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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 3, 2022 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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the fact that she has been this centerpiece in britain for 70 years, that's 14 prime ministers, 14 u. s. presidents. a lot of people really taking the time to reflect format. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. you krench president, followed me to lansky, says russia now controls a 5th of ukrainian territory. russian forces are also edging closer to capturing the key eastern city of seattle. don't ask with 80 percent of the city now under russian control. you're watching the dw news of next is dw business, take care. so very to come have a v g t v highlights you every week in your in box subscribe. now people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center and more refugees are being
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turned away at the board. families playing bomb attacks in syria and these credit going in this way, not against administrative people. fleeing screamed around. so rough again and 200 people has sunk in the gmc around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. we ask why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. for mines. with. oh, oh, china demands the u. s. stop, it's trade talks with taiwan. the u. s. looks to deepen ties with an important trading partner. but beijing is livid, saying the dialogues disrupt peace, and stability. and time is running out 1st 3 blanca to secure an ins,
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bailout. as shortage is worse than and via economy crumbles. welcome to the w business. i'm christy plats and in berlin. china is criticizing a new trade initiative between the united states and taiwan. the u. s. has stepped up engagement with the democratically governed island, but beijing is not happy about it. now, new trade talks are bringing the issue to center stage. once again. china is angry and that a news briefing on thursday, the chinese foreign minister did not mince words, will go to the confusing number. warming may home the insistence of the united states on shlang. the taiwan card will only bring c o u. s. relations to a dangerous place move on the united states should abide by the one china principal group and the provisions of the 3 c. no u. s. joined communiques stop in any form of official exchanges between the united states and taiwan, 100 stop signing agreements of
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a sovereign connotation and official nature with taiwanese merchants and refrain from sending any wrong signals to the separatist forces of taiwan independence tool . he oh, did ship with these strong statements follow the announcement on wednesday of the u . s. taiwan initiative on 21st century trade, which aims to deep an economic and trade relations between the 2 countries. a point that was underscored by illinois, senator tammy duckworth during a joint press conference held with ty, once president sighing, when i do want to say that it is more than just about military, it's awful of the economy, and i'm here to support the president present bivens efforts in engaging in economic relationship and close relationship between automation on an economic product as well as on national security. the deal came just days after the bite and administration excluded taiwan from
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a broader asia focused economic plan designed to counter beijing's influence in the region. taiwan has in formal but extensive ties with the u. s. c. o. it is the u. s . is 9th largest trading partner and an important hub for making computer chips and other high end tech components. both china and taiwan agree, there is value in trading with the u. s. yet. china says taiwan has no right to conduct foreign relations. on this, taiwan does not agree, ah, well for more let's go to young core to in new york for the us market reaction. now, yen, the us close a trade deal with major partners in asia. just last week. taiwan was excluded from that deal. why was that? yeah, well, chris, the, the, the button up industries and just last week as you mentioned,
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launched the in the pacific economic framework with the 13 countries. then what we hear is that some of those asian partners had concern to actually anger china if they include a tie one. so now it looks like the biden administration might be looking for a bilateral agreement with taiwan. i don't know who comes up with those names. the u. s. tyler initiative on 21st century rate, so that's what it's called and that will be an negotiated in the next couple of weeks and maybe months. so we're not talking about a free trade deal, but some bilateral agreement between the united states and taiwan. yeah, that's a bit of a tongue twister that's for sure. well, let's switch the tech for a 2nd here. yann's shell sandburg, the number 2 at meta, formerly facebook, of course, has announced she's stepping down. what can you tell us about heavier only on her replacement? yeah, definitely
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a he is quite opposite to a share world sandburg, who also by the way, was considered as being the adult in the room. and as she was basically led a facebook together with a mock and suck of burg. if you look at gerald center, she was a very, a public figure. she has about 1000000 instagram followers of here. only been, i've read his about 17 instagram followers, and the last time he posted on facebook actually was 4 years ago. and so he is a broad, the private person. he's from as spain. he used to work for his demons for a little while in munich. and then he started with facebook of 15 years ago, he was partly in charge shop for developing the international a business with quite some success. when he started 15 years ago, a facebook had about 50000000 users, mostly in the united states. today we are talking about almost to
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a 1000000000 users and 90 percent of those are actually coming from outside the u. s. all right, well obviously very big shoes to fill there. we know that there were some mixed labor figures out of the us today. ah, yes, what can you tell us about those? yeah, i mean, we had the weekly unemployment claims and they dropped to the lowest in about him. 50 years, i've saw somewhere, maybe even the lowest figures as soon so we get those numbers on the other side. we had a $128000.00 new jobs in the private sector for the month of may. and that was quite a disappointment because economists actually expected in the private sector and that the u. s. would have added almost 300000 you jobs. so a mixed picture of from the labor market, and now the big jump reports also including the governmental jobs. so will be a release to friday, one hour before trading starts here on wall street and talking about trading and
