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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2022 3:30am-4:01am CEST

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and it went from google to facebook from facebook, it became the default option. in the tech sector. opaque worlds, the rise of big tech minutes on d. w. these places in europe are smashing all the records. stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters, discover some of your groups of record breaking sites on your back to and now also in book form with ah, ah, ah, ah, in celebration of queen elizabeth the 2nd black mt of the lee,
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one royal super van reveals her immense collection of royal merchandise. more on that in today's show. and with that, a warm welcome to another edition of your o max. here's what else we've got lined up for you today. this spanish city all valencia is the perfect place for a relaxing city brake. and she is westbury willie, she need is one of the best swiss cheese makers 70 years unless her own. i'm no royalist myself, but i do have to admit that's impressive. even though she has no political power. queen elizabeth the 2nd is arguably britain's biggest celebrity in this weekend is our platinum, jubilee and celebration summit 12000000 people are doing st. parties up and down the country. one of them is monarchist anita atkinson. his collection of royal
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march is massive. a cup of tea with queen elizabeth the 2nd prince, william and duchess kate always former king george the 6th and his wife every day. and nita atkinson from where dale newcastle spends lots of time with the british royal family often referred to as the royal super fun. i suppose that's true, but i'm a monarchist and i firmly believe that i will support the monarchy until the day i die. she keeps around 1000 pieces of memorabilia from the british royal family in her home. but her collection is much larger. later she will show us just how large and i thought about having a collection, it just happened. i'm a custodian, if that collection of all the people's memories and i'm never, ever, i mean people say, oh, it must be worth a fortune. i'm not interested in money. and it's value less to me because i'm never,
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ever going to sell it. never, not even a single take anyone who spends every day with the royals does so with humor. as william and kate, let's give them a polish, with a hardy and making it only a fraction of her collection is in the house. she's been collecting souvenirs since 1977. the queen elizabeth the 2nd celebrated her silver jubilee on the throne. she has converted the former cow shed next door into her very own museum. i don't know exactly how many pieces that i in here, but it's around about 7000 paces that go back 9 rennes. i don't spend as much time in here as i would like to actually live in here. but if i, it would be nice just to have a whole day to just be in here not to sit. i don't do sitting very well,
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but to just be not tweak things a little bit. there are probably some 12000 pieces in her entire collection. there's more stored in heretic, it was a pack of playing cards, a double pack of playing cards. in fact, it was this one that started this collection. this is the very 1st item that i owned myself. even her mother collected souvenirs of the royal family, small treasures such as a cookie jar for the coronation of king george the 6th, and her clips to celebrate the coronation of queen elizabeth the 2nd. this is the oldest facing the collection sir snuff box, from the reign of y from the coronation of king george the 3rd and east queen, queen charlotte in 17. 61. her favorite royal is queen elizabeth, the 2nd who has sat on the throne for 70 years. what would she wish for the queen on her platinum jubilee? i would find care for 70 years of total dedication and commitment
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absolutely. toward all, there's never been a time when she's disappointed of what she'd been perfection, perfection personified. what you've been, ma'am. thank you very much. and nita atkinson has prepared some outfits for the celebration. she's planning a big tea and garden party and still needs to make some preparations with her granddaughter. of course, queen elizabeth the 2nd will also be there. germany's famous metal band is back home shines new album site is already a global hit. the group is known for its elaborate shows and provocative music videos. berlin bass director, you and height man has already produced a number of videos for the band. and now he's done it again with a truly weird twist on german stereotypes. and we got to have
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a look behind the scenes where you are in the charming little town of l. mel austria, and we're making a new hampshire video. doesn't even toggle director urine heitman has been creating music videos for her. i'm shine the globally celebrated rock ban from germany for 20 years, as one of the creative minds behind the film set. he consistently develops powerful imagery that helps shape how much time image. so of course, he's involved in their new single mosquito resume, though. um, does this song is about a man with a certain desire for let's say, a woman's physical attribute, different young displacement manon of because i'm a usually try to be a bit more subtle. but i think in this case we failed. once a fish are by this m r g, i always like working with cliches. the best way to break it cliche is with another cliche. and when you have an in your face song about an old man and his thigh
