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people, we shed light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us all o p worlds? start to june, 2nd on d w ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is d w. news live from berlin, holding war criminals to account in ukraine. investigators say russia has committed nearly 15000
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a legit war crimes since the war began. hundreds of suspects have been identified. we speak to ukraine's top prosecutor about the fight for justice, also coming up civilians. lee as russia advances deeper into the don bass. it's horses and our boys to take complete control of the eastern city of the several donuts. thousands of ukrainians remained trapped there. plus the hollywood trial watched by millions, jurors deliberate in the defamation case between pirates of the caribbean star, johnny depp. and his ex wife actress i heard ah, told me your logic boy, it's good to have you with us. investigators in ukraine say russia has committed nearly 15000 war crimes since the beginning of the war. and that the number is
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growing by the day. the top prosecutor is preparing to try dozens of suspected war criminals with hundreds more suspects under investigation. she says the list includes it, senior russian, military officers, hollis fissions and propaganda agents. some trials have already begun. thanks to meticulous documentation on the ground. d w. news spoke to ukraine's top. he cranes, prosecutor general, about her fight for justice 1st though we have this report and a warning that sunday was. but i am these images distressing. images that no one should have to see civilians strewn across the street in butcher. the immediate aftermath of a strike on a maternity hospital in mary. you pull a mass grave holding the unidentified bodies of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grand parents,
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and children after ukrainian fighters pushed russian forces back from towns and villages they'd occupied evidence of atrocities began to pile up all being documented by human rights groups. ukrainian officials and journalists on the ground. now, almost 2 months later, you cranes, prosecutor general, says investigations are underway into well over 10000 suspected war crimes. ranging from pillaging and looting, rape and summary execution, to indiscriminate bombing of civilian infrastructure. the 1st war crimes trial concluded last week, resulting in a guilty verdict for a 21 year old russian soldier, charged with shooting an unarmed ukrainian man. but in the eastern don bass region where the war is still being fought,
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tracking down evidence and prosecuting potential war crimes could prove a lot more difficult in the southern city of mar, you pulled aerial pictures, showed the word children dogged outside the theatre building. that was hit by russian asked, writes in march and associated press investigation suggests as many as 600 people may have been killed there as they taught shelter. ukraine says russia knew it was a civilian target. now, mary, you poll is in russian hands and an independent investigation at the site has been impossible. exactly who and how many people died there may never be known. in april satellite images showed apparent mass graves near the city. local officials say up to $9000.00 bodies could be buried their victims of russian aggression. they say,
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what now russia is focusing its assault on the loo hunt region. the fear is if more towns and cities fall under russian control, the harder it will become to investigate potential war crimes and hold any one there to account. date of nice. terry schultz in the hague, spoke to the ukranian prosecutor general. irina very dick tova, she asked about the likelihood that these investigations will succeed. we understand that in ukraine, we have 3 masses of more than 5000 city rounds audit more than 6000 civilians, iron chart. but these figures are not correct at all. we can't count people who are on the look at screening on and on the video to wish her temper recuperated. but we all know who are responsible for the civil for these dis, this for every single what is going on a ukraine. of course,
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this president of russian federation and his team actually who started this war, who started to kill civilians, rape susie lown, stores civilians, every, all these atrocities. what to and now hell on the wrong to the ukraine. actually, of course it to, to, i think not on the my main goal. it's a main goal of all civilized vote of all people who speak involve trula floyd ball justice about international law. the people who are responsible of this, of the people who is responsible of crime of aggression who just came to the neighbor, stays. so just take the allowed to and kill the people. actually they should be punished. i think it's very important that often substitution in the church now in georgia in syria. now we have so huge sure,
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and aggressive and brutal war and ukraine. maybe it's time to not only to stop this war, not only to banish people, horace cancer book, but actually to prevent such situation in the future. because when we speak about immunities a to, it's understand that this people will be ready to do it the same in the future. but do you think you can get vladimir putin and people of that level here? the threshold for proving these war crimes, as you know far better than i do, these atrocity crimes is so high, it takes years to build cases. it is that daunting to you? does that, does that intimidate you? the, the loved the threshold of evidence that you need to prove these war crimes against people like letterman are, again a, if a speak about crime of aggression. it's very simple case. we all understand who is responsible of grammar progression. it 1st. then when we speak about walker,
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i'm sick and crimes against humanity. when we speak about common responsibility. when the soldiers have done atrocity owns abroad and to for of commander knew about this. it's mean that he has so calm responsibility for this. of course i seen her a we should try to do every sin to punish people who are responsible. the governor of lou hands, skin eastern ukraine says russian forces now control most of the city of several done. that's one relief organization. estimates as many as $12000.00 civilians are trapped without food and power unable to flee because of the heavy fighting. russia is trying to see the entire don bass region already partially and separate his hands since 2014 the sound of artillery echoes across the dawn bass. russian forces in sunny fields. shelling already shattered towns and cities before
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moving troops in for combat. meeting with slovakia as president ukrainian president followed him as the lansky said, getting artillery from allies would make a crucial difference as william squatters in the east. it's difficult for us because of the lack of appropriate weapons with if our mission to reclaim the region when it leads to tens of thousands of our people dying. probably, yeah, we will wait for the appropriate weapons to save as many of our people as we can. not the weapons are what will reclaim the territory. the wages are you will do for years. and the 2nd piece russia is pushing to seize the entire eastern region. of don bass, which has already been partially in the hands of pro russian separatists since 2014 severe done yet, has seen widespread destruction. similar to what happened in the port city of mario pole. but ukrainian forces have had some small successes elsewhere in the east.
