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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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ah, be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from bought ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin forest johnson survived the confidence vote. the british prime minister, secure enough support from his fellow conservative to remain in office, but with the sizable number, refusing to back him for exactly how long both won the program. president zalinski says ukraine's troops are outnumbered, but holding out interior door. ned's. it's one of the several key battle grounds in
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the east and don baths region where it rushes fighting to take control. ah, i'm jared read. welcome to the program. british prime minister boris johnson has seen of a threat to his leadership and survive to confidence vote. johnson's own conservatives triggered divide because of scandals, oval locked down parties that he attended during the pandemic. even though he did when the support of a majority about 40 percent of conservative lawmakers voted against forrest johnson, leaving doubts about his leadership. a dramatic opening to the week and westminster conservative lawmakers cast her ballads to decide whether prime minister bars johnson would remain party leader to vote in
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favor of having confidence embarrass. johnson say it was $211.00 folks, and a vote against was a $148.00 votes. and therefore, i can announce to parliamentary policy does have, ah, the result was met with relieve among johnson's supporters and unmasked anger among the opposition. this evening, the conservative party had a decision to make, to show some backbone or to back boris johnson. the british public call fed up fed up with a prime minister who promises big, but never delivers. fed up with a prime minister who's presided over a culture of lies a law breaking the heart of government. johnson has so far been able to shrug off several scandals. but he has struggled to turn the page on the revelations that he
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and his staff repeatedly held alcohol fuelled parties that flouted the covert 19 restrictions they had imposed on others. with no clear frontrunner to succeed, johnson, most political observers had predicted he would defeat the challenge. so i think this is a, a very good result for politics and for, for the country just in it. so i do just in this. so it's, i think it's a convincing result, a decisive result of what it, what it means is that as a, as a government we can move on and focus on the stuff i think really matters to people . but the rebellion represents a watershed moment. and as a sign of deep conservative divisions to break all this down now is d w's. katie stephen's, he with me in the studio, katie hi, is this really as convincing and decisive our result is? boris johnson is saying, it is well, frankly, no. in fact,
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i'd go as far to say it's the opposite. 41 percent of his m p. 's voted against him, and that's worse than many expected. and for all his talk of wanting to move on now he is going to be significantly weakened by this. this is the man who has long been seen as a teflon leader who could shake off gas and scandals. but party gates seems to be the one that's really sticking. and boris johnson just can't seem to shake this image of being there will make her was breaking his own roles in those coven locked eyes holding boozy parties, while ordinary members of the public weren't even allowed to visit their dying relatives in hospital. now a civil service investigation found that johnson had to take responsibility for failures of leadership and judgment. he was even find by the police. and now it seems that a growing number of his own and peace have lost confidence and see him more as a liability rather than the electoral asset that he once was. now let's remember his predecessor to resume a few years ago. she survived the confidence boat with
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a much higher margin in this and even then she was still forced to step down within 6 months. yeah. it's, it's just so interesting, particularly when you look bracket tourism, as you say. now, boris johnson, katy says he says the conservative party needs to come together for the british people. so can he get the public behind him? mil? well, that's definitely going to be an uphill battle. there's a huge amount of public anger over party gate, and i think a large proportion of the public really nice is as government as one will for them . and another will for us. and just as we can borrow johnson when he was attending jubilee celebrations for the queen, he was booed and jeered by the crowd as he arrived. and the pose aren't looking good for him either a snap survey that was carried out just before this confidence vote. find that 60 percent of people thought the conservatives should vote for a shot and out of the party leadership. now let's remember, this is a man who just 3 years ago, let the conservatives to their strongest biggest majority in decades. so it's really a big fall from grace for the prime minister. it is
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a very big fall from grace keeping in mind though, that he has won this confidence void. what's, what's likely to happen? no. well, he's technically safe from another confidence vote for a year. of course, he could just choose to resign, but we're seeing no signs of that. and his allies are insisting that he's going to stay in office. another option would be to hold a snap election for shots and hasn't rolled that out, but he said he's not interested in doing so. so, so not a great time for an election as well as this high public hang over party gate. there's also a very dire cost of living crisis in the u. k. with soaring food and fuel prices, and many families struggling to make ends meet. so parsons may just choose to hold on until the next scheduled general election at the moment in 2024. even if he just choose to do that, he is likely to find it increasingly difficult to govern with so much anger among his m. p. 's not only of the party gate, but also other issues like post breaks at trading, rosen or the island. so whatever bar something decides to do next in looks like probably more storm plaza head. yeah. we'll have to really wait and see what his next move is. that's d w's katie stevens, talking about burrows,
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johnson's survival of confidence. vote casey, thank you very much. now to the latest developments in the war in ukraine president, florida me, zalinski says he's countries, troops are outnumbered by russian forces in the battle force varied on nets, according to zalinski, the ukrainians are holding out. but the cds being fought for street by st. russia has concentrated its resources into capturing the city as it seeks to seize control of the eastern don bass region. a village near the front line in dawn, birth after a russian missile strike. an elderly woman was killed the latest victim in a war that has lasted over a 100 days and continues to inflict misery on the people of ukraine. ikea. how am i supposed to feel or am i the little peacefully normally what the street was peaceful?
