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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 1, 2022 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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the european union agrees a ban on most russian oil imports by the end of the year. it is the harshest measure yet imposed to punish moscow for its aggression in ukraine. the will, the measures hit russia fast enough and hard enough. i'm clay richardson in berlin in this is the day ah, we decided then to have a plan now on diffract taught 90 percent of russian oil, which means 2 thirds of the moneys that we sent to russia will no longer be sent to him. the sanctions have a clear objective to get russia to in this war. a few weeks ago, nobody thought it was possible. we shouldn't exclude anything for the coming weeks . i think this was the best, the we good, so it gets families could sleep tomlinson night, my wife ended up the most ridiculous proposal. ah,
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also on the day, the international prob, into russian war crimes in ukraine gathers pace. prosecutors say they'll be drawing on a mountain of recorded atrocities begun fairly conclude that the war in ukraine will be the most documented, armed conflict we have ever witnessed so far. ah, sure he wears from around the world. thanks so much for joining us. the european union has handed down its harshest measures yet to punish russia for its aggression in ukraine. after weeks of wrangling be 27 member states meeting in brussels have agreed a ban on most russian oil imports by sea. by the end of the year, hungary opposed a total embargo because it relies heavily on russian supplies. and the compromise was described by some european leaders as the best they could do. victor, our barn is celebrating his 59th birthday at the
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e is summit here in brussels. the hungarian prime minister, however, already got his presence in the wee hours when you leaders agreed on an embargo on russian oil. but with exemptions for hungary and others. you commission president joseph underline, still presented the war to down deal as a success. these sanctions are biting heart and are really, are destroying. and that's the goal on the basis their financial basis of putting, leading this war and hitting heart, the russian economy. the ear plans to cut only russian oil that's transported by c hungary, slovakia, and the czech republic can continue to receive oil by pipeline for now. according to your officials, in total 90 percent of fresh and oil imports, the block will stop by years and even those countries that would have liked to see
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as strict, you're embargo say it was most important to show unity. i was positively surprised because our, when we went into the room, the signs were not that great, but everybody was very constructive. those expect that you to cat are fresh and gas as a next step. i like you to be disappointed though from my come boom. it is lot easier to compensate for russian oil. we managed to solve technical problems with victor alba, the gas but gas is a different story. that's why gas embargo won't be part of the next sanctions package tend to amazon, sorry, energy prices all over the blog. we're also addressed, as well as global food shortages jew as to the war in ukraine, the for on ford, on pretty the responsibility for all the dangers that we are facing. like clearly with russia and its president, it will be because that's why it's so important that we reinforce our efforts to make sure grain can be exported from ukraine replacement. your leaders will gather
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again in june. on this occasion, ukraine switched to join the european union is likely to top the agenda and me hire credit him as an oil and gas expert based. and also here's his assessment of the impact of the embargo. the impact is going to be tremendous because we witness oil production sites and said the area slowing down and the refineries and the rest of which brought us a lot of refined for other which is exported to europe. they also will have to cut down the production so decrease, or some of them will close down. totally. and all they know if we consider all the impact on the silvery industry this help oil in the gross or convent, i believe that to raving years. so the rest and federal budget this year 5 are
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going to lose about 25 percent to we. now, hungary, which gets 60 percent of its oil from russia, threatened to veto the entire sanctions package if it didn't get supply guarantees . any leaders eventually did agree to exemptions or how much friction did this cause. here's dw brussels bureau chief alexandra phenomenon. it cause friction, no doubt about that. we know that some member states, including the baltic states, for instance, they were very unhappy with hungary stance on russia. and we also know that victor oberon has been a very difficult partner within the european union. he supported previous sanctions against russia, but only reluctantly. however, many here were really surprised that he threatened to use hungry veto power to block this sick. so package of sanctions, so the leaders were trying to,
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to convince hungry that was not really possible in the, and a hungry god. so this exemption. and that is, of course, a big win for victor. all been so outside of the euro zone, but still in the you is hungry. it's fighting a battle against inflation with the war in ukraine right on their doorstep. omarian's are feeling the knock on effects more than most new labels. again, prices of sharply increased for coffee. it has nearly doubled since last year, whenever they carry them out in giga dish. well i have just changed rice decks and when i still buy home much, they have increased. i was stunned later. my will effort them. the inflation rate for april stands at 9.5 percent in hungary, one of the highest in eastern europe. in an attempt to turn the tide, the state fixed a prize for a few products. for instance, for sugar. also this pack of flour and this bottle of sunflower oil costs just as
