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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2022 1:15am-1:30am CEST

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don't forget, you can get used around the clock on our website, dw dot com. or of course you can follow us on our social media accounts on pablo fo lillius in berlin for me on the team here. take care and we'll see you again at the top of the next hour. bye with ah, linda lee. what people have to say matters to us. ah. that's why we listen to their stories. sh reporter. every weekend on d w. the green. you feel worried about the
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planning me to on the old hosting the on the green fence podcast and to me it's clear we means to trace join me for a deep dive into the green transformation for me, for you, for the plant. ah ah ah ah, the art of adapting and finding solutions, lumber that you all will the door us gets a very intelligent way to fight which focuses on physics and not necessarily on strength is something everyone can do and i got
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a sample now. what was it the also defending oneself against someone who stronger and heavier ones about being local when you're training as someone trying to strangle your home. so that really gives you a different perspective. what chris victor, when farrington, that's the co philosophy of brazilian dude. get seen, this is the story of philippe and how this has changed his life with many dark waters for so as knowing how to deal with other people with different sit digits. it gives you that music. oh won't your fees which is it's very hard to separate my life from jujitsu. so i
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constantly think about it to her and sometimes i need to distract myself with other things in order to actually relax no more manager. how about mio vacuum jujitsu as my job as a group? so it's always good to focus on other things to buy it with a school. honestly, it's a fee jujitsu is everything to me. in fact, i told premium blue filly p has given everything for jujitsu. he's a black belt and just like the sport he lives and breathes, he's also from brazil, or is it's a marsh. marcial jujitsu, as a mosque lot focused on grappling, fighting with the ground, posture, god, in the whole time. it's about gaining control, multiple cold oil. he will often think of the final move is the most attractive passage, but the whole thing is actually a fight law control mo, mo, or blame me to be able to control my opponent, reside without him getting out defending himself or attacking me. it was, that is the most important moment for bank. the original goal was for a week,
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a personal to be able to defend against a stronger person more my for icann was different. there are quantum of so much porch, that's the ultimate task. when philippe teaches his students, brazilian g gypsy, which he does in 3 languages. ah, so the vice here meeting other on i had st hung here. he can smash me here and defend was get pushed out by the policeman. one man for mobile, the mobile shot of us, of in ashville is, is it? so i think brazilian jujitsu is more prominent in the japanese style because it focuses more in judah with out of which is one of the biggest sports in japan on while his partial under paul said c. e. o. ask injured because of the opinion. i think the because brazilian jujitsu focus is on the grappling mold like a ha, looks less aggressive. so here are complicated. but a simila saturday, snoo parking garage been that attracts me. people who don't necessarily want to be fighters,
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can known as the for people who want to practice sport and learn how to defend themselves. yours, but don't want to fight emma may or anything like that. my skin. okay. oh so i will pay me me our or cor oak with a gina silly p. first came into contact with 2 gypsy during his childhood in rio de janeiro and charles. i was 11 when i started bad at old sports. yeah, you're going to work, tammy. fight for wish i liked it and i was good. so i started competing as our committee. it was actually a teenager that had started gaining way. i years. so at $21.00, when i was really overweight, i took it up again for you to culture, which was of the days older boy hale thought it was then that i really fell in love with you and i lost $35.00 kilos in 5 months. i app crossing open jeep lucas and i was hooked to me and i never looked back. yeah, you company withers years. so at the time for the he was
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a lawyer in brazil. then in 2015, his wife was offered a job in berlin. he decided to drop everything, join her in germany, and pursue a new career into ditzy. ah, local music, your former school, and the beginning. it was really high level of it. i didn't know what the german mentioned. i had a hard time finding the james to apply for jobs shows i got in all this in my 1st winter here. when all was so dark all the time. he often got home when he sat on the sofa and thought poor colored man, what have i done with my life? why? why did i quit my career of you? the people i can make, i hear fully. p did what the sports taught him adapt to difficult situations. it became easier to find work once he'd learned some german and step by step, the interest in a sport that was widely unknown in germany started to grow. he now has over 250 students, including his wife turn. yeah. they're going to see a thing as you see,
