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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin tonight, the fate of britain's prime minister, boris johnson on the line. his own impedes, had just finished voting on his leadership. it's the combination of a string of scandals most recently revelations, over rule breaking parties during the coven 19 crisis. can johnson survive,
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or will he be forced from office? also coming up tonight, ukraine's president visits the front line in don't bass, where he says troops are holding out despite being out numbered by the russians. and the aftermath that they horrific massacre at a catholic church in nigeria. dozens of worshippers, including children, were killed by a group of gunman armed with explosives, but it's still not known who was behind the attack. ah, i bring gov is good to have you with us on this monday and it is make or break one day for the british prime minister, boars johnson, wall makers from his conservative party of just finished voting on whether or not to back him or sack their own leader. no,
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the results shortly. a series of recent scandals. they've called johnson's popularity to plug the u. case royal jubilee celebrations over. but boris johnson's political hangover has just begun. the british leader is facing a fight for his political survival. more than 15 percent of conservative in peace have withdrawn this support for the prime minister enough to trigger a party leadership challenge. i notified the prime minister yesterday that the threshold had been reached and we agreed the time table for confidence i'd say vice rumors of a possible challenge have been swirling for months. driven by a series of scandals. late last year, revelations emerged that johnson and his staff had held a number of parties in breach of the you cage code 19 lockdown laws. i
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melissa, following 2 separate investigations. johnson became the 1st serving prime minister to be fined for breaking the law. for many conservative m. p. 's, the so called party gate scandal was a step too far. now it's very clear in january that the prime should have resigned in january. it was clear that park gate was going to grow and grub and run and run while on the streets of london. many expressed a lack of trust in the embattled prime minister. i just these lie after lie after lie awful i of to cover up on the cover of the chain rule. he's a wife on i hope he gets no confidence because i've gotten a confidence in him. conservative and pace who have come out and support have tried to focus on the big picture or a quote to be opened up faster than other comparable colonies, particularly the vaccine roll out. he has shown himself to be a good, strong leader who gets the big decisions. right. and he has
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a mandate from the british people who range if the opposition leader says that even if johnson survives the vote and said his hold over, the party has already been dramatically weakened as pa, i think history tells us that this is the beginning of the end, if you look at the previous examples of no confidence folks, even when conserved to prime minister survived, that he might survive it tonight. the damage is already done with m. p. 's do to cast their ballots in secret. the result of the vote and of johnson's political future is far from certain and we've got team coverage of this boat tonight, our correspondence charl. chelsea, bill. she is outside parliament in london. and with me here in the studio is our correspondence. alex forrest, wining to both of you. it's good to have you with a slit start with you. charlotte. a vote of no confidence for a british prime minister. it doesn't come every day. what's at stake tonight? no indeed, not every day, but this has been brewing for some time. had been
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a flurry of speculative bit of flurry of speculation over the last few months when this would happen. it was considered more a case of when, than if certainly, and i think cons re down to just the level of public anger that we've seen since the allegations 1st broke surrounding party gate, as it's called a, which was mentioned in that report you just played just to remind you this prime minister was fined for attending one gathering among a number that was investigated, that i was incredibly damaging for him, as you mentioned there in that report and it continues to drag on and on. that is why we're seeing this vote to day. essentially, that is what's at stake for a number of members of his own party who are going and speaking to voters and according to them, that's what they're hearing over and over again from those voters. is this sense of unhappiness that those who were making the rules within breaking the rules when
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they themselves was sacrificing so much renews? i'm sure. the boys, johnson, he's not the most popular politician in the u. k. but what about the numbers to night? i mean, the numbers we've been hearing throughout the day are probably good enough for him to be able to survive this vote is that what you're hearing does seem to be a consensus building that he may survive this vote. of course, what we have to keep in mind is that this is a secret ballot. so we don't know at this stage whether, what members of parliament in indeed members of his government, a saying publicly on the television screens is ashley how they're voting privately . we may never know that suddenly he has had a number of his more ardent supporters on our screens. throughout the day we spoke to one ourselves saying that he will absolutely survive this vote no problem. they've, as you would expect of stressed or what they see is his successes on his record so
