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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 3, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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they have no nationality and a told they don't belong. every one has the right. every one has the right to say ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, thousands or dead. millions displaced and cities reduced to rubble of the $100.00 days of war. ukraine is still holding out against russia's invasion. bought is an already catastrophic situation about to get even was also coming up. president joe
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biden echoes the play made by the families of mass shooting victim. they'd one message for all of us. do something. just do something for god's shape duchamp as the nation mourns recent deaths. he urges the ban on assault weapons and other gun control measures. loss el salvador president is waging a war on gang violence, but human rights advocates tell the w that mass arrest send, the central american nation, have swept innocent people into a violent and deadly prison system. ah, i'm gabelle, as welcome to the program. it's been a 100 days since russia invaded ukraine. so let's hold on for a minute and look at the cost and death and destruction. this war has cost. it is
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almost unimaginable. the united nation says that more than 4100 ukranian civilians have been killed. that includes more, more than $240.00 children, thousands more have been wounded, and the un says both numbers are likely to be much higher with areas like mario, paul, still inaccessible. it's also hard to know how many soldiers have died. russia hasn't released any figures recently, but the u. k is defense minister says at least 15000 russian soldiers have been killed. there's also little information on how many ukrainian soldiers have died, but ukraine's president says between 50 and a 100 fighters are dying every day. the war has also pushed millions from their homes. the un says more than 6800000 people have left ukraine since the war has started, some have since returned and millions more displaced within the country. and then
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there's the destruction, more than a 1000 schools, and hundreds of hospitals, iron ruins, in addition to houses, roads, bridges, and factories is widely agreed that the cost to rebuild will run into the hundreds of billions of euro's. i'm a joint bar corresponded rebecca or it is in a key of rebecca and actually the devastating a 100 days for the ukraine. but is it going to get even worse? we'll get ahead of, you know, almost nobody here believed that this war was going to happen. now he, we stand $100.00 days into the conflict and the conflict is entering a particularly grueling phase. on thursday in stoughton berg, the head of nato's warn you, crying at its allies to prepare for the long haul, to prepare for the grueling war of attrition as he calls it. and that is certainly what we're seeing play out in the east of the country. as we know here was the big
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prize for russia when they stormed in here on the 24th of february. they wanted to take the capital and, and still a new government. they failed in that everyone thought that cave would indeed fall within 72 hours. but as we now know, you crime managed to hold out to push back russian troops from the capital. then russia of course regrouped and moved to the aisd. and that's where the fighting is taking place. today, we are seeing this grueling war of attrition. play out there. as russia slowly does advance, we're seeing some gains just to give you an update of what's happening on the battlefield. and we are seeing some gains ukraine managing to, to take back a little pockets in areas, but it's very, very small back and forth. russia not making huge or inroads now, but they are looking like they will take that key city of several done yet in la hans and be able to perhaps take lucy chance. the says this is the city. on the other side though, that does remain in ukrainian hands at the moment. once they've done that,
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they will be really in control of most of the la hans gretchen of that area. and they will then try and take parts of the done yet, which make up that don bass region, which is now their main aim in this war. so over the 100 days of this war, much, much longer than expected, how you explain the resilience of ukrainians. they're incredibly, a resilience i suppose. i mean that word is always a bit difficult in these terms in these kind of situations. i mean what choice do they have? really they, they're being, they're being invaded and they, they have to kind of stand together and unite and try and, and fight back. but they are have proven to be incredibly resilient and you know what is perhaps surprising and certainly pleasing to most ukrainians is just how much they have united behind the war effort since it began. you know, you really, you hardly hear anyone being critical of what's going on here. everyone's sort of behind backing a president lensky. even those who may not have voted for him or,
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or may not have been happy with him as going into this war. they now stand behind their president, they're very happy with the way that he has been handling the situation the way he's been rallying the international community. and you know, that is something that is really helping with morale here. rebecca, you've been recovering that war nearly since the very beginning. what are the more lasting impressions? i will there has several. i mean, i was here in the country a couple of weeks before the war broke out actually, and i went home thinking, oh, this isn't going to happen. like many people here, most people told me we've been in a war ready for 8 years. we don't believe that that that person is going to send his troops in and, and try and take the country. ah, but we were all proven wrong. and i would say that the last thing impression really is that unity that i'm talking about, you know, ukrainians really united pulled together. and it's really an incredible thing to see. another thing that really strikes you when you hear me particularly. and keith
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is just this sort of jack's a position to sort of sense of calm in the city at the moment. i mean, obviously that wasn't the case as troops were surrounding the city. but now you know, a couple of months into this, warren is pushed back troops. there is a sort of calmness here. life is returning almost to normal in the capital, or at least has got a sense of normality to it. and that is, is really strange to think just a couple of 100 meters killed kilometers rather down the road. you've got all of this or you know, death and destruction on the battlefield. so that is another really kind of an oddity of war. because as they're reporting from p, thank you. are the u. s. president joe biden has passionately urge congress to take action on gun control in a national address. his speech follow the let it fall as the latest spate of mos shootings that have shaken the country. but biden also acknowledge that without support from republican lawmakers, nothing will checked biden's plead,
