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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  June 1, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah ah ah, ah, the pendulum is finally swinging in the other direction. is
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a concerted push in what places in many parts of the world to promote minorities and women, include people with disabilities and give those with less fortunate backgrounds of fair got. it should be all about the bright person for the right job, but nurturing or even finding that talent can be the biggest challenge. diversity is a driver of creativity and profitability. but it has to happen at a management level too early that way will the private and public sectors become truly inclusive and diverse today on might inclusion what it means for companies to employ people with disabilities. bangalore, why is it so hot in india is silicon valley for women to set up their own businesses and fleeing war and nurses from ukraine help alleviate the emergency situation in some german hospitals. just being allowed to be yourself at work makes all the difference. it boosts job satisfaction and productivity. i wish i'd had
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that opportunity growing up in australia. i felt that i had to hide the fact that i was gay and had a micro background to fit in with the other boys at school. and later on to be accepted of work sexuality, social class, age and gender can all play a part along with the traditional networks in society that a key to climbing the career ladder as one of my buddies of work to poundage and bailiff found out those very networks can stifle diversity as a gay, black man in europe, i know networks, a both a blessing and a terrible accident. my name is to ponder and here in germany, them all people named thomas a christian and management than there are people with names like mine. i really see people like me represented even though germany has around one in 4 people with the migration background. i think networks a partly to blame for the lack of diversity. here's why.
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think a recent poll shows that around 2 out of 5 people in germany have gotten a job 5 in network, slightly higher than in the u. s. where a study also shows that such referrals are likely to come from a close friend or a family member in both the u. s. and germany studies show that inter ethnic relationships are in common, and women 2 are less likely to tap into their networks for jobs. so the people who benefit tend to be those white men who already have power in the networks, those wireless, but they are signs. change is on the way. for example, some you as tech firms like air b and b and google are expanding operations to cities with a divers, well educated population like chicago at atlanta, where they can hire more black talent. i will have a lot of black people, no particular the were her, sorry guys they did trying to break the cycle of hiring from the same networks.
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basically people who are very similar and let's face it the i'm doing that just because they believe in equality. they need and i 1st workforce to innovate for a diverse customer base. if they don't, they will be left behind. but enough about companies. what about you and me? what should we be doing for me as much as i love hanging out with my friends? i have to expand my network by getting out of my comfort, so there's no way we can expect companies to fix the problem. if our own networks are full of people who are just like we are, we should be checking our own biases. good point there for be don't use a quality ex fetch upon the chem bailey. so people differ by gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability and much more. the concepts of diversity aims to recognise and value these individual characteristics and to appreciate the benefits of inclusiveness.
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lead still deeper into diversity and look at how companies benefit from the diversity of their workforce. what is diversity? mitchell is a 75 year old white man and german jemila is a 30 year old black woman from mozambique. noah is 18 and non binary, meaning neither traditionally male nor female. paula is a wheelchair user. faulty mine is a muslim. a moon is jewish, and pico is gay. they're all elements of a diverse society. the concept of diversity serves to acknowledge and appreciate people's individual characteristics and identities. and employers are eager to make the most productive use of their skills and abilities. the modern idea of diversity has its roots in the civil rights and feminist movements in the united states that challenged racism and discrimination against people of color and women. in some cases, individual space, multiple barriers on account of their skin color,
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sexual orientation, age lower social class, or disability. sociologists call this intersectionality. in 2006, germany passed its anti discrimination act. the same year saw the introduction of the diversity charter, a corporate initiative aimed at ensuring equal opportunities in the workplace and sign voluntarily by thousands of employers. so does recruiting michelle jemina, noah, paula faulty mom, a moon. and pete, i mean companies can take the diversity box well, not so fast. it's not just about numbers, which is where diversity management comes in for genuine and lasting progress. different perspectives can lead to conflicts. these can be resolved through the use of measures such as team building cross generational cooperation and intercultural workshops. diversity then becomes a competitive advantage. when different individuals are able to contribute 100
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percent to their jobs without fear of discrimination, every one benefit. hm. the resulting teams are more creative and have more innovative ideas than a homogenous group. so is that increase productivity reflected in the figures? a study by the mackenzie institute shows that companies with diverse management do tend to outperform others. what the study cannot prove is whether diversity is the sole factor involved. but michelle jemila, noah and the others do translate into a healthier working atmosphere. better customer relations, lower staff fluctuation and greater opportunities for finding new employees. but there is plenty of work still to be done to achieve genuine diversity in the working world, women, l, g, b, t, q, people, the disabled and other groups still remain under represented in the boardrooms of
