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tv   Faith Matters  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2022 4:30pm-5:01pm CEST

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facebook, it became the default option in the tech sector. oh, pick worlds wise of big tech on d w. so you want to know what makes with love a way, but i'm not even know how to work my own car and everyone with later holes in every single day getting are you ready to meet the german can join me, right? just do it on d. w. ah all ah, his name is thinnest barouche. she mana, but around here he is known simply as theo, the stove builder. it's early morning in rhonda east africa. far out in the
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countryside, south west of the capital co. golly theo is bringing part of a kitchen stove to a family. he has to carry the piece some 4 kilometers. he carried another one just like it yesterday. because what he is going to build to day is a stove with 2 plates. a state of the art kitchen stove in this remote part of africa. feel anger. she manna builds kitchen stoves, foreign angio set up by 4 diocese of the anglican church in wanda. the angels aim is to improve living conditions among the rural population. provide health care, protect the environment, and fight poverty. this stove is for a large family,
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2 adults and 5 children. vocally critical consumer fully see and fabi and her already mana have spent several days gathering stones for building the stove. families that get one of these new high efficiency stoves are expected to pitch in and help build it. busy buena, i heard about this invention, boyd and it's supposed to cook foster care. that's why i asked in the charge if we could get one of these stoves. fabian has already cleared away the old kitchen stove and make some clay for the new brick work. thea would like more grass mixed with it. straw reinforces the bricks. a stove like this costs $14.00 euros, that includes everything. the money for $40.00 clay bricks. the theo is now making
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theos wages and the 2 sections that he's brought from a specialist factory. the anglican churches and g o provides a subsidy equivalent to 10 euros. the family has to raise the remaining 4. that's about as much as fabbing an earns in a week when he can find work with, ah, ah, ah, the tradition of what you call one, i'm really looking forward to the new stove. you will, the extra plate makes cooking a lot easier for, for instance, i can co crye cent vegetable soup at the same time. and this stove doesn't make as much smoke. that's good for the air was
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a montgomery more so the new cooker works according to a simple principle. the draft is optimally controlled. as a result, more heat is generated with less wood. you can see what an improvement it is. if you just look around the neighbourhood, florence lives next door with her 2 children, and this is her kitchen. she cooks on a traditional sto consisting of 3 stones on which she can only place one pot at a time. that's how it's been done for centuries. and the kitchen only has one tiny window for ventilation. he's only get one knee, i'd very much like a stove, like my neighbor. so getting i could pay it off in installments, chevrolet sold stove makes
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a lot of smoke in the room. my children and i often get headaches from it. you can see how the old way of cooking every day over a smoky fire, irritates her eyes from outside. this tiny village, the smoke rising from her house is visible even at a distance around 80 percent of all rural families in lawanda, still cook on open fires along overlooked threat to air quality, and people in kc any some 83 kilometers from the rwandan capital co golly, the anglican church operates a hospital, which is also the state provincial hospital. it has an eye clinic and also treats asthma and lung cancer disorders related to traditional coping habits. to pull rim, something's on 3 perfect good. do the quiz. these problems arise because people current inside their houses is sort of work in with sid visit,
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but it will be better to cook outside. so the smoke dissipate with the gus soccer for mere cook amore, said the quickness of most of the cooking is done in dos. gondola missile, and it's not well ventilated on to do a lot of well that's why there are these problems with the eyes to limit did it does and we have a lot of respiratory diseases. we'll leave on the smoke that st. hey, good afternoon to you. as to who the anglican n g o. world development inter diocesan service, hardy, i asked for short, is aware of the high number of as my cases among were wanted women as well as lung cancer and various i diseases. he angio has been involved in development work in rural areas since the 19 ninety's via tour and her into a is the executive secretary via was, is city us who problem awful diseases. we menace fish here in the indiana children