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slapping escapades, then the best thing to do is flip the script and throw that back at the audience with where taking some really antiquated notions and trampling all over them. the direct thompson for his videos yearn high to man loves placing the band members in unfamiliar roles and lifestyle of the kind emitter bed will know metal ban. try sampling brass band music and wearing these silly clothes on. since that waiter would be puzzled. it's hot since a long while i'm sunny. such was on the on to something what. what special about ramstein is that they have the courage to be ugly hot. but let us show the cracks in the facade and we can dress it up and make it filthy, that that is pretty special to me. must campus on louis. oh, good. comstock has an image as a tough, uncompromising band that loves to provoke. but satire is also an essential ingredient in their videos. john high demands video for the single zanna from 2001
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has over 200000000 online views. it's a twisted adaptation of the fairy tale snow white featuring the band members as dwarfs, oligarchy, rounds were painted, and the scenery was construct a pedigree. there were no grain screens or special effects. this event, we did everything in camera ragamuffin. the problem of the video was the hard part was making us look smaller, snow white is supposed to be 1 may to 90. it's and we meant to be dwarves. all in with the was includes. i had to make paula little toller. i think it was auto trader because it's such a beautiful story with snow, white and the dwarves. and then look at what we did to it are insane to some of the ideas for the videos come from the musicians themselves, their bosses, oliver, at a found maze. player oliver kind of videos from a snow white movie on his home computer and he put it to music and it didn't fit at all the most. and we thought that was pretty cool to possible from on,
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on so many crazy concepts also come to fruition with the help of film production company cut to put you in heitman can spend hours tossing around wild ideas with creative producer ingleby yogi, who has been producing ramstein videos since the bands early days of it to me later buddy bus madeau counted, we spent a long time thinking about what we could do, see the garage door. how far can we take this fairy tale? aesthetic oil and how much rocket road do we still need in there? josh, to be at some point we knew snow white had to die of an overdose in the bath tub. that's rock and roll. that to real suit, a star death, zuba tool. that's how we shook up the whole concept has consequences, damage, time opens. ah, to make illusions in his video as perfect as possible. urine heitman and his team go to great cinematic length like in the video for one of hom,
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stein's biggest hit america from 2004 in which the 6 musicians played astronauts on the me to visit us as we wanted it to look real. so we got space suits from nasa, from america, from idea to implementation. young height when always has the whole crunched on cosmos in mind. in the home shine store in berlin, fans will not only find merchandise, but also lots of props from their shows and videos. with each video, the director wants to add an extra layer to the music and lyrics in the clip for cardio from 2019. the band travels back in time to the 1920s. in audio video gets me a nation as a new initiatives la you for me. the audio video is not only about the history of radio, and it's more about freeing ourselves from conventions by following our dreams. none of us inclined to spend with the keyboard, but our own
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b. d was yearn is practically a member of the band which was at some continence. he can visualize our music for our songs in a way that it adds something great to them. food of them to feel we've made so many videos together that he really knows our personalities. and he has a great sense of what suits each of us and soon will possible. i'm shannon chung at sir sean gunman, victim clicked on to understand and i have come a long way. i took a volunteer that since the month. sure. we've aged over the past 20 years. i ended up and he hasn't come, but i think you can still see that we remained curious and keen on doing crazy things, sent him all dressing up and messing about all tomatoes for clayton and one such being it's such infectious fun. and to me it's been so liberating to go along with it. and i'm at bonham. for our next report, we're staying in the mountains to visit a true cheese lovers. paradise. just 70 kilometers from syria. master cheese make
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her a village, meet treats fine cheese like the art formative, mitchell and star chefs. and gore made the world over a clamor for the chance to taste his cheese. hey, seymour conversations making cheese maids working hand in hand with nature. what's most fascinating to me is the milk. you can use it to make something wonderful. something very aromatic it out. a lot of these might now me 3 least meet. you have been case the most. i am a master chief maker in talking borg i switzerland. and i produce cheese from her or milk in the press finish. meat is sometimes called a cheese whisperer a cheese virtue or so, or that mozart of cheese makers, or mace from all over the world adore his teas. younger body, he murmured than as a boy,
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i'd spend all my time on the pastor with the animals. i'd help with the cheese maker and even made some myself. and that passion has stayed with me. give me it gets his milk from 9 farmers in the valley. he knows all of them personally. the cows only eat the grass, the grows here and are outdoors whenever possible. versus the eclipse is really pure milk. you can compare it to top dollar burgundy whining again. boom, boom. what comes out down there is like gall us phones in that i was cold. milk ran it, lactic acid, bacteria and salt. those are the only ingredients inch meets cheese. with this he can make 30 distinct varieties. the milk he buys helps to offer such a wide range. it tastes different depending on the farm. it's from open book. does he, tug and book is a valley that stretches north to south on the shady side tends to have green herbal
