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shopping and dining office, enjoy our services all. be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by from bought lou with ah ah, this is dw news alive from berlin, ukraine's presidents as a 5th of the country is now under russian control. oh it emer zalinski, comments. com as the west promises more weapons to kiff and russian forces edge closer to capturing the key eastern city of savannah and also on the show to you
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makes another concession to hungary in order to pass the latest sanctions package against russia. the walk will now drop the head of the russian orthodox church from its proposed black list. a major milestone for sama rock royalty, the rolling stones mark 6 decades at the top. ah, we'll show you how the stones kicked off their 60th anniversary tour in the spanish capital as another kind of royalty. she's the longest reigning monarch in british history. we look at how the u. k is celebrating queen elizabeth platinum jubilee. ah.
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hello, i'm claire richardson. thank you so much for joining us. ukrainian, president of all that he mears lensky has said that russia now has seized one 5th of his country's territory. russia has been making slow but steady gains as it intensifies its assault on the country's eastern don bass region. the lensky says, ukrainian forces are now battling russian troops along a front line, extending more than a 1000 kilometers from harkey in the northeast to make a life in southern ukraine, hulu, in the fight for ukraine's east. another life is lost. locals was sheltering in this school in the hockey region. when it was hit. here the russian ground troops have been pushed back. but the air strikes continue to kill civilians. duck with you as the pupil, boy, i wish they would see those so cold liberators. what do they liberate us from you? but your phone is getting free. the free lunch pain
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over 3 months into the wall. the head of nato want the west must brace for a drawn out conflict. wars or boy, nature unpredictable. and therefore, we just have to be prepared for long goals. what we see is that this war has no reward or trish with freeman or paying horse for the funding that all of the above through sweden and the u. k. have now joined germany and the u. s, in offering more advanced weaponry to help defend ukraine guardian. i met the kremlin claims, new military aid, wouldn't stop russian advances, saying it will only further prolong the wall is undeterred. ukraine's president
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flood him. is the lensky hold for more weapons in a speech to luxembourg, parliament, outlining the enormity of what ukraine has already lost. standing, mister wouldn't begin to rule mobile by herself to day. the occupiers control almost 20 percent of our territory. my. that's almost 100. 25000 square kilometers . this is much larger than the area of all the ban alex countries combine. neutral rosalyn was an almost 300000 square meters are contaminated with unexploded mines and ammunitions scenario them or you mirrors. intervals. russian forces are pushing forward towards ukrainian, held cities in the dumbass region. the shelling here is relentless. russia now controls most of the city of soviet odon, ask, closing in on full control of the loo hunts region of the dumbass. for more, let's bring in a deed of you, correspondent, nec connelly. i nick, we heard
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a president zalinski there, a say that russia now controls one 5th of ukraine. can you give us an update on the latest developments from the front line? it's important to remember with that figure that includes crimea and the areas in east and on best that russia controlled before february 24th before the beginning of this war. but they have made quite significant turturro gains in the south, had sworn in that land bridge, linking russian annex crimea with russia. and then also in the north near, had give in dawn bass. actually, strange enough, there has been less in the way quietly of movement on foreign lands potosi. this is the region where ukraine has been defending itself against russ proxy for 8 years and where the defenses are the best developed and the strongest. and we've seen extraordinarily heavy fighting around several de nets in recent days. we heard from zelinski today that ukrainian losses are at about a 100 soldiers a day with about $4500.00 additional casualties in terms of wounded, heavily, severely wounded. so these are very,
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very significant losses. and right now ukraine doesn't have the heavy weapons systems and doesn't have the ammunitions to, to really use them even if they did have them to really go back into a kind of full count attack in those areas. and as basic now playing for time, the hope that those western spies will turn up faster than has been feared him. in addition to this casualties on the battlefield, on one of the biggest consequences of this war is the deepening global food crisis . as millions of tons of grain are stuck in ukraine waiting export to day, the russian defense ministry has said that ships that are carrying grain will have safe passage out of ukraine. he tell us how much faith we should put in this statement. well, there are lots question marks about this announcement coming out of moscow in the same way that lots of the humanitarian corridors to allow civilians are marable, especially at the beginning, failed after lots of p r ended up, or would people basically any up being fired up no trying to leave the city. so similarly, lots of steps in here in ukraine at least that this is actually gonna happen.