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major companies. that'll change once workers feel that they don't have to hide themselves any more. and when everyone feels valued enough to speak out about issues or simply contribute as best they can. this next woman is an expert in workplace inclusivity. she knows how to achieve it and how it benefits both the workforce and the company. ah, be just a 1000000. listen if you're not, you're missing out on over 1000000000 customers worldwide. okay. hi, i'm john howton with president and ceo of disability in global non profit that empowers over 250 multinational brand to achieve disability inclusion and of quality. i'm going to share with you how to make your company disability, inclusive and 3 steps. step one,
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do the math you may be thinking what's going to cost. how is this going to positively impact my bottom line? and data says that on average, accommodations are less than $500.00. companies that prioritize disability inclusion out perform their peers, on average, with things like 28 percent higher revenue. 2 times the net income and 30 percent higher economic profit margins. so you have to ask yourself if you want your company to be innovative, because in fact many innovations were designed for and sometimes by people with disabilities. the bottom line is that it pays to be disability,
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inclusive. to build the roadmap. if you're trying to be inclusive, you need tools that are inclusive to everybody. do your marketing materials include people with disabilities so that people with disabilities can see themselves in your marketing materials. wanted 59 people are on the autism spectrum. companies like s a p, for example, that actually consciously worked to include people who identify as being autistic in their workplace. and as a result that made their competitors come out of the woodwork and want to learn what they're doing. and now we come to the final step, 3 leverage your people need to identify a champion within your business. that's going to drive this, this effort. and ideally, that's a senior leader who openly identifies as being a person with
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a disability. and in the disability community, we say nothing about us without us. another important part of leveraging your people is your employee resource group. the greatest resource you have within your company are your people. google has an employee resource group for their employees with disabilities and they're driving. they're driving things like hackathons, a lot of what comes out of employee resource groups actually drives the bottom line . training is critical. there is bias that exists in our world around people with disabilities. so it's important to provide training because we want to build inclusive cultures. not just where we can attract talon, but we want to be able to retain and grow talent. we've got to work together to
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tear down that bias to what in reading for get started. you had a, it wasn't all that long ago. the women were expected to be at home baking bread rather than being the bread winner. while we've come a long way, when not there yet, gender parity in the workplace isn't just about social equality. it's also about attracting, retaining and growing talent. and i'm sorry, but if your company is not inclusive, then the talent will go elsewhere. that also goes for women. many what cultures remain male dominated, and ex report shows how women in india hoping to change that. ah, bangalore is india's silicon valley. nearly all the country is big tech companies are based here. buck mew stops, are also mushrooms. one of them is a banking platform called open co founded by dina, jacob in 2017. neither she nor anyone in her family had any prior experience in
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finance. i come from a really like a small town going out there, leave and pursuing acadia was out of question, dead or rather you couldn't even think of it. but one thing that, that i really loved about the way my parents in still the kind of inspiration in me, especially my dad, who used to not always used to tell me, look up and don't peg your ambition. any advice she took to heart open now has more than 500 employees. the banking platform serves businesses that want to manage their finances online, independent from the major bags. a number of large firms have invested in the business, but getting started wasn't easy for dina. jacob, as a woman, others often under estimated her i have had my share of discrimination as had my share of discounting from people which has happened have had my share of being asked about personal questions,
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which nobody else should be bothered about when i'm gonna get married whether i'm gonna get married, whether i'm gonna get a kid. so when i'm gonna get gets, is nobody else's business. many women in india experience this female executives are few and far between in a country where gender roles are still quite fixed and traditional but things are changing as can be seen at bungalow university. recent years, i've seen a number of women's empowerment programs in india that encourage sneak doc, whom are together with her male colleague to found a company called cora health. it sells products online to health conscious customers. she started the business in the little of the pandemic using her own capital. but she says women still don't have equal career opportunities in india. it's lack of neck log and lack of capital. and these are the 2 most important issues that hoping women face these days, the lack of capital part is something that has seen an improvement over the last