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who will be responsible as power kerisha. there is a one who caught very allston than the men or boys. the realization that traditional cooking was stressful and even dangerous, gave birth to a revolutionary project. some 5 years ago. it was decided to develop a new type of cooker when building it, theo positions the prefabricated sections, the heart of the stove. the technology has been tested and given a safety certificate by a government agency. by decreasing would consumption by 60 percent, the stove reduces or wand and families c o 2 emissions by the same amount. the stove has had an enormous impact on past gases move can qsi life. she has been the proud owner of one for
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a few weeks now. the nearest wood vendor is kilometers away and she must carry the firewood she needs for cooking. but now she gets by on 3 logs for a whole week. she used to burn that much in just 3 days to think of rud occluded, ella doesn't i notice with the new cookery, it stays hot, much longer. i can cook 2 dishes, one after the other, without using you. would it costs me half as much in yours and i and in youth i used to spend 2000 rwandan francs on firewood every week and you wrote to you with the vehicle 2000 francs. that's the equivalent of about 2 euros. the average wage in wanda for 2 days work, sam is past as his 15 year old son and he has a younger sister media tris passcode is, is a single parent. her husband died a few years ago after that she and her children were homeless for
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a long time. they lived in the ruins of a mud hut, the n g o r d i s. made this house available to them, including the latest models, stove. bewanda is a small country about the size of the u. s. state of maryland. it's mountainous and calls itself land of a 1000 hills. it used to have lush tropical forests, but deforestation is evident everywhere. now with a population of some 13000000 the country has exploited its natural resources for youthful pud. so minute cheese for cooking. cooking, amuse, boiling water. so because, so she was too high because of a stove model that t v we are using is what we call, ah, 3 stones via an to consume it or to afford. and then consequences, wary everywhere and in wonder efficient individual areas. we advocate 12 trees
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was extremely high and the erosion was also a very big issue. the result has been severe flooding. regular cloud bursts in the rainy season can no longer be absorbed by the ground. the torrance wash away fertile soil, landslides our common burying homes and killing people. with this is what the land looks like. a few weeks after the reins, the raging waters have swept away the bridge. we have to use a provisional one. we're going to visit an industrial plant, said among rice fields, avocado and banana plantations. it's
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an eco friendly factory. it's aim is to conserve natural resources. the stove parts for the high efficiency cookers are manufactured here using traditional techniques . there are various sizes depending on the performance required the project to implement. very, very, very important to reduce poverty. the whoop, that to be consumed with in the one in math currency. is it us thing almost 3 months. that is a saving of money as they said, that is a saving of ward saving of environment. the factory uses local clay and sand, german and geo, as have provided financial assistance. but the concept of construction plans and
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recipes come from rwandan engineers. everything is hand made. in addition, the stove parts are air dried, which means no additional energy consumption. this thought we this review to install. it keeps heat and the whoever is cooking and if, if somebody don't have to stay around while you to cooking, you can go in to fit shorter way to cooking you can assist you are harvest to vineyard, is the market saw video, vc, vc will time which is useful air drying. the stove parts is just one example of how the manufacturing process itself is kept as climate neutral as possible. the stoves should last between 7 and 10 years. not bad for 14 euros.