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suggestion that this is more about russia trying to detoxify its brand, especially in parts of the world that are dependent on grain from this region. who may be, don't care as much about the war as such, but who has very carefully following increasing food prices and food shortages at so a sense that russia is trying to pass the blame for those shipments not going out to ukraine. i think it was a very questionable whether the commercial companies that organized that kind of shipping would be willing to take that risk even if they were given some kind of guarantees from moscow. or if there was some kind of military, a convoy taking those ships through the black sea. so lots of question marks and still everyone in ukraine here expecting that that a huge green crop that is sitting in ukraine silos and it needs to be exported that that will be exported west via poland, by rail, by truck in the that's obviously much less efficient looked much more costly than the usual way by c. m, i get your take on some more news coming out today with the u. k. and sweden, or that's 2 more countries now promising to deliver weapons. you ukraine. how is that being received in case of to that's welcomed?
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this isn't really much surprised. the u. k. has been very proactive on sending weapons much before even most of the european countries, even before this war started. and i think the big question here is just about the logistics and the dates. ukraine right now is not in position to really plan more than a couple of months ahead. they are really losing equipment and people at such a rate that this needs what needed to have been here yesterday. but anything that's gonna take months and months is kind of irrelevant at this point. so it's really question of how fast this can be delivered if it's already been bought and is ready for dispatch. and if they can also get it to the front lines without the russians trying to take pot shots at it, we've senior se new russian attacks missile attacks on railways in west new crane restaurant, re close down those logistics and those paul's into ukraine. to prevent that weaponry coming in from europe, and heading to the front lines and numbers are quite fun. and nick connelly reporting from ukraine. thank you. as always so as we've heard, russian forces are keeping up their attacks on don bass in eastern ukraine,
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pounding the area with shells and artillery. many people have fled the region by our correspondent matters. blinker went to one village close to the front line to talk to the volunteers and residents who are still holding out there. when the war broke out hordes, it immediately registered as a volunteer for ukraine's territorial defense forces. now he's guarding this village on the front line in don bass. thank you. 3 know they shoot from tags. they shoot and detect missiles, canons. i not a career officer, so it is difficult for me to distinguish all of them by sound o gucia labradoodle shortly. i've got to know what it's up. his nickname is just one of around 100000 volunteers who joined units like his since the beginning of the war. many are fighting for the 1st time. this is from a rocket. the village is just 3 kilometers from the front line. it's an
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important defense position. me. i think the locals were suspicious of us in the beginning. they were watching us like we were patrolling the streets looking after the place and they were hiding. but as things got worse here with electricity and food, we started to help out here and there, and slowly trust has been building with them. luca quarter, the video for us now, soldiers and the remaining villages have got used to each other. rushing shells at the village daily and they had randomly sat he mc alive, which is a veteran area. and a beekeeper look, it didn't get through better than body armor. the village used to be his get away spot. now he plans to leave. you can also psyche is wrecked. we hide all the time from the shooting. look, that's a new one. it landed recently. poor major. they will go crazy,
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but we'll have honey with shrapnel this year. most of his neighbors have already left. still, there are times when it's come with the 62 year old pop. hi, another battlefield name uses the opportunity to study ukrainian source. i used to speak a mix of ukrainian or russian, but being a soldier in the cranium. army, i can't be russians speaking, that would be against my principals. now i am transitioning to ukrainian little more the whole not everybody wants to do it is because of his dog that 82 year old macola each and chris says he's still here. he was injured by shrapnel the day before, but he wants to stay. william will live as long as the devil doesn't come after us . macola has been working in russia for many years. he says he has very few illusions about the fate of his village. but you can see there is no way to be
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russia, but they continue to do everything to make things worse even for themselves. i'm talking about the leadership, not the ordinary people, ordinary russians with the same thing as everybody else got a decent life. so her job at least for to day, no shells have get landed nearby. it is in the neighboring village that artillery has taken its toll today. while for lent, les rushing, shelling has reduced ukrainian towns and cities to rebel. but there are also already ambitious plans to rebuild. big name architects have already offered to help rebuild the country, 2nd largest city, her chief at a carbon neutral modern metropolis. but residents must 1st come to terms with the scale of the destruction. this is downtown hock eve. after months of russian shelling, business is churches, houses, whole city blocks destroyed with russian forces repelled for now. people are
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returning but rebuilding the city will be a monumental task. this team of foreign volunteers and local architects creates 3 d models of the hundreds of monuments that have been damaged or destroyed in hockey eve. documenting what was there for future rebuilding? no one thinks that will happen fast. yo do moves to. i think it won't take just a year, more likely 2 years. the destruction is everywhere. but you should also consider that some of these buildings are architectural monuments. it's not basic repair work. why would you could he could do to move those need you outside the capital key, if in the town of my heart of people repair their houses by daylight and quit when night comes as soon as russian forces left the area, they got right to work with them to water that we have a plan to make small repairs then to repair institutional buildings, to be able to open schools and kindergartens for children for the new school year.
