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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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all the opaque world who's behind who benefits and why are they a threat to a soul? oh, peak wolf, this week on d w. ah, ah, ah, this is the w. news ly from berlin make or break moment. britain's prime minister faces a voter of no confidence and peace from boris johnson's own party are now voting on his leadership after a string of scandals kept by revelations over rule breaking parties at the height
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of the cove at 19 crisis. will he survive or be forced from office, also coming up, boosting morale, ukraine's president visit the frontline and don bass, where he says, troops are holding out despite being outnumbered by russians and a horrific attack in nigeria or gunman, open fire at a catholic church. dozens of worshipers, including children, have been killed. it's still not known who carried out the attack. ah, hi everyone, i'm layla rock. thank you very much for your company. british prime minister board johnson is facing a make or break vote. lawmakers from his conservative party are right now voting on whether to back or sack their leader. a series of recent scandals has caused mr.
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johnson's popularity to plummet. the you case royal jubilee celebrations over. but boris johnson's political hangover has just begun. the british leader is facing a fight for his political survival. more than 15 percent of conservative in peace have withdrawn this support for the prime minister. enough to trigger a party leadership challenge. i notified the prime minister yesterday that the threshold had been reached and we agreed the time table for confidence i'd say vice rumors of a possible challenge have been swirling for months. driven by a series of scandals. late last year, revelations emerged that johnson and his staff had held a number of parties in breach of the you cage code 19 lockdown laws. i'm
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and is following 2 separate investigations. johnson became the 1st serving prime minister to be fined for breaking the law. for many conservative m. p. 's, the so called party gate scandal was a step too far. now was very clear in january that the prime she should have resigned in january. it was clear that party gate was going to grow and grub and run and run. while on the streets of london, many expressed a lack of trust in the embattled prime minister. i just did lie after lie after lie off lie off to cover up the cover of the chain rule. he's a wife on. i hope he gets no confidence because i've got my confidence in him. conservative and peace, who have come out in support have tried to focus on the bigger picture or economy opened up faster than other compar recorded, particularly, or the vaccine roll out. he has shown himself to be a good, strong leader who just the big decisions, right. and he has a mandate from the british people to range about the opposition leader says that
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even if johnson survives the vote and said his hold over, the party has already been dramatically weakened as par, i think history tells us that this is the beginning of the end, if you look at the previous examples of no confidence folks, even when conservative prime minister survived that he might survive it tonight. the damage is already done with m. p. 's due to cast their ballots in secret. the result of the vote and of johnson's political future is far from certain decisive moments for the british prime minister dw correspondence. charlotte shall some fil is outside parliament. so charlotte, what's happening right now as we speak in the building, just behind me, members of parliament from the prime minister's own party, a deciding his future as leader. now it is a secret ballot that is a taking place. so we may never know whether those who are voting now while voting
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in the same a direction is what they're saying. c in public, on the airwaves, we have seen a series of members of the prime ministers, government coming out in support saying they are very confident that he will win. will know the answer to that in a couple of hours time. we know that members appointment have roughly an hour left to cost though secret ballots. why do some members of his party want to see him gone? well, this has been brewing for some time. there's been a huge amount of discontent in the country in the wake of the party gates scandal, which you reference there in that report as those of gatherings that were held. a wall lockdown, or covey restrictions wire in place as feeling among the public that those were making the rules one following the rules themselves. that is really resonated harris, his story that keeps dragging on and on. and there is a feeling that many in the prime minister's party don't want to keep defending him
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in the face. all these are all this scandal we heard in that report that, that so the prime minister over the queen's jubilee celebrations this weekend with food. i think his supporters would say he did receive some cheers as well, but it's possible that that's really been a nail in the coffins for some of those who was still wavering on the prime minister's futures. seeing the public discontent perhaps as well, being out over the weekend speaking to voters really did solidify for them that this a discontent does remain in the question is for many is the prime minister still an election when a he brought a huge majority with the conservative party in the last election. it may be that some starting to wonder whether he is the man that can lead them to a victory next time around. um, if mr. johnson loses this confidence vote. what does that mean for the country?
