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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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hello. this keeps me and they tell us to nikki, to interact with say, you want to know their story info, my grants verifying and reliable information for my grants. ah ah, this is d w. news live from poor lid. the european union agrees a ban on most russian oil in ports by the end of the year. it's the harshest measure yet imposed to punish moscow for its aggression in you cried. meanwhile, on the ground, russian forces pushed deeper into the eastern city of savannah de nits authorities, fear it will become another matter your pulse,
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flattened by the relentless bombardment and war crimes. under the spotlight ukrainian prosecutors mate with international investigators. but holding the guilty to account could get harder, as more areas come under russian control. ah, i'm anthony, how it's good, happy with us. the european union has hand it down. it's harshest measures yet to punish russia for its aggression in g correct. after weeks of wrangling, the 27 member states meeting in brussels have agreed to ban most c born in ports of russian oil. by the end of the year, hungary opposed a total embargo because it relies heavily on russian supplies. some a you leaders said it was the best deal that could be achieved. victor r barn is celebrating his 59th birthday at the east summit here in brussels. the
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hungarian prime minister, however, already got his presence in the wee hours when your leaders agreed on an embargo on russian oil, but with exemptions for hungary and of this. you commission president joseph underline, still presented the war to down deal as a success. these sanctions are biting heart and are really, are destroying and that's the goal on the basis their financial basis of putting, leading this warm and hitting heart, the russian economy, the ear plans to cut only russian oil that's transported by c, hungary, slovakia, and the czech republic can continue to receive oil by pipeline for now. according to u officials, in total 90 percent of fresh and oil imports, the block will stop by years and even those countries that would have liked to see
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as strict, you're embargo say it was most important to show unity. i was positively surprised because our, when we went into the room and the signs were not that great, but everybody was very constructive. those expect that huge, a cat are fresh and gas as a next step. i likely to be disappointed though. my come boom. it is lot easier to compensate for russian oil. we managed to solve technical problems with victor alba because, but gas is a different story. that's why gas embargo won't be part of the next sanctions package tend to amazon. sorry, energy prices all over the blob. we're also addressed, as well as global food shortages to as to the war in ukraine, the from fordham. pretty the responsibility for all the dangers that we are facing . like clearly with russia and its president, it will be to see that's why it's so important that we reinforce our efforts to make sure grain can be exported from ukraine. repletion
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e leaders will gather again in gene on this occasion. ukraine switched to join the european union is likely to tap the agenda. i spoke to a correspondent in brussels, mac sander earlier and asked him if, despite the compromises this deal represents success for the european union. the your commission president funnel and we just heard speaking and the counsel present shall michelle a after the end of day 2 of the summit, your call this s success. and indeed it was a long process. it took almost a month since this was initially, initially brought up by the commission this, this, or this, this oil embargo on russia. and was a hard decision that is likely to also impact you economies to hurt them as well. and it already, we have already seen global market prices for oil going up with that being said, and despite hungry not having played along despite how hungry having an exception here. and there's a bar go. we were looking at
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a potential reduction of 90 percent of oil that will be imported from russia to the u. this is going to have an impact on the russian economy. nevertheless, as of the big chunk of the russian budget, oil means diesel. it means petula means other types of products, and it's going to have an impact, a severe impact on all these. and these parts of the economy and the large industry in russia. bissell of underline, hinted, she wants more max, but is there anything more we can reasonably expect you to do at this point beyond this, in terms of imposing energy sanctions on russia? well, gas would be the, and the consequences will be the, the, the next escalation of, of measures against russia at the moment. but as we know, this is a very complicated subject. a lot of countries in the you are very dependent on russian gas, germany, one of the most dependent on it, on large parts of the industry, the chemical industry, for example, to rely on russian,
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russian gas law and jobs and livelihoods are connected to it. so phasing it out is going to be very difficult for many countries in the u. r. cons you're looking at alternatives, some liquefied natural gas, for example, that can be there can be imported from other countries such as the u. s. or from, from cutler. but the infrastructure has to be put in place, and then there are also other countries in the u. for example, belgium that don't even have significant imports of russian gas were who said at the summit, now that they are very hesitant. and in going further with this, with this measure, worrying about impacts is, could have on the markets. so gases, or oil is really can be seen as in achievement, very difficult subjects, but gas is prov, we're not going to see that very so briefly. max. what else came out of this e u summit? so another important issue was food security and ukraine is the bread vest if the world in russia is essentially blocking exports of grain on from, from ukraine to other parts. some of the poorest countries in africa. and in the
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middle east and the u was now trying to facilitate with a so called green lanes. the exports at the cannot take place from cup from ports like of this right now, cuz the russian navies, blocking it to other countries in the you to keep that supply chains going from the respect of ports in an e u countries. so this is not another issue that was discussed at this e leader summit. max andrew brussels. thanks so much. it runs top prosecutor is preparing to try dozens of suspected war criminals. and sorry, we sent the wrong story there. let's try again. the governor of lou hantz can east and ye kranz, his russian forces now control about most of the city of savannah de nits. when relief organization estimates as many as $12000.00 civilians are trapped without food and power unable to flee because of the heavy fighting. russia is trying to
