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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  June 1, 2022 8:30am-9:01am CEST

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where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings, were organized crime rules, where conglomerates make their own laws? we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us all o peak wolf? this week on d, w i . e thing is so much fun, but we all know that eating too much is not good for us. and many people dream of shedding a few pounds. but do dias work? it's also important not to eat too little food to eat the wrong foods,
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which can lead, for example, to developmental problems in children, as well as bad teeth that and mo, coming up with humans are getting faster and faster around 2000000000 adults wold by overweight or obese the food industry knows that many of us want to lose weight. and so there are now a wealth of products that claim to help us do. so by being low sugar, for example. but can they really help us drop the pounds? and people buying lights and sugar free products thinking they're doing something good for themselves. these foods contain artificial sweeteners like sucrose, soccer, in or aspartame. they taste as sweet as sugar,
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but have far fewer calories. i am not sure i use them because i want to lose weight in mind. if you use sugar, you need to burn more calories will be in trouble as, as google or do it. that's healthy model. maybe it just gives you a good gut feeling. spoke a few misha events from german obesity support group, i depositors hilfa relied on products with sweetness for a long time. he weighed over a 150 kilos and urgently needed to lose weight. to cut calories, c completely dispensed with table sugar. but he didn't lose weight despite all his efforts. lindsey went off like what took the isn't if you only light products mark, which are supposed to have far less sugar and fat for nothing actually happens, then you start to doubt your. so that's why that month do that for 3 or 4 weeks without seeing any results. if you get totally frustrated as of wrinkles to you,
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it's a tale nutritionist, matea sweeter often has. he has a clear opinion on sugar substitutes. they don't a healthy weight loss because our appetite for sweets remains. dystrophy again, weakness react was the same receptors in the body in the goggle as sugar dosa and continue to trigger cravings for sweet. her lungs are replacing sugar with sweetener. only solves a small part of the problem. lined tired is co being reduced. obesity is actually caused quite too many carbohydrates overall and not enough vegetables all can solve that problem with sweeteners didn't problem lose each mixed off garnished. one explanation for this could be that sweetness caused blood sugar levels to rise. israeli was such as have found evidence of this. they had to volunteers consume 12 sa, shay's worth of the sweetness sucker in daily for a week. in addition to their normal males, both women had a sensor in that upper arm,
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which measured blood sugar the result of the small study, one of the subjects, blood sugar level rose sharply within a week. and that tallies with nutritionist, mathias needles, findings not to according to the latest studies. also we have to assume that weakness promote diabetes as it depends on the direction of intake and also the amount we have other diseases worse weakness. grubhub would play a role to suffer vash. honish analyst been a recent british study, provides a possible explanation as to why sweetness could promote the development of diseases in cell culture experiments. the research has found that sweetness can change the properties of certain bacteria in the in testing. the experiments indicate that after ingesting sweetness, intestinal bacteria are able to penetrate the protective layer of the intestinal wall. this could trigger inflammation affecting the furnace. look,
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it's an effect we didn't know, but before. and if those results are confirmed, it's of course worrying. ultimately, we need to focus more on the intestines and intestinal bacteria when it comes to testing new foods or re evaluating old food ingredients. but importantly, it's an initial suspicion, or these are preliminary findings. however, it is not in their lab tests, the british research is also found that frequent consumption of sweetness led to decreased bacterial diversity in the in testing, samo hoover observed something similar in his with, such by might like for some people taking sweeteners can cause the intestinal micro biome, to change for the worse, which in turn affects the whole body also of the so the balance in the intestine and on the mucous membrane. but also on the way we digest foods like sugar.
