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tv   DW News Africa  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2022 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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pulling the strings, were organized crime rules. were conglomerates make their own laws? we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind benefits and why are they a threat to whistle? o peak will this week on d, w. now this is deed of the news africa coming up on the program. the air we breathe is killing asked. so what should be done to tackle absolution across africa? uganda's capital come pilot pollution levels are dangerously high. so to make sure that changes one climate activist wants to see the city authorities
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feel very and pain very well. and it said it feel choking. they it doesn't feel healthy, but how about cycling? that's one way to windshield much key. and i mean the woman in lagos, nigeria, who is navigate in the city. i bite also coming up in kenya. 70 years ago. the ma ma uprising against british colonial rule begun, but many who had taught it i yes, to be compensated. one veteran tells us queen elizabeth should pay out ah, on the power of music, the son of a music icon and mahdi is creating his own path by singing for peace in a region that continues to see fighting with.
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ah, i am eddie micah junior and you are welcome to the program. air pollution is the single biggest environmental threats to the health and well being of people around the world. that's according to the world health organization. in 2019 more than a 1000000 people across africa were killed from air. pollution is the 2nd leading cause of death across the continent. after 8 african cities regularly brick international guidelines for sea levels of pollutants in the air. pollution levels in uganda's capital, kampala up to 7 times higher than that of you at your recommence you get them claim it activity he would. and natalia is concerned about the air quality in her city. this smoke from binding waste traffic fumes. an industrial remissions have made camp ha, one of africa's most polluted cities that are here. feel very
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unclean, very polluted. it filled shocking delays of a sudden change in smell let's you can feel it doesn't feel healthy at all. nicole, we have runs uganda group of the climate change movement frame this for future. she is known for speaking up for the environment, but now she is taking action makeover. you wants to sue the city authorities. she accuses them of failing to come, but air pollution. she interviews us must suffer then in every room as a potential witness. i have a lady induced asthma. that means that if i was entree acting to substances in the air, i wouldn't be athletic. i wasn't going me that long. i grew upon no more child
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hospitals are seeing an increase in illnesses linked to breathing bad air such as lung cancer and asthma from our data, the provider and so resume. uganda is about 12 percent. this is about 4 percentage points. i hid the general average for, for capture and the bud in actually is very high. for example, we can take these asthma, 11 percent of foot of a video do a lot of people and who have done studies actually when you, you get a 100, a 1000 as much x. okay? and for them, for one year, what recall i told on passing the us $27.00 of them would die in the year. nicole, you once the city authorities to do more to talk with a problem where they have the power to regulate the amount of cars that are coming in and out of the city that are contributing so much to the air pollution. i feel like there should be more trees on the road side, like within other cities abroad that help in cleaning up the air. i feel that
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there's an issue with our west damping setting and collection, and that needs to be checked. but the authorities see that they don't have the money to clean up the cities here. one of the biggest problems companies lacking is funding governments. you got us. what does we're willing are very, very thankful, but the big ones we have require big funding. and that's what i call upon i development partners, dorsal come in and support you going to has dick in some states to help reduce air pollution. it has been to the input of older, less environmentally friendly cars under so it is planned to expand a public transport to help the quinn just to the city. but the problem of emissions remains from factory fumes to widespread burning of waste until this key polluters are effectively addressed. makalya sees that couple as it is unlikely to
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get any clean and research as i agree. wait, hold on. i couple years claims they see now was that time for cities across africa to act and opt for cleaner energy, but many have a long way to go. the 2021. well, they are quality reports, found jamila in chad, to be the most polluted city on the continent. in the previous 5 years, chats capital exceeded the view, it was guidelines for safe limits by more than 10 times. gemini is closely followed by an idea, mean oil refining city or target and residents of saddam's capital have been told to keep their windows closed and wear a mask when to go outside. let's talk more about air pollution across africa with edmund sung and yeah, i do have our mental scientist at northumbria university in new castle. hello, and welcome say now some of the most air polluted countries come as no surprise. but how did indiana in chad become the west?
