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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2022 6:15pm-6:30pm CEST

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straight match one by the number one rag pole and her 2nd french open title in 3 years. that's all for now. switch life is up. next with the look at the marshal art of gigi. chew. a michael oak, who from me in the entire news team here in berlin. thanks so much watering. there's more news right around the corner in 45 minutes. last has no limit. love is for everybody. love is live. i love the matter. and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn char, mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more divides and deny that this. i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an in every journey begins with the 1st step. and every language with
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the 1st word, always pinnacle rico is in germany to learn german. why not learn with him a simple online on your mobile and free to shop. d w e learning course, nikos vague german made easy when you ah ah, the art of adapting and finding solutions. remember that your older daughter gets a very intelligent way to fight which focuses on physics and not necessarily on strength is something everyone can do. i'm pulling up
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a sample now. what was the out of defending one's self? again, someone who's stronger and heavy after once a thing little thing, when you're training is someone trying to strangle your home. so that really gives you a different perspective. what best picture when it ain't, and that's the cool philosophy of brazilian. do you get think this is the story of philippi and how this has changed his life with the dark water. so as knowing how to deal with other people with different sit digits, it gives you that music. oh once your face, which is it's very hard to separate my life from jujitsu. so i constantly think
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about it to her. sometimes i need to distract myself with other things in order to actually relax real more manager who i am. yeah, exactly. she gets who is my job as a group, so it's always good to focus on other things to buy your with a school. honestly see jujitsu is everything to me for adult premium blue phillip, he has given everything fujitsu, he's a black belt and just like the sports he lives in breeds. he's also from brazil, or is it's a marsh marcial jujitsu, as a marsh lot focused on grappling, fighting the ground, a posture god in the whole time. it's about gaining control multiple co. he will often think of the final move is the most attractive part. but the whole thing is actually a fight lateral mo, mo, who comply need to be able to control my opponent without him getting out defending himself or attacking me. it was that is the most important disco, more than papa. and also the original goal was for a week,
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a personal to be able to defend against a stronger person. well, my spark of water sniffing there. all done with this so much force. that's the ultimate task. when philippe teaches his students brazilian jujitsu which he does in 3 languages, ah, saw the vice here meeting other on i had saying hung here. he can smash me here and defend their positions. by the way, is manuel member from obama shot of off of in our school is, is it so i think brazilian jujitsu is more prominent in the japanese style because it focuses more in judah with that, which is one of the biggest sports in japan was his partial hon said c e o asked injured because of the opinion. i think the because brazilian digits, who focuses on grappling like a high looks less aggressive for here are complicated, but a simila, zachary snoo parking garage, been that attract new people who don't necessarily want to be fighters,
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can known as the people who want to practice the sport and learn how to defend themselves. yours, but don't want to fight. emma may 20th like that my skin. okay. oh so i will pay me our aqua oak with a genuine silly be 1st came into contact with 2 gypsy during his childhood in rio de janeiro. charles, i was 11 when i started in bad at old sports. yeah, you need to work, tammy. fight for which i liked it and i was good. so i started competing as i can, bitchy was actually a teenager that started gaining way. i saw at 21 and when i was really overweight, oh we've, i took it up again. it's a collector which was the days out, her boy hale thought it was then that i really fell in love with you and i last $35.00 kilos in 5 months. i app casino pg caucus and i was hooked to me and i never looked back yet. you coverage for 30 years, so at the time, philippi was
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a lawyer in brazil. then in 2015, his wife was offered a job in berlin. he decided to drop every thing, join her in germany, and pursue a new career into gypsy. ah, local music, your former school and the beginning a was really high up all of it. i didn't know what german mentioned. i had a hard time finding the james to apply for jobs. charles, i got in all this to my 1st winter here. when all new was so dark all the time, he often got home when he sat on the sofa and thought for colored man, but of i'd done with my life i. why did i quit my career of you? the people i can make? i hear them. philippe did what the sports taught him adapt to difficult situations . it became easier to find work once he'd learned some german and step by step the interest in a sport that was widely unknown in germany started to grow. he now has over $250.00 students, including his wife junior. if i'm a see a thing as you,
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as you. i started sure she to after we moved to berlin. phillip, how are setting up his theme at the gym and he invited me to check it out in going i called today. i love him back. i think george it so it's something that he loves you. then that is a big challenge that i would like it to my dad since the welcoming me boy. i think she loved it and started training for competitions with her husbands. there is so many metals now that they're almost too heavy. but one is special. donia is the defending european champion, a she's at harvard, yellow, a man. she has so much grant to severe thing for the scene. now a lot of if you watch her fighting, you can see how our face changes abashed. hutchison, before i'll close having a relationship on and off the match was a challenge at 1st. we might even add a warehouse and wife at the gym or i'm her coach with them for me as her sometimes
