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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2022 6:30pm-6:45pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah, ah, this is eat up the news asia coming up to day. the chinese military threat to taiwan paging sent another group of military planes to pro tire ones air defense zone. but recently the formations are getting bigger. we meet this man
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a former sailor who spends his days monitoring them and why hong kong exiles are being treated with suspicion in taiwan. some lawmakers say they could be chinese spies among their ranks. ah. i british energy welcome to d w. news asia. glad you could join us. taiwan has reported the 2nd largest incursion of chinese military plains into its air defense on the sierra, the islands defense ministry said 30 chinese jeff intruding 20 fighters entered the area badging views taiwan. as it stood a tree and regularly sent large sorties into ty, one's air defense own to show its muscle. the incursions come the same day the president find when revealed possible future cooperation between ty wants, military and the united states national guard. during a meeting with us,
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senator tammy duckworth boy, i us, department of defense is now pro actively planning cooperation between the us national guard and ty, one's defense forces with senator duckworth also recently introduced to bill that further prioritize is tiwana security. as part of u. s. military deployment in the indo pacific region. and i keep, we look forward to closer cooperation on matters of regional security. but taiwan securities routinely challenged by chinese air force sorties into its air defense on each time this happens, the taiwanese air force response, and one form of sima is there at hand to monitor this challenge. shortly after dawn on a southern taiwanese beach, the 1st radio message of the day from taiwan air force warning away chinese aircraft pings through robin suse, phone attention. you've entered our aerospace and are jeopardizing aviation safety turnaround and leave immediately. he could be
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a hobby plain spot or anywhere in the world, but sue has a more serious pastime. the former navy radar operator has made it his mission to gather days on military activity in one of the world's most tense flash points. the strait of taiwan, chinese aircraft have flown repeated missions over the democratically ruled island, as it steps up its sovereignty claims. tensions between the 2 rivals are simmering . the defense ministry, and ty pay calls the incursions grey's own tactics designed to wear down their forces by making them repeatedly scrambled to intercept chinese jets. and also to test their responses. i cylinders of those are those i for the while eating a plate of meat on the table, there flies flying back and forth, but all you can do is wave them away. we can't smash them and kill them on our own table. it's the same principle here. when our military is chasing away the communist military,
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it's the same as chasing away flies. vega. i got them all in the year up to may. sue has logged 317 taiwan warnings to chinese warplanes. 3 per cent more than last year. he also monitors missile test launches and other efforts to boost the islands defensive capabilities are you willing president joe biden recently raised beijing's hackles when he signaled a change in the u. s. policy of strategic ambiguity on taiwan. saying the u. s. would take military action if china invaded the white house later, roll back the statements. but there is clearly stronger us backing for taiwan. china's leader, she, jim ping has threatened to take the island by force if necessary. beijing says it's recent exercises around taiwan, where a solemn warning against colluding with the united states has cross straight rivalry moves closer to the danger zone. robin sou will be watching and if you'd
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like to watch a deeper analysis of the chinese threat to taiwan, you can head over to our youtube channel to watch taiwan. china's next target did i lose. chief international editor richard walker takes a closer look at the evolving danger from china towards taiwan. now taiwan has also served as a safe haven for some hong kong is fleeing begging security, correct on many activists, politicians and protested, have fled to the island for the most part. they were welcomed there and there were even plans to make it easier for hong kong. to become permanent residence even citizens. but now those plans are on hold. some lawmakers fear the new arrivals from hong kong and macau could be chinese spies and could pose a threat to tie one's democracy. did i lose? joyce lee reports hong kong activist mark and kerry came to taiwan 2 years ago. they were just about to graduate. the situation became so dangerous that a flight hong kong on
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a terrific etha we thought we could go back when things are better, but it's only gotten worse. many of our friends were arrested, some went missing, is clear. we must stay here. or taiwan likes asylum laws and a couple do not have residency status. they now working in taipei on the special permit. but even if they remain here for years, they will never guess citizenship. so they will be in trouble when their passports run out. my passport expires in 2027 and i can't go back to renew it all. i'm slowly losing my status as a hong kong and i could become stateless. that stressful. obtaining time when he citizenship would give me a sense of security and belonging. i want these politicians have repeatedly expressed support for hong kong as since the pro democracy movement began. but unlike in many western countries, that sympathy did not turn into policy taiwan set up a special office 2 years ago to provide humanitarian aid to hong kong. it's out,
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it's on a case by case basis. it's also say over a 100 cases, scott, how in various ways. but none of them were granted asylum poll show that taiwanese i embezzle, and when it comes to sharing resources with hong kong exhaust, these sentiments are mounting and met increasing threats from china. taiwan reason to a suspended, a permanent residency plan for hong kong professionals after backlash from legislators. many side has national security concerns from gotoassist tribune. the 2 major can use hong kong to infiltrate taiwan. i believe they're already chinese spies in taiwan now. and if we open up further, we would only make it easy for them to come and get citizenship to garcia. this is an authoritarian regime that threatens to invite us, perhaps from as a change of leadership in china. we could consider relaxing the rules. but for now, tar one must be cautious when chelsea from hong kong excels have given up in frustration and left tie, one for the west. that was on mock and kelly's minds too. but they say taiwan is their new home. so it's eating,
