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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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w business beyond ah ah, ah, this is eat up the news aisha coming up to date a joint response to new north korea miss i launches the u. s. and south korea besides into the sea, a day off to north korea did the same. is this an indication of a hardening of positions against phil again and
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a deepening of ties between australia and indonesia. climate change is front and center as australia, new prime minister visit his counterpart in indonesia. ah . i british energy. welcome to d w. news asia. glad you could join us. the u. s. and south korean military's have together launched 8 ballistic missiles into the sea on monday, a response to north korean launches a day earlier. it's the 2nd time in recent months that the us and its allies, south korea have jointly responded to similar moves from north korea. many see it as representing a hardening of sales approach to pyongyang. ah, a fiery early morning display that took all of 10 minutes. its
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effects were meant to extend well into the future. the launches of 7 south korean missiles and one american missile in a live fire exercise, a tit for tat reply to north korea's launching of 8 missiles a day earlier. the response came as south korea and its hawkish, new president marks, memorial day commemorations. you and soc you'll saying more than ever. global powers must work to contain north korea balcony. why north korea's nuclear missile threats are getting sophisticated. a fired various ballistic missiles yesterday. it's programs are reaching the level that threaten not only the piece of the korean peninsula, but also northeast asia and the world's view. fannin shows you now you to will. you send me that the world has almost grown accustomed to seeing this type of weapons
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demonstration from north korea. indeed, in 2022 alone, north korea has launched 18 rounds of missile tests including intercontinental ballistic missiles. military intelligence suggests president kim jung own as pushing for north korea's 1st nuclear test in nearly 5 years. that doesn't look well, does the height the north korea has repeatedly launched ballistic missiles, including u, i. c, b ems at a high frequency. since the beginning of this year though, schedules and local, the series of north korean actions threatened the peace and stability of the region and the international community, because they can not be tolerated a to school thought that you mustn't. the north previous launches were last month as u. s. president joe biden wrapped up a trip to south korea and japan. when bitin reaffirmed the u. s. commitment to defending both allies and kim reaffirmed his desire from north korea to become a nuclear power. and john min off
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a more from sole is reuter seen echo respondent. josh smith, josh joined us in south korean beside launches in response to north korea. does this somehow symbolized the new south korean policy towards its northern neighbor? it is certainly a return in some ways to a new old policy. one that we last saw insignificant levels back in 2017, during the days of the fire and security threats between can go in and former us president donald trump. this is not the 1st time they've done the joint rules this year. they also rolled out joint missile drills late last month when north korea tested an icbm day after us. joe biden left the region after his 1st talks in the region. but as you mentioned, the south korean president unit, so q has promised to make this more of a regular occurrence in response to,
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to north korean missile launches. and given that north korea appears, intent on increasing the number of missiles that it has. i think it's a fair bet to say that we'll see more of these from the united states in south korea as well. talk to us a bit about those north korean mesa launches, should they be viewed as missile tests or a sign of diplomacy? north korea stun. so there are certainly multiple reasons why north korea would test missiles including domestic messaging as well as basically just developing the military technology that is once at the same time there is undeniably geopolitical method. beyond that, the timing of the latest missiles, for example, came right after south korea and the united states held the 1st joint, naval brill involving an american aircraft carrier in a number of years. and so it's hard to see that as entirely a coincidence at the same time, north korea has been battling what it says,
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it's 1st cobit outbreak, and something that's interesting that's happened during that time, is that they stop publicizing or releasing any photos of their missile tests so we're basically solely dependent on what a countries like south korea and japan report. so unlike some of their other tests earlier this year, these latest tests, we don't know a lot of details. we don't know exactly what they fired. although they do appear to be short range missiles, so not the biggest missiles, which some analysts say would suggest perhaps a military real practicing. rather than developing some kind of new technology. i did want to talk to you about north korea as covert outbreak. i mean, given that they've announced they've admitted that they have an outbreak, it also appears to be that they don't have enough vaccination or any vaccination for that matter or enough medical supplies to go for this. yet we are seeing the messiah launches. i mean, what does it say about the countries priorities?
