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dw humor, they want to know what makes the germans that he's just been a john, love and batting thing with them away from that. but i'm not going to have to work my own car and everyone with later holes and everything. just getting, are you ready to meet the german can join me, right. just do it on d. w. ah, i know she's one of the most important and best known artists in germany today and arch lawn movie. lizzie's is the real deal. she's a real world famous artist, a criminal, a crim are crazy about her is this is on the visa or the alexio's, a special person, just a bundle of energy. and we were just as fascinated by her as by her artwork dot com
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. mm hm. i'm authentic. as chris that i think is an artist. you totally have to learn to formulate thorne's should that they turn into what you mean to create with . mm. ah, the could phosphor nicko when phosphorus carbon and so forth. the human body is made up of $24.00 elements,
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mocked is more than the sum of its spots. that's all it is the last one. ah, this is how it looks when a lead sick vada creates a self portrait. she reduces the human body to its elementary ingredients, cool and precise. ah, born in 1979 and cut off its poland. she has risen to become one of the most successful artists in germany. her expansive sculptures and installations have a special place in private collections and museum exhibitions and audiences love them. she is enjoyed world wide renown since designing the rooftop garden on new york's metropolitan museum in 2019 isn't out law. so my view is only see the highlights and not how the whole thing takes forever, or how you exhibited work and 100 like garages. no one's interested in that will be
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from the very beginning, she received support from collectors, cotton and christiane morris. the couple showcases her work in a former bunker in berlin, meto district. ah, what fascinates them about her art alecia? alecia is always asking question often and i find that courageous, i think i'm one as a does mom. she even questions things we all agree on in our culture and society work. she constantly asked, but why? the home is the full, the this payment she question and examined all systems in place is team is whether earlier currency pick the time system her or statistics and hug. wanted was hooked me up against viruses. her proud. she has a very analytical element to it. so this was important at the same time,
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something very poetic, a precise and downright scientific and chocolate of crowded thought. the home url, these and damn deer manhandled, why diamonds have a particular price or gold plan. why do they say a gram costs? i dunno. $32.00 euros and $0.80 as acts of who decides it cost that much. what are the forces in play creating the supposed reality? and the more you look at it, the more you realize that everything has just been laid upshaw's. of course, there's no natural reason why something costs a certain amount or claims to be such and such. and i think i've always had problems with these alleged fundamental truths or belief or it had the x i was but maybe also since i'm from poland, maybe because everyone's catholic there may be because every one there runs to church and you don't invite the devil into daily life at all, but what devil are they talking about like and why anyway? and why am i supposed to buy it as it's all just so strange. i've always had
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a hard time, distal, excepting when someone says that's the way things are that the so just believe it and what is a lead sick brought as ideas are the result of highly concentrated research, drawing and writing ah, inter studio. she works with her team to turn her thoughts into art. and art has been a guiding force in her life since she was a child. and my status was just all i got and i got a e in for in dallas and cut of it. my father is an art historian and used to run a gallery and cut of it's a poland. my mother is a cultural scientist and everything always had to do with art art history or history in general. mm hm. which is what meaning it was normal for me to constantly look at church gables and paintings. i wasn't aware of the possibility of existing outside that world yet. ah,
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blue satin imaging as xena. my father always may join competitions for me and all my cousins. there would be 5, right kids. yeah. we'd get a topic and we'd have to draw something based on out or whatever. and since i was the youngest one, i had to give it everything i had to half way keep up with this and i did laying on my pipe fix remit. so hyphen basilica must have me as an interment, artist, ali tick water is always working on several projects at the same time. she's currently preparing a big exhibition in berlin. several sculptures and public places, and a new series of pieces for private collectors. her studio is a research lab material warehouse and workshop in one of them with scansion, alice the time. i think everything would quickly collapse for me if i didn't have the possibility to do a lot. and for several, it's kind of like her pet to mobley the father on the machine runs the longer it keeps going as though lego bribes the all of that. so i'm not quite
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a studio discipline is key. the various production processes are perfectly inner coordinated and deadlines. set the pace today, up to 30 employees, work on her projects. ah, la la isn't cancer of his eyes now her entire production has grown and she employed several people. mia loiter and, and a chef taste. he had, she basically has a factory. now he m who that is yet, so i'd say she's also covering market demand to keep the structure alive, to i'm labeled, i think in just a short time, elisia kubat. i needed to expand her operation to meet the demand of the art market . hey, sorry. hey, sorry i got held up was no,