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has been a quite a comeback here on wall street. the nasdaq composite up by almost 3 per cent blue chips, up a good $400.00 points. even if we had to pretty a mixed bag of economic numbers and also corporate numbers am here at the new york stock exchange. well, we'll be checking in with you on that to morrow, of course, yann's quarter. thank you so much. saudi arabia and other members of opec have agreed to boost oil output by more than expected falling. a european union ban on most russian oil imports. now opec plus decided to add almost $640000.00 barrels per day to the market. the decision could ease pressure on consumer prices and might also open the doors for a trip by u. s. president joe biden to visit re out after 2 years of strained relations. i had of the meeting. some analysts predicted russia would be suspended from the group, though so far there has been no sign of this happening. while
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the economic crisis in sri lanka is getting ever worse residents, life savings are virtually disappearing into thin air. one estimate from johns hopkins university puts real inflation at over 130 percent in march, and that's around 6 times what official government government figures have said. now, nearly everything is in short supply, especially imported goods. the government is even even asking airlines to stop filling their tanks and the country in order to save on fuel. one reason for the crisis is of course the corona, corona induced slump and tourism. on top of that though, there was also political missteps such as the ban on artificial fertilizers, the result, a crisis for one of the countries the most important industries. mary albion has spent more than half of her life plucking leaves on this deity. after her husband died,
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she became the sole bread winner for her family. but she's barely making ends meet . anglican undergo, a kiddo of the income we get is not enough to cover our expenses. this is the only work we do. we have no other work there. mary is one of houses who work on privately own plantations, spread across the healey country side of central felucca. d is one of the areas most exported commodities, making the industry vital for the she, lunk, on economy accounting for $1300000000.00 annually. with the country deep in financial crunch, the industry 2 has hit a rough batch. the severe shortage of fuel and long power cuts had affected the industrial daily operations, including processing production and transportation. dylan party ronnie, the regional general manager of this estate fears that the effects will soon be felt by the workers about slipping, robert grub barbara doctor to get defected. the book, da da, da, da, da,
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da. the workers are going to get different public. i do not get that regard number of work in dis no, no at present, be offered him them 6 years over at times is over in december. we will be compelled to hard don't. deborah about to about 40 is to be causal. so they're generally that we come over below the problems for the d industry and for agriculture as a whole started before the current economic look last year in a highly controversial move, the chill on government banged the use and import of chemical fertilizers overnight in a bit to become the 4th country in the world to fully adopt organic farming. while the band was later reverse after protest, the crop yield was already effected. this faulty policy decision by the government led to a significant dropping production and export of the the current crisis further does not bode well for the, for mary is concerned about what might happen if the situation was since the 10 gallon did that he and to get that but if we lose our jobs because of the issues in
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the country and we're unable to find any other employment, we will have to stay home. so we won't have anything to eat. and we won't be able to look into any of our needs. abilene going to go, but the good lady, our livelihood, and that of houses depends on the d estates. we ask, make more from the international center for tax development. if sri lanka is going to get, i am off help before the economy disintegrates. it seems almost certain that it will step in, we are actually very close to an agreement between the government of sore lanka and the i m f. bought the timescale is really emboldened. we're still talking alva weeks 2 or 3 months maybe. and in the meantime, the government to his sin, an acute crisis, as you said, of the export revenue i am, i am probably covers about half of the minimum in port needs for basics,
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like fuel and food and medicines. so there is an acute gap here that has to be filled somehow in the next few weeks. well that was our show and you can find us on d, w dot com backslash business. we're also on facebook and youtube. i'm christi, platinum, berlin, for me, and the whole business team. thank you so much for watching herself with her into the conflict with sebastian, how worry, go russia 5 about the progress of the war? a small bag of investigative journalist managed to pierce the veil of secrecy. among them, i'm very cold. bertha found
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a guarantor of websites which tracked russia, who tele, do services, is really difficult for technology pamphlets low because mobile need bob plan. oh d, w with to the point in strong, clear positions, international perspectives. russian troops are stepping up their offensive and ukraine's industrial hard land. as the conflict becomes before the tricia and ukraine pleads for additional heavy weapons to hold off the invaders is the ty, turning in proteins favor to the point 60 d w one clue. and she beat it out. unfortunately
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and a south a method is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for murdering per 3 daughters. if you could call me back, i, i with i see the same town was part of psychosis is an awful illness. postpartum is a nasty mothers nightmare starts june 4th on d. w. now into its 2nd month, the war ukraine has failed to give russia the quick victory of warranty. and there are signs of growing discontent among the political and security elite back in moscow. a small band of investigative journalists managed to pierce the veil of secrecy around those officials. among them andres sold batter.


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