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yes, nothing here. well, you're nothing here. and yet they bombed us there grow your burden doors in the battle. city of several jeanette ski. ukraine claims to be pushing back russian troops. and moscow has confirmed that yet another of his generals was killed during your visit to the front. the u. s. u k, and germany have moved to counter russian firepower by pledging descent ukraine. rocket launchers were range of up to 80 kilometers. russians, foreign minister, double down, and the criminal defined response to the gym. i can only add the longer the range of weapons use. apply the further we will move the front line away from our territory bellini on which neo, nazis couldn't threaten the russian federation with a war mark by a russian setbacks and stiff ukrainian resistance. it won't be easy to back such
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words with action. ok, here's a quick round up of some of some of the other developments in the war. in ukraine. you may leave the room, maybe it's easier not to listen to the truth. the ambassador brushes envoy has stormed out of the un security council meeting on ukraine. he left the session after the european council presidential michelle accused russia of using global food supplies as a weapon in the war. russia has started handing over the bodies of ukrainian fight is killed in the as of style still works. this rolling plant was ukraine's last hold out in the besieged city of merrier poll. thousands of troops would hold up there for weeks before they were ordered to surrender to russia last month. the u. s. court has issued warrants for the seizure of 2 private jets linked to russian oligarch, roman brown, the village authority side,
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the craft we used to fly to russia in violation of sanctions imposed after the invasion of ukraine. in other news, survive is of a deadly shooting at a catholic church in nigeria have been describing what they experienced dozens of worship as were killed over the weekend when a group of gum and open fire during the service, marking the christian holiday off into cost a religious celebration turned into a massacre. no one was spared. not even the children. the assault at saint francis catholic church unfolded during the morning pentecost service. only a few lucky parishioners managed to escape unharmed. i ron was the thought, let side fort down. do i sold money? i can look you again at mucous bra this grip. he's wound up this i see in the wall . so i put one of my leg. good. i fall over to the other
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side. that is high school. at these 2 children were killed in the attack. thankfully the other injured youngsters were able to receive medical attention and time. i'm back to the charge. i saw my 2 air children and we brought them down here to at fedramp gas and and i saw also so many people who are wounded handy debt. we're in june of it to resolve it with a new is on the was in by, in a new way. and i'm of them of good. that's also so, so you don't so we're, we're just on it and booked the good of him to help us with the attack was in our city in the state of armando. it's
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a relatively peaceful region that's rarely targeted by gangs in islamist extremists . with nigeria battling a prolonged insurgency in the north. many are asking why the south was targeted. ah, but with the onto attackers still free churchgoers fear the terror could be taking a new direction. oh, well, it's been 2 weeks since the texas school massacre in which an 18 year old armed with an assault rifle gun down 19 at children and 2 teachers. people in the town of out the you've all the excuse me grieving and still bearing the victims of the shooting that has changed their community forever. our correspondent caroline, at she moy went there and filed this report unless if we're little in this little town, it's like we all lost our kids. each one of them is our personal loss. whatever one
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death is already to manual. yeah. they must go. yeah, it was like also the teachers live a little so it doesn't matter if it's not my own black boy, it's a loss for all of them as a tragic shooting that has changed this little town forever and shaken people across the country. some have driven several hours to pay their respects to the victims and grieve with the community. here we came from crystal city. it was just my plan to come here because i'm a mom and so i don't know what they're feeling, but it hits the little kid. i don't know any of the children, but i wanted to pay my respects to them. it is that's a tragedy for you. there okay, so do i feel that you have employed in the life others who grew up here are coming back home. jack he left you've already one day before the shooting. now she's back at least once a week to visit her parents and friends. are in
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a small town where he building the reason we live in a small community is so the kids have freedom from a free that may be the case with you all day as a town that once time to mourn their loss. 19 children have been killed and to teachers. this community wants to grieve. the main clips turn remains. how can this see, how can this country prevent tragedies like this one from happening again? a question this country still can't answer. in the mean time, everyone here is doing what they can to show solidarity with the people off evolving hopefully something to get done because we don't, we don't need this kind of stuff happening to any kids will perform like we always do. but of course, today is a little bit different because we're morning. oh, it's reminded now of our top story. british prime minister boris johnson has
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survived a confidence vote brought by lawmakers from his own conservative party johnson, one by 211 votes to 148. meaning he remains in office, but his leadership is weakened by the result which follows a series of scandals. up next on dw is business with christy pots, and there's more now website t, w dot com and so on, social media, twitter, and instagram, etc. they'll bring you some sharon raid, thanks for watching. hold . welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off. were organized crime rules.


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