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i think at this stage, the consensus seems to be leaning towards the prime minister winning this confidence vital though of course it is too soon to say that the question will be by what margin and whether or not he can continue to govern with that margin. if he loses the vote, however he or that will trigger a leadership battle. he won't be able to run in it. there'll be a protracted battle for the next leader of the party and he will be aston is prime minister final thought from you charlotte, how damaging has this all been for the conservative party and for the prime minister thing very damaging. i think that explains why this vote is happening now. if indeed he does, when i think it could be still damaging, going forward technically under the rules at the moment. if he wins that won't. he can't face another confidence vote within a year. there are already rumblings though that those rules could be changed so he
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is facing. he and the conservative party are facing a challenging time ahead. sharla chilson pill reporting from london. thank you very much, charlotte. when i turn our attention now to ukraine were present, voluntary zalinski has visited troops holding off russian forces in eastern ukraine is only the 2nd time their presence. lensky has been seen outside keith since the war began. he toward several towns close to the front line and the dumbass region were intense battles are being fought. a village near the front line and don bus after russian missile strike. an elderly woman was killed the latest victim in a war that has lost it over a 100 days to, to effect misery on the people of crime. who cookie jo, how am i supposed to feel or my, the little peacefully normally what the street was peaceful. if nothing here,
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well you're nothing. and yet they bombed us. okay, are been built in the embattled city of several jeanette sky. ukraine claims to be pushing back russian troops. and moscow has confirmed that yet another of his generals was killed during your visit to the front. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski has also been to the front lines and don boss a risky move to raise the murat of soldiers subjected to a relentless russian a. to re barrage the u. s. d u. k. and germany have moved to count her russian firepower by pledging to st. ukraine rocket launchers with a range of up to 80 kilometers russians. foreign minister doubled down on the kremlin, defined response mobile to look at the booth. jim that i can only add that the longer the range of weapons. yes. apply the further we will move the front line
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away from our territory bellini and which, neo, nazis couldn't threaten the russian federation. of course, who's good in a war marked by russian setbacks and stiff ukraine resistance. it won't be easy to back such words with action and id of as much he has billing or told me it was remarkable. a remarkable move rather by zalinski to visit areas near the front lines. yeah. and it's a very risky her visit. of course sir. um he was exposed basically to russian shelling while being there so it must have implant very so roughly, and of course it was published only after he went there. but i, it's probably something that it was very clever of him to do because it several times when he has shown that he is basically ready to also take some risk. for example, when he stayed in the capital, as russians were moving on on to the capital in the beginning of the war. and he
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has contributed a lot to morale in the country and in the army. and this visit, of course, is in is in a row with that a morale bursting visit. but at the same time, the ukranian president says, the situation could become very difficult for ukraine if russia breaks through in dom pass. what's the latest? what can you tell us if it breaks through it has been, or break through so far, but russia has made a lot of gains in the past few days, or they are small games that add up to something ism something that puts the ukrainians a lot under pressure they're using a lot of artillery to move forward is of is a very destructive campaign, and many ukrainian soldiers are dying. now, in the danbury, the president her set up to $100.00 per day and other it's is dead decisions around, for example, civil anesco or other um the cities and places there is not really there yet.
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fighting continues or with it seems like yesterday the ukrainians were able to move forward, regain parts of the city to day. it seems they are under pressure, and rushes might have the upper hand. although these informations, of course, need to be taken with caution or because there is nobody on the ground to can objectively assess the situation. pressure is high on the ukrainian army with his going are there speaking to me from keith? let's take a look at the other stories in the headlines right now. russia's foreign minister sergey oliver, off has canceled a trip to serbia after several governments closed their airspace. mister la ralph was due in belgrade for talks over russian energy supplies in france, dozens of world war 2 veterans gathered on the beaches of normandy to mark the 78th anniversary of the d day landings. june 6th 1900. 44 mark the start of the western
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allied campaign to liberate europe from nazi germany. over 4000 allied troops were killed on the day. the world's richest man, ellen musk has threatened to walk away from his deal to buy twitter. that is the boss accuses the social media company of refusing to provide data about fake accounts, twitter agree to mosques, $44000000000.00 takeover bid. in april. in nigeria, dozens of worshippers have been killed after gunman with explosives opened fire inside a catholic church. present wary and po frances have both condemned the attack. the pope offered prayers for the victims who were celebrating the christmas holiday, the christian holiday rather of pentecost. it's not yet clear who carried out the atrocities. a religious celebration turned into a massacre. no one was spared, not even children. the assault at saint francis catholic church unfolded during the
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morning service. the states bishop described a meticulously planned attack is quite unbelievable that somebody will come on. the intention was to keep everybody in the church. and those running out there will be shut from outside. just wait inside where be shut from inside. the st . jude by no means to lose all the all talked down to the sanctuary. this kind of the secretions don't live long legged, even the attack was in our city in a state of armando. it's a relatively peaceful region that's rarely targeted by gangs and islamist extremists. with nigeria battling a prolonged insurgency in the north. many are asking why the country self was targeted. the violence struck one week after the head of nigeria
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methodist church was kidnapped and the nation se he has since been freed, worshippers at st. francis praying their priest also returns home alive. the news continues right here after close up, which looks at how under water climate change is threatening ocean life on. we love rock and roll on behalf of the entire team. thank you very much for making us part of your day. i'll see him tomorrow. it is a secret war, the scene endless one absence of the conflict between yvonne on the one hand and israel in the united states on the other more than 40 years. the adversaries have been here.


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