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so far more than 6300 families have received a high efficiency stove through the arda is program. the factory hopes to soon be producing some $8000.00 stoves a year. other n g o z and there were wand and government have become aware of the high efficiency stoves and started funding programs. 12 year old media. tris usually gets home from school around 6 in the evening. it's about an hour before sunset. night falls quickly here near the equator. media trust is passed as his daughter. she and her brother sam are excited about the families, latest acquisition, a solar panel installed on the roof. it's no bigger than a sheet of paper. how much we now have electricity in the house. so we can study
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for school in the evening because we have light sims', mother pass classes shows us the battery, which the panel charges during the day. it allows her to charge her phone and listen to the radio o clock and now they have light in the evening. apart from their mattresses, hoskis is and her 2 children have no furniture. there's no money for that. but despite their poverty, they help protect the environment with their efficient kitchen stove and solar power. ah, this is a heap of cow dung. it's needed for the last step in the construction of the new cooker. theo, the stove builder, mix as the dung with ash and water. these building materials are recommended by the stove builders, and based on theos, own experience. in it
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with the stove is plastered on the outside with conventional mortar. but as the o explains to the family, the dung mixture goes on top because the surface is exposed to a lot of stress. repeatedly heating and cooling cement would eventually crack under those conditions. cow dung, on the other hand, always stays a bit flexible. the stove top doesn't break, and after a few days, it doesn't smell any more either, but on average, only thought after this last step, the stove has to drive for $8.00 to $10.00 days. then it can be put to use another household, putting a little less strain on the climate. sunday morning. theo and his family go to church in the district, capital mo, hunger. they walk about 4 kilometers to get their rwanda is
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a predominantly christian country, around 45 percent catholic and 35 percent protestant. some 5 percent of the population is muslim. with 1300000 members, the anglican church makes up only about 10 percent of the country's population. but when it comes to environmental awareness, the for anglican diocese with their rural development, inter diocesan service, want to set an example. although the angio gets financial support from germany, local church members also provide a significant some themselves we thought that is good for a christian or past the oral bishop o 2. to protect a the environment. because it all that we have
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here in the this us who is belong to a goat. that's why we belong also tolbert. andy, you remember in dennis's good, do any put of them on the iv enterprise he he said to them to, to walk for it to protect for it and to work for the they are benefits. so all we are or nish ah, at this seat is to at or for this wired of this as it is in order to belong to us. that's why we have that to mission, to protect environment, to protect it. the, the asked that god is we're us. rwanda is only responsible for a very small amount of greenhouse gas emissions. the average pollution per capita
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is around 0.07 tons. by comparison, each person in australia is responsible for more than $21.00 metric tons. yet we're wander is doing a lot to reduce its emissions even further. and this despite the fact that most for wanda and to live in poverty and have completely different priorities. waffle the time, the power it is in a local context, it aka wonder my to know to be exactly the same for a person in europe. here people are ivy struggling to get sufficient for eating. for instance. very working hard to improve form 2 good t 3 is for indication for via children the work hard to, to, to improve via and even condition. theo and his wife and an sierra are an example
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of people who struggle with poverty on a daily basis. but it doesn't prevent them from living in an eco friendly way. they have 3 children, no steady income, and no land, just a garden in front of the house. but theo has also installed one of the efficient kitchen stoves in his home to day, they can harvest beans, they also grow avocados and bananas. filled with your hosting here you live, your so in the family, old for you. so we only use half and store the other half of for the next sewing definitely, they can't afford much and they use few raw materials. so their carbon footprint is minimal. we make a detour to the national memorial of the genocide of tutsis and moderate who two's
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20. 8 years ago between 800008 1000000 people were murdered. the genocide was fueled by hate filled ethnic propaganda. most of the perpetrators belong to the who 2 ethnic group. since then we're wanda's government has been dominated by tutsis. it's a so called educational dictatorship under president paul tagami, who insists that there are only rwandans no ethnic differences. the government has been praised internationally for focusing on the eradication of poverty, combating the corona virus pandemic, and for environmental and climate protection. after driving another few dozen kilometers on pot old roads, we visit a health center in soviet, a village and southern province, famous for its coffee production. cat like nuns run the health center in. so lou, it's not exactly a hospital more like a general help center with
