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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news lie rot from berlin. the european union agrees a ban on most russian oil imports by the end of the year. it is the harshest measure yet imposed to punish moscow boards aggression in ukraine. also coming up on the ground, russian forces push a deeper into the eastern city of silverado. next authorities fear it will become another mario called, flattened by relentless bombardments and t. hollywood trials gripping chavez and
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social media. jurors deliberate in the defamation case between pirates of the caribbean star, johnny depp, and his ex wife amber purch. ah . hello, i am claire richardson, thanks much for joining us. the european union has handed down its harshest measures yet to punish russia for its aggression in ukraine. after weeks of wrangling, the 27 member states meeting in brussels have agreed to ban most imports of russian oil. by the end of the year, hungary opposed a total embargo because it relies heavily on russian supplies. some e leaders say it was the best deal they could achieve nectar, our barn is celebrating his 59th birthday at the e is summit here in brussels. the hungarian prime minister, however, already got his presence in the wee hours when your leaders agreed on an embargo on
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russian oil. but with exemptions for hungary and others. each commission presidential de la funder line, still presented the water down deal as a success. these sanctions are biting heart and are really, are destroying and that's the, the goal on the basis their financial basis of putting, leading this war and hitting heart the russian economy, the ear plans to cut only russian oil that's transported by c, hungary, slovakia, and the czech republic can continue to receive oil by pipeline for now. according to you, officials, in total 90 percent of fresh an oil imports, the block will stop by year's end. even those countries that would have liked to see as strict, you're embargo say it was most important to show unity. i was positively surprised
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because our, when we went into the room and the signs were not that great, but everybody was very constructive. those expect that huge, a cat are fresh and gas as a next step, are likely to be disappointed. though my gum bul, it is lot easier to compensate for russian oil. we managed to solve technical problems with victor alba, the gas, but gas is a different story. that's why gas embargo won't be part of the next sanctions package came to amazon soaring energy prices all over the blob are also addressed, as well as global food shortages. jew as to the war in ukraine, the on board don't produce the responsibility for all the dangers that we are facing. like clearly with russia and it's president, it will be to speak. that's why it's so important that we reinforce our efforts to make sure grain can be exported from ukraine. replacing e leaders will gather again in june. on this occasion, ukraine switched to join the european union is likely to top. the agenda
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i was going across to did up in brussels correspondent max sander. i'm actually just heard your commission president fund a lion in the report saying that the oil embargo will destroy the financial basis of futons war in ukraine. how hard will this really hit a russian economy? right, so the 6 package of sanctions in particular is all and burger has the potential to deal a severe blow to the russian economy. where we're talking about 90 percent less oil going into the european union. and this could transit into 25 percent less revenue in the russian budget, according to some experts. so a huge chunk of money. now this is because we're not just talking about oil, but also petroleum products or a refined products. we're talking about diesel. we're talking about a petrol, cosmetic sir production of that and an asphalt in various other, other in other areas. so industry, these industries and russia will,
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are all targeted by the sanctions and some of them are likely to be brought to their knees. ok, so this next round of sanctions, clearly tough on russia, about how tough can they potentially be for the e u. economy. will there be a substantial price to pay they're going to hurt the you economy. there's no, no, no doubt. and then this is also one of the reasons why this took so long, and this is also why one of the reasons probably why hungary, i did not partaken the final or agreement and install the talks for so long that the prices the prices of oil have already gone up on there, it's very sensitive. and just to give you one of the examples on just an example of one of the member states, a germany has committed to phasing out oil coming from the russian pipeline by the end of the year. but still germany has refineries in the country that need to work with rational that need need to be supplied. there are
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a lot of jobs connected to it. so now there were discussions on whether or not you were to put these companies under state control and where to get the, the alternative oil from. so every each and every member state apart from cost is also dealing with logistical issues here. so the old ann at big news, but not the only topic on the agenda in brussels to day. and that's what else came out of busy you summit. so various other topics were discussed. one very important topic here is his food security. now ukraine is also dubbed the bread basket of europe. um it's one of the biggest producers of grain in the entire world. the biggest one of the biggest exporters, and due to the warn ukraine grain is stuck there. so we're talking about 20000000 tons that are stuck in the ports of ukraine at the moment because they're blocked by the russian military. now the, you discussed on how to help with that situation. ok, because a lot of the screen goes to some of the poorest countries or in the world, some of the poorest countries in africa. and then malise,
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a lot of it goes to goes to humanitarian aid also. so what the european union has been discussing now is implementing green lanes, trying to bring out this grain through the u on rail, on land, not through the ship, what's bringing them to see ports in countries in the you and then putting them back in the supply chain there, and so the potential for huge international repercussions there. max, stand therefore, as in brussels, thanks very much for that. as go to the situation in ukraine and the governor of lou, hans can eastern ukraine as russian forces now control most of the city of civil road and ask one relief organization estimates. as many as 12000 civilians are trapped without food and power unable to flee because of the heavy fighting. russia is trying to seize the entire don bass region, already partially in separatist hands since 2014. the sound of artillery echoes across the dawn bass. russian forces in sunny fields shelling already shattered
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towns and cities before moving troops in for combat. the dogs in london budget though says in general, the situation and the don bass remains extremely difficult, but the russian army is trying to gather a superior force to put more and more pressure on our defenders. them with the maximum combat power of their army. we will put those nasty army richie. russia is pushing to seize the entire eastern region of don bass, which has already been partially in the hands of pro russian separatists since 2014 . so vero done yet has seen widespread destruction, similar to what happened in the port city of barrier pole but ukrainian forces have had some small successes elsewhere in the east. more than a 1000 civilians were evacuated from russian controlled towns around hockey id than the most. isn't emma?
