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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2022 9:00am-9:15am CEST

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people we shed light on the opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle opaque worlds this week on d w d? ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is d w. news live from bird holding the line in several done nets as the battle rages for control, a few cranes east, an industrial hot land. we hear from the foreign volunteers fighting against russia,
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as it looks to take complete control the dumbass region. a trained crash in southern germany kills at least 4 people, dozens, but injured as carriages overturned. rescue is fear, they'll find more bodies in the breakage. and anger in pakistan as protest is to cry, the 17 percent increase in the price of fuel. government says it can't afford subsidies, enacted by recently aston prime minister in ron. ah, i'm anthony. how'd welcome to the program. more than 3 months into the russian invasion, ukraine says a 5th of the country is under enemy control, but that ukrainian troops are holding the line in the key eastern city of several done. it's the local governor says economy and forces have pushed back the inviting troops with help from volunteers. soldiers from abroad. the road to severity done
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yet in eastern ukraine to weeks are satirically important. city has been a key objective of russian attacks. this you knew, the ukrainian army with foreign volunteers is to help in the defense of the city where russian troops have been advancing street by street. we're going to put russians vac infinity here in bay. one for a year does matters. ah, we are on the right side of the history. if surveyor done yet, the last ukrainian stronghold and lou henson province were to full russia will re one step closer to one of its declared goals. the complete capture of the don bus. moscow said on friday, $100.00 days after the start of the war and had already achieved some of its aims, claiming that liberated areas from what it dubbed pro nazi ukrainian forces. according to ukrainian data, russia currently controls one 5th of ukrainian territory, analyst sworn that this situation could well be long lasting. i think of him as i
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think we ought to be prepared for this war to not last, just another 100 days, but 20300, maybe even 1000 days. moscow is determined to achieve its goals. it is change the nature of the war. that means we're not seeing a fost operation any more, but something much slower pushed forward with a lot of firepower and forcing firepower and false signs of this russian strategy can be seen across ukraine. not just in the east butcher, mary paul, a peen places now infamous for alleged russian war crimes against civilians. according to the united nations, at least 4183 civilians had been killed since the start of the war. and ukrainian military meanwhile says that the russian troops are planning a new assault on sla fiancee. earlier i spoke with the deputy correspondent yon phillip schultz in keith, and i asked him if they were plans to evacuate civilians from there and other
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cities under siege. yes, indeed, sir, according to what we hear, the russians have been concentrating several 1000 soldiers for up to 20 battalions to be precise in the region of 1st levee, an it's an extremely important strategic place that has been a better ground in the conflict since 2014, and it's quite close to the serrado nets and to cra matters the largest city in the region that is still controlled by ukrainian forces. there are still some evacuation efforts going on. some buses have left for the region in recent days, but under extremely difficult circumstances. in recent weeks, the governor has called so far the residence many times to leave the region. and i think most people have followed his advice. he until at the white for weapons
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germany and other western countries have promised ukraine more advanced weapons. do we know when they will reach ukrainian troops in dumbass? of course, ukrainians are pushing that the delivery process takes place as soon as possible. but most observers agree that it will still take several weeks that also has to do with the fact that additional training is needed for some of the weapon systems. obviously it's going to arrive too late for the current fighting in the don bus, but everybody is getting prepared for a long war of attrition. and those weapon systems might play an important role in possible future counter offenses. so as that white continues young phillip, after more than a 100 days, do ukrainian still feel like the world is watching and,
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and still by they side in this fight i think they do. and of course, it's not the same intensity anymore compared to the 1st weeks of the war, but they're still hundreds of journalists from international media outlets here in key f and, and in other parts of the country. and also the ukrainians are watching very closely all a war related discussions and other countries in europe and elsewhere. in the past days, president lensky on several occasions, has shown his appreciation regarding the new decisions regarding the sanctions against russia. and also of course the, the weapon deliveries. so i think ukrainians feel that the world hasn't returned to business as usual, but still grow watching very closely. what is going on in this war. the doubly
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correspondent john phillip shelton. keith, thanks so much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world, this, our police in hong kong have sealed off a park to prevent memorials commemorating the 33rd anniversary of the tournament square massacre. lodge candlelight vigils were held regularly in the park until 2020. the pro beijing authorities have banned all memorials. climbing it's a code. 19 prevention measure. rescuers in columbia are attempting to dig a shaft to reach a live in mine has trapped under ground since monday. after an explosion at a coal mine, at least 3 people died in the accident. last year, nearly 150 people were killed in mining accidents in columbia. a trend crash in southern germany has killed at least 4 people and aged dozens of others, carriages, d brown, and overturned near a popular holiday resort. in bavaria 15 people are being treated in hospital. the various transport minister said