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apple it's it's, it's in africa. ellison is in 2 ways. there is, you know, instead our house is in, outside. instead, our house is, it's mainly because when you think that we use for cooking and heating, you know, so when you use wood in chuckle is a suit which is good off it you, many of them are site is many transports and other things. now in china, 2 houses are 200 bucks. you see that 15600000 people or late one would in trouble and this is got some serious what's going on help. that's that sounds i start going now we know that air pollution killed at least 1000000 people across africa into, into 19. you said before that if it is not addressed, results would be catastrophic. how much more catastrophic could it get? did you know, gonna it pop in wonder intonation alone they lost more than 5. be on you to pretty much with,
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and that's twice did you did the already in how did you did the off chart, but you're going to, it's going to cover going to be covered is the 2.2 to be on. i q points that will wipe out by air pollution from our children in 2019 and on. so i mean, clearly something should be done about that. what kind of authorities do so, like i mentioned up, what are you putting you can see, but it doesn't affect health only it also off with the environment in the wake forest. so we have different department that are in charge of fundraising issues concerning the system issues. right. so the department needs to work together and come up with clear coin purse. is that what it is in a position in the 2nd thing is we need to have better infrastructure for accessing electricity, right? so in the case of the air pollution,
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so those are the 2 main things that we really need to address. well, let me ask you kind of, for example, research has have developed that installed low cost air quality monitors and schools and other areas to help address pollution. is that a way to go? yes, because you'll find like one of africa, i think the, i think only 7 countries with national quality monitoring out of 54 countries. that is really a situation that we don't know the extent of the program. so the, the, the innovation that are coming out for you got that one to, you know, the whole going to need so that we can know what is the situation. it's community level and national, you know, for the normal argument has been bad. it is expensive to tackle air pollution, but you see nature bees that mitigation strategies are viable alternatives. tell us more about these alternatives. so technology is not always the super pull it to
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address. all problems sometimes is the sink lifts like planting trees, planting flowers, increase all the roofs. you know, when we pick chris fifty's, we bought don't only get 5 cities, but we can also help in the air. so those are kind of the ways that you can use ok now away from the role of authorities. what can someone like me do to contribute to a clean air? so the 1st thing that i would really recommend is we need to move away from losing wood and chuckle for heating and cooking. right? try to use a few words like bio gas, natural gas, right? because you can actually generate, if you're from the village, you approach on waste, you can actually make better gas on, but you can also need to buy more cheaper if quality money does. i think it was that what did it to us then? again, if i say plant trees grow flowers in your house because sometimes the beautiful things are the best sort of scenes. ok, nice way to wrap that up at mon saga now do about mental scientists. thanks for
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your time. now to breathe cleaner air, we need less pollution. right. as we've had traffic congestion is contribution to poor air quality across africa. but some people are trying to make a change. let's take you to legacy in nigeria, africa, most popular city, and certainly one of the continents nightmares when it comes to traffic, meets the woman who's choosing to ride to wheels rather than for ah, beats in the rush hour traffic in lagos. driver might be stuck in motorist misery, but cyclist is yeah. far, cocoon. zippy. walker lew zips passed them on her way to work. she says, the benefits of writing a bicycle outweigh the dangerous one of mail resist is just getting to places a bit quicker. so there's a lot of traffic, there is no rail yet,
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so was the next best option apart from walking or running, which will get you there quickly and cycling. and it's fast and i've been in traffic. v fi is one of a growing number of bicycle enthusiast in lagos. on weekends, she rides for fun and fitness with her club cyclotron. and as vice president, she encourages other younger writers to get on their bikes. if he is august, or you can bet you lot of guys, i thought you was it because she's got the leg to squeeze. you right in his fun writing is enjoyable. it's a good walk out once once every be 0, comma is what every one who is most grant, the writing, zip. he says cycling could be part of the solution to lagos, transport, woes. people i beginning to embrace, it's the idea. it's 31, right?
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you're, there's no cost of feel where not put this in the environment until the health benefits also as well. so yes, there are more people with defeat leading to way on her bicycle. she's setting an example question for cycling. as an alternative, and one of africa's busiest cities. ah, you're watching didn't use africa still to come a music with a purpose. we meet the son of the music legend in molly, singing for peace and the trouble of region. that fast, we tend to britain's queen elizabeth the 2nd who celebrating her platinum jubilee after 70 years of service. many in kenya, however, i would say it's
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a celebration of this service to them. it was around 70 years ago in 1952 that the mile mile uprising against british colonial rule started as many as 90000 kenyans were killed or tortured. more than 160000 were forced into concentration camps. june 18th of may, him on bloodshed that prison was brutally put down by british colonial forces. sewing deceitful canyon independence. 1963. after years of fighting for justice, there was a breakthrough in 2013 more than 5000 canyons who had been subjected to torture. all other forms of mistreatment in the 1950s. one compensation from the british government. but thousands of claims are still pending and some have never benefited . like a mom our veteran we about to meet. she wants the queen to step in before it's too late. santa la matoney with anger is one of the
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few surviving mo, mo, independence fight, as in kenya of britain, has apologized for some abuses, thoughts, my then good, did not get their compensation paid to other rebels. she's calling with at gwinnett for help before. it's too late, so but what eg let elizabeth brain what belongs to me? well, that's what i want to say. no middleman in between. let the compensation come directly to me. she should look for a sensible person already and sent it here. one article hello. within his husband was stanley, my thinking i cannot general in the british army. when the rebellion started in 1952, he joined them a mild group and disappeared into the forest to fight for independence. she stayed in the village without children, but soon became my targets. one walk when british soldiers came looking for him, i said i hadn't seen him for days. i refuse to tell them, in forming on fighters was like signing her own death warrant. she still bears this