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so afterwards we will rebuild private houses and housing blocks. you did, we get to school solution, but who will pay for it when the fighting is finally over? ukrainian. economy is in ruins. the e u has pledged just under 10000000000 euros to help. but that's a fraction of the estimated hundreds of billions needed to rebuild ukraine's critical infrastructure housing, vital services and help the economy get up and running. there have been calls for a modern marshal plan, the u. s. project that helped to rebuild europe after world war 2. but so far, not much commitment. there have also been calls to use frozen russian assets, including yachts, to pay for reconstruction. but nothing's been agreed yet. meanwhile, cities, like marable, have been largely flattened and are still under russian control. the russian
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installed government there has announced that the port city and former steel making power house will be rebuilt as a resort back in how cheve people aren't waiting for their musical to be refurbished. who do culture is the basis of everything lesson. if culture had been more developed, people probably wouldn't be dying and there wouldn't be a war to day, everyone realizes this. maybe they were not so attentive to our cultural heritage before. but once you lose it, it hurts. we to the end of the war may be a long way off, but in hoc eve, people insist that life must go on. earlier i spoke to cynthia cook from the center for strategic and international studies. think tank about the reconstruction options that are on the table for ukraine. it is not too early to start talking
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about rebuilding. and as the discussion just covered, this is going to take an enormous amount of money. and the search for funds has already begun. presidents zaleski has started talking about recovery in terms of funding at the davis economic for him. for example, he raised the idea of patronage, whereby funders could select specific funding projects. he sites half a trillion dollars and losses and tens of thousands of facilities destroyed requiring the building of whole cities and industries. the challenge is deciding what to rebuild. first. it right now, it looks like russian efforts are confined to the east in the south. so damage repair can start outside of the battle zone at some safe distance. and of course it has already started as people are working to rebuild their homes and, and schools in places of business. and so in your view, that is generally what should take a priority in rebuilding. well,
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the 1st phase of, if we use a disaster recovery framework, the 1st phase of recovery is really think about disaster response. we. the challenge is making sure that people are safe, that they're evacuated, if necessary, that they have access to food and water and shelter, that they connect with their loved ones and let them know that they're safe. so that is the 1st stage once the immediate damage has passed, then is the time to think about recovery. so what are the, what has been damaged and destroyed? what are the damages and needs before investments and recovery are made? there should be a careful assessment of what to rebuild if a bomb destroys previously dilapidated housing, it can be built back to the latest standards or perhaps people can be relocated to areas where they can be better supported with housing, medical care in school. and now you've written recently that lessons learned from dealing with natural disasters. can also be applied in ukraine as the russian
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invasion has targeted physical, natural human infrastructure. i want to ask you, you've just mentioned these phases that are a part of that equation. where do you place ukraine among those faces? now? they are fully in the response phase. as long as the war is going on. there are dire and immediate human needs that have to be met in parts of the nation, farther away from the war zone. it is not too early to start thinking about recovery and rebuilding. but right now the battle with russia is still the primary focus and as, as it should be. so looking ahead, you've also mentioned that ukraine is going to need to rebuild sometimes cities from scratch, that may mean things will not be rebuilt exactly as they were before. and that in itself could be in a way, an opportunity. i'm in what areas can you think of some examples of that?
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well, the idea here is falls into the old build back better framework, which is if that, if the housing is dilapidated, you want to make sure that it's billed back to the latest standards. but even beyond that, the question is, where do you want to build a house? where should people live? some people may want to go back to their home communities, others may be willing to be relocated to be closer to schools, medical care, places of work. the challenge and the opportunity will lie in getting the people of ukraine to figure out what they want and what their best path forward is. this is not something that a recovery plan can not be imposed on you grain from outside. it has to come from the people of ukraine itself and it's leaders, cynthia cook from the center for strategic and international studies in washington, dc. i want to thank you again so much for taking the time to speak with us. thank
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you. well, the e u has agreed not to sanction the head of the russian orthodox church after protests from member state hungary. it is one of several concessions made to budapest as the block seeks to impose a 6th round of sanctions on russia over the war patriarch, which a real is believed to be one of the wealthiest men in russia. and is an avid supporter of president vladimir putin, gary and prime minister to picture or by said his opposition to sanctioning curio has been long known. and should not have come as a surprise. hm. girl. she would. and her correspondent christine wound were, is in brussels. and she told us more about the use reaction to hungary obstruction tactics. i can tell you that there is a lot of anger, hey, especially among e u invoice our who feel at that the hungarians are effectively being given too much a, in a sense that we know that for example, the, the ambassador, our,