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i only have to dash over to egos for the concrete talk is stuff up with. okay, thank a thanks. that looks great. thank you, kevin. okay marie, go ahead and mark which ones those are i should have been not put in. and also would you be able to make the other thing look a bit nicer. you know, here as the here heaven. i just have these visitors to morrow. probably we just need to open this and then whatever we have probably will hang this here with the scope of a mature listed, i think on homelessness i. of course, everyone thinks of reuben's and to 60 employees when an artist is very successful and has to produce a lot. of course, they're not going to be building their own canvas allowed by alyssa court analytic fata, when you think of it works with giant pieces of stone. so she needs employees and a well organized studio, a foreclosure. i think the mark of a successful artist is great organizational or cal soon as fleischmann. ah
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ah. ah chef man, fungus is forgotten me. if it's at 1st, i found it really difficult to take any health, no food, because i couldn't imagine having any one else and the same space while i was working from bonham, leave it just physically being banging. it seemed like a terrible idea. i put it off for ages. i lavish as these changed very slowly for a long time. i had no employees on friday's friday. and because i also had the weekend, it meant i had at least 3 days, week for myself, a weekend the enemy. but at some point that was no longer possible. and as he had his physical, it's been a learning process. and what i'm trying out now is having my own area. that's where
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we are now. and when i'm here, it means my employees should mostly leave me alone would. i'm also totally happy when i can be here in the evenings. robbins can ah of this with my little one's enough space of eventually this will become some sort of office space or something but, but right now i just have an incredible amount of stuff. summary. i don't even know what it is anyway. i collect all kinds of things and there are endless lamb players and also parts of lamps. they're mechanical clockworks i clock way or is that really old mantlepiece clog life? and i've been obsessed with looking for the same objects. but usually they're like decoupled particles of matter. hubbard, i look for the exact same thing produced at the same time, let's say made in the 20s,
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but one from mexico and the other from i don't know norway, and then i put them back together on the pedestal. so if lobbied on the stuff, i don't think she's interested in hoarding material, her for obsessed with willing things obsessed through cuz it's that was the boring of she is obsessed with using these things finger or i answers that sort of. she deploys them as incisive leah's stones and a piece of jewelry. so potent, clear to the work is like a piece of jewelry and the objects emphasize her ability or rob young and entrepreneur. so he needs things that are highly charged gosnell from that report. i'm sure she has piles of things. she doesn't yet know what to do with. oh, but eventually the one hope she'll knew was was to them at mock. o margaret's assistant, sent the cat with his as to the turnaround thing here, may be knocked. i see that when this country that the turnaround is quite a nice work, the mind itself, it, i'm not sure it's in here. if it was,
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i would have come across it again. my. oh no way there's a turn around and it was a little hobby thing online. i haven't seen this work in a 100 years. let anne smith at the end of this weekend. it's not on display right now. madison. i love it. it's called turnaround. doesn't our dentist chat? it might have been 2009 when i did it. but it's just a section of a burden staircase. bannister on upset from them. but then it's mounted on the wall like this, and you run, that's the moment when you change direction. so this is, i think that so beautiful and fits the hand so nicely finished and as often hunchback ah, preparations are underway for the exhibition in up fees and tide, or in absence at the bellini sher gallery in the german capitol, ali chic,
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father's own heartbeat. as the show soundtrack, emphasizing her presence or absence, the sculptures play on her personality and also physical height. and alice boston, as of these are bronzes, phones laid on top of each other. and here you see my team, law, me, greg, or kevin and valentine. as the tallest at to 7. the smallest is lauer at one and a half winters class. there's an unknown giant of 3 and a half meters tall and their portraits in away. and they all correspond to someone's height with the full image of the artworks arrive at the museum. i li chick florida is personally involved with the installation. she's very clear about the times when she wants to retain control for diesel and exhibition in her hometown of berlin. brings an additional challenge in it's it's difficult
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because you absolutely want to exhibit in berlin because you live here, but berlin scares me the most. me and i because it's belly and i've developed an exhibition that formerly very different from my outside the museum, a sculpture titled self portrait as ghost welcome visitors made of bronze. it's a shrouded depiction of the artist herself. it's life size. ah, i says that a 5 is an experimental because i think it was sort of like an experiment. i said, ok, i'll try to look at myself as an object, as a sort of biological object in a certain period of time. because i'm quite interested in the human object as an a current interval. see it for the show with the bellini