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much as last year. now this is due to government price caps, which are in place until july 1st, but keeping some prices artificially down didn't change the overall inflation for so many of the products. consumers tell us they are paying about 40 percent more for their entire shopping basket. this is 500 for in as this is exorbitant, the price of florida oil means nothing. and that's not what we live. probably prime minister or bon says prices have gone up due to the war in ukraine and sanctions imposed by the european union, which hungary is a member off. and his price caps allegedly support the families. the manager of this rural gasoline station disagrees. he must sell the fuel for 484 in the later. that's about one your and $0.25. one of the lowest prices in europe and another price cap. he can barely remain open,
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cover rising energy costs or pay salaries. he says, we have a family to go, they need to be supported to. if i cannot bring money home with my families not being supported along with other privately own gasoline stations, he sues the government over alleged violation of their property rights. he sass was like finding outrages of that i must operate this with loss and cannot clover on that. as georgia access price caps won't help decrease inflation without austerity measures. hungary, economic reality will become non manageable. the economy choreography that we have a trends officer. we have a high inflation that firm. nothing. no good news are coming from divert economy. ah, the energy prices remain high. so all those issues are there, are there this, there is no real culpable death. the government has now made it clear that it's bracing front economic crisis. what's less clear is whether it's measures are
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effective to deal with it. ah. while ukraine's top prosecutor is preparing to try dozens of suspected russian war criminals with hundreds more russian suspects under investigation. she says the list includes senior military officers, politicians and propaganda, asians wonderful pro. some trials have already begun. thanks to meticulous documentation on the ground. jason momentum, but investigating potential war crimes could prove difficult in areas where russia has taken control. a warning that our next report contains disturbing images. images that no one should have to see civilians strewn across the street in boucher the immediate aftermath of a strike on a maternity hospital in mary u poll. a mass grave holding the unidentified
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bodies of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grand parents, and children after ukrainian fighters pushed russian forces back from towns and villages they'd occupied evidence of atrocities began to pile up all being documented by human rights groups. ukrainian officials and journalists on the ground. now, almost 2 months later, you cranes, prosecutor general, says investigations are underway into well over 10000 suspected war crimes. ranging from pillaging and looting, rape and summary execution, to indiscriminate bombing of civilian infrastructure. the 1st war crimes trial concluded last week, resulting in a guilty verdict for a 21 year old russian soldier, charged with shooting an unarmed ukrainian man. but in
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the eastern don bus region where the war is still being fought, tracking down evidence and prosecuting potential war crimes could prove a lot more difficult in the southern city of mar, you poll aerial pitches showed the word children dogged outside the theatre building. that was hit by russian asked, writes in march and associated press investigation suggests as many as 600 people may have been killed, death as they taught shelter. ukraine says russia knew it was the civilian target. now, mary, you poll is in russian hands and an independent investigation at the site has been impossible. exactly who and how many people died. death may never be known. in april satellite images showed apparent mass graves near the city. local officials say up to $9000.00 bodies could be buried that victims of russian
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aggression. they say what? now russia is focusing its assault on the loo hunter region. the fear is if more towns and cities fall under russian control, the harder it will become to investigate potential war crimes and hold any one there to account. and members of a multi nation european team, investigating alleged war crimes held a briefing today in the hague, in the netherlands. that investigation is being coordinated by the european union agency for criminal justice. the international criminal court is also investigating a ledge war crimes in ukraine willis in 1st to the ukrainian chief prosecutor every day in the ukraine. we have extra 20300 war crimes. for this moment, we have near 15 solvents, cases only about to walk rhymes. ah, we have armoires anchor keith. it is crime of aggression. in this approach,
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it is grandma for grace, shall we help more than 600 suspects? actually, it is high level off top, military military's politicians and propaganda agents of russian federation. we can fairly conclude that the war in ukraine will be the most documented armed conflict we have ever witnessed so far. the office is moving. generally i've said it before my election to a greater feel presence or this is a key. we can't fly in and fly out from situations around the world. that's as true in saddam as it is in ukraine. and we are hopefully in the next few weeks, i will be working towards opening an office in kia and to help us understand, i'd like to bring in a catherine up, i saw a ukrainian lawyer specializing in international humanitarian and criminal walk.
