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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2022 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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confrontation begin. how great is the danger that it was spread? the long war? he's real. iran usa starts june 15th on d. w. ah ah, this is d w. news ally from berlin. russia threatens retaliation. vladimir putin says moscow will strike new targets if ukraine receives long range missiles from the west. russian attacks also hit the capital key for the 1st time in weeks. also dozens dead in a huge fire in bangladesh or chemical blast sets off
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a chain of explosions at a container depot army bomb disposal experts are called in to help emergency proves and paying tribute to britons. queen elizabeth celebrations of her 70 years on the throne. draw to a close with a spectacular pattern outside. buckingham palace, crowds line the streets of central london. ah. michael ok. welcome. russia has targeted ukraine's capital keith, with a fresh barrage of missile strikes, mer vitale. clinico has confirmed the 1st attack on the city in weeks. coach coat says missiles hit infrastructure targets, but no one was killed. life in cave was beginning to regain
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a measure of normality. as russia concentrates is forces in the east. russia's president vladimir putin is threatening to hit new targets. if the west sends ukraine long range missiles, it's not clear whether prudent is referring to targets within or beyond few cranes borders than bulletin. so if long range missiles are supplied, we'll make certain conclusions and use our own means of destruction that we have enough to strike a tockets. we have not yet been hitting them. i am now joined by i d. w's. russian analyst. konstantin egg got in riga, konstantin, the russian president. they're not exactly talking softly. what do you make of his comments? well, wouldn't have been talking so we were quite long time wasn't talking so little was a long time we heard thread. so using nuclear weapons at least technical nuclear
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weapons before from him. so this is nothing new. i suppose that this shows that futon is worried about increasing work and supplies are to ukraine. and what is more important of the fact that judging by nato military military ellis with whom i have the chocolate speak in last couple of weeks on the state of preparation of ukrainian or army for use of these new weapons systems is increasing and probably they will be fully operational by the end of june. so i suppose we should read it as a warning, but also as a final warri, that's our new modern western weaponry will hit the russian army in ukraine. really, really hard. and it could very well reverse that. the tide in the east, which his forces currently are or winning. and what do you believe that he believes
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the effect of his words will be? well, he believes that ah, ukrainians will be careful in using the weapons. and for example, not here. the russian mainland of which they seemingly promised to washington. but, you know, there are lots of shifting things during this conflict with change basically from day to day. but my feeling is that he's retaliation may be very simple. he'll be hitting residential areas of major. it is like even hock is maybe if you feel that you radians are over using the new weaponry. i think what we've seen the last few weeks is this constant doing. and for this kind of swinging between ukrainian saying that well, they really want to win. and the west trying to tell you when more gently, especially a several european countries are pushing a cave to do that. but i think by the time the gradient on the really part must 3
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of these newly to live with west weapons. we'll see what kind of choice finally present landscape will make. it just made a reference to several year in country european countries. expressing a little bit of caution. as you know, french president, a manual met call has warned, against humiliating russia in order to lead diplomatic doors open when the fighting stops. ukraine is, of course, not happy with those comments. is there widespread sense in the west that it's indeed dangerous to corner or humiliate putting will frank speaking is an old song song in paris and there is nothing new in what micro. there are people that sympathize with him, a different company or him capital is probably in rome, probably someone building i think that the west is divided on doubts. we know that for example, united kingdom, central europe, the baltics, part of the northern countries are actually pushing for
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a much tougher line against putin while paris, berlin, to some extent room. i'm trying to basically limit the extent to which you grant could respond and the westfield respond to putting aggression. i suppose the perception is that if cornered, will become really uncontrollable, and we'll do some really horrible things. but on the other hand, we can say that putting always counted on the west a consideration to be sold math and so unpredictable that it will try to locate him . and then this suspect, i think what micron probably after these 100 hours, he said he talked with, puts in for about a 100 hours a little in the last sort of half a year. and i think the macross seemingly doesn't understand that this is exactly what she wants. she wants the west to seek him a song predictable. and so the jurors that it will limit its brush will have to leave it there. that's konstantin echoed in reagan, many thinks is always fire has killed at
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least 49 people and injured more than hundreds at a container depot in southeastern bangladesh. among the casualties are firefighters and police officers who rushed to the scene. army explosives experts have been called in to help emergency crews. it's thought to have started in the container full of chemicals. the flames quickly engulf the depot and trigger main explosions, making the already dangerous work of 5 fighters, deadly. many of them as well as police officers and journalists, are among dozens of people killed, and nearly 300 injured in the disaster. survivors were taken to hospitals in the nearby city of chita gong, some of them in critical condition. in the morning,