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williams mittens by pill, took off name for michelle vets. sweetness caused gastro, intestinal issues what's been stuffed on vicar last, when i left out the sweetener that the diarrhea went away, but each other kind of i no longer had stomach pains, then i realized ok, it's not for me not mix nutritionists advise avoiding artificial sweeteners. if possible, and cutting down on sugar to the him, felix, to reduce your sugar consumption bit by bit. that is the causal really not sugar knowing or maybe just half as much, half dilute fruit juice 1st. then you smaller amounts. griffin cut out sugar, where everyone can respond was good. that's what mackay advanced it and lost over 40 kilos. his sense of taste has changed to. now natural sweetness is enough for him. oh, dieting is something many of us have had
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a go as we ask people in berlin about their experiences dot tunic loud. of course i've tried diet. what women hasn't i haven't heard nor do i know anyone who has. i just tried to eat healthy food on them. i tried shorter diet and it doesn't work for me. for fever exercise you lots of you to lots of movement. that's how you burn calories on colored and get back. we followed a vegan diet for a while. we've done everything work if you want to lose weight, he need to eat less, but that's easy or sent than done. the internet and magazines are full of all sorts of miracle diets that help you, shen pounds. but how many actually work this pyramid shows what the lungs in a healthy daily diet. the basis is non sugary drinks, then come plant based foods,
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fruit, festivals and grains. we need to eat lots of these dairy products, me and fish regularly. fun in moderation, oils and fats should be consumed more sparingly and sugar and snacks is an occasional treat. a crash diet involves drastically reducing what you eat for a short period, either by eating very little or only eating the same food repeatedly. they work. unfortunately, we don't have good data or we don't have any data that all in those crushed i. it's because people started i at monday got tired of it then they you know, go back to the original me we are you day or the study died really owing it very strictly. lindy's start good, getting eating. so we migrate back to that original. you know, the main characteristic of these diets is that they deliver impressive shock and weight loss results. but the way that is last comes mainly from the water stores
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and from the lean mass of our broadband, not from adipose tissue. and these weight is regained immediately after cessation of these diet and even more because these diets lower are based on metabolic wait to, to muscle breakdown. so i would say that crash diets can reduce more to wait in the short term, but definitely they do not improve overall outcomes. the conclusion crash diets don't work in the long term. low car or low fat diets are more effective long term strategies. a low current plan involves cutting down brand pasta and so on. meanwhile, low fat diets involve leaving out the bats. although these low fat diets are modesty effective for short term weight loss, the long term compliance to these diets is often difficult to accomplish and the
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individual response to these diet is also very different from person to person. one study shows that when compared to usual diets, low fat diets are indeed more effective and weight reduction with a slight to modest effect. but there is one drawback. we humans loves. i thought it because it is a lot of energy. we love ice cream lot, lots. i have a high fat foods and so sticking to it, it's difficult low fred, i've been to chris, but most people struggle to stick to a low fat diets because you have to keep counting calories. what am low called a low carb diet, on the other hand, means avoiding carbohydrates. those shrinking. all that means you eat a lot less or daughter and fewer calories will modify inigo and you call them. and you also eat more protein, which makes you more full than ones if you put it in as 5, that means you don't tend to feel so hungry 1st one, which makes it easier to stick to the diets of which so
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a low carb diet works where a lot of people do it on a little cocky conclusion. low fat diets are hard to stick to, while cutting out carbs is easier. ah, these days a lot of people swear by intermittent fasting. this involves not eating at all. proceed 16 hours a day, but eating normally the rest of the time. so you can just cut out breakfast for dinner. alternatively, you can eat normally 5 days a week and restrict calories or fast 2 days a week. for some people you be able to maintain that window. thank you lou, much g at my match that they eat. so it might be helpful. we met with these types of diets can produce indeed a mild to moderate weight loss. ah. 3 to 8 percent. we've been 3 months, but i'd like to emphasize that these weight loss is exactly the same. and similar
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to that, the chief by traditional dieting approaches, which is the daily caloric restriction. granado come along of generally speaking it's healthy to building phases of fasting or of restricting food intake. it's also good for cell regeneration because processes get initiated. which function like a clear out action for the body or so repair mechanism was get fired up. toxins that got rid of and so on until about uncharged. civilians are barton studies show that intermittent fasting diets are promising that long term safety and efficacy data at her lacking so intermediate fast and can work. but is there a way of losing weight and keeping it off without having to go hungry? let's emily with it at the end of the day, each of us has to develop our own individual strategy. there's no guide books that
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works for everyone. no advice, no diet, no way of behaving, that works who are sold and guarantees, permanent weight loss sick or wow. set realistic goals for weight loss and weight loss of 5 to 10 percent of your initial body weight within the 1st 6 months is a realistic approach. i would say such if one doesn't work for me, just try something different. many countries have died as recommendations in see what it is and compare my diet, only your own diet. with that, that recommendations in c, which can be conclusion slipping down takes time and what works best varies from person to person. unfortunately, there is no silver bullet from weight loss or feeling full doesn't necessarily mean that we've taken in the energy we need. and