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i forgot to georgia. so after we moved to berlin phillips, i was setting up his theme at the gym and he invited me to check it out and go and i called today, i love him back. i think george, it's so it's something that he loves you then that is a big jones that i would like it to him with the welcoming me boy. ah, she loved it and started training for competitions with her husbands. there were so many metals now that they're almost too heavy. but one is special. donia is the defending european champion. a. she started with yellow, a man. she has so much grid to severe thing. father seemed a little of the of if you watch her fighting, you can see how our face changes abashed, such as before. oh, good. having a relationship on and off the match was a challenge. at 1st. we might even with warehouse
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a wife that the gym. i'm her coach shows them for me as a sometimes at the beginning, when she would have trouble with some techniques that she get frustrated nog you with me. and i had to say things were a little different. ha, ha ha. but now things have changed and any problems and not quite as substantial report for poker when i can ask you anything and voice any doubt to me enough, the best part, not just during training, but i talked to more whenever something comes to mind. i just ask him if he has all the answers with available on time, that is one to watch tv that sort of over philippe has not given up his own jujitsu career and is still training for competitions. ah, but this is the most experienced person at the gym. he's his own coach. he has to get in self ready for his next match. lou,
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i or i'm committee. i love competing for me. it's like riding a roller coaster. i have butterflies in my stomach. i'm so excited so much when i got it's over. i want to do it again. confusing is something that makes me feel alive here. it improves my jujitsu. i'm with a new who finds measured for me to what are this is his metal whole lives. the is that his ultimate goal to win an international title still remains queen limited with american to with, you know, who i was, number one in rio de janeiro in the heavyweight class. i was german champion o overall champion and berlin, her place at the brazilian nationals if we did today. my biggest goal is to become european champion from them. all. that is what i'm training for her. and as a book about, i can't wait for competitions to start again, but walk back here as compet signs halting due to the corona virus pandemic. it was
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unclear when the next year a pin championship would take place. it was a very difficult time in general for contact and close proximity sports machine. yet they are more means of saying there were moments when i thought that contact sports would not exist anymore. yeah. dish doesn't sure. people would say that cove it wasn't going anywhere. accordingly. upon any lawn care of and that it will remain off onto my lives, the will fall under some oven or hm, our, your followers are having the speaking of this new normal. come, heck, if i face and i thought you know what is this new note here? how's it going to work for me to pay for to, for the medical i wasn't getting better or she gave her. so there were moments when i was afraid. fidgets was a sport would ended, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. again, sleepy, did what the sport put in and adapted stop to keep his students motivated. philippi started recording youtube videos. there were 150 overall. and by his side with his
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wife danielle, the only person he could be in close contact with during lockdown party to sora. as a to be like we would come. i mean, once a week to should videos for the whole week, for he would pick a technique, teach me ugly with practices and then record the tahoe for history. now in working you yeah, you the for the who was gonna be stuck in the comments measure my urgent fossil it was a to point in may when we spent 2 days shooting videos or the whole month. so sorry, i the same error that we had to adapt so such as this was the way to keep teaching thing. i didn't want to solve it. interesting. i love to do here. do you feel either the repetitive in savannah or rush over? ah, his love for the sports paid off for him and his students he really kept the family together and i think i was one,
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many people. so him doing that really kept me from driving nuts in my room. i would really like put out a matt and langley looking forward to the class of 7 and just hearing his voice saying light, okay guys, drink some water written feel like at home. so yeah, really kept me saying to do really became to a new country, a new culture. and he has inspired people with a sport he loves by. he's built a strong sense of community in berlin for with some people couldn't come to the seminar, but i don't discriminate ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with all one of it's about, oh thank you. you'll often be in a difficult situation. but knowing what needs to be done helps you to think. i tried to calm down to find out until space to escape. yeah, you will see how manchin is always away with our goals and then you find a solution. i think that's how it goes in life. insurance i look for sometimes we're in situations where we don't know what to do. we longer the my, the getting desperate only me all it was a composition m as i. and so i think just gives this focus to people and the calmness to deal with problems and in a better way over them a form in our report. thank you very much guys, john. bye
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