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at the beginning when she would have with some techniques, she get frustrated, not with me. and i had to say things were a little different. ha, ha, ha ha. but now things have changed and any problems are not quite as substantial report for poker when i can ask anything and voice any doubt to me enough, the best part. not just during training, but i talked to mike whenever something comes to mind, i just ask him if he has all the answers with available, i'm times it is one to watch tv that sort of over. mm. sleepy has not given up. his own jujitsu, korea, and is still training for competitions. ah, but this is the most experienced person at the gym. he's his own coach. he has to get to himself ready for his next match. blue
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eye or i'm going to check my love competing out for me. it's like riding a roller coaster. i have butterflies in my stomach. i'm so excited so much when i got it's over. what i want to do it again. confusing is something that makes me feel alive to you. it improves my jujitsu. i'm with the new who 5 measured for me to what are this is his metal whole lives, the is that his ultimate goal to win an international title still remains for in the middle of america, there were, you know, who i was, number one in rio de janeiro in the heavyweight class, i was german champion o overall champion and berlin, her place of the brazilian nationals if we today, my biggest goal is to become european champion from them all. that's what i'm training for or a new program, but i can't wait for competitions to start again for work, but i hear as compet signs halting g to the corona virus pandemic. it was
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unclear when the next year a p and championship would take place. it was a very difficult time in roll for contact in close proximity sports machine. yet they are more means of seeing. there were moments when i thought the contact sports would not exist in here. this under the ship, people would say the curb. it wasn't going anywhere accordingly, upon any longer than that, it will remain off the huntsman lives. the will follow this and the law. hm. our, your follower. everyone was speaking of this new normal curriculum face, and i thought you knew what is this new norm here? how's it going to work for me to pick whichever to read article? i wasn't getting better. oh, sure. give me. so there were moments when i was afraid that jujitsu was a sports would end ashatash here. path ology. again, philippe did what the sport put in and adapted stop to keep his students motivated, felipe, he started recording youtube videos. there were 150 overall,
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and by his side was his wife dounia. the only person he could be in close contact with during lockdown party kazora zane to being a we would tell me a once a week to should videos for the whole week. he would pick a technique, teach me ugly with practices and then record the tahoe. but he's been in our parking. yeah. either for that, he was gonna be stuck on his major, my urgent parcel. there was a to point in may when we spent 2 days shooting videos the whole month. so hiring i the same error, but we had to adapt so such as this was the way to teaching thing. i didn't want to solve it. interesting. i love to do you do feel either through the operator in savannah rush, harvey ah, his love for the sports paid off for him and his students. he really kept the family together and i think i was one of many people. so him doing that really kept
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me from driving up in my room. so i would really good out a, matt and langley looking forward to the class of 7 and just hearing his voice saying light, okay guys, drink some water greatly. feel like at home. so yeah, really kept me saying to do really became to a new country, a new culture and he has inspired people with the sport he loves. he's built a strong sense of community in berlin shape with some people couldn't come to the seminar, but i don't discriminate. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with all wonders about those thought, you'll often be in a difficult situation. but knowing what needs to be done helps you to think. i tried to calm down to find out until space to escape. yeah, you will stay home and she is always away. michael's and then you find a solution. i think that's how it goes in life insurance. i would cry. sometimes we're in situations where we don't know what to do, we longer than my but getting desperate, only me. it was a composition m as i. and so i think judy gives this focus to people and the calmness to deal with problems in a better way. mobile, number them off,
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all men are for both. thank you very much guys. you job one, making the headlines and what's behind them. d. w, news, africa, shows that faculty issues shaping the continent. life is slowly getting back to normal. yeah. well, the streets to give you enough reports on the inside our correspond that was on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the trends doesn't matter to you next, on the d. w. the 77 percent this week. so we'll be focusing on parents and the unique set of challenges that young people are facing as they try and raise the next generation, including high maternal mortality rate and some african countries and the burden of stereotypes. mothers deal with 77 percent in
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60 mat on dw d double use crime fighters are back with africa. most successful radio drama series continues to bring up all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d. w, africa's facebook page and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now. this is deed of the news africa coming up on the program. the air we breathe is killing asked. so what should be done to tackle apaloosa across africa and uganda's capital come pilot evolution levels are dangerously high. so to make sure that changes one climates activist wants to see the city authorities that


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