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there's no power within of no phone service. no water. the echo, it's hard with guns. i can't contact my children. like my oldest daughter, there's no work and no money was seen. it isn't an occupation regime is being established and they've introduced the ruble prices of changed the force people to sign agreement saying they'll cooperate yet. vienna is, i hope i believe that i will return home to where i'm from and that it will be a part of ukraine up with that because i don't want to live under occupation. i just don't want to refer you as the russian onslaught grind song. the exodus continues. people fleeing the east with whatever they can carry, leaving behind homes, reduced to rubble and bodies buried hastily before leaving. if more let him bring indeed, only a correspondent, mateus boiling guy,
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who joins us now from the keith. much as it seems like russia is making limited, but steady progress. can you give us the latest developments from a battle ground? yes, so a russia seems to have concentrated most of its efforts on the city of sierra donetta similar than it used to be the administrative center off the new hands green of those parts of the lawns. regionally. we're still controlled by ukraine. that's, that was about 2 thirds before the war of this region. the rest was controlled by russian backed, so called separatist. but it's now been reduced to 5 percent, which is really the city itself and the neighboring city of listed chance can we are hearing that we've been hearing for days that they have entered the city. and that fighting has had been happening in the streets of cecilia and asking now are the news point to that they are might already be in control of a huge part of the city and the city might fall soon. that would be an important
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symbolic gain for russia would not be a breakthrough, because from there it will be very difficult for them to advance further. there's a river and then a hill. and on top of that hill, i ukrainian position so it will be difficult for them. it's not their breakthrough, but it will be a symbolic game. and you have personally just spent 10 days at the front line in the dumbass region. what have you witnessed there? and what have civilians told you? yeah, we have been to the sister city among either is our 1st or the next the least chance on the other side of that river that i've just talked about. and the situation is quite diet, it's not as bad as and so for the next, but still it's very difficult to escape the city. now the roads that lead there have been under constant fire. so some of them were almost impossible to pass through. and evacuations were still happening when we were there, but they would become more and more difficult. and yesterday,
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a french journalist was killed while he was traveling reporting on one of these evacuations. he was killed when one of these buses that bring people out. they were armoured buses, ometer trucks, better to say was shelled. so as we understand evacuations have now been halted. many people who were there did not want to leave. that's also something we have to say. many especially older people. there were saying whatever will come we'll come, i was born here, i will die here, things like that. and they were afraid to travel somewhere where they don't know what expects them having no money and not being able to support themselves, not knowing in what situation they will be in whether they will get aid. there is aid for refugees, but they didn't trust the situation and they thought it would be better to stay and wait out. given those dire circumstances, how is the morale remaining among ukrainian soldiers who are continuing to fight?