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that is a big question and one that for example, washington has not been hesitant to point out saying that, you know, if things were really causing so many problems, why do they have the resources to conduct these tests? at the same time? i mean, north korea has said that these tests are its self defense and basically a matter of life and death. and analysts have said that me point to them being a bit worried about the imagery of them continuing to shoot these off while not having the resources necessarily about coping outbreak. and in the midst of all that old reports of the north is preparing for its fast nuclear passed since september 2017. what are you hurting? and so so the last we heard was late last month from a south korean officials who went beyond kind of what we've seen in satellite imagery of them preparing some of the underground tunnels that they've previously
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used for the test to say that they had actually that north korea had actually begun testing components of a nuclear weapon, detonators, and other things which suggested that it was basically anything. now that we might see a new test, basically what officials here an analyst have said is that by all accounts and from everything that they can tell, all of the technical progress has been made toward resuming test. it basically all just comes down to winking jungle and decides to conduct a new test or not. we'll leave them at the time. thank you so much for joining us from sir george smith. australia has offered indonesia a $200000000.00 australian dollar climate partnership. in addition to stronger bilateral ties, this comes as anthony albanese makes his 1st trip to indonesia as australian prime minister of uneasy and indonesia, president, yoko rideau door road bumble bicycles around the state. palace in bo gore. it's
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been viewed as a sign of the new australian government's commitment to battling climate change, but it's also part of an attempt to reinvigorate australia's engagement in southeast asia. a region where beijing has in recent years, been competing for influence. here's prime minister albany date in gauging. we se asia is a priority for my government. we will appoint i dedicated high level roving regional envoy. we will also establish an office of south east asia in the department of foreign affairs and trade and jeremy for more from ma jakarta is i aisha, pacific bureau chief guild matters guild and australian commitment to battling climate change. is this what indonesia has been looking for here, let me give you an example of only a couple of days back. basically the giant seawall in semerano, the capital city of central java a gave way and basically though,
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having parts of the entire city flooded. so the issue of global warming of rising sea level is a very much on the agenda, off indonesian politicians, but also the o population in indonesia. so the offered by the australian prime minister are to us with, but offer technical support for building an environmentally more stable, more friendly, new capital in indonesia was something was very much welcome. and then of course, you have the issue off, you cia, solar potential in indonesia, but even more importantly, huge potential for hydro storage of that solar power. for instance, when they're rainy days in the rainy season. and for all of that, indonesia is of course, looking for investment from abroad, not prime minister of an easy also spoke of, of the strategic and economic interests between the 2 nations. what interests are these slob uneasy arrives to your, of course with a foreign minister,
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but also a, with a trade minister in a big business delegation. so business very high on the agenda. and then of course you have the strategic, a competition between the u. s. and china, in the, in the pacific region are with china, for instance, reaching out recently to pacific nations, 10 small pacific island nations to offer them a security packed. you have the u. s. reaching out with yorkers, security packed that australia joined together with you with the united kingdom, including nuclear submarines. and then you have indonesia in the midst of all of this trying to stay out of this rivalry. and that is basically the setting or for the discussion sun, the indonesian president and the australian, a prime minister will have here these days are dog relations between nam indonesia and australia. haven't been the smoothest in their, in recent years. one things of their bought toolbox for example,
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is this visit being viewed as somewhat of a reset or that is what it's been framed from the australian side, at least. so a diplomatic priority giving to indonesia. and then a d. m. australian prime minister observed that indonesia would be the next regional superpower. and that is, of course, or something that the indonesian a president likes to here. on the other hand, you have to see that it is completely normal for a new prime minister from australia to pay his 1st visit to the neighbouring islands of indonesia and experts have said they don't expect a real fundamental change in world politics. it is clear now with arcus, at that in that australia has clearly placed itself in the rivalry between china and the u. s. on the u. s. site. and so the message really here is that they want to convey to indonesia that indonesia remains an extremely important partner in
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this new situation, as well as with the aim to maintain peace in the pacific region. care of matters did others. asia pacific bureau chief in jakarta, thank you so much for joining us today. and that's it for today's show. there's more from the region on our website, the deborah dot gov forward slash asia, and as ever you can follow us on facebook and twitter back tomorrow at the same time. we'll see you then to buy every day for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect animals and their habitat? what to do with all our waste?
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we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable smarten solutions overseas said in our ways, is truly unique. and we know that, that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive google ideas, the environmental, sue's in global 3000 on d, w, and online. ah, europe looks to israel as the potential gas supplier can. germany's economy minister help make that happen? all so on the show, we take you to the tech republic where the authorities are cracking down on russian oligarchs trying to hide their assets. there. this is the w business. i'm janelle dumas on. welcome. german economy minister, robert ha, back is in israel to day,
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amid a booming energy crisis. how back is expected to discuss potential ways to route israeli natural gas to europe? israel has around 900000000 cubic meters of proven gas reserves. it currently exports gas to jordan and egypt, which has its own ellen, g ports to ship the gas, for example, to europe, but so far, only in small quantities. now israel is looking into ways to export its natural gas directly to the continent. the east mediterranean pipeline could connect gas reserves and 11 teen base into greece and mainland europe by a cypress and crete. the east mad pipeline can carry 9 to 12000000 cubic meters of natural gas annually. that's around 10 percent of europe supply. but the project is still in the planning stages for now and may take years before it can be operational. and.


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