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aromas. while the sunny side tends to have a warm aromas like vanilla and caramel, me at all, ma'am, toby mani leo. thought on. male olive she meets jesus are his own creations. of course he also upholds old traditions. his hates 6 chaff or would he? she is placed in a casing made of spruce barks to age. this gives it spruce and rosin aromas. a feel for me of those is the mother. whenever i develop anything new, my goal is always to create a completely different and unique taste and all that. okay, mark, hope those are the good mob. all. i'd see, god flip side. depending on that zariah the, the g 's matures in one of 5 separate sellers for several weeks, months or even years. each seller has a different climate. cheese wheels must be turned daily and brushed with salt water star shafts from all over the world order ish meeks cheese. but of course,
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he also has swiss customers. chef sylvia mansa has earned mitchell and star for the toolbar, restaurant and up and sell our land to her. schmidt's cheese is the perfect conclusion to any meal here. mil to mil. he's a bit like the king of cheese or in terms of personality. he's just so nice a composite bought the cerebral on a deal is does it, does he feel fall on caisson or the and the variety of cheeses he offers is without compare in this a full form. i forgot fresh meat cheese was not just food, but away of life. and under his watchful eye, it can even become art and koreans lousy darling. they help me ma longer frog an artist from italy once asked me if i could make a cheese for him from human milk. you mostly hogansville, whom put her in and so i turned it into this beautiful white. i'm all chill on her
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. they are ramos, it was quite provocative in the expedition brought to you. the chief whisper is always on the lookout for new ideas. people, animals and nature are equally important to him. son, c and pyre. just a few of them. many reasons why valencia in spain needs to be on your travel bucket list and who better to ask them the city's locals. we spoke to people who know the city inside out to find out what to see what to do. and most importantly, if you ask me what to eat. ah, the port city of valencia has over $300.00 sunny days a year and its average temperature of 19 degrees celsius. make spain 3rd biggest country, an ideal travel destination. your round my
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name is about getting my opinion. i think valencia is really rate because of the weather and also because of the people that we are really nice and friendly people . i think a you should be see their cd of arsenal, science a would to was assigned by color trouble. the futuristic city of arts and sciences designed by valentin architect, santiago, calatrava, in the 990 s is valencia leisure and cultural center. who like him in the city. nice. but he, you see, because everything has been adapted to, to the bags is turned into a green city, which is something something good according to dea, which was the river before, after the flood in the fifty's, they had to change the direction and they convert that into the longest part of
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europe on is really green and very nice to to go to work also with the bike and how to be in the studio is over 9 kilometers long and considered the lungs of valencia. the park is perfect for catching your breath amidst the cities buzzle. how are you with the most important a to b. c. b. our market. this is our market. this is tory, a market in valencia. he's a some generic market in the syndrome market. a. you can see all the products and the quality of the products is the best. the central market was designed in art nouveau, also known as catalog modernism and built in the early 20th century. as one of your
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biggest, fresh produce markets, it spans 8000 square meters. the decor is inspired by the produce for sale. when it for the my name is mikhail, the and i'm the cathedral can and whatever you can get the best views of the city. from there we go, let tower up there and significant to get anybody me. when i restart the dol tower of valencia cathedral was built in gothic style and is about 51 meters tall. from here you can even see the ocean and the city of arts and sciences and may have just had gama. my name is yoseph gemara. i'm a historian and i've been working here for 4 years. it's been just the tower has 207 stems. that's like climbing 15 or 61. 0, i guess i don't believe you have to be in pretty good shape, but it's not too bad. certainly not as top is climbing a mountain will mark as well as with
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her. my name is mark davis. i'm leaving here in bolivia. i'm from melinda, and i work asada to rawlins in it's a very come on here. we by. yeah, like once a week or every 2 weeks for us, one of the best places to we player but empty i. so basically my this is also the capital of pena, rural communities here invented the rice dish between the 15th and 16th century. the original peo, valencia was made with rabbit meat and chicken the sea food version didn't come about until much later. i my name is mr. about not on my manager for about the night on what are we talking about? i a's fault of the cultural valencia. you can go on stay nights,