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see the entire don best region already partially in separatist hands since 2014 the sound of artillery echoes across the don bass. russian forces in sunny fields. shelling already shattered towns and cities before moving troops and for combat. he lives in london, but though says in general, the situation in the dawn bass remains extremely difficult, but the russian army is trying to gather a superior force to put more and more pressure on our defenders. dumb with the maximum combat power of their army. we would lose misty auto mercy. russia is pushing to seize the entire eastern region of don bass, which has already been partially in the hands of pro russian separatists since 2014 . so vero done yet has seen widespread destruction, similar to what happened in the port city of barrier pole but ukrainian forces have had some small successes elsewhere in the east. more than
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a 1000 civilians were evacuated from russian controlled towns around hockey. in the mouth is in the mud, there is no power within him. no phone service, no water. the echo, it's hard with gun. i can't contact my children. like my oldest daughter. there's no work and no money for senior citizens. an occupation regime is being established and they've introduced the rubel prices have changed. they force people to sign agreement saying they'll cooperate yet me an idea. i hope i believe that i will return home to where i'm from and that it will be a part of ukraine up with almost as because i don't want to live under occupation. i just don't want to refer you to as the russian onslaught grinds on, the accident continues. people fleeing the east with whatever they can carry,
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leaving behind homes, reduced to rubble and bodies buried hastily before leaving. the crowns top prosecutor is preparing to try dozens of suspected russian war criminals with hundreds more suspects under investigation. the list includes senior military officers, politicians, and propaganda agents. some trials have already begun thanks to meticulous documentation on the ground. but investigating potential bullcrap could prove difficult, as russia controls more and more territory date of these, terry schultz is in the hague and has been following the story force had the chance to speak with ukraine's prosecutor general irina than addict of an after a press conference to day here at euro, just which is the european union's judicial cooperation agency, also attended by the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court and other national prosecutors from countries that are helping ukraine. and the prosecutor from ukraine said it is so important for her country for, for the citizens,
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the people who are suffering those crimes we've just seen in that piece that she is able to provide accountability that somebody is seen to be paying for these crimes . and we don't know yet how many of those crimes are going to be crimes against humanity, whether they'll ever get to the indictment to any indictments on genocide that she explained why it's important to move forward quickly. let's hear what she had to say. i think not only my main goal, it's the main goal of all civilized vote of all people who speak about rules floyd, ball justice, about international law. the people who are responsible of death is of the people who is responsible of crime of progression, or who just came to the need to stay. so just take the allowed to and kill the people. actually they should be punished. i think it's very important that often
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substitution in the to, to now, in georgia, in syria. now we have so huge aggressive and brutal warnings ukraine. maybe it's time to not only to stop this war, not only to bondage people who are responsible, but actually to prevent such situation in the future. crimes to prosecute a terry one to did you get a sense how this investigation compares to other war crimes trials? well certainly, and there are multiple investigations at different levels in different jurisdictions, and that was so what was so remarkable about today here at euro, just a press conference with, with multiple prosecutors all working on the same investigation all trying to bring russian president vladimir putin and his henchmen, the people around him who are making these decisions every day to kill ukrainians
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and, and, and to make them in to, to ruin their cities that they are eventually brought to justice. and that's what the prosecutor was talking about, how every day she's going out in gabbert gathering evidence from scenes that continued to be, you know, in the middle of a war zone. and so it will take time and it is difficult. and you know, this will, this will definitely slow down some of the investigation from some of the worst scenes that you saw there in that piece. but they are all determined to do this on various levels at the local level in ukraine, at the international criminal court. in various european capitals, which have joined this joint investigation. so we're going to see a lot of prosecutions in a lot of different jurisdictions. a lot of different courts just just quickly tear, even with the cooperation. even with that determination, how hard is it going to be to hold alleged? will criminals accountable here to prove war crimes, to prove client atrocity crimes genocide as one of the most difficult. it takes
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years even decades, as we've seen at the international criminal court. but ukraine has already shown is going to move ahead quickly. there's already been some prosecution, some convictions of people who have been, who have fired on civilians, killed civilians on the ground. they're in ukraine. so i think it will be step by step up to the highest the highest level of war crimes. but ukraine has already made a lot of progress and is moving very quickly to racial tonight. thank you. now to some of the other stories making use around the world, no way and hungry have confirmed their 1st monkey pox cases of a 20 countries where the virus is not endemic. have now reported outbreaks. 300 cases have been identified most in europe. monkey pox is usually confined to parts of africa. thousands of fans and relatives have turned out for the funeral of punjabi repre cedar muso walla in northern india. 28 year old musician was shot dead while driving his car. authorities say the killing was linked to into gang
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rival. funerals had begun for the victims of the school shooting in texas where a gunman killed 19 children and 2 to 2 teachers. a week ago tragedy in the town of val day has rekindled the bite of a gun control in the u. s. and that is all the news for now. coming up next a d t o d, doubly doc film that's coming up after a short break claim. richardson will be in the chair after that. stay with samantha . me. how'd in berlin from me in the teen safe and south they matter is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for mercury. berkeley got with him. psychosis isn't.


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