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she is currently an academy associate at chatham house in lunch, and thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. let's start with the statement there by the head of euro, just that this will be the most documented armed conflict ever witnessed. first of all, what is that going to mean for prosecutors? good evening. in goods sincere, we see the increase documentation of an armed conflicts, not by not only by the usual. investigators prosecutors, but 1st and foremost by the 1st responders by witnesses victims, by human rights groups for investigators and prosecutors. it's both a benefit, but also an additional challenge because we've got a massive amount of evidence and also a lot of stakeholders. both though, working on behalf of the state, those working from the international court and human rights groups whose efforts
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have to be court have to be coordinated in the case of ukraine. it seems that both ukraine and international partners and the civil society, which is very active and has been very active in documenting a talk to distance roches initial invasion in 2014. they have taken this lesson. so a couple of harmonization activities have been launched. most recently, the united states, the, you and the united kingdom have launched the special approach of the crimes advisory board for the government of ukraine for the prosecutor general's office. and they will not just provide experts support to the prosecutor general, but also ensure that all the documentation, investigation, and perfect tutorial efforts are properly coordinated so that more qualitative cases are billed soon. they touched on the role of nonprofit organizations. i can
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you tell us how the information that is collected by n g o is, will be treated in these cases and yours are especially ukrainian and jose, which are well established with certain victim and witness groups since 2014. they 1st and foremost, collect the statements from the victim witnesses. they also analyze the open source evidence and they prove that they do share the evidence. they have shared the evidence consistently with ukrainian investigative from prosecutor. again, since the beginning of the conflict in 2014, both the human rights groups and ukraine, prosecutors have submitted and keep drafting and submitting the special communications to the international criminal court concerning the ledge to war crimes, crimes against humanity, and now possibly a crime genocide. so there is both of the direct effort from human rights groups,
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submitting the evidence to investigate the prosecutors and to the hague. but also the do that jointly with the current domestic professionals. what i think is going to been you starting since this new wave of invasion of february this year is that ukrainian human rights groups will most likely also prioritize domestic criminal proceedings in other countries under the so called universal jurisdiction principle . and this is the avenue that really has to be investigated properly because so many victims and witnesses to move out or few cray. and there is really a viable chance to have qualitative proceedings elsewhere in germany, in sweden, in baltic states, which according to miss benedicts about prosecutor general of ukraine, all of the conducting the investigations into the violations perpetrated during russia's aggression. i also want to ask you about this anchor crime of aggression that we heard the ukrainian prosecutor general referring to. how important is the
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prosecution of that offense? one which has been so often overlooked in past conflicts. ukraine actually had been investigating and prosecuting the chrome of aggression since the beginning of the conflicts since 2014. so it can do that under it domestic law. the most important thing is to charge the right people with this crime. and that should be the top military and political leadership of a particular state, in this case, russia that has plant and launched and perpetrating the ongoing crime of aggression against ukraine. but also ukraine has been very vocal in low being the creation of a special tribunal to prosecute the chrome of aggression and the case. and the international criminal court currently does have the jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute will crimes, crimes against humanity, and the chroma genocide,
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potentially perpetrated during the rasa crane and conflict, but not the crime of aggression. so, following the who's from the ukranian government? most recently, the parliamentary assembly of the council of europe has called on for the creation of the specialized tribunal to try the russian political l needed to leadership. and the european parliament has recently also adopted the resolution supporting the creation of such a tribunal and calling on to the member states to support and facilitate its proceedings. so in the near future, we actually might see how the domestic congressional related proceedings are developing in ukraine. but also whether this a potential or specialized aggression tribunal actually materialize elsewhere. where in europe or potential in q. now, perhaps it's unlikely to affect the way that russia is carrying out this war at the