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sch gallery, at least 6 vada had her personal dna read than paper that onto the museum was her heartbeat as transmitted, live into the space directly from a smart watch she wears during the exhibition that makes her state of mind immediately audible, including on this monday morning. just a few kilometers away. the group exhibition diversity united is taking place at the former temper hope airport. it brings together art from all over europe. ok. ok. ok . that's great for the talk to later, bye. touch, snarling. has deliberately placed for the next a male heavy weights georg buys and it's an unseen m kiefer. but at 1st glance, colorado isn't quite convinced. oh
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it's reality which is always between a dream and a nightmare at home. she gets in touch with the studio. she's decided she wants to show another work here. maggie has to have owned and fin marie. do you have any film of the work? you don't get a good sense of it from photos of it. it would be great if you could send it to me quickly, canal fun and other friends of it's. and now she just needs to convince the curator . but i love i with her. hello val turn. it's fantastic. i'm so impressed. warm and to be in the space again. yeah. those roses knew what special either they're here. every one taking part has their own style. whether it's you, adrian, jumping me, young, painting or limb. so love, i love much of their own signature with this or not. thank you for the amanda. got it. i understand you're all unique, but it all works together. yes. so it looks great and it's working well in the space. i can tell you like it, i,
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i really love it and that's what i came in because there's something i want to do back on to permission and all that will be taken away. if i know this is, i think it's really great for us, but i just had an idea. i think we need to progress, but wait a minute, i have the work ready? absolutely. i would, and i think it would fit so great here. you know, this one yesterday nice is really would be so incredible here 3. it's a rock and we could hang. it said that it's a bit higher hang facility. a middle is higher for all the time. amazing. right. and yon has to work in the warehouse. the same law she's also an artist when it comes to diplomacy. inter gambit pays on. just in time for the opening, the exhibition incorporates our needs her father's idea. but between negotiations and studio management, how much time does a successful artist have left for creativity?
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this miss, for me, a work is complete when i was manager. what's the most important step for me to formulate my thoughts in such a way that a physical artwork will eventually come out of it? and i achieve that using almost no tools, just a pencil and a sheet of paper that ah mine, my artistic process is still an incredibly intimate one with her. i'm here and can only really be on my own. i listen to some music and in the best case scenario, it's a moment of total joy. you're quite euphoric and could just shout out how great everything is. that can all change really fast is open. it's almost like being in a permanent manic depressive states of permanent molars with distinct everything which starts with a bruin. though, naturally, there needs to be a thought behind it and to formulate that thought,
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i need to make a sketch. so i make several sketches and try to consider, okay, what might work and what doesn't work, as well as to imagine the sizes. and as soon as i have a drawing, i send it usually as a simple to cell phone photo to my team late at night, along with an incomprehensible email which i always dictated to my phone and nobody understands at all. and i say this is what we're doing now. it's usually the schedules incredibly tight, which is something i wish could change, but likely never will. then things take off quite fast hoops out of a middle working company. here in a specially rented building cronner is working on a huge commission for a private collector. ah, the production costs a lot run into 6 figures here with nick or says a big sculpture called linear land is being constructed here. and then it'll go to
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a private collector in texas, though i think it will be displayed in a semi public space that i hope will be open to the public. good. but i don't know that yet. yes. and slowly coming together and should be finished in february, i believe. let see if the welding seems, have been removed, hulu provider monitors such details because she also needs to keep an eye on production costs. it's the only way to ensure her ambitious projects remain profitable for gallery owners and her studio. ah, there's no counter sync yet, but oh, it's nice that it still needs to be flat yet love i. yeah, there's no counter sync at all. yeah. but of yeah, but it quite elegant. okay. employee for the for and there are projects that
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require certain production budget. i project the costs, make a budget and hope that a gallery will finance it as soon as they financed it. i hope that the work will sell, so they'll get their money back. at 1st you earn almost nothing on these projects, but that allows me to build the next one. this creates a basic sense of trust that folks aren't investing their money for nothing. if they give me $500000.00 euros 3 times than the warehouse would fill up in and with all the cost of some of the movement and storage always costs money is lather. who do that? i can't ask that of anyone that person doesn't exist if it is a person gift is me. look is done. it's quite exact. it's on a $1.00 to $20.00 scale that proportionately it's just like the real thing. you can tell that from the person standing here it. mr. kenny. mr koenig exactly is great. that at some point, elisia meet her goal to do bigger projects because she finds them exciting on that . and that's how it work. mostly at the same all you set yourself cool. it,