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we've spoken to some of them and all of them have said that the situation is very tough. there's huge pressure on them. russia is really trying to push them back with everything they have. that means a lot of artillery. we have heard from the president last week in one of the rare disclosures of ukrainian losses, that they are losing 50 to 100 soldiers a day. and that of course, does take its toll on the morale of, of the soldiers. but most of them have said that nothing is decided yet, and if the weapons that the west has promised and also some of them have already been delivered. if they will be able to use all of these, they have a chance to push back the russians to stop them at least. and what all of them have said, and that was since the beginning of the war, they have said, well, even if things don't go well, we are on our soil. we are defending some thing that we will lose of otherwise our morale will always be higher than the then then the other side because they have
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invaded us and we have no choice but to defend us. that's what many of them say. and although there is some kind of gloom, the fighting spirit with those we talked to was still there, it'll be a correspondent, much as buying a for us and key. thank you so much for reporting rushes attempt to capture ukraine's capital keith at the start of the war, ended in failure. now many of these residents worried moscow may be preparing for a 2nd assault, which could be even more brutal. t w's. rebecca driggers met up with a group of civilians getting ready to defend their homes as best they can. hello, oh, preparing for a 2nd onslaught. when russia tried to storm keith, these residents were on the back foot like katya, who felt helpless to defend herself. and her city water made me want to
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learn this even more as after everything, all the work crime started to get out. you know, i want to have an opportunity to protect myself. the actor says she owes everything to those who fought when she felt she could not. the only thing that allows me to do that, you know, allows me to leave to choose life. is that somebody is choosing death like right in the same moment. so they are choosing death for me to leave, you know, and that's just terrible because it's my people i know with fees growing that moscow, emboldened by gains in the east, could launch another attempt at taking the capital. these people say they won't be caught off guard again. volunteer instructor uri guides them through the basics. since the war broke out, hundreds of people have signed out to courses like this one. so many wanted to
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assist in the war if it, but didn't have the skills for combat. of course they are not yet soldiers completely, but at least for we have some some knowledge of the experience experience they feel they need for people here. the threat is existential was same, will the, it is we need to be prepared for everything was the threat of russians returning will remain with me until the end of my life able to sleep sounds. let's get that. there's always a chance. russians will come back, but according to the attitude i see from my friends, i don't think they stand a chance here. it's not a recent build up of belarus in troops. if ukraine's northern border has only added fuel to fears of another attack, we support they will vicar were several thousands of troops or, or was, or not as a border there waiting for some border rule. be this order, given redondo, what we mazda read it. if there is to be an x time,
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cartier says she will definitely fight. she and her fellow classmates fear a 2nd attempt on the capital could be even more brutal and will take an even bigger ref it to defeat. and orthodox rabbis from around the world have gathered this week in the german city of munich, around 250 rabbis are considering how to counter antisemitism and uphold religious freedom. ukraine is also on the agenda. thousands of ukrainian jews have fled the war to find refuge in other european countries. many russian jews have also left their homelands. let he abuse hands of grant spoke to pink hassan goldschmidt, president of the conference of european rabbi's chief rabbi, go to mid term. you are the chief rabbi of moscow now that there is war and you cram. how has that affected life in russia in moscow? how is it affected life in the jewish community?
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and in russia it has affected everybody like everyone else, and a very significant part of the jewish community has left russia. and another significant part is thinking about it. in ukraine itself, there is a very large jewish community and many of the people, many of the jews from that community have fled the country and have come west. how has the jewish community reactor to that? the way that the jewish communities and eastern europe and central europe have opened their doors and taken in refugees from the jewish community as a remarkable achievement. obviously these people are refugees say do not want to stay where they are them. if they want to return to the home country, how can we reach that point? what can be done? to end the situation, we need peace and we pray for peace on a daily basis. and can religious leaders play a role? what? what role can you play?
