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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 2, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin, the west promises ukraine, more heavy weapons. german chancellor. hola! schultz, says berlin wolf and advanced anti aircraft missiles. of the us pledge is powerful rocket system's prompting a warning from moscow. also coming up denmark closes military ranks with all the u
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nations. in a referendum, danish voters overwhelmingly agree to join the european union's common defense policy. after decades of opting out and a major legal victory for the actor, johnny depp, a u. s. jerry sides with the hollywood superstar concluding his ex wife amber heard defamed him in a 2018 opinion particle. ah, i'm tom your logic. well, it's good to have you with us. western governments are increasing their pledges of military aid to help ukraine fend off a russian assault in the countries east. president joe biden says the u. s. will provide precision rocket systems while germany has promised modern anti aircraft missiles. but russian foreign minister said caleb, rove has responded by saying that these weapons deliveries risk,
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bringing what he called a 3rd country into the conflict these at the advanced rocket systems, the u. s. will be sending to ukraine long requested by president philadelphia zalinski. keith harps these type of weaponry, we'll give it the upper hand. these medium range missiles could strike into russian territory, but ukraine has a great not to use them to do so. writing in the new york times, president biden announced the latest military aid to help ukraine in its fight against the invading forces. that russia's foreign minister warned the deliveries could draw a 3rd country into the wall. the good is the condition of the switches to such risks, of course exist to do what the key of regime is demanding from its western suppliers in such a categorical manner as we were. first, it crosses all boundaries of decency and diplomatic communication. you bleach you
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a deformity, scrub junior. our 3rd and 2nd, it's a direct provocation of aim to getting the west involved in combat, liam, they used to relapse in a speech to the german parliament. on wednesday, chancellor left sholtes followed in biden's footsteps. he announced that germany would be sending modern air defense systems to ukraine, as well as rocket launches in coordination with the united states. near kong and wrong. in the coming weeks, we will also deliver further weapons. tomba, for example, you'll be german government has just decided that we will supply the irish t system. the most modern air defense system that germany has. this will enable ukraine to protect an entire city from russian air strikes. that too, is a decision by the federal government. ukraine's army chief has said that these rockets systems provided by the u. s. will be crucial encountering russian attacks
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in the long battle over ukraine's eastern territory. earlier we spoke with liam collins, executive director of the madison policy forum, a think tank on security policy in new york, and we asked him if these promises of weapons deliveries are coming to late in light of an intensified russian offensive. i wouldn't say to late, i knew it would have been obviously better. they came to me than the onset of the conflict. but i think if you look at the opening days of the war, right, western nations pull them out. they didn't expect you to have the success and the kind of providing them just the arms to kinda be, you know, to inflict some pain and to russian. and what it wasn't until it became obvious that ukraine could be actually defended territory. they started to increase that support ukraine into a kind of fits that timeline and it's going to take time to get there. i would definitely not say too late. right? rushes, having some success. they're just like they had some success throughout the war, but their ability to maintain the games that they make. the not necessarily shown
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a great capability of doing that today. that was liam collins, executive director of the madison policy forum. voters in denmark of backed the country joining the european union's common defense policy in a referendum, more than 2 thirds of dame supported a proposal to work with other you members than mac is an e u member. but in the past, negotiated an exemption on the blocks defense policy. now, against a backdrop of russian aggression, danes were asked whether they wanted to opt in feet of the course. one barbara fazel is in copenhagen and sent us this assessment. it's a big deal for danish people, the yes in this referendum because traditionally they have been incredibly skeptical against the european union. whatever you asked them about coming closer to europe, they tended to say no, but this time the war in ukraine has changed everything. their mindset and the
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mentality have felt the insecurity, rippling across from the baltic states even down here to denmark. and they feel thou, the danish people, that this is a time to step inside the tent. what it means for them on the practical level is that they will engage with other european nations in buying armament in making plans for common missions and just participating in something that optimists call a european defense policy. a policy that is only slowly evolving, but there is more to it politically because behind this move is a sort of unification of scandinavian of the nordic countries. they feel that the time for isolationism, the splendid isolation of the north, where everybody did what they wanted, they had felt apart from the neighbors, is over. so that sort of points to
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a larger defense union that many hope to create here in europe snores. and in order to defend better against the strip that everyone here fields is emanating from russia. now to some other stories making news around the world, chinese official say a 6 point one, magnitude earthquake has killed 4 people. and injured 14 others in the southwestern sichuan province, authorities in the city of yon, which was at the epicenter of deployed more than 4000 rescue workers report suggests the quake triggered a landslide, the damage several homes. a civil trial against former comedian bill cosby has begun in the us. he's being sued by a woman who alleges he molested her almost 50 years ago, while cosby is not attending the trial. his spokesman says the allegations are false. cosby was freed from prison last year after criminal charges against him or
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overturned. also in the us for people have been shot dead on a hospital campus in tulsa, in the state of oklahoma. the police say that the gunman, armed with arrival in hand and apparently killed himself. this is the latest in a series of mass shootings to shake the united states. johnny depp has won his defamation case against his ex wife actress. amber heard the court awarded the pirates of the caribbean to start over $10000000.00 in damages. dep had sued, heard for $50000000.00. over a newspaper article she wrote in 2018, deb said the peace imply that he was abusive during their marriage had counter sudep for a $100000000.00. the 6 week long trial made headlines around the world with the pair swapping. often, lyric claims and counterclaims of domestic abuse. let's bring in k j. matthew's entertainment journalist in los angeles. k. j. a good to have you on the program
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now. the jury concludes johnny depp was indeed defamed. amber heard with the much smaller when our both camps responding to the verdict vastly different. as you can imagine, this is a straight victory for johnny debt, and he acknowledges it in his statement that he recently released. he basically said our false very serious and criminal allegations were levied at me via the media which triggered an endless garage of hateful content, basically. and he and he said in 6 years later, the jury awarded me and gave me my life back. i am truly humbler, so as you can see was extremely, extremely elated. on the other hand, we have amber, hard reacting and basically saying the disappointment i feel today is beyond words . i'm heartbroken that the mountain of evidence still wasn't enough to to stand up to the disproportionate power. so vastly different reactions from this voting.