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far. i think the big question here is, if he does survive, by what margin will he survive or we know from the past and you had, it's referenced a little bit in that report that these confidence vote really do bruise. prime ministers a some to resume to name one left office. not long afterwards. so will he essentially be a lame duck prime minister? will he continue to govern not really depends on the size of his victory and she being indeed there is one year this a very good point to me. alex, just because he wins doesn't mean he's going to be the victor. you're absolutely just picking up on what charlotte was saying or about to resume. so there were a 133 conservative m p 's who voted against to resume. and i think we're looking at the numbers. if any, if, if he gets a number of more than a 100 m p 's voting against him, it's not good for him. okay. he could well when this boat,
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but it isn't good for him because it shows that his party is very divided. now forest johnson is maurice johnson. he always wants to be on the winning side as we have seen over the past few months. he will not step down easily. he, he would have resigned. another prime minister would have resigned. he's refused to resign over that party gate scandal. and i think that, you know, now he's gonna, if he wins, he'll say, even if it's just one and vote he is a winner. let's move forward. but it's very difficult to move forward when you have got such a to openly publicly defined it party. and that is because so many voters of fed up with boris johnson and don't trust him bosses. so what is the conservative party now in the u. k. is it the party of bowers johnson? well, that's a very good question. i think that's a problem for the conservative party because what really does it stanfull or is johnson got in 2019? thank get brakes. it done. he said it's done. we know that there is still problems
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with breaks it and how that's playing out. but he said he got it done. people are saying that he's a winner. he managed to secure a majority of $0.80. and now he's got his own m. p. 's who he got in saying we don't want him anymore. we think he's a loser. and we do not want it to be a boris johnson presidential party. we need a new leader. yeah, it's a. ready good point to make, i mean tonight we may be talking about a prime minister who survives this food, but he may be mortally wounded. coming out of this, we will know shortly. alex, thank you charlotte, in one into both them. they were now to the war in you, craig, ukrainian, president volume is zalinski today, visited troops holding off russian forces in eastern new cray. it's only the 2nd time that zalinski has been seen outside here since the war began just over a 100 days ago. he toward several towns that are close to the front line in the don't bass region where intense battles are being fault.
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a village near the front line and don birthed a russian missile strike. an elderly woman was killed the latest victim in the war that has lost it over a 100 days, continues to effect misery on the people of ukraine. ok, key i see. how am i supposed to feel? it might be a little peacefully normally what this tweet was peaceful if you, if nothing, he'll value nothing you are. and yet they bombed us darker your button, built in the battle city of several jeanette sky. ukraine claims to be pushing back russian troops. and moscow has confirmed that yet another of his generals was killed during your visit to the front. ukraine's president vladimir de lansky has also been to the frontlines and don boss a risky move to raise the murat of soldiers subjected to a relentless russian
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a. to re barrage the u. s. d u. k. and germany have moved to counter russian firepower by pledging to cent. ukraine rocket launchers with a range of up to 80 kilometers russians. foreign minister doubled down on the criminal, defined response mobile to look at the booth chim, than i can only add that the longer the range of weapons. yes. apply the further we will move the front line away from our territory bellini on which neo, nazis couldn't threaten the russian federation of it was his good in a war mock by a russian set backs and stiff ukrainian resistance. it won't be easy to back. such words with action. if a more now we want to go to our correspondingly connolly, he is in odessa tonight. nick, it's good to see you. the ukrainian president, he says that ukraine's forces or out numbered now after ukrainian troops suffered
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serious setbacks around that eastern city of several don't ask what's the latest tonight? i think more than being out, man, they've been outgunned and that's in large part because those western weapons deliveries that ukraine has been asking for with ever greater intensity in recent weeks and months are just not getting there as fast as ukraine needs them to be. there obviously, but there's been an announcement recent days that britain would follow america's lead in sending those rocket launchers. but before they actually are trained, the ukrainian military is able to use those and they actually reached on bass. that still going to be a question of a few further weeks. so definitely a very difficult situation there. and we're getting reports of ukrainian commanders having to basically think twice before they use any shilling any basically ammunition, because even they have the equipment, they have the manpower, they just don't have that depth. and ammunition that the russians have, where the russians can use $5.00 to $10.00 or even more shells, the grains,
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everything about every single shot. that's very difficult situation there. as for the actual situation, several minutes, we don't quite know how much of the city you chrysler controls reports night. that the only control one industrial area on the edge of town. and this has been on, it's been predicted basic for weeks now. the ukraine would lose control the city, but for now ukraine still holding on to a bridge, evidence of it, of it. and you know, considering all of that, we had these images of the ukrainian president visit. he areas near the front lines in don bass. that is 8. a deering move for a wartime president. it's also a dangerous move, isn't well, he oversee thought that the boost to morale among the ukrainian troops was worth it . and you know, these are times where in very high profile, ukrainian and military volunteers, people who have a big media profile are ending up with severe, wounding one very high profile. recruit to day reports, the heat loss, and i in the fighting. there's definitely a need to rally the troops to show that,