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a suspected technical fault caused the crash. shocked passengers wander through the debris. these packed regional train derailed as it was travelling from garnish parting kitchen, in the bavarian lp's to munich. several carriages over turned some slid down and embankment. the nicholas in its im, hearing an investigation, is now under way at the scene of the accident to clarify the cause as quickly as possible. you will, as likely anyone in the 1st rescue workers arrived just 5 minutes after the call for help soon, firefighters, paramedics and police were all on the scene. some german army soldiers had been on board the train and provided immediate assistance. feel msf, toggling to fits. you almost, they gave us lots of support. they broke windows so the firefighters could climb inside sticky. i think he was walking edifying. emergency workers rescued dozens of
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injured passengers. since there are also children. yes, unfortunately, all ages have been affected. the injured have been taken to nearby hospitals, but police believe there may be more people still trapped in the train. so unfortunately, there could be other fatalities in the wreckage to things. the regional line will remain closed as rescue as work into the night. they de, please, a manual shares has the latest force. emma, what had police teams investigating the crush found out where they're saying so far? is that apparently there's no 3rd party involved. of course the investigation is very much still going on birds that day. so far they think it's gonna be down to a technical a full day or so cannot rule out if it was the speed of the train, or if there was an obstacle, or under a reg ways. but so far, no 3rd party involved on fraud investigator said they were worried that they might
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find more did under the refuge. is there any update on that recovery operation of the saw while this was a huge recovery operation, you have to imagine the carriages where a flipped or you know, we can see that on the picture. so that makes it very difficult for rescuers full 1st responders to actually extract people who are stuck in the train. what's a really, how this rescue operation is that there were a 15 soldiers from the blenders very, who were in the train at the time of the crash and they helped they, they, uh, broke the windows from inside a train and then they also have their 1st responders themselves, so they were here, so for 1st aid, so that really helped out that they were for 6 helicopters and away the whole afternoon working on the scene as a so a 700 turns crane that was, that came from unique to try, you know, and a, a moved carriages, but of course it's gonna take
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a lot of time until all the wreckage is moved and rest for a sphere to could be more bodies trapped or not of harriage's. m a 30 people injured or around about to we know any more bit their condition. well, half of them unfortunately are hospitalized. and these goes from children to adults . all ages are represented of 4 people, died unfortunately and are destined 14 people are who are reported missing with rest care, saying as so far they were a 145 people registered on the train. but it would be really when they will move the record that they will be able to say, for sure, or whether a doubt still a people trapped inside or not malicious, thanks so much. the cost of basic goods and services is rising in many countries in pakistan, the price of fuel jumped by 17 percent on friday after the government slashed some of its subsidies. pakistan as attempting to secure
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a bailout from the international monetary fund, which is demanding that the government kept spinning. oh, rising cost spark outrage in the capital. karachi, people have enjoyed a 2 rounds of fuel price hikes in the past week. they're calculating the impact on their household budgets. that it themes on in the last 3 and a half years, the price of petrol only rose by $55.00 rupees and now, but in the past week alone, prices rose by 60 rupees. that we strongly condemning. ha ha, ha ha! after petrol, the price of everything is going up, the price of cooking oil has gone up. should people stop cooking? they have to prepare food. the government has made petrol so costly that it is becoming out of reach for the common man. what will people do? commit robbery or suicide? i am not home of many of the protesters are supporters of the former prime minister imran conway,
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who granted new fuel subsidies shortly before he lost power in april. relied on monterey, but the new prime minister, shabbat sharif, blames the form of government for spending money. it couldn't afford. he says the cuts are necessary to save pakistan from bankruptcy and secure a bail out from the international monetary fund. motorists rushed to fill up their vehicles before the subsidies ended and i, our salaries are not increasing, but petrol prices are. so we will get crushed under the inflation businesses down so that there are no new customers in the market to money. in pakistan, as elsewhere, there are fears, fuel price hikes, could spill across the economy. tennis now and a brief eye on the dal has made the french open final for a 14th time. after upon it, alexander vera was forced to retire, hurt the doll, and was very locked horns for nearly 3 hours within that hour. one set up in the
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score tired at 6 all in the 2nd fit. but jimmy's verify had to retire after badly turning his ankle. the dagger through to the final where he faces norwegian. ah, but many other members of the royal family, including prince harry and his wife megan, did attend the service of thanksgiving at saint paul's cathedral in london. prime minister burst johnson was also among the well wishes. the platinum jubilee marks the quaint 70 years on the throne. the queen will now enjoy events on tv at home at winter casa before we go, don't forget, you can always get danbury news on the go. just download our app from google play or from the app store itself that will give you access to all the latest news from
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around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news. that's often our technology series shift asks after a short break, if nuclear power plants could be made safe, a via virtual technology stick around the answer. after a short break, don't forget you can get a w news around the clock they doubly dot com. you can also find us on social media channels that well you need to dig up the news. i'm asked me how morning is coming up. 45 with love has no limits. love is for everybody.


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