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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 1, 2022 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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after russia's invasion of ukraine, andrea yar malenko opened the scoring for ukraine just after the half hour mark and then romana yeah. rom, ciocca netted their 2nd early in the 2nd half. a late scotland goal was too little, too late. if you crane beat wales on sunday, they will have qualified for the world's cub. that is your news update at this hour . christopher watson is coming up next with the business news. so stay tuned for that. you can of course, always find us on our website at t w dot com, thanks much for watching every day for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect animals and their habitats?
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what to do with all our waste? we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable smarten solutions overseas said in our ways, is truly unique. and we know that, that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive. google ideas, the environmental, sue's in global $3000.00 on d, w, and online. ah, shanghai springs back to life. after months of isolation under china, 0 coven strategy, people are driving cars again. cramming on to buses and trains and hoping never again and a global rethink on how we do energy. as rushes war on ukraine puts pressure on oil
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prices, african nations turn to renewables. welcome to eat up dw business, i'm christy plasm. china's financial hub is up and running again. residents of shanghai are allowed out after 2 months of locked down. but there are signs china 0 corporate strategy could be the here for years. it's hurt business and even as the curves are rolled back in some cities, they continue to weigh on confidence and demand. finally, fresh air. and it's not just this dog who is happy about it. almost our, our apartment complex has always been in a sealed area. i can move about freely now and today is my 1st day out. i feel like i've regained my old freedom and it is yet ha ha. senses and barriers are coming down across shanghai. most people can once again return to their offices, antique public transport. stores are also reopening conditions seem to be getting better with the help of an economic stimulus package, the treasury,
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among other measures we will be v funding, sales taxes and help companies that are in heart hits sectors like tourism, our culture with one off demons. the weiss mayor of shank, i announced usual, do you george orange room when you look, beijing's central government has announced a full package of incentives and concessions, including tax breaks for companies, easier access to loans and a boost to the car market. china stuff, 0 covert policy, was difficult for people and businesses and led to a slump in industries. there was not a lot of products or goods coming out of the country, consequences of which were felt around the world. while for how this is affecting us markets, let's bring in young courts a on the streets in o at his home in new york. pardon me? yes. china's 0 covered policy was obviously a major disruptor. i'm to us supply chains to us business. how significant is this?
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shanghai reopening for the us economy? yeah, well, it definitely is a welcome you, christie, for a lot of us. so corporations take tests, just as one example, they're producing roughly half of their fleet them so far in shanghai, but also other companies and industry are seeing some relief. i mean, the shanghai economy has not fully reopened yet, but all the news said definitely, it's also welcomed on this side of yeah, of the world's, he's well, you, you mentioned test leanne's and let's actually wanted to ask about that. we also heard today that tested you on mosque has reportedly told his employees that they need to return to working in the office or go to go pretend to work somewhere else . is this a mentality that prevalent among us employers?
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well i mean, right now i'm in my home office, so myself, but i have to say, i prefer working out of the office. but if you look at certain surveys, so at the last the survey is more than an off of the employee actually would prefer to not fully return to the office on the other side. more board company, especially in the finance industry, for example, they do ask their employees to fully come back, but we are talking about a very tight labor market at this moment. so the big question is, if employers have the power to really ask their workers to fully return, and we will also see it with a tesla, if we might see some of those employees actually rather quit their jobs than fully return to the office. so i guess a lot of employers and also employees will look on what's going to happen next.