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obviously amber hurt extremely disappointed even though she walked away with $2000000.00 be awarded to $1000000.00. i her counter claim and johnny debt having a clue victory. there was also the court of public opinion which had its own a clear window for weeks. why do you think that was very early on in this 6 we trial, you could see that the court of public opinion was really in the corner of johnny deck. you could see it on social media. you can see that a lot of articles that were written, even if you watch all of the legal analysts, they all tend to be in the camp of johnny depp. his team did a really great job as her train him, as someone who was really just victimized and lost his multi 1000000 dollar career . and standing in hollywood based on an op ed that amber heard had written. now even though amber, her took that with the stand, she cried and she talked about the relationship that she had in the marriage that
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she had and how she felt that she was abused. it didn't seem to really have the same muster than that johnny deck. happy when they put him on the stand for whatever reason, perhaps it was the fact that the, the jury was predominantly male as opposed to female, or perhaps it was her lawyer versus his lawyer and the analyst that came up on there. they even have to therapists are from both camps, come on and understand and try to really talk in their defense. but in the end it was really johnny depp. who was the victor? there were more people on his side when his trial i was over simply a teacher. it's not news that you know when celebrity couples have trouble, but i don't recall a case like this. did this have to play out so publicly and in such great detail? you know, i think it really played out publicly because johnny debt felt that he lost his career so he really had nothing else to meet. at this point. he felt that he lost his standing. he felt that he was being accused of being a white feeder,
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and he didn't feel that he was so he really decide to pursue her for extraordinary amount of money. saying look, if i've already lost my career in hollywood, i might as well go for everything and let people know what was happening to me. my side of the story and probably expose amber in his mind for what he believes. acute she is. i mean, of course, we heard a lot of sor details over 6 weeks, so much stuff that was happening so many recordings. they were recording each other and we didn't even know that that was happening. and at the end of it, we all said they should have never been together. i think this is really a toxic relationship with so much was happening behind the scene. and i think just really shock, hollywood was shocked. the world. right. we'll have to leave it there for now. so much detail, but not enough time. kj matthews, a pleasure speaking to you to mexico where at least 11 people are dead. and many more and missing after hurricane agatha slammed into the country's pacific coast. a
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storm was one of the strongest may hurricane to ever hit the country and forecast as say, the weather system could gather strength again in the gulf of mexico and threatened the u. s. this weekend the start of hot again season in the pacific has hit mexico hard hot again. agatha made land fall monday, triggering heavy jeans and deadly flooding. it was the strongest storm to hit this asia in the month of me. since recordkeeping began in 1949 in what haka, dozens of people are still missing. locals are trying to assess the damage as the clear debris and fallen trees, what were the body they were going to be difficult to recover from these losses? we lost everything. we're going to have to start all over again. you look what both services will ivy thing has been ruined by the water yet we don't have enough to drink olivera right now. let's see if he get help. if to provide us with water hold
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and whatever else they can well, because they've lost everything here in the state. government has set up over 200 shelters for the displaced. it has also at east hotels. for tourists. agatha has now moved out over the could have been that authority is one. it could pick up strength again as a precaution, bought schools and non essential businesses have also been closed for as long as the storm lasts. quick look of a sport now and football. in world cup, qualifying ukraine have beaten scotland 31. the match had been postponed in march after russia's invasion of ukraine and re your malenko open the scoring for ukraine just after the half hour mark. and then roman jeroen. chuck. net a verse 2nd early in the 2nd half. a late scotland girl was a little north too little, too late rollin if ukraine beat wills on sunday, they'll have qualified for the work of and
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a reminder of the top story will fall in for you. the u. s and germany have each analysis plans to send more modern weaponry to ukraine. washington says it'll deliver precision rocket systems. berlin has promised antiaircraft missiles. moscow has condemned the plans accusing the u. s. of deliberately fuel intentions. you're watching the w news from and then i'm told me on logical up next is doc film. find out more about big tech, secretive way of doing business. don't forget, you can get all the latest news around the clock on d w dot com. thanks a lot in a south, a mother is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for mercury berkeley daughter with .


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