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more than a 1000 civilians were evacuated from russian controlled towns around hockey id than the most is in the my there's no power but then of no phone service, no water. the echo it's hard with gunn. i can't contact my children. like my oldest daughter, there's no work and no money, little pussy leadership, an occupation regime is being established. and they've introduced the rubel prices have changed the forest people to sign agreement saying they'll cooperate yet vienna is. i hope i believe that i will return home to where i'm from and that it will be a part of ukraine up with how much does it because i don't want to live under occupation. i just don't want to rosa. as the russian onslaught grinds on, the exit is continues. people fleeing the east with whatever they can carry,
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leaving behind homes, reduced to rubble and bodies buried hastily before leaving. the w correspondence matches willinger is in the ukrainian capital key. if he sent us this update on the latest russian gains in don bass. yes. so roughly seems to have concentrated most of its efforts on the city of sebra, done net exhibitor, than it used to be. the administrative finter off the new ham, screeching of those parts of the lawns. regionally, we're still controlled by ukraine. that's that was about 2 thirds before the war of this region. the rest was controlled by russian backed, so called separate is but it's now been reduced to 5 percent, which is really the city itself and the neighboring city of listed chance can we are hearing that we've been hearing for days that they have entered the city and that fighting has been happening in the streets of c. c at and it's kind of over the news point to that. they are might already be in control of
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a huge part of the city and the city might fall soon. that would be an important symbolic game for russia. it would not be a breakthrough because from there it will be very difficult for them to advance further. there's a river and then a hill. and on top of that hill, i ukrainian position so it will be difficult for them. it's not their breakthrough, but it will be a symbolic game sch now to some of the other stories making news around the world. k pop group b t s. have visited the white house in talks with president joe biden, the boy band discussed the rise in anti asian hate crimes in the us in the united states. b t. s, and known for using the international fame to promote social justice issues, including in the u. s. house today to discuss and joe biden has also met and used aiden's prime minister jacinta arden in washington gun violence and extremism dominated their talks. following recent mass shootings in texas and new york auden
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successfully pushed for better gun control in her country for a white supremacist attack in 2019 norway and hungary have confirmed the 1st monkey books cases of a 20 countries where the virus is not endemic. have now reported outbreaks, 300 cases have been identified. most in europe. monkey box is usually confined to parts of west and central africa. for 6 weeks, the world has laptop, leery claims, and counterclaims between pirates of the caribbean star, johnny depp. and his ex wife, actress, amber heard dep is suing her for $50000000.00 for defamation. she's count to suing him. 400000000. now the trial is wrapping up with jurors. deliberating. johnny depp and amber herds law suit and counter law suit have kept millions glue
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to their screens for weeks. with 30 details, human fecal matter, the accusations ranging from absurd to harrowing got ish. as the trial unfolded, crowds of spectators and supporters gathered every day in the early morning hours to get a peak. at the 2 movie stars, entering the court in fairfax, virginia, experts say the decision to broadcast the trial was part of dep strategy. most celebrities do not want cameras in the courtroom and johnny depp's team really pushed forward embers, seem to not want it. so with the celebrity case, normally we never even see this part of it. jap denies allegations of abuse. instead accusing heard of trying to destroy his reputation. in 2018, she published an article, calling herself a public figure representing domestic abuse. she didn't mention dep by name,
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but he says it damaged his career. was is about hen winning. his fans back, this is about him getting his reputation back in hollywood and the studios. judging by the internet, deb strategy has worked. social media users have overwhelmingly shown him their support. while many have engaged in campaigns to discredit heard, no matter who wins the case, experts warned that victims of domestic and sexual violence may see the trial as another reason to keep silent. oh, that's it for now. stay with deed of the news, the businesses annexed. sh. i'm skill that i want that tag and in the end is a me, you are not


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