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if our diet is very unbalanced or one sided, we often don't get enough fisherman's and minerals. this home of malnutrition, also known as hidden hunger, is found all over the world. and there are many different reasons for it. what are the effects and what can we do about it? what is the institute for climate impact research in potsdam germany have to do with you tricia a lot because global warming is also affecting the plant world and thus misled the basis of all diet. amanda event heads the climate change in health working group at the institute. she studies, maternal and child nutrition. her main focus is ma nutrition, malnutrition, as a big a public health problem that is affecting the globe. when out of every 3 people suffer from some form of malnutrition, so this can be under nutrition. ah,
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which could mean that protein or energy deficiency? it could mean it might go to print deficiencies. so the over 2000000 people in the world have some sort of vitamin or mineral deficiency. such deficiencies make you sick. an estimated quarter to half a 1000000 children worldwide become blind every year due to vitamin a deficiency. 500000000 women and 250000000 children suffer from anemia because they don't get enough iron. vitamin b 12 or so late for children, especially anemia can have a serious effect on health. mikhail carving cal advises the german angio, read tongue. i hid 4 and research the effects of chronic hungarian children. d. a cornish daniel should chronic malnutrition stance growth and delays. puberty, that's the most noticeable effect of feeling. severe malnutrition affects your entire body and severely malnourished children are critically ill. her tongue
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taught the severe malnutrition damages heart muscle, and the liver more just and affects the immune system on calls. and unfortunately, you can't even when they're receiving treatment for humble, many severely malnourished children, die of heart. so households are an estimated 3000000000 people worldwide counter food. a healthy varied diet home gardens can help. many countries have launched initiatives to promote home gardens and provide training to local communities. families grow nutrient rich fruit and vegetables in these gardens year round and they eat when they so amanda vent has been studying a homestead garden project in rural bangladesh for years. we can say now that we have seen a positive and significant effect on agricultural production in the home garden and i'm more diverse ah fruits and vegetables being grown as well as increases and dietary diversity, which is a measure of diversity in the diet, a women, and children, especially of, for in some cases,
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for example and bangladesh. sometimes it's difficult for women to get to the market . so a fair cooking for their family having access to these new trends. foods in their own home is also a benefit. research is, are also taking a closer look at the plumps native to each region which native species of rich in britain's and minerals and can be grown locally. one example is the bow bob tree. it's leaves and fruit are rich in vitamin c that could help combat malnutrition, along with home gardens, which had the subject of ongoing research. we need studies like this. i, we need multiple sites like this to understand what policies work out, what strategies work, what strategies do not work, and why? under the cisco buying ost masses, given the global scale of the problem, often this is all a drop in the ocean with one dog and good when we see how local and regional self
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help organizations benefit from any support they receive. but some turn with their need you all you've got to do that's hardening and encouraging was off. you got a motor when i eat nuts or lettuce, butter spike never cleaning their teeth late. don't get cavities. pants like dogs and cats do though. why is does in the wild, there's neither chocolate, soft drinks, nor sweets, but in a domestic setting, there often are. nutrition is the key to healthy teeth for us people to if you're aiming for healthy teeth, make sure they're free of plaque and bacteria. that's the way to go right. as combination of the man, it's not the amount of plaque, but instead the composition of bacterias within the plaque in a hi, this is tom gallagher. the results were, we know that our ancestors had huge black build ups and didn't brush their teeth
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yet they still had healthy teeth. despite that 98 percent of germans experienced dental cavities, 90 percent ginger vitus or inflame gums, and 50 percent of middle aged adult experienced periodontitis. so what's going wrong? slightly attrition. johan villa from the university clinic fryeburg wants to get to the root of the weight. what we need influences the health of our gums especially periodontitis. so he initiated a study with that as its focus as event, but stop them. also. we already have data from university, as in maryland, zurich had people who didn't brush their teeth for 4 weeks, but consumed a diet similar to in the stone age, had more plaque awesome, but much less inflammation of india. so that's what we aim to study more closely. the test group ain't a diet similar to those in the stone age, complex carbohydrates from fruit and vegetable, healthy fats from nuts and seeds,
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fish and a little meat. the control group ain't a typical western diet packed with sugar processed wheat flour, soft drinks, sausages and meat. after 4 weeks, the results were in the quantities. we could actually see that even though the plaque amount remained the inflammation of the experimental group decreased by almost 50 percent. at 1st we couldn't believe it. so i recreated it during the 2nd study and were actually able to repeat the results. that is, although plaque stayed the same information again, decreased by 50 percent. and the effect was because the subjects gave of sugar white flowers, suites and juices which are strong inflammation drivers and instead focused on more complex carbohydrates with lots of fibrous. and now if you cut out these them and eat more, anti inflammatory substances. inflammation in the mouth also goes down, not dense. reduced offices is named dancing dawkins, clumped in, so no moment alessandro chair army had such severe periodontitis that his teeth