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few years. however, if you look at the total number of seals that are women, i think it would be less than 5 percent. nearly half of her employees are female, snake dark humor as keen to promote young women and says their skills are very important for her company. now the 5 that you have them, and i think that's a great opportunity to be able to put some spotlight on the health issues that women face. and also women generally are more observant, are not able to understand the consumer wants, is a lot more because of that empathetic quality. the backing platform found a deena jacob also says that men in her industry sometimes lack empathy. and she says, women in workplaces everywhere, not just an india tend to be underestimated and overlooked in a near teams, she is careful to employ men and women in equal numbers rather than just promoting
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women. so this is one thing i've always found when people say, oh, i'm a woman and i had disadvantages. the questionnaire as back as did you make the right choices? at that point, did you stand up for yourself? if that didn't happen the moment you stand up for yourself, you will find that many people will be there to help you out. but there is still a long way to go until men and women genuinely have equal career opportunities. my gentlemen in india is to be independent to be able to make their own choices and to be able to pursue whatever it is that they want to be. if they like being an art or that they like being and stem for them to have that equal opportunity and space to be able to grow what they want really good points there as well. now, earlier we were talking about growing, attracting and retaining talent. germany's been suffering from a skill shortage for years now, including the medical sector. many cities are hoping the wave of refugees fleeing
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the war in ukraine will help ease the shortage of doctors and nurses in german hospitals. there many hope the refugees will stay on after the war. local officials are doing their utmost make their stay attractive with financial support furnished apartments help looking for work and language courses. these women worked as nurses in ukraine until the war forced them to flee. now in germany, they want to continue working in their profession, but to do that here, they need extra training, and they're getting it at the vile heim hospital in bavaria. this is nina cher hankle from hockey's. she's 34 and has 3 years of professional experience. katerina valenzuela is from levine and has 4 years of experience. katerina bell and you came here a month ago. she had to leave everything behind in ukraine. i think her family, her friends, and her job,
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that the former dental assistant isn't used to working as a nurse in a hospital, but she's getting a helping hand cont scan. now the scan, so put your gloves on the door. horner also comes from ukraine, but she's been here for 2 years because i left, she shows her new colleague, the ropes. a lot of old always. i'm working hard and trying to do everything well, just like i learned to do in ukraine, the novice, even if things are sometimes more complicated. i'm trying to make the best of things. oh, there was mother lascola walker, my old hudson tilo road. laugh is responsible for the organisation and administration of the nursing station with us. however, he surprised at how quickly the new employees have adapted to working in germany aisle funds. although there are still a few things they need to learn with the will of target competency. it's true, they're already competent,
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have gone. it's just that the scope of duties of nursing germany is different than it is in ukraine or serbia. excellent. in germany, the focus lies more on basic care. so personal hygiene, feeding, monitoring medication. we then abroad, like in ukraine, also be there no nurse washes patients. it's purely about your medical care items. and as far as medical care is concerned, ukrainian nurses are actually superior to german ones, finish. but of the torture on which was the i'd, as you will be all the biggest challenge isn't the nursing duties. it's the german language because they need to know medical terminology and be able to read information about drugs and how they're to be administered. so they have 2 hours of intensive german lessons the day, but they learn the most from team members on the ward go to set out for them. it's not who the biggest challenge for our nursing teams is integrating the ukrainian nurses intake of you. they always have to take the new colleagues alara mcclay
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conscious, go about their daily routine as usual, but have to interpret or translate with it and do that day in and day out. i am talk house. let veto horner knows exactly how the new comers feel. she too, had to practically start again from scratch. now, 2 years after leaving ukraine, she's a fully accredited nurse in germany and is happy to train her new colleagues, a headphone i'm helping with all my heart and soul because they're my paypal. i have to help husbands number will anyway, there are regular meetings with the hospitals integration commissioner. she answers questions and helps where she can. for instance, when dealing with paperwork and visits to government offices. she serves an important function because one 3rd of the nursing staff come from abroad. oh yeah. and many of those who fled ukraine may choose to settle in germany for good when
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they did such thought nauseous for me, it's important to live some where my family is safe. tom, good year book with him. yes. book or we like it in germany. it's and war is still raging, and ukraine forgot. so it's very likely that will stay here in the child was, wasn't supposed to, mustangs have gotten dog. hello been, i'm an ass or how and i'd like to check your blood pressure update on the liberal contra letter after another year of training and passing her final exam. enoch hankle will be an accredited nurse in germany. and what about solving something as acute as climate change? that's going to take an enormous amount of purpose and innovation, as well as doing business completely differently. guatemala, india and mozambique located in some of the worlds worst affected regions. what does climate change mean for people?
