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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2022 1:15am-1:29am CEST

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as a mancha, there is also the fact of course as well. it's been a difficult few years. a lot of people really taking the chance to enjoy these 4 days of celebrations and the chance to reflect as well on 70 years of this constant . the british queen on the throne, solid shell some pill in london there. well, that's all for now. up. next is willed stories on t w. the waldron reports, of course, is more news on our website, t w dot com and on instagram into it a to d. w. news, i'm jarrett great, thanks so much. as you've got any issues or thoughts, they will grey, he will be interesting
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. the global economy, our portfolio d w. business. beyond here, the closer look at the project, our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. east this is west. good is still the head with the w business beyond ah, this week on world stories. how people in ukraine are trying to survive the russian attack and how france is taking in ukrainian female scientists who fled. we begin
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where the fighting is fiercest in ukraine. in the eastern city of lucy, chance thousands of residents are still holding out. the situation is critical and evacuation uncertain for weeks listed chance has been without watch. up to date truck is expected to bring drinking water, vieira and others have been standing here for hours. no one knows when they're going to bring it more than 20000 people to remain in the city. fighting along the main road has made access difficult and the city itself is by no means said, what do you think of these normal living conditions? it's very difficult at all with this roaring funder above your head, full of the
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a few kilometers from here. things that even more dia, to city of c, over the next, than the constant fire, a bridge that leads there has been bombed, effectively trapping those who remain there. that is a fade that could also wait listed chance. if fighting along the road continues. the city has already taken quite a few hits. the government is trying to arrange evacuations while it's still possible. a few dozen people have been told that the bus would pick them up today and they were hoping that things might be ok. but when shell fly of your head and houses are burning, you just feel that you can't go on. our nerves direct you when you, nobody knows when the bus is coming and there's no way to ask internet and phone
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service down. there has been given 10 liters of water. that's all for today. she and a neighbor girl, you know, we'll have to come back soon at night. they stay in the basement dark. this is how we get down here. the whole neighborhood has moved into basement 1234, and over the 6 people living here, there's always fear that the next shell my teach here. i feel sorry for my cat than myself. you cry every 5 minutes. sure. what will happen to him if i die? what will bury him? don't worry. the evening is approaching. 2 days evacuation bus has not arrived yet. nobody knows whether it was to come or not.
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ah, due to the russian attack, over 6000000 people have left ukraine. many have fled to germany, 60000 to berlin alone. though safe starting over is not always easy as the memory of the destroyed homeland is always imminent. send me if ne of key, if after month of heavy russian selling much of the city is destroyed, it is anna and such as hometown. in march, the mother and daughter fled to berlin, but their thoughts are still with their family and friends in ukraine. up here, so slow in mind with yoga thought us that my friends stayed in sion if that my classmates workable. i can't bear the thought that they did not have the chance to escape even though they wanted to. i would say it's terrifying. what between
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thrust and even though i'm doing well here, it's hard because i can't help them in beckon ukraine and i was finishing up high school. sasha walked in a cool center than the attack started. now they live with mountain and cornelia young english. he's an entrepreneur, she's a doctor. the couple drove to the polish ukrainian border to help any refugees and take them to germany here, and their lenses exams with humans or social beings. if someone folds down next to you, you bent down and picked them up again. it's completely natural for the services to day. and then sasha, at the social welfare office, of like all ukrainian refugees and germany, they can apply for financial aid. to day they receive that fast monthly payment, $350.00 euros each. when we were spiritless,
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nick and we want to save up and send some money to grandmother so she can prepare her roof, the skin, which was destroyed in the wool. but needless anon, sasha want to integrate quickly. they have signed up for a german language course. a charge congregation opened eyes as it for free hub in between. but do you have children? we have been i am 2 children. if a little that if you go a bud, it's okay with, oh yes, good. we want to started your money. i play at them, so they play a that's why with my me, with the mother and daughter, i slowly finding that bearings in berlin. and i could even imagine studying in germany. and also i wanted all to come back to ukraine to see my family members.
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but i think about leaving in german of my life. yeah. and you've been both of us. if the i'm too old to completely overturn my former life, or my relatives on ukraine and my house to do, i want on that to decide for herself whether she wants to st. germany over time to ukraine. little but i want to go home some day. you live there, most of them i yell at syllable, there are lots of them why, but bullshit. but at the moment they have no idea how long that will take. ah, ukrainians are also finding refuge further west. for example, in the from city of new york, which is known for its good reason, but also for its top universities. it's now a magnet for ukrainian academics the cloud, bernard university. in leon,
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it's known for its science and medicine programs. helene accuse net silva and natalia jew benco arrived here from ukraine in march of the biologists. and long time colleagues fled key of along with their children during the russian bombing. even here in the lab, the harrowing events unfolding back home are never, far from their minds. was in that on look at which in i, as i start each morning by scrolling through the news and checking if my parents and my husband in ukraine are okay. ah, was i see, but i also have to use this opportunity shots being here. and leon ensures that my children are safe doesn't know, but yeah, that makes me feel less guilty them well. yeah, it's important to be able to continue doing scientific work and keep my mind busy. it helps preserve my mental health. what happened was, but of them and badness. but all of you, the ongoing war in ukraine has meant that, like helena and natalia scientists, and ph. d students are increasingly seeking refuge on foreign campuses,
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especially in france. same level. and then silicon rush, natalia and helena are part of a cutting edge european research project. in leon, they're learning new techniques. the study of nanoparticles and their impact on cell cultures. the aim is to detect and treat cancerous tumors without the harmful side effects of chemo or radiation therapy. but it's not all about work. the scientists are taking a day off from the campus to explore the city of leon with their children. the sites here stir memories of their own home town and what they left behind yacht. the cool shook denise. yeah, i'm an optimist. just finished the device and i really hope and believe that we will return to camp about when we finish what we absolutely need to go back. because most of my life is darren shows you. are you just when that does happen, natalia and helena plan to use the know how they've picked up in leon to help the
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development of research in ukraine expected on a thursday that ah, across the atlantic to the usa, we're luxurious nuclear bomb proof. bunkers are trending. why is that? and what is such an underground colossus cost find out in the following report? if you turn on the news, you say north korea talking about nukes, you say russia talking about nukes, you see trying a talking about news. i've never seen so many people talking about nuclear weapons or my lifetime. and it's scary. and that drives people to buy bunkers. ron hubbard owns one of the biggest bunker building companies in the u. s. he founded atlas survival shelter 11 years ago. the factories based just one hour drive out of dallas, texas. these feel like you're in an apartment or where demand is not only growing
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in eastern europe. it's also exploding in the us even though ukraine is far away. hubbard seized the reason behind that, in the fear obo, violence in the country struggling with extreme inequality and polarization, were more worried about other americans been hungry and starving and looting. and robin baths are immediate concerns. so people want a place where they can take their family cape and comfortable, safe and underground. so different bud and actually afford that exclusive type of safety tv will be there and you're thinking, what about the regular people it's, it's unfortunate, but it's not fair, but the, the least, the wealthy get to live a better life than the rest of us. with
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. yeah. does it shouldn't. god doesn't let us get food of him and i go to the us and that's a fun fuse. we are living during the most extraordinary time in history.


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