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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2022 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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ah ah ah, this is dw news live from bo, then president lensky says, ukraine's forces are out numbered, but holding out, instead of doing that, it's a key target in rushes fight to take control of the dumbass. keith says its troops still have a chance to push back. our johnson survives
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a competence vote. the british prime minister, secure, was enough support from his fellow conservatives to remain in office, but with a sizable number, refusing to back him. and the aftermath of a massacre at a ghastly church in nigeria. at least 21 people were killed by a group of gunman armed with explosives. that still not knowing who is behind the attack. ah, i've been presuming welcome they're out numbered, but ukrainian president employee base lensky says his troops are holding out in the battle force. pharaoh donates russian forces. fighting for the city. st. buying st . victory could be key for them. season control of the east and on bass. region, a village near the front line and don bus after a russian missile strike. an elderly woman was killed the latest victim in
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a war that has lost it over a 100 days and continues to inflict misery on the people of ukraine. cookie, i see how am i supposed to feel or might we live peacefully normally? wouldn't the street was peaceful with nothing. he'll value nothing to war. and yet they bombed us. their courier been built in the embattled city of several jeanette ski. ukraine. claims to be pushing back russian troops. and moscow has confirmed that yet another of his generals was killed during your visit to the front. the u. s. d u. k, and germany have moved to counter russian firepower by pledging to st. ukraine rocket launchers with a range of up to 80 kilometers russians. foreign minister doubled down on the kremlin, defined response mobile to the booth chim,
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than i can only add that the longer the range of weapons. yes. apply the further we will move the front line away from our territory bellini on which neo nazis couldn't threaten the russian federation of authorities. good in a war marked by russian setbacks and stiff ukrainian resistance. it won't be easy to back. such words with action. here is more of the 5 for the east from d, w, correspond john phillips shots in keith ah, there is heavy fighting, going on in many parts of the don bus region, especially in the key city of several don. net, in some parts of the city, there is so intense a street fighting continuing, but the situation on the ground is said changing every hour. ukrainian officials say commanders say that they still have enough for forces, but they are clearly out guns by the russians. and sir,
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in several parts of the city, there is sir, basically, everything destroyed sir in another important city. this s s, levine, sca, very nearby. there are new russian artillery attacks. and a lot of observers predict that there will be more heavy fighting in this area in the coming days. what about in the south of the black sea, where the russian fleet had been blocking going supplies to the rest of the world? yes, they have been some interesting developments under lexi ukrainian, or navy commanders say that the famous russian black sea fleet has been regrouping and says several ships have for withdrawn to more than 100 kilometers of the ukrainian closed ukrainians. interpret this as a sign that so the russians are losing some control in this part of the black sea. of course, it's interesting to see what this new development means. father ongoing,
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a c, blockade of grain supplies. as you said, this is one of the most pressing political issues at the moment because it directly contributes to the deteriorating food. so security in many parts of the world and any more information about those who died and those who surrendered at the, as of so steel plant with that siege went on for weeks for president says to lensky says that's more than 2500 fighters from up style fighting have been detained in the don bus region. russian plants. what to do with those fighters seem to change every day. of course, they are highly important for president putin because they're fighting a wrong famous as of style steel. plenty, maria paul was one of the most symbolic during the war. so far,
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i have been reports that the russians are planning some kind of public tribunals, but president lensky says that they are doing everything to, to free those fighters to bring them home safely. and there have been, the russians have handled over in the past days, some soldiers that were killed during the fighting patrols for us in keith likelihood of ukraine pushing back the russians from the eastern city of sara toneta. i spoke to military analyst, frankly, which well, but it's a very complex situation as john phillips said there, this is the barry paradigm. urban warfare of the fall group was very difficult now where you units are at any one time. and of course are multiple axes in cities, so we don't know, i suspect the ukrainians are, but their purpose is clearly to inflate casualties on the russians rather than to
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hold the city. so i think we'll see over the next week or so. yeah, maybe shorter the city will fall, but what's interesting around there is the russians are still trying to cut the road into. it would need a place called back much they've been trying out now for about 2 weeks without success. so the russian to really hold it, sorry, the crating to really holding on them like quite effectively. we've also been hearing about longer range rocket systems on their way from the west. and we've talked about this before, but ukraine says it needs a constant supply of artillery. can the west deliver that? yes, but one of the things which has not been stressed over the last few days until now are the numbers of law to so i think the americans are sending for high mass market or truck systems for that's full trucks. and the british, i think for maybe 3, this is a drop in the ocean. i was talking to the senior british army officer yesterday was actually artillery commander for 10 or 20 years experience in this line of work. and i asked him, what kind of effect is not going to have against the russian national arms?