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you know, he is no more concerned about his security and they would be there showing their willingness to fight against an opponent that has more in the way weapons and more the way of manpower. i think also to import thinking that he's really trying to push that contrast without him putin, who, as you'll remember, puts his guests at the end of a very, very long table, is scared of covey. let alone enemy weapons. so volume is lensky showing that he is the opposite. he is the one who is not scared of his own troops is not scared of leading it, leaving his presidential palace to go to the front lines. and i want to ask you about these russian state media reports that had confirmed the death of one of moscow's top generals. what more do we know about their one deeds among catoosa, according to russian sausages. the 4th general they've lost in ukraine. the u. s. and western intelligence says, i say that there are more than 10 pence lee as much as many as 15 russian generals have lost their lives in russia, in you and your grandmother in these 3 months of war. and that is a sign saying that every one of russia military failure,
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that basically the russian military is so hierarchical and so are unable to react quickly to events on the ground. they have to send their generals to command in the front lines and places where they're most likely to get to shot at get killed. because basically, there isn't the freedom for the younger offices and the people's lower down in the command chain to really take decisions on the flies that's really assigned to russia struggling. and there aren't a lot of pressure from the command back in moscow to get some kind of results. so that pitcher has something to show for all these tens of thousands of russian losses in ukraine. and at least, maybe captures over the next, after marable and basically no big winds for the russians in recent weeks. that really is starting to put pressure on those commanders to take risks that they otherwise wouldn't t w's nicolai with the latest to night, from odessa, as we begin another week, more than a 100 days into this war. nick, thank the former soviet republic of georgia. it has become a main destination for russians who oppose the war in new great. tens of thousands
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of fled across the border where they can stay without a visa for up to one year or corresponded. uri rachada has been to the capital tbilisi to meet russian exiles who found war freedom there than at home. a welcome drink in blue and yellow. the national colors of ukraine is given to every visitor to this bar into billy's old town nato. most guests here are russian citizens who fled to their homeland. in the last few months, romance dish and his girlfriend thrust his lover came from moscow. they're enjoying their evening in exile, listening to russian, stand up, comedians, tell jokes about vladimir putin. i miss russia, this artist says it's my home, but i can't go there anymore because of one person. it's like i was invited to a cool party, but my x is going to all my friends are there and i can go because of grand idiot.
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oh, my god, click of him and on the political jokes are very popular because all of us who are here didn't just come to georgia as tourists, but for political reasons, some of the rent receipt and i and russia. you can hardly joke about the presidential or political policy jumper after the invasion of ukraine, tens of thousands of russians came to georgia. traditionally a popular tourist destination. he has a feel safe back home. they could be punished for criticizing the war, living and freedom, and independence is what attracts many young russians to neighboring georgia. if they came in a one way ticket without the return date. and i have no idea how long that will stay here. but i, romans dish openly condemned to the gore on social media. in addition to the 23 year old, i t specialist men to works for customers and brought when russia was thrown out of the international money transfer system. swift, on the western sanctions he felt he could no longer conduct business in moscow. can
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any ship a chin at the prost alone? of course economic reasons were decisive for me. i employ 80 people and i thought of them 1st started on my shuttle to wait, which means to load no, but, but there are also political reasons which i don't want to pay taxes in a militaristic, russia, nor do i want to be associated with that country. any more, i don't want anything to do with it in the future either way, elementary, 0. now the thought, so roman stick owes his new beginning to georgia. he sees his future here and the future of thousands of other decent rations as he calls his compatriots, who are openly opposed to the war. that would, that am where i live. oh, or channel go as more we were deprived of many opportunities, many perspectives. welcoming astra each. the my sister's 14. i don't want her to tie her future to russia. yeah, we have pushed many hotels that were your militia were brassy,
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like all russian citizens, roman state can live in georgia for a year without a visa. he doesn't know what he'll do after that. in any case, he has turned his back on his home country for ever are let's take a look out. some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world, rushes foreign minister, city lever off, has cancelled a trip to serbia, comes after. serbia's neighbors refused to open their airspace. lebron was due in belgrade for talks over russian energy supplies. in france, dozens of world war 2 veterans gathered on the beaches of normandy today to mark the 78th anniversary of the d date. land. june 6th. 1944 marked the start of the western allied ham pain to liberate europe from nazi germany. more than 4000 allied troops were killed on d day survivors of