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for our france who was cheering the meeting yesterday we hungry ab voiced it, sir. opposition suit to this black listing of this say senior carry and was really frustrated saying it that kind of change could not be made at the stage in the game, but it appears they are, are seeking to press on with this to go forward. this can guarantee clearly dug in their heels and were not willing to compromise on that because these sanctions need to add an agreement, consensus agreement from all of the members state. so if the hungarians were going to be digging in their heels on this, this package could not go through. so am i remember listening to the lithuanian foreign minister a few weeks ago talking about being held hostage a by, by hungry. and that is that, that the feeling and the sense add that, that many member states do share that the hungarians are in the way of delaying this round of sanctions. and now of course, this looks like latest impasse and are really dragging the heels of of the entire block. christine were reporting for us from brussels. you are watching dw news
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still to come. 6 decades of satisfaction. we'll show you how the rolling stones kicked off their 60th anniversary torque in spain. and we can turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world's protesters rallied in ramallah in be occupied, west bank over the death of a teenager who was killed by israeli forces, according to the palestinian health ministry. because 17 year olds was reported the shot dead after he approached, and his railey security barrier. the israeli army said it's investigating the incident. thousands of people have attended the annual pride parade in jerusalem. amid heavy police presence. the city is home to israel's largest ultra orthodox, jewish community, and various conservative groups opposing the event. police said they arrested 3 people on suspicions of threatening the parade. and us vice president cola har at harris has said that congress needs to act o commenting on
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a series of recent mass shootings across the country. she spoke ahead of president joe biden's address on thursday evening. biden is expected to reiterate, calls to lawmakers, to amend the country's laws, to combat gun violence. and many more were injured. and thousands of people have gathered in central london for the start of 4 days of celebrations, marking queen elizabeth's unprecedented platinum jubilee. 70 years on the throne makes her britain's longest reigning monarch. but in the festivities, there were also renewed concerns about the queen's health. buckingham palace said the queen was experiencing discomfort and would not attend a national thanksgiving service scheduled for friday. ah, they were in high spirits from the start and this is walt that we had to see trooping the cooler took place under sunny london skies to mock the queen's
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platinum jubilee. there was the usual pomp and circumstance with senior royals arriving carriages. as has happened, often a recent events, prince charles stood in for the queen, arriving on horseback for his ceremonial duties. several people were detained after breaching the security perimeter on the mile. but most were here to enjoy the party. i just think is a moment in history, whatever. have you know, you from england or from anywhere in the world. this is a history, you know, as a moments a dead. i don't know when when we're going to see again i'm so she has child. that is my i am broad mother. my mother might out of my daughter, poor generation. it's just an amazing achievement. lien. so much fun.
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the queen made the 1st of 2 appearances on the buckingham palace balcony, to welcome back the procession. following an $82.00 gun salute, crowds flop down the mall to witness the main event. after much anticipation, it was time for the honorific fly past, celebrating her 70 years on the throne as an iconic moment in british history. ah. and the rolling stones are celebrating 6 decades of rock royalty with a new european tour. does the bands of 1st since the death of founding drummer charlie watts last year, the group kicked off a run of 14 shows with a gig in the spanish capital. wow. 45000 fans from around the
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world. flocked to the wanda metropolitan stadium in madrid to see the rolling stones live and in person. and as expected mc keith and ron did not disappoint. ah, frontman, mick jagger at 78 was in top form. the youngest band member ronnie wood, celebrated his 75th birthday on stage, and of course, the equally unbeatable guitarist keith richard. ah, 2 and a half hours of pure energy, the night club, the place they are unique, there is no one like them. you know, i mean, i can have them up. we've seen the many times. this is my 2nd time and it's yours. 11th time, it was spectacular. under 50, if in 2012 we said this might be the last time we say, you know,
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we seen him around europe money. thompson said wanted english to shows or planned in germany before the rolling stones. 62 are wrapped up in stockholm at the end of july. ah, you're watching the w news live from berlin stick around because after a short break, i'll be back to guide you through the day. if you do want more before, then you can find us on our website to dw dot com, or you can check us out on instagram and twitter at 12 units with with
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ah ah ah, life on the free climbing here. they're hit with grenades every day. in the small ukrainian town of new york, 3 quarters of the inhabitants have fled. but somehow not giving up their
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homes. no, their hope for peace. focus on europe. in 60 minutes on d, w. o. she's up to date. don't miss our highlights. the d w program online, d, w dot, i'm highlight, oh, it is a secret more the scene unless one absence of the conflict between the one on the one hand and israel in the united states on the other. for more than 40 years, the adversaries have been irreconcilable. the long war, israel, iran usa, starts june 15th on d. w. ah
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. ah, russia strategy in ukraine, many military experts now agree is clear. blast and bomb the enemy into submission leveling entire cities in the process. yet every inch of territory one leaves behind a wasteland. so what will it take to rebuild ukraine and how might it look different from.


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