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there ah, one day another when the rains were good, we didn't have to work for anyone else we were king's or morrow. the little thing with it's like fighting a war is that not against armed men, but against water? one minute while i feel the change in the rainy season and the cold weather come later and later i see that there we go with her, get 3 stories, 3 peoples whose lives have been turned upside down by climate change. peter has seen joe pablo grew up here in the highlands of guatemala. one thing she's always done is grow potatoes. but for years, all her experience hasn't made a difference yet thought and this little plants isn't strong enough to survive, that we can't use english neither as a seedling,
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nor for food. ah, it's a lost cause o sydney. because of climate change, drought and frost are occurring more frequently destroying potato plants every year . around half of the people here migrated to the united states and the immigration increases with drought, almost all of the men now work in the u. s. a. y t o v as well as a father they be made from pillars. husband emigrated 4 years ago. the couple now makes important decisions via telephone. right? yeah, yeah, i love them. you that without the help of my husband thinks would be very difficult . if our crops failed, we'd lose our entire income. let's see if my husband didn't send me money, we wouldn't get by name date. this is mozambique in south eastern africa. climate change has caused fish yields to decline here. but there's an even bigger problem. the fishing district is frequently flooded due to tropical storms. that's
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why the fishers have re settled in the country's back lands. in 2019 former fisher, leandro mom were lost, his house and his boat in a cyclone. now he started a new life as a farmer, and he's even building a new home out of that in english that he had of with i would never go back to that way of life. you liam, of you dumb link to. it's just too difficult and dangerous here. de larosa, global observable. it's like fighting a war. it is that will not against armed men. he's out of mind, but against water. keen and water is a formidable foe. offer to set out our future is here the but us, which but we'll have to work hard for it or did english as that if you daddy, his home city offered him and other fishers small plots of land to make a new start at least here they're safe from floods and they can grow rice. but even here,
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they're not free from extreme whether strong winds destroyed his neighbor's house he'd much rather live in the fishing district and continue his former job. somebody month was up as in my, somebody less. okay, what we plant rice, but the soil is depleted hackensack. amazement. say it's an of the m this year. everything is dry because it didn't rain that your father jovan on genea, owns 5 hector's of land. in southwestern india where he grows beans and a variety of grains, the land once belonged to his father and his grandfather before that. but because of climate change, the harvests no longer cover his costs. when they are not on my leg than i would have under, whenever the rains were good, we didn't have to work for anyone else. we were the ones giving work to others or not. now that the rain doesn't come regularly, we have to beg other people for work. he did that, i talked to thought on that to support himself. he now commutes to the metropolis
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of bangalore, where he works 8 hours every day in a textile factory. all 3 long to the days before climate change. but the truth is that the future may be even more difficult. thanks for watching and i'll see you very soon here again on detail
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with you. ah, asia lovers guide this time while i'm poor. how does bring people together in a culturally diverse city painting with
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a human form that is so different a, a hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa's you beat issues a share idea. you know, on these channels, we are not afraid to talk to young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent every weekend on d. w. welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after 911,
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the clubs came off where organized cry, rules, and genuine use a global network of companies bank. so in operators, we will provide those services to anyone, operation, the criminal economy, where conglomerates and make their own laws. they invade our private lives through surveillance, hidden, opaque, secretive working through what's vague. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds this week on d w?
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ah ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin. the west promise is ukraine. more heavy weapons . german chancellor olaf show says berlin will send martin antiaircraft bay sales and radar equipment on the united states pledges advanced air defense systems,


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