact is economic have on the country? what does it mean for germany? well, every has actually been much successful at reducing its dependency when it comes to
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oil on russia. it's gone down from some 35 percent down to some 12 percent in just 3 months. so certain the we've seen all but how big the minister for trade, but also energy work night a day and visiting different regions to try and get hold of new sources for oil. and that is a complete the european issue. hungary here has an exception. it directly depends pretty much 100 percent on that one pipeline. that leads there. but i think what will be interesting coming up as we see these press conferences, what message european leaders will pin on this because they know they were no longer as united as they wanted to be. and as a surprise themselves of being wants this conflict started. and now it's up to the markets to see whether this message will really translate into crushing the weakening russia. we've as a 1st response, we've seen prices fall, go up,
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alexandra, back to you. there were struggles to reach this partial embargo of course hungry didn't want to back it in the 1st place. now it's avoided the oil, then how much friction between the member states did this cause it cause friction, no doubt about that. we know that some member states, including the baltic states, for instance, they were very unhappy with hungary stance on russia. and we also know that victor alba has been a very difficult partner within the european union. he supported previous sanctions against russia, but only reluctantly. however many here were really surprised that he threatened to use hungry veto power to block this 6 the package of sanctions. so the leaders were trying to convince hungry that was not really possible in the and hungry got this
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exemption. and that is, of course, a big win for victor. all been well hungry isn't the only player here who's felt some pressure. of course the german channel, olaf shaw has been criticized for being really indecisive. and for the past several weeks, including of course, his ultimate decision to send a heavy machinery arms to ukraine. is his decision on the oil band going to change the perception that he has of being indecisive leader. why did you think that he has a 2nd chance to make a fast impression going into this conflict with sticky on the delivery of weapons where he continues to get quite a bit of criticism or not just out of ukraine, not just from the ukrainian ambassador here in germany who's been very, can very much condemning it will assaults as leadership from day one. and but also when he keep stressing that he does not want germany to take on a special role, germany will not go ahead with weapons deliveries that other countries on making
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assaults points to the fact that and the western leaders are acting pretty much similar to germany. a germany seems to be getting a lot more criticism here. so by stressing this and that germany won't take a lead, he of course is also being perceived as exactly not doing not, not taking the lead. and the argument he's making is that he does not want to risk any further escalation with the nuclear power. russia, i think we will know in hindsight whether we believe that that was a smart strategy to take, or whether it is an indication of weakness. i think there are a lot of elements that we simply do not know right now this stance, even though people around the world countries you around the world look to germany as in fact, a leader in europe. alexander, i want to end with you. there were also other topics on the agenda at the you council meeting, one of them food security, the other defense. tell us more about that while about defense. so we have to
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stress that this was the last point on the leaders agenda. and they apparently are still talking about the european defense. we expect that the press conference to have started 2 hours ago. they continued their discussions. okay, of course, the key questions here are whether and how the european union can be less dependent on american military capabilities. where they need to invest more, whether it's possible for them to jointly, a buy a military equipment and so on. we do not expect any decisions there. but another topic that was also on the the agenda as you mentioned, it was the food security. and the leaders here were a joint of bi synagogue president and the chair of their african union mackey soul. who told them how important it is to tackle this issue,
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and who also told them that the thought shortage of food and africa is alarming. again, that said d, w, 's, alexander von nomine. they're in brussels will certainly come back to you when this a press conference actually occurs in many thanks in the studio here. of course, the chief political editor, me hail, look of, nor again standing by for this press conference. in any armed conflict, intelligence gathering is crucial, so 2 is deceiving the enemy on the battlefield. during world war 2, the allies used inflatable decoys of heavy machinery to full nazi aerial recognizance. but it seems some 7 years on the technique has not lost its effectiveness and m. 60 battle tank american made traveling across a meadow and the north of the czech republic, near the german border. from the join footage, it's not easy to recognize that this is not actually heavy weaponry at all. it's an
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inflatable decoy driven by an ordinary car. no one's playing a prank on residence near the town of ditch in the fight tank is made by civilian armaments company and the czech republic. instead of being assembled like a real tank, this one takes about half an hour to inflate. then it looks, at least from a distance deceptively real for enemy recognizance loss is if we also have systems installed to deceive radar and thermal cameras. and even when looking through binoculars out products that difficult to recognize from a distance them to school, this is odella. the use of rubber decoys is not new. the us used them to full denazi's during world war 2. nato armies are still ordering and flight will decoys today. the company says it's versions of soviet designed equipment are currently in high demand. it's easy to assume that the inflatable weapons are most likely being