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cause of what the british did to try to make her talk. when they smushed her leg with a knuckle knee buzz carried her to her husband in the forest. here just now he nursed my wounds latin. even my legs. ah, if you look at this leg one, you can see where it was pierced with an assal twice. if you want, then a madman, la, she spent yes in and out of the forest, supporting the mo, mo fighter cooking for them, hiding from the british. but she was caught and held in an internment, come to the british, used prisoners as forced labor to build roads and bury mo mo fighters killed in the forest. well mother gotta times the dead bodies which still up to the truck. we would bury them all day. we weren't allowed back inside before we buried them, all like we would bury 6 people per gray if we had to pile them on top of each
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other. pamela, what, what bad that book has situation did not improve much with kenya's independence. her son wonky received no education in the forest or the come. they did not get one of the land fossils offered to other rebels by their new kinder government by end. without a lawyer they missed out on the compensation, britain paid to $5228.00 mo mo, fight. as in 2013 maloney's husband, handley never emerged from the forest shipping. her last hopes on queen elizabeth. now again, let her give me just compensation because she's the ruler. let her send it to me or while the guy and let it not be given to any one else, but i am glad o a grab bar number. go he man. oh man, why? bill fernandez. i am now joined by a poem we t. he was a mom, our veterans toya who fought for thousands to get compensation from britain. hello
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sir, thanks for joining us now. we just had this sad story of him, our mile veteran who was still demanding compensation from britain. but how feasible is that? they are very me, a lay chemo ha air beyond a 5000 level god called ins issue and they are cries for justice really. alas, unfortunately, that settlement was limited to the 5000. ready claims we had an attack. there we to good compare. this is for they can have gone to take up the see sure. we, their british government, where the british government read us take lent of the floor of the house of commons . whether we concluded this case in their fire malware b, they say they're wanted this issue to be cursed. and i wrote the letter to the carrier government to say that is but i cannot be closed. i'm due,
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there is an exhaustive, accurate list of all those who we have decayed and tortured, de leon, millie. ah, and then they are names should be scribed on our wall and they, they to should get some orders on been dish. are you satisfied with the sorry to cut it? are you suggesting that they're kinnon government is just not doing enough it can have government appears to be shy other than platitudes. they are not dig in steps to ensure that their mo, get just is what they started go. he just relating to law relating to detention relating to the torture. it's like they are shy about you're getting the woods which need to be real, but you use the word sy, which beats me and why would they be shy about addressing a case of its own people?
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and because where these veterans, where the t anywhere been torture, they are lines we have to get over. i'll give them to collaborate as home gas. it sounds of cheese and they also part of k. this is the dilemma that they could have got with y, c r e, i suspect, but on a q dot issue is addressed. if you know who are we meet these young people who are all the r saturday said until those who line was taken away. and we are never given a call to dish. so therefore lies where on the shoe dazzle the clear. do you get the feeling that there's enough pressure within kenya to make the government act on this? the pressure is not directed if they can get government. that is the way that needs to be directed. currently, both we are left out of the call,
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been dish direct. they are pressure in frustration or the british government. it cannot walk. you can only walk when it is government of government. and i wrote a letter in august of 20 g, specifically pointed out that this is a way to bring these to our closure are to deliver justice to these veterans or truly dissolved just on with a former mama veterans lawyer. thank you. ah, sometimes the best way to send a powerful message is through music. and many molly are well that the west african country is home to that. there's that blues is style of music. pioneered by grammy award winner ali fucker 2. now his son is making his own headlines, singing for peace in a troubled region. did a correspondence flourish to gra,
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has been less than an in. ah, deal, fired cost to do is on the machine. he believes that means they can change my ah, a loan with more than my leanne musicians. he's created a song promoting piece name is going to go, well, um, i don't have to bo, if he asked me to go, she lo, the i'd you jed. he said, don't go home, but in the form i'm gonna send him to music and begin, listen, what they're gonna do. they're going to put up their music in the phone. no. they're gonna kill in music. and if one not, ah, he songs about sammy justice on sunday, gary t. v or an appeal to stop fighting the fight. nothing in all. we
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fight for what we couldn't children for what we all 1000000 people. we all who sometimes would use to, you know, to, to, to explain to people how will we have to be together don't less, some, but people, it's coming in. what are we doing and everything. but this is for the population population point of view has a big shoes to fear. his father, i leave father cut. siri was a multiple grammy award winner, and molly and musical icon veal is proud of his father's musical legacy. but he is determined to move out of his shadow and fire his own salad. while he remains true to his deserts blues roots, he also embraced his rock lasting and other african influences.
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i know many people ask me why you don't know exactly what you have of doing this time. sheet music. but every thing you're doing in this music, it's a from 1st the punish. let me, let me find something before you know, i'm just thinking the structure of music, to like to mix in the more than addition and to have something from me. my cell phone, this is what you know i creates who heal books can meet with concrete, dis, grateful pieces. ah, that's it for now. thanks for staying with us. i'm all boss stories. go to d, w dot com slash africa, or visit our facebook and twitter top pages. feel free to also connect with me on twitter and instagram at eddie mike. up let us know your thoughts on our stories and what more you'd like us to cover. we'll leave you now with some more music from
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molly's deal fuck up to a. is the single finding canary from his latest album lat. seemed enjoyed by for now. ah. i with,
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