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the scale of the devastation became clear. rescuers found bud is across the complex where many of the thousands of containers were destroyed. as authorities continued the rescue operation, people have gathered outside mourning the loss of their relatives. the government has sent soldiers to help with the rescue efforts, while doctors and cheat a gong have appealed to the colleagues to join them and asked people to donate blood. the disaster is delayed as to heed bangladesh since they ran a plaza fire in 2013. that attracted global attention to its poor safety standards . let's look now at some other stories making headlines around the world. in the u . s, at least 3 people have been killed in a mash shooting in the city of philadelphia. 11 others are injured. police say several shooters open fire on crowds in a busy night life district. the gunmen are still at large. greek fire fighters have
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been battling a blaze near the capital athens for a 2nd day. authority say that while the flames have subsided, the operation is still ongoing. the fire was apparently sparked by an incident at a power station. some cars and houses have been damaged. severe weather has struck parts of france, killing one person in injuring at least 15 others. storms with gulf sized fuel golf ball sized a hail hit the southwest in the northern city of ra, a woman died trapped under her car during a mudslide. honecliff in britain celebration for queen elizabeth's platinum, jubilee or winding up with a huge st. pageant. royal fans. you're hoping the queen herself will make an appearance. she has been largely absent because of ill health. it's the 4th and final day of celebrations, marking the monarch 70 years on the throne. many of the royal family are taking
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part, including the air, prince charles and the queen's great grandchildren, dw corresponded charlotte chelsea pill is in the middle of a london that is gripped by royal fervor. that's building up to the jubilees big finale, and she joins us now. charlotte, what is happening there right now? we are joining us now on the full day of spectacular celebrations here in london, and indeed, throughout the u. k. as we speak, there is a huge, pungent going on just behind me around the street surrounding buckingham palace. that really has been wowing the many tens of thousands of people who've been gathered here to see it. indeed, the millions more who are undoubtedly watching it at home in that pattern so far, we've seen the golden carriage a carriage that used to carry monex to the coronation to the coronation,
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including queen elizabeth the 2nd herself 70 years ago. we've also seen many stars . so from british sports and entertainment, it's really been a journey as part of dispatching through the last 70 years of british history. british culture mocking the transformation of british society enduring inspiration from nations across the commonwealth, as well as, as we speak right now. what's happening is that we're going through the stages of significant stages of queen elizabeth de seconds life. all of those, as the organizes of this event said, inspiring the crowd. surely the queen has been mostly absent due to ill health. what are the chances that she'll make a cameo to wrap up the celebrations? that really is the big question, isn't it so many people hoping that she will, she has had to drop out of a number of events so far in the palace has warned us ahead of the jibley
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celebrations that they would be taking her attendance on a day by day basis, so we know that she wasn't able to make some of the events because she found that the events that happened on thursday would just have a little bit too much. but there's been some bright speculation that she may possibly make about the appearance later on. we'll have to see, keep in mind. she's 96 years old. so i think she can probably be forgiven for not attending every single event of this, this 4 day extravaganza. well said and well her d w, corresponded charlotte chelsea pill in london. many, many facts china has launched 3 astronauts into space to complete assembly work on its permanent orbiting station. through crew will spend 6 months on the tea on going station, adding to new modules, the united states ban china from the international space station in 2011 because of
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security concerns. the art gallery in the former west german capital bond is celebrating its 30th birthday. the cultural center has showcase works by a string of celebrated contemporary artists. and even the exhibition hall itself offers visitors a unique experience. ah, the art of play. the bund is coons, talley in bon is not your average art space. it's an experience, but the sense is one that keeps west germany's former capital on the world stage. at least that's what it's residents. thank oh, leave it. come to arnold simply comes to bond there. you don't have to travel the globe now, whether it's the museum of modern art, new york or saint petersburg, they can all be seen here the and sing fremont. it's why i feel so at home here. it's such a great place. and we really enjoyed that. we don't have to travel far, i mean, nevertheless,
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have that big city feeling live when the arts and exhibition whole of the federal republic of germany is officially open. german chancellor, helmut kohl inaugurated his face 30 years ago. he wanted to showcase germany's intellectual and cultural wealth. this has included the treasures of pharaoh tootin common as well as fashioned by karl lagerfeld and even music concerts. funded by the federal government. its location in the small city is a kind of compensation for bon, losing its status as west germany's capital. according to its long time curator the bona hum. this is the people of bon immediately took to this place because one of a kind at the school bon notches for the city in region one for the whole country within the scope of deutschland. the exhibition hall doesn't have its own collection. the
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works displayed here are almost exclusively borrowed from institutions, such as the guggenheim, german federalism means art is a matter for individual states. something the bond is constantly uses to its advantage, creating space for diverse exhibitions. the federal art in exhibition hall is now also catering to ukrainian refugees with guided tours, a celebration of cultural wealth, bond, boone discussions, tyler is allowing art to be experienced in a new light. adobe documentary on the rise of big tech is next. we're using 45 minutes. i'm that green and then do you feel worried about the planet me to i'm neil. host of the on the green fence podcast and to me it's clear we need to change. join me for a deep dive.


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