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we pray recall for peace, and we help those who were affected by this, by this war. you're one of the most senior rabbis in europe. and we are meeting here and you are meeting here with hundreds of rabbis in munich. what is the signal you are trying to send by having this meeting here in munich? the symbolism is very important. munich has been the place where historically the biggest wave in the history of anti semitism started crystal enough of ice well enough to splendid or out from about house music. and as the pavilion government has invited us to hold this conference for the 1st time in the history that the general assembly of the conference you've been rabbis has its has its assembly here in of
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a i think it is very important science. i think we're can talk about rising anti semitism in europe. how does that affect a church life here in europe? what's, what is your experience the experience of your community during the current time? so experienced a rising conspiracy theories during the demonstrations also were using the abuse of holocaust. a symbolism yes. in time. so for crisis, there is more than a phobia. and so on. foot triggers also manifested itself in racism and their summit was rabbi gotch much thank you very much for talking to torture video. and we can turn our attention now to some of the other stories that are making nears around the world. u. s. president and joe biden has met with new zealand prime minister just into our darn in washington
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d. c. gun violence and extremism dominated their talks. falling recent mass shootings in texas and new york ardor and successfully pushed for better gun control in her country. after a white supremacist attack in 2019 norway and hungary have confirmed their 1st monkey pox cases over 20 countries where the virus is not endemic. have now reported outbreaks. $300.00 cases have been identified most in europe when he pox is usually found in parts of africa. and here in germany, police have reported a rise in sexual violence against minors. authorities estimate over 17000 children were the victims of sexual abuse in 2021. while more people are coming forward to report cases, the actual number is believed to be much higher. 49 children ruthlessly exploited every day. victims of sexualized violence in germany. that's according to german
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federal police. investigators in the state of north rat westphalia, shown a spotlight on the most recent case at a press conference on monday. and so his ost moss on mentioned i'd never encountered such a level of inhuman, brutality, english and callous indifference towards the suffering of young children, klein, kin, h, madsen, the pain, and their cries and their obvious fear. it's been initiated in december last year. police arrested a 44 year old man in this town of venice. question he since been charged with multiple cases of child sexual abuse, the suspect advertised himself as a baby sitter on online portals like these. prosecutors believe he abused or raped, at least 12 of the children. he looked after, half of whom were under 3 as old prosecuted, say the suspect also exchanged child sexual abuse, photos, videos, and contacts with other pitfalls. over a number of years,
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police secured 32 terabytes of data that helped them track another 72 suspects across germany. officials believe the suspect was in contact with another known pedophile that worked in the city of minster. the site marvelous shows once again that the perpetrators mainly exchange information via the international dictator. but the perpetrators are not alone online. the police are there to bid on. i can only say to all pita, fall criminals, we may not get you to day, but one day will be at your door for oil drill. jim and police are making progress with child sexual abuse cases as a result of investment in better i. t technology and extra staff, the federal criminal police office says more investigations allow them to track down more suspects, does nothing. after the 1st case in north rine westphalia, we made a major investment to examine all the cases intensively, and in a timely manner. the phillips would employ federal states and now said to be broadening their investigations. but therapists say that one problem is that many
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victims are still too young to even speak properly. thus d, tom at his heels undulating power can decent mid june june, in terms of trauma, even these girls and boys that move once they become men and women need the opportunity to turn to good professionals if they need them with the fuzzy album. if i have the top no, nothing, many experts said those resources are still in too short supply. they want to see more funds dedicated to supporting survivors of abuse. sand for 6 weeks, the world has laptop learned claims and counterclaims between pirates of the caribbean star, johnny depp. and his ex wife actress, amber heard step is to re her for $50000000.00 for defamation. she is counter suing him for 100000000. now the trial is wrapping up with the jurors. deliberating ah, johnny depp and amber heard lawsuit and counter lawsuit have kept millions glued to
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their screens for weeks. with dirty details, humans fecal matter. the accusations ranging from absurd to harrowing cottage. as the trail unfolded, crowds of spectators and supporters gathered every day in the early morning hours to get a peak. at the 2 movie stars, entering the court in fairfax, virginia, experts say the decision to broadcast the trial was part of the depth strategy. the most celebrities do not want cameras in the court room. johnny depp's team really pushed toward embers, did not want it. so with a celebrity case, normally we never even see this part of it. dep denies allegations of abuse. instead accusing heard of trying to destroy his reputation in 2018, she published an article, calling herself a public figure representing domestic abuse. she didn't mention death by name,
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but he says it damaged his career. this is about him winning. his fans back, this is about him getting his reputation back in hollywood. in the studios. judging by the internet, that strategy has worked. social media users have overwhelmingly shown him their support. while many have engaged in campaigns to discredit heard. no matter who wins the case, experts warn the victims of domestic and sexual violence. you see the trial as another reason to keep silent. and before we go, let's get one for the harry potter fans. how much would you pay for a signed copy of the 1st book in the series london auction house, christine is hoping this 1st edition of harry potter and the philosopher's stone will fetch at least 200000 pounds more about 230000 euros. when it goes under the
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hammer, the hardback is one of just $500.00 printed in the 1st 1997 run. the high price is despite the word philosopher being mis spelled on the back cover. sounds like a collector's item is, is dw news from berlin after the break kick off and the big buddhist legacies and review to sit in for that. i'm clear. richardson in for lynn. thank you so much for watching. ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah, a beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's own about the perspective culture information this is dw and d w made from
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mines. oh, we've got some hot tips for your bucket list with no magic corner check hot spot for food, chair and some great cultural memorials to boot w travel off. we go. welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws?
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work through what they. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind, who benefits and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds start to june, 2nd on d w. so right now i don't have to do anything. i'm just here as the, let's call me safety ever use we are living during the most extraordinary time in history of transport. we'll go pull the electric.


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