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often bled. and some of them were wobbling loose. it's not looking good. goes home to move detroit that there's even a possibility or that it's very likely that i lose at least 6 to 8 teeth washington that was already enough to motivate me to say it's really high time to do something soon. alessandra shami follows doctor vill buzz advice and drastically alters his diet. the result of the change to his lifestyle speaks for itself. clyde robinson ties on his dumb said pockets with debs of 11 to 12 millimeters, but in some cases they're almost gone. when we apply both a classic oral hygiene cleaning protocol is mr. rami did in simultaneously churns the diet. that is long term condition is already stabilized, chose diets important role, and i wouldn't want to deal with poly phenol rich fruits and vegetables are effective in reducing inflammation. color intensive varieties contain especially high levels of anti oxidant substances. these vegetables don't just contain poly
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fennel's. they're also rich in nitrate. to what extent regular consumption of nitrate rich vegetables influences ginger vitus is being researched by dr. yvonne and yoko schneider of the vince burg dental clinic. assembly ju strength with the defined nitrate content was produced for a study. the test group drank the nitrate rich salad juice. the control group were given a nitrate free placebo. after 2 weeks gum inflammation in the test group was 50 percent lower than the placebo group. thus m as in alpha, nama, and the nitrate ingested with food shows up in the person's mouth a little later. and in this saliva all physiologically, this makes a lot of sense. humvee a back because on the back of the tongue we have bacteria that can turn this nitrate into nitrite that our body can metabolize high. and this nitrite has anti bacterial properties in the mouth and decomposes there. but also if we swallow it
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in our stomach acid, to become nitrogen monoxide, and this then helps our body reduce inflammation, psion. but aren't groups that contain nitrate considered to be carcinogenic. conversation with mom on her. haydn's vision, the tight i basically you have to distinguish between nitrate containing vegetables and nitrate to cured meat product i was born because when meat good secured with nitrate, when consumed in large quantities of substance known as nitrous amine come form. this is thought to cause cancers of the digestive system of florida, but with nitrate rich vegetables, it's a bit different and percent are they contain not only nitrate, but also antioxidants. pluses, vitamins c poly fennel's. we have all kinds of substances in there. and for example, just the vitamin c alone prevent nitro domains from being formed in the 1st place. ian and poll eels also took part in the salad juice experiment. since then,
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has dental health has improved markedly, his bleeding gums and wobbly teeth are a thing of the past, and he's going to continue a diet fall of nitrogen rich vegetables. a lot of foreign sir drain. now you'd sell a 2 or 3 times a week, or most is reading, reading my i do it for my gums and my teeth. my and it does help if null ill still, and here's strictly to an oral hygiene regime. but he knows that a healthy diet and rich and vegetables is just as important when it comes to keeping his gums healthy. now, a new exercise to promote alia. another way to set some pounds that's definitely healthy. hi and welcome. today we do cesar cakes. this is
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a lower exercise. you need a med and lead scope lay on the meds. and here it's really important that you lower bag is on the med. take your hands as a controlled and then to raise our legs. first there bended one leg is going to the floor, perhaps the floor and then go back. are the leg. if that's too easy, you can extend the legs with and do them with straight legs. it's really important that your lower back is always on the met. this exercise you can
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do the leg by leg tail. 20 reps so meaning 1234 and so on. then do a little break and we do for this exercise is perfectly for your lower apps. the lower ads are really hard to tray. so this exercise is perfectly for those lower abs. that's it for now, you'll find more tips in the next edition of in good shape. so you then take care ah, with
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who india stinks. the indian industrial side a be by the, the city with the most air pollution in the world. why cold power, uncontrolled waste incineration too much traffic to few lawns and controls.
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but actually diaz should bring a bread, the french share, india, 90 minutes on d. w. with asia lovers guided by vibrating asian cities, 5 local artists in the unique experience of their craft. i joined us for exclusive master classes because it well done about i need to do this week on dw awe about his issue. when i arrived here, i slept with 6 people in a room as
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a 9th in it was hard. i wish fear i even got white hair is a fleming, but jim my language hit yeah, lot this kid to me and they tell but to nicky to in track to say you want to know their story, my grants verifying and reliable information for my grants. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning pass like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge gross through sharing. download it now for free.
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ah ah, ah ah, this is the w news live from bullet the u. s. changes policy on weapons for you cried president by now says the u. s. will sent key of more advanced rocket systems off to ukraine. gives assurances it will not use the missiles to strike inside russia.


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