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a deadly shooting. are they catholic church at nigeria have begun sharing their accounts of the attack? dozens of worshippers were killed when a group of gunmen opened fire during a service marking the christian holiday of pentecost, police have yet to release an official death toll. a religious celebration turned into a massacre. no one was spared. not even the children. the assault at saint francis catholic church unfolded during the morning pentecost service. only a few lucky parishioners managed to escape unharmed. i are on the far left side. fought down, do i sold money? i can look you were getting that mucus brought this grip. he's wound up place i see in the wall, so i put one of my leg. good. i fall over to the other
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side. that is high school. it these 2 children were killed in the attack. thankfully the other injured youngsters were able to receive medical attention and time. i ran back to the judge, i saw my 2 air children and we brought them down here to at for damage gas and. and i saw also so many people who are wounded handy debt, i mean of it to resolve it with a with in a new way. and i'm of them of good, that's also saw. so you don't know what we're just on it. and books are good, as mostly to help us with the attack was in our city in the state of ando. it's a relatively peaceful region that's rarely targeted by gangs in islamist extremist
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with nigeria. battling a prolonged insurgency in the north. many are asking why the south was targeted. ah, but with the auto attackers still free, churchgoers fear the terror could be taking new direction. oh, with the u. s. in south korean military have carried out a joint line fire exercise, launching 8 ballistic missiles into the sea. it's a show of force that comes on the hills of north korea's latest rocket launch just a day earlier. south korea's military says that the exercise was designed to show that it's able to respond quickly to any attack coming from the north. a fiery early morning display that took all of 10 minutes. it's effects were meant to extend well into the future. the launches of 7 south korean missiles and one american missile in a live fire exercise,
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a tit for tat reply to north korea's launching of 8 missiles a day. earlier. the response came as south korea and it's hawkish, new president, marks, memorial day commemorations. you and so you'll saying more than ever global powers must work to contain north korea balcony. why? north korea's nuclear missile threats are getting sophisticated. 85 various ballistic missiles. yesterday it's programs a reaching the level that threatened not only the peace of the korean peninsula, but also northeast asia and the world's reopened on should you now you will you send me that the world has almost grown accustomed to seeing this type of weapons demonstration from north korea, indeed, in 2022 alone. north korea has launched 18 rounds of missile tests including intercontinental ballistic missiles. military intelligence suggests president kim
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jung own as pushing for north korea's 1st nuclear test in nearly 5 years. that doesn't work well, does the height the north korea has repeatedly launched ballistic missiles, including new icbm at a high frequency. since the beginning of this year, all schedules and the co, the series are north korean actions threatened the peace and stability of the region and the international community. custom will, they cannot be tolerated. eva scala that you mustn't. the north previous launches were last month as u. s. president joe biden wrapped up a trip to south korea and japan. when bitin reaffirmed the u. s. commitment to defending both allies and kim reaffirmed his desire from north korea to become a nuclear power. it has been almost 2 weeks since that shooting massacre at an elementary school in you've all the texas an 18 year old armed with an assault rifle shot and killed 19 children and 2 teachers. now people
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in, you've all done, they're still grieving and they're still burying the victims of that shooting a horrible, horrible cry that has forever changed their community or corresponded carolina to more reports unless if well, in this little town, it's like we all lost our kids. each one of them is our person, a lassie. whatever the one daffy is already to manually add. and michelle? yes as well. so the teachers live. it doesn't matter if it's not my own black and boy, it's a last 4 on the last. a tragic shooting that has changed this little town forever and shaken people across the country. some have driven several hours to pay their respects to the victims and grieve with the community. here we came from crystal city. ah, it was just my plan to come here because i'm
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a mom and so i don't know what they're feeling, but it hits the little kid. i don't know any of the children, but i wanted to pay my respects to them. it is, that's a tragedy for you there. okay. so those are the employees in the life. others who grew up here are coming back home. jack, he left you already one day before the shooting. now she's back at least once a week to visit her parents and friends are in a small town where he building the reason we live in a small community is so the kids have freedom from a free. that may be the case with evolve. a is a town that once time to mourn their loss, 19 children have been killed. and to teachers, this community wants to grieve. the main question remains. how can this state, how can this country prevent tragedies like this one from happening?
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again, a question this country still can't answer in the mean time, everyone here is doing what they can to show solidarity with the people off evolving, hopefully something to get done because we don't, we don't need this kind of stuff happening to any kids will perform like we always do, but of course today is a little bit different. we're morning. oh, this is dw news. i'll see you again at the top of the hour with more news followed by the ah, ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with who drowned kills of them and their children. it's the worst feminine 40 years.
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