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i'd feel very hot if we had to go that worked so hard to get new life and blended them all. then after 23 years, you're told you constant i anymore. sophomore. why can't that be more understanding that we felt love from the community? since became wealthy everyone so nice and they make us feel at home, or i hope the show of kindness continues. india, i do mock and kelly still hope for change in asylum policy. but that seems unlikely . and one step hospice expire, they will have no choice but to leave. or i'd left it more on this from lawmaker lot returned from the ruling democratic people's party. he drunk me from taipei, he's also head of the dps international affairs department. mr. little welcome is taiwan. really bodied people fleeing hong kong could be chinese spies. but it is only one of the concerns we may have. but tell you that over the past
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years, we have received in mo, mo, on congress coming to taiwan. about 5 years ago, every year we made about $4000.00. i'm congress to acquire my residency. now, last year we have received $11000.00 on commerce. so i think in general, we are having a more open up policy to hong kong residence to acquire a residency in taiwan. but recently, the gum is talking about and discussing some ways to use the rules of setting i'm con residence. so there are some consisting telling society about the possibility of somebody has to be used by beijing as a way to influence the domestic politics and societies in taiwan. but how widespread concern is it, and is it ground enough to try and curtail the rules that allow permanent residency for these hong kong as well? unfortunately,
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how can we see right now is quite different from hong kong. we knew in the past, as you can see that the b as b in for training in different sectors of society. so i think they said legitimate concern. and so i want about the possibility of a baking using hong kong as a way to place or the domestic and the security of taiwan. but, but this, but these concerns aren't new for taiwan. all this because it's been well acknowledge that beijing has been spying on taiwan for decades. in fact, a report in 2017. well before the hong kong pro democracy protests suggested that there was some 5000 chinese spies in taiwan at that time. i guess what i'm trying to say is if pages wants to spy on taiwan, it doesn't need to wait for hong kong as to stream into taiwan. does it well yet away?
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yes. but i've to say that the government has decided to try to easter was too low and congress to taiwan. but some people is the saudi does. are concerned about that. so we will try our best to convince the people that we will take care of that because says that people have especially validation screwed up. so i want but the governor's pot is the general case lady who has opened our policy to hong thomas. you keep talking about trying to ease the rules for hong kong, didn't seem taiwan. why in the past, you have to work. so i use, i am day acquired some other residencies, temper residencies, and the government, which side to approve in a way that you don't have missions, security concerns. but now we try to use the rules by allowing them to acquire the residency in a much easier way. so, and also in the past, if you are study here in taiwan, it's brady, the for you to acquire
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a temporary residency. and then after 5 years, you can easily acquire the residency. but you have to study here in time. and now you don't have to study here in time one and before you acquire and apply for the premier risk of the majority of hong kong. those who have been given any residency in taiwan are on temporary residents permit, and they are on the verge of their passports running out. i mean, the government will have to act fast. doesn't that unless the government expects these? hong kong is to go back to hong kong to renew their passports. can you give us a timeline? i would you would actually ease rules? well, actually the government has from the get the new rules. and if there's no objection, i think the government can implemented policy. i think the oldest right away, but you would take some time and i think would be a matter of that. yes. right. well, hopefully this is something that hong kong,
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as will be looking forward to this happening sooner rather than later. we'll have to leave it there for the time being. thank you so much for joining us. lodging on the ruling dp from taipei. thank you so much. i thank you and that's it for today because of course more from the region on our website i did up dot com. forward slash is sure we're back again at the same time tomorrow. we'll see you then. bye. it's just a thought. so crazy is the end of the pandemic in sight. we show what it could look like.
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return to normal. and we visit those who are finding it difficult to success in you know, weekly coping 19 special every thursday on d. w. a. ah. record inflation in the your raise own consumer price as rose 8 point one percent in the single currency or in may, will analyze why deal done the you agrees to ban most in ports of russian oil. that does that compromise, dale send a strong enough message to moscow. and if you ania has already ended all imports of russian energy will find out how the country is coping
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message database. nissan robots in berlin, welcome to the program. inflation and the countries that use the euro has hit a record high of 8 point one percent for may. just how life continues to get more expensive for many europeans. inflation has been rising for the last year, getting further and further away from the european central banks target of 2 percent. you'll see here originally it was supply problems caused by the pandemic. that kicked off the kline but war in ukraine is caused food and fuel prices to rise pushing of inflation even further. but to get more in there, so speak to chief economist at banburg bank, hawkish meeting. great. are you with haga as, as ever?