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many good things. law if monte rice on will by. yeah, it's about the world valencia brings together age old tradition and modernity with a great deal of variety. now things are about to get a bit creepy. some works of art celebrate life, while others confront death. natalia libyan yet scarce pieces bring together both the polish artists turns our old fabrics and accessories into morbid sculptures and jewelry, and then sells them wild white. we visited her in her home city of choice, vienna. the bird with its heart laid open a month with an antique watch insect accessories. organs sculptures. whoa welcome to the eerily beautiful world of
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natalia lubin, nuts god, spiders and dead creatures might seem repulsive to most. but this polish artist seized the aesthetic in them. believe out, even as a little girl, i was fascinated by insects on al. schemes are mine. my mother used to tell me that spiders meant good luck. also the thought they've always seemed magical to me on in height. ah, natalia lubin, that's cause art objects. find buyers on over the world or cvt so far as dis, dissected frog with innards exposed. it took her 5 days to so meaningfully. i'm inspired by the somewhat gruesome subject matter likely. shimaya bethune so anxiously. she and the way it connects life and death, and thought on play been blue. the connection between life and death is also in
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display of the natural history museum in her adopted home vienna, stoughton conserved creatures that seem almost alive and the anatomies of insects. natalia trained as a hotel manager, but in 2014, she discovered her true calling. it about it so fast thing. if i was so fascinated by the animals, they're like curiosities from some kind of magical world. from maggie chavez, i wanted to try to make something like them myself. we'll beat anne's over some bass. them the artist, finds the materials for her creations at flea markets and an antique shops all around vienna. old fabrics and accessories, not only fabrics to make them, but also objects to present them. it is not enough. i look for old jars. if boxes, an antique jewelry cases, i can put my sculptures end on victim that increases their value. then on that the
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knock might a hawk of it, duncan, you can place them on a shelf for display lynn on to and present eden in her studio at home, natalia libby, netscape demonstrates how she makes herself sculptures. this will be a spider. so nope and stuffed with cotton ranch added by one i've been working hard for several consecutive days from i can feel the effects of sewing ladder sometimes . i hurt myself a little in foot, but it doesn't matter. i'll mark nix. she uses wire and yarn to make the legs that happy. here's what a finished leg looks like. on the d that the next at all. so them onto the body and sick or to perform dish spin. ah, it looks like it could be done in no time, but in fact, it takes hours and hours. the artist makes every piece by herself with no help by
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any employee's. once the spider sewn together. she painted with acrylics and waterproof it natalia dreams of being able to live from her artwork some day. and she slowly getting there. i'm happy to see sales growing and more people noticing my artwork at some kind of my name added to that of a fish my. i have lots of fun doing it by and i'll keep up the struggle that kind of invite us if i know so good. this is quite a big passion in my life, and i couldn't live without it. levin yeah, ah, natalia lubin metzger, culture romantic, so what morbid works, the art of her. so if all goes well, she'll soon be exhibiting and world class galleries new. that's all for today. don't forget to follow us on social media and head over to our website and enter our viewer. drill for the chance to get your hands on a piece from our dw uncensored fashion collection. not only does it look pretty
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cool, and also promotes free speech around the world. so make sure you check it out. as always, thanks for tuning and take care. a with ah, with
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who welcome to the dark side, where tech conglomerates have more power than the state. surveillance capitalism became the dominant economic paradigm. and it went from google to facebook from
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facebook, it became the default option. in the tech sector, opaque worlds the rise of big tech. 15 minutes on d w. o. it's christian of whether the next crisis will come. but only when and how the media will deal with it. how can we stay focused on what is important? shaking to morrow now. exploring opportunities for media professionals in times of crisis. the global media for june 2022. your ticket now is the end of the pandemic in site.
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we show what it could look like. return in the normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult. a successes in our weekly coven 19 special. every thursday con d w. ah, some people don't care about me because they don't see my beauty. some people don't care about me because they think i have nothing to give but 2000000000 people due to then i am every day at home. they are food, their livelihood,
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but day by day i do and so does everything. i get 2000000000 people care about me. name me. and now i need you. ah, this is dw news and these are our top stories. ukraine says it has recaptured parts of the eastern city of seattle don't ask from russian forces. ukrainian troops have been battling to hang on to the city while.


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