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they work out somehow. she doesn't have to do much to convince me exactly. she just says, it'll look like this and to be on, but that's the framework of this was i'm, can we do it together? and almost always, i say, yes, when you suck, i'm in my yard. though nothing works, without the gallery owners, they're only tick, father's most important partners. she's even found representation abroad. since 2012, the renown gallery cml manure has even shown her works in paris. ah, a, he's a marvelous artist and one of them was interesting artists of her generation kit. i'd seen some of her works with shiny, really question. what contemporary sculptures you needed for the fixture? oh, to be an arses who creates objects for public spaces, galleries and museums cutting. okay guys, that's true. but there's also a tension,
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something extremely powerful in her work or from the premier to when i met her. and i was extremely surprised to find the particular channel singers, because i'd imagined her to be more physically imposing for chris soccer, one more company. so if you're happy installation, her parisian gallery believes elite, she has works, have great potential on the french art market. and she's determined to make it big in france. he eggs this with grab, there's a great music alice he to lizzie's art. there's also something graphical and sonorous about it yet. i don't want her work as a sense of time. but it's also very spatial to dawn. ah, if you like a boy, it's like a caricature. it always makes me laugh because this collaboration is just the way
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you'd imagine it was. this is quite different. and of course the buy is a different to generally the americans like to buy big, huge things and right away here the madam was like to have a little something nice on display in their bathrooms. yeah. and i know that the germans, i turn, keep a very low profile there, often bourgeois industrialization. we don't know, you'd never even recognize them as such. and they have incredible collection of me only min, missouri, akin florida. i saw julia, but as i'm not but clara has no time to enjoy the sights of paris. back in berlin, work has started on a new big project. belichick father has been invited to take part in the sculpture exhibition desert x in california. as always, her concept begins with pencil and paper. this sketch will act as a blueprint for the artist and her team in the coming months. clever hamilton think
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of that as an artist. i think you have to learn how to formulate your thoughts in such a way that then later become what you want to create. mentally, you have to perceive your vision in such a systematic and logical way that it can be realised somehow. and of course, i learned from that 1st impulse that's may be half dram till you half encountered voice half, who knows what exactly, and how to reformulate that into the chain of events which is necessary to produce the desired result type from an agatha didn't have been that is on band, this is an a, there's a difference of hulu. ah, then comes on file, i get an adrenalin rush. when i have an exhibition here and then a project results and you speak the whole dealer and get to show it off. and then you have to set a price and see if you can offer a discount or
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a package deal. but i think that super and great fun to somehow i think it just helps you get better with me. ah, with
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who into the conflict zone with sebastian? how worry the russian 5 about the progress of the war of mobile, of investigative journalists has managed to pierce the veil of secrecy among them. i'm very sorry. bother found out a guarantor of websites. we've tracked russia who can do services. it's really difficult for psychological eval, i'm flick zone. well, because he was not on the bottom in 30 minutes, and he w a south,
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a mother was going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for murdering her 3 dot. coming back, i think i see the site's down postpartum psychosis is an awful illness to have a mother's nightmare. in 60 minutes on d, w a. t w's crime fighters are back with the africa. most successful radio drama series continues. all episodes are available online, and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in. now. it is
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a secret war. the seamless one acts into the conflict between iran on the one hand and israel in the united states on the other. for more than 40 years, the adversaries have been irreconcilable. the long war, israel, iran usa, starts june 15th on d, w. mm. frankfurt a hot international gateway to the best connection, south road and radio, located in the out of iraq. you are connected to the old world mood experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and drawing our services all. be all a guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by fred bought lou
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ah, ah ah, ah, this is d w. news live from berlin, the boss. oh, $4.00 east in ukraine, intensifies and both sides claim successes and the 5 full control of the industrial half land. and the u. s. p i just to help investigate thousands of alleged russian war crimes. also coming up. that's a 3. as on that t, a man man, a square protest. i still.


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