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a laboratory and pediatrician, offering cancer screening and vaccinations from cove it to measles. this small rural health center has a partnership with the famous german shall he tay hospital in berlin. a group of doctors from germany is currently visiting, so vo, their discussions, focus on malaria and other common tropical diseases. due to the corona virus pandemic, these endemic tropical diseases have been somewhat overlooked lately, but they remain a serious problem. professor frank morgan helped heads the department of tropical and international medicine at berlin's chevy tay hospital. the new him one, the poor people in rwanda have an increased risk of malaria. is malnutrition, all kinds of other infectious diseases, diarrhea and respiratory diseases that's understandable as well. the body can't cope as well with 23 or 4 illnesses up as it can with one. they're also more
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difficult to treat miniature if the one is positive consultation in the laboratory or clinical test data from this small rural health center in africa, can also be of interest to academic researchers in berlin. so it's important to clarify how patient data is handled. the teaching hospital in butare, the 4th, the largest city in rwanda has been working closely with berlin's share, he tay, for a number of years. the relationship and their shared professional experience became even more valuable during the corona virus pandemic. we have a great ongoing relationship and we weren't together in the fight against cove. it right from the start and on the chart and also the robert kalk institute. what together with the rwandan cns we were involved, even before the 1st case was discovered here i was a huge success of our cooperation to put it bluntly, we have saved many lives here through the cooperation. and now, one of the 2 factories that will produce the by on tech pfizer coven vaccine in
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africa, is being built in rwanda. but with cobit 19 in the spotlight, it's important as professor mock and helped points out that other medical issues aren't forgotten. malaria, the pathogens of which are becoming more and more resistant to previously effective drugs. tuberculosis and diseases caused by pollution. professor mocking helped calls these illnesses, the diseases of poverty an anglican church school in moo hung this city. on special climate action days, the students plant trees a water level got a letter today. vincent, my nanny from r t i s, has been invited to the school. he's brought a 100 tree cuttings with him for the young trees come from the and yos own nursery . with him. from was the boy, you know, the climate action days are supported by r d. i s. the organization receives donations from the so called climate collection
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. a donation air travelers make to offset the carbon emissions resulting from their flight for the germany. rwanda route, for example. they pay some 60 euros this time the students are planting trees on a slope behind the school to strengthen the bank and prevent erosion. their bishop did something similar when he was a schoolboy, the primary education we, we learnt how that to we have to protect our environment, to plant trees. a we had, it did days. it is of the tool to go and to products, the trees and the also trash the protector our and in
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fact tree planting in rwanda has become quite popular. the german international cooperation agency, g, i said, recently started tree planting programs in several east african countries. but the anglican church in rwanda was a pioneer in this regard tree planting or making solar panels and efficient kitchen stoves. none of this costs a fortune christians, in rwanda. appreciate the support from europe, especially in these difficult times. partners, especially in the united evangelical mission and admitted forward the know what is a very what, what out of the bombing issues for her, for the members nivia communities over wonder viet away opened up. that's why. even though edwin with fool, with variety is facing via consequences overall in new korean, back to viet is still supposed setting our projects and it's worth it.
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these $25.00 women and men have taken a 6 month course in ecological studies. as professional consultants, they'll be working in local communities, ensuring that despite poverty for wanda continues to succeed in protecting the climate and the environment a ah, ah, with
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who to the dark side. where tech conglomerates have more power than the state. surveillance capitalism became the dominant economic paradigm. and it went from google to facebook. from facebook,
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it became the default option in the tech sector. opaque worlds, the rise of big tech. 15 minutes on d. w. o. is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like. return in the normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult successes and you know, we're weekly coping 19 special every thursday con d w. look closely ah. listen carefully.
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don't know how those things you miss today. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. it is a secret war in the scene, endless one access to the conflict between iran on the one hand and israel and the united states on the other. a more than 40 years, the adversaries have been irreconcilable. there is never been any real dialogue. how did this confrontation begin?
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how great is the danger that it will spread the long war? he's really, iran usa starts june 15th on d. w. ah ah, this is d w. news ally from berlin, russia threatens retaliation. vladimir putin. shes moscow will strike new targets if ukraine receives long range missiles from the west. russian attacks also hit the capital key for the 1st time in weeks. also dozens dead in a.


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