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used in ukraine. the company can produce 15, robert tanks in a month, all handmade with us, at least we're breaking out of that report to take you straight to that press conference. we've been waiting for leaders from the e. u falling the deal on the russian oil embargo this is, that can be done, which has all of the result was huge. it is a little disappointed. part of the most uni angela situ. hittie id malta is as you swear, 2 of you to decrease norma, he said, please don't renew as he turned at war affordable on the shoulder. i've actually hoping for the future, it's nice to let you know who's actual sneakers. so i think referencing represented us how the european union and the african union could cooperate as effectively as
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possible to meet this challenge that we are jointly faced to take measures a lot that we can choose the core to reach the african countries in the spirit of partnership to help improve will strengthen the production capacities in africa and also to ensure the supporting measures so, so that one can help me advert. there is a potentially serious crisis or a number of countries. it could have a, a harmful effect in africa, but also in europe. that's one element and you'll see the detail, conclusions on that today is the energy. and we all know this is a fundamental challenge for all of us. just extremely important on the, on the one hand to this just on the proposal. so put on the table by the commission, you know, the to, to prepare the following steps. we follow you,
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you so very important initiative we had your turn into its change views and to, and to make progress on that topic. and especially where we understand is extremely important to work on the possibility and into which broad possibility of import price stops also which international partners we intend also to act in full key areas that there was, if occasion, diversified fuels and sources into renewables. now to speed up, renewables is scorer fundamental, but also to work in the field of energy efficiency to save energy. it's of course for them until priority for all of us. and we also determined to invest in infrastructure in energy, into donations, and of course, in renewable re it also to improve our preparedness for possible measure supply descriptions. and we have also asked the permission to work on the optimization of
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the function each of the european electricity market. so the bus will sort of me to my bait on energy was an opportunity to reaffirm our determination scenery to choose them. come pick up this challenge as millions have we faced this challenge before the war and ukraine, but even more so now because of the ongoing war in ukraine. and then finally, paul research will point 4 i wanted to to mention isn't concerning european defenders. maybe we'll see the fusions to this over there. we share the view. we share the view around the table that we need to spend and invest more on defense. now to do so, not just more, but also better, only to add more effectively better together as you are as hands are involving, for example, groups for cure meant and also
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a serious effort to new york industrial, a in this field taking we accounted articulate of the role of european as a new switch can play a key role in this process. it was also an opportunity to reaffirm plymouth in portugal, a complementarity. we didn't with english last night. get psyched at this week in mines on, on the little understood. okay. in which lawson have them on the sphere of the minds, and thus 2 of us not vendor is on them or session again and getting to twit you hadn't thought about on annoyed in claims and president, i'm glad and owns that with the extra large privilege to talk to him with him via so who does chretien? cotton yarn published it. the concierge, a president on dish. we were on the verge, escalation department in washington, president and fruit harmond in via guns under dish that off was done and the city
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will slant, didn't kick the emeralds on. had talked with the talk to it of women, the tears of partner uttered happens with fear, but on an old pearson colleague and cooling and lation. this insulting from a to launched on to buddy the top of the larger hub, the via baton and, and victor cook fishing his just via his anton, by deposits and the viewers of who do i study often visitor brought home to visit us fear, lightening, all sports between regus for gun. hm. it's, i'm to on that level discovia from franklin's pre k, to push fossil to the german chancellor olo shots. of course, in germany we don't have a translation for you. we apologize for that. but earlier, we were hearing from shawl the clear president of the european council will be going back a shortly to ursula fund a line. of course, one of the leaders of the european union president of the european commission
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was the market power of the whole of $27.00 in the european union is much bigger than every single member state. and we will achieve better conditions. and we have, of course, already since the beginning of the year started to look out for other more reliable suppliers. and this effort is already paying off. we see a 2 day that the ellen g deliveries from other parts of the world other than russia have doubled in q one in 2022 compared for example to the previous here. the 2nd element we are working on in re power e. u is the security of supply through better interconnections so that the gas can flow wet ever. it is needed. and of course the common objective to have a more strategic storage across a gas storage across the european union. here we have good news, august storage.


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