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moment. but what would large scale war crimes, convictions mean for western governments who might want to move quickly? it's more of normalizing relations with russia in the future. well, it is going to be a pronouncement of a court of law. the legal pronouncement of the alleged crimes perpetrated by russia's leadership, the military command, and the soldiers on the ground. that is also very important for not just the ukrainian society, but the russian and the roost in societies who are quite affected by the propaganda in their own nations. and the fact that independent judgements will come from independent court the they in the have go elsewhere, domestic courts in europe or ukrainian court. it's going to be a strong message also to the russian and to the lucien side. okay, catherine, over at chatham house in london. thank you again so much for taking the time to
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speak with us today. thank you very much. i now, in any armed conflict, intelligence gathering is crucial. so to is deceiving the enemy on the battlefield . during world war 2, the allies use inflatable decoy of heavy machinery to fool nazi aerial recognized reconnaissance. but it seems that some 70 years on that technique has not lost its effectiveness. ah, an m 60 battle tank american made traveling across the meadow in the north of the czech republic, near the german border from the join footage. it's not easy to recognize that this is not actually heavy weaponry at all. it's an inflatable decoy driven by an ordinary car. no one's playing a prank on residence near the town of ditch in the fake tank is made by a civilian armaments company and the czech republic. instead of being assembled
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like a real tank, this one takes about half an hour to inflate. then it looks, at least from a distance deceptively real for enemy recognizance. last is just we also have systems installed to deceive radar and thermal cameras. and even when looking through binoculars, our products are difficult to recognise from a distance and disco labella. the use of rubber decoys is not new. the us used them to full denazi's during world war 2. nato armies are still ordering and flight will decoys today? the company says it's versions of soviet designed equipment are currently in high demand. it's easy to assume that the inflatable weapons are most likely being used in ukraine. the company can produce 15 rubber tanks in a month, all hand made for you to fulfill the review of these are the individual parts of a tank. they are then sewn together according to the design drawing. then it just
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needs to be inflated. and it looks like the real vehicle process is a little bit better. the company doesn't just produce tanks, but a whole range of large military equipments like the f, a, h anti aircraft, massage systems, and fight it in just 10 minutes. a lot of hot here for 25000 years, but according to the manufacturer, even modern thermal imaging cameras and right, our systems can be fooled by built in heating coils. oh we often hear from pilots and i wasn't sure if it was a dummy or real hardware and that's what we're all about or confusing the enemy. i think it's also important is that an attack with ammunition powerful enough to destroy a real vehicle? cost the enemy $5.00 to $8.00 times more than the cost of our damina. he initials
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docs of 3. and after that he woodland carter is a former lieutenant general. he's familiar with this technology from his time serving with the german army, which also uses inflatable dummies. he says they could be use the skies arm shipments to ukraine, the mercury kaiden, the ability to get western equipment into ukraine is limited to couldn't. we can take hardware in on the roads or by rail. by sea is very tricky. see area in this respect, working with dummies and protecting one's own equipment to ensure that the deliveries actually arrive in ukraine. certainly makes a lot of sense and us as good. okay. no kinda uncommon. it closes in full even if it might seem like a lot of hot air for the layman. experts know that this technology is anything but and it gives a whole new meaning to military air power. ah
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. and finally one for the harry potter fans. how much would you pay for a signed 1st edition of the very 1st book, while london auction house christy's is hoping harry potter and the philosopher's stone will fetch at least a $200000.00 pounds when it goes under the hammer. the hardback book is one of just 500 printed in the 1st 1997 run. and the high price is despite the word philosopher being mis spelled on the back cover. it author j. k. rowling was unknown at the time by, of course, the boy wizards adventures became one of the omen of literature. his greatest heads also spawning a film franchise at was the day as ever, the conversation continues online. you'll find us on twitter at dw news. i'm clear, richardson or actor reports on twitter from the team working behind the scenes, thanks much for joining us.
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ah, with sierra leone? 20 years after the civil war, around $10000.00 child soldiers were forced to fight. where are they now? and how do they live with their traumatic memories? nobody talks about not in school, not in college. we pretend like it didn't happen to 77 percent of them.
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on the 100000000 trees pam can ages rain forest still be safe so far record deforestation as provided the local livelihoods. now an environmental project on borneo plans to revitalize the jungle and secure the well being of small pharmacy. a level 3000 in 60 minutes on d, w. o. she beat it out. unfortunately, in a south bay, mother is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for murdering for 3 daughters. if you could call me back i
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