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the american people was blunt and forceful. how much more corners are we willing to accept? how many more initial american large must be taken before we say enough enough? and he had clear proposals for what needed to be done. jill and i visited arlington that we need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. and if we can't ban assault weapons, and we should raise the age to purchase them from 18 to 21. strengthened background checks and act safe stories, law and red flag laws. repeal the immunity, the protect gun manufacturers and liability. but biden, who just days earlier, visited the texas school when 19 children and 2 teachers was shot dead last week. warned that republicans in the senate would like to block his proposals and implored americans to vote on the issue in the upcoming midterm elections. so road
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i quote, congress fails. i believe this time a majority of american people won't give up either. i believe the majority of you will act to turn your outrage into making this issue central to your vote. enough enough enough. he ended his address with a passionate cole faction cross from a grocery store in buffalo, new york. let's meet the moment. let us finally do something the policies the biden proposed, are already being discussed by you as lawmakers and thus did. abi washington correspondent swimming thomas county told us the president is taking pains to address concerns from gun rights advocates as well. he did address some of the criticism that we heard from gun rights advocates. he said this is not about taking away anyone's guns, but about common sense gun regulations. so senator chris murphy, democrat, has been leading these negotiations. they've been discussing things like red flag
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laws, background checks, and the mental health initiatives as well and, and raising the age at which someone can legally purchase a weapon. but this is a very limited package of measures, all of which have been disgusting congress in previous years. and i thought it was important to note that senator murphy said he will take anything, even a small package of measures, because they cannot afford to do nothing. and even then, it is not clear that this package of measures will actually make it through congress. i think it's important to note that a strong majority of americans do support basic restrictions on gun rights. these common sense gun regulations. but as you know, that the debate years so bitterly politicized that it appears that even this common ground appears. i'm very thin at this moment. so it was almost gone the reporting there and now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world. protest as rallied in ramallah in the occupied west bank over the death of a teenager. but phyllis tinian, health ministry says he was killed by his railey forces. b,
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17 year old was reportedly shot dead after he approached in israeli security barrier. israeli army said it's investigating the incident. large crowds gathered in london to celebrate queen elizabeth platinum, jubilee marking 70 years on the throne. renewed concerns about the queen's health as buckingham palace said that she was experiencing discomfort and would not take part in ceremonies on friday. celebrations will take place through sunday. in pakistan, motorists rush to fill up their vehicles and petrol stations before a 17 percent fuel price hike. it's the 2nd such cost increase in one week. pakistan is attempting to secure a bailout from the international monetary fund, which has demanded an end to fuel subsidies. canada's prime minister just in pseudo has signed a major land claim settlement with a native tribe. the government will pay more than $1300000000.00 canadian dollars
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for the 6 seeker 1st nation for seizing over half its land more than a century ago, which rudo what said it was one of the larger that such settlers. the treaty 7 with police in el salvador have made a wave of mass arrests in recent weeks. tens of thousands of people have been locked up in the central american country. and what it's government is calling a gang crackdown, but she writes group say, many innocent people are being swept up into overcrowded and violent presence waiting weeks to see a lawyer or a judge incarceration for thousands of people in el salvador. the majority young men, again, since the declaration of a state of emergency, at the end of march, more than 35000 people have been sent to prisons, which were already overcrowded. and on the verge of collapse. after 3 years
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in office president, now you who kelly has declared, he is close to winning a war against gangs but human rights organizations including amnesty international warren, his rule has plunged el salvador into a human rights crisis. i local entitled no 7, so that has been documented abuses of authority, all betrayed attentions, violent killings, very serious conditions inside prisons, a state policy of unlawful imprisonment, withholding information and a disregard for human rights unity vascular that. each man, the government's ongoing state of emergency is its response to an increase in homicides allegedly committed by gangs. here a lot of rights groups save of 3 branches of the state, including institutions of justice, have coordinated to summarily illegally and indiscriminately prosecute thousands of
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people. the men them who at referrals to seeing other effects from the use of force by security forces in targeted areas which have been impacted and stigmatized by violence and insecurity. there are reported cases of enforced displacement and sexual assault. many women report that they have been victims of acts of violence. the lansing, the family of detainees must pay for their imprisonment. the hard line policies of president bull kelly have resulted in a surge in his popularity. but el salvador is facing financial uncertainty due to his speculation of state funds with crypto currencies. those who can are fleeing the country in crisis. the number of el salvadoran seeking asylum in the united states has grown by 70 percent in the past 6 months. in watching the w. c. as a reminder of our top story after $100.00 days of war,
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ukraine's president vladimir zalinski says russia now controls a 5th of ukrainian territory. russian forces also edging closer to capturing the p eastern city of seattle to next with 80 percent of that city now under russian control. that's it from me at the new steam for an i'll have an update for you at the top of the hour. don't go away, though. up next is the w business with ben fizzle. i'm gabelle 1st in berlin, from me in the new seam. thanks for watching. ah! she beat it out in a se, nothing is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars from murdering her 3. got you i.


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