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we're tesla, right? well yeah, let's stick with us business leaders again for a minute here. now the c o of j. p. morgan chase, jamie diamond, has warned investors to prepare for an economic hurricane to come. what did he mean by this? well, those are pretty thought were it's just a week ago, jamie diamond actually prepared him his back and investors that he sees some a storm cloud sir. but it's not clear if both clouds will all eventually result in a storm. so now just a week later he is talking about hurry can partly because of the war and the crane and what that means for an energy markets for commodity markets for food markets. you say that potentially the oil price could go all the way up to $15175.00 per barrel. that was, that's also make inflation matters worse than the other side. he also looks at the
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federal reserve, not just about the interest rate hikes, but actually the tightening so that the federal reserve is about to get rid of treasury's bonds and the amount of up to 95000000000 dollars a month. something we haven't ever really seen in that incent and, and that's why jamie diamond is saying there could be a hurricane coming even if right now the status quo. every thing looks mostly bright and sunny, but jamie diamond wants that could change and therefore his bank at least is going to be pretty conservative in the next couple of months. yeah, it's quarter. thank you so much for that. now to some of the other global business stories making news today, a special discounted travel pass has gone on sale in germany. the 9 euro ticket is valid on local trains and buses across the country for
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a whole month. it's aimed at getting people out of their cars. at least 7000000 have already been sold. as the european union prepares to bit ban most of russian oil imports, some oil producing countries are reportedly considering the suspension of russia from opec plus. the group consists of 23 oil producing countries. russia joined in 2016 mexican president, andreas. manuela pres, up over a door has banned the sale of east cigarettes. he says it was a lie to claim, but ye cigarettes are a safe alternative to inhaling tobacco smoke. the government cited the world health organization which considers e cigarettes to be harmful while rushes war in ukraine has hastened. the trend for governments to rethink their energy strategies and, and to fossil fuels and a shift towards renewables. experts see a huge potential in africa. some large scale projects already exist there like this
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solar power plant. recent estimates show africa could generate a 1000 times more electricity than it needs for its own use by the year 2040. now africa has an abundance of clean sources, especially wind. now, morocco and egypt are also leaders in renewables. algeria is also making entrance on the scene. and south africa is a leader in solar. there are also big projects coming online in zambia, namibia, tanzania, and mozambique. now clean power could turn african countries into major producers and exporters of energy, boosting energy security, lowering long term energy costs and generating a range of economic benefits. molly is one example. these young people are acquiring skills that will open door to new opportunities here in this taylor's workshop for the town of cory, they're learning how to make clothes professionally. solar energy made this
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possible. it's supply santiago's, taylor's shop, with electricity, as well as the other establishment of this small business area, built by an international development and geo. it's a mr. improve living conditions and fight against climate change and its impacts. that includes helping people in rural areas to develop skills and find ways to earn a living roach where they are born the lee and one being part of the center and having access to electricity at an affordable price feelings a lot more as possible. okay. 0 one. okay. what on this greed business area inquiry open 2 years ago? 50 small businesses have already set up shop a b, glory, ga, thanks for a steady supply of electricity. this carpenter can be more productive liddy ongoing, but is in charge of keeping the solar plans operating smoothly. it replaced the
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dirty and noisy generators previously used to generate electricity. the system produces around 40000 kilowatt hours a year on average. that's enough to keep more than $400.00 standard refrigerators operating for an entire year mark up. i think that the energy sampling energy generated by the solar panels is more than sufficient. it and if there is new the production, i think it will balance out eventually because not all the businesses have been established yet to come back in from the french and geo has plans to develop several more sites of the country within the next few years. don't go said she did that with both solar potential to the idea is to engage along location local to involve members of the local community. alarm is on plaza in the process of setting up the infrastructure in okay, that's very important. you don't go now. it's also our objective to support sustainable development if the aim of securing access to clean energy to everyone in the area. my 2013 would lepeu production
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d. c dominican. so the pallet is enabled. people like simpson, unable to set up shop near home, eliminates the need to move to cities for work could help curb the rural exodus. paul van sun is the president of dubai base d desert energy, which is involved in promoting renewable power in africa. we asked him, what role the continent could play and moving beyond fossil fuel, africa, especially in north africa, that this, this is area is out standing area to become a powerhouse through the world. and the, as you know, we started the already 10 years ago to indeed the 1st steps to, to bring this region to the level of the powerhouse. if you talk about the africa, we have to, to put this in perspective off the population goes in africa, as you know about 40 percent of the population has access to electricity. and most of these electricity today is fossil. so the 1st priority, of course, is due to,
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to access the energy locally in africa and also to bring it to a level of green energy. these are the, they're the real priorities, but at the same time it is good that africa is preparing really for exports of green energy to, to, for instance, europe into the world to japan and so on. well that was our show, i'm christy plants and for me and the whole business team here in berlin, thank you for watching. with the 100000000 trees pam can ages rain forest still be saved. and so far record deforestation has provided the locals livelihoods. now an environmental project on borneo plans to revitalize the jungle and secure
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the well being of small farmers a global $3000.00 next on d w. r b, asia and lovers guide. this time while i'm poor. how does bring people together in a culturally diversity painting that a human for that is so different ickes, it only took the me just let me go with, do you want to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings,
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were organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to what's all? oh, pete wolf this week on d. w. with sir. ah, ah, welcome to global 3000. re wilding, the woods in romania nature. conservationists to protecting forests from deforestation.


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