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and he said, well, drop in the ocean really doesn't provide that much pipe or so i said, how many would they need in this eco, what he's going to say? what mr. rest of it, just close it when you report for you as well? i think a 100 might make a difference, but half a dozen or does, and this is neither here nor there. so, so the credit to right, they need more than anything sued and a lot more to make a difference on the front. like a young philip also mentioned rushes back safely with drawing to allow for grain supplies. couldn't those very battleships regroup and pop up somewhere else? i don't think they could do that effectively. what's happened here is the danish british musical harpoons have probably been been deployed now, or near near to that russians are. they are or not. they have to act as if they are . and that means that that area in the northwest blacks is now being challenged out about 100 kilometers from the ukrainian coast. interestingly, the russians have not been forced to deploy more anti aircraft missiles into crimea,
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not against you credit aircraft, but against you creating missiles. so that battle for the north west. black, see that's the approach is remember to odessa, which of course means essentially ukrainian trade routes is very much a going concern. i think we're going to see that intensify over the next few weeks . that naval aspect to defend the dresser. ok, thank you very much for the update. the inside there for military analyst, frankly, which thank you. thank you. is a quick roundup of some other developments in the war. a u. s. court has issued warrants for the seizure of 2 private jets linked to brush and oligarch roman of rubber which authorities say the cramp were used to fly to russia in violation of sanctions imposed after the invasion of ukraine. dorothy, you may leave the room. maybe it's easier not to listen to the truth. the ambassador roches envoy has stormed out of the un security council meeting on ukraine. left the session after the european council president accused russia of
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using global food supplies as a weapon in the war own eyes. a few british prime minister bars johnson has seen off a threat to his leadership and survived the confidence vote. johnson's own conservative string of the boat, because of scandals over long down parties. he attended during the pandemic, even though he did when the support of a majority. about 40 percent of conservative lawmakers voted against bars johnston, leaving doubts about his ability to late. a dramatic opening to the week in westminster, conservative lawmakers castor ballads to decide whether prime minister boris johnson would remain party leader. the vote in favor of having confidence embarrass. johnson was leader was 211 folks. and a vote against was a 148 votes. and therefore, i can announce to parliamentary policy does have
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the result was met with relieve among johnson supporters and unmasked anger. among the opposition. this evening, the conservative party had a decision to make, to show some backbone or to back boris johnson. the british public cough set up, set up with a prime minister who promises big, but never delivers. fed up with a prime minister who's presided over a culture of lies a law breaking at the hearts of government. johnson has so far been able to shrug off several scandals. but he has struggled to turn the page on revelations that he and his staff repeatedly held al caufield parties, but flouted the coven 19 restrictions they had imposed on others. with no clear frontrunner to succeed, johnson, most political observers had predicted he would defeat the challenge. so i think
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this is a, a very good result for, for politics and for a, for the country just in it. so i do just in this sense, i think it's a convincing result, a decisive result of what it, what it means is that as a, as a government, we can move on and focus on the stuff i think really matters to people. but the rebellion represents of watershed moment and as a sign of deep conservative divisions. i asked quinton pill from chatham house policy institute if this really is a convincing and decisive results, as johnson said. absolutely not. it's to be honest, a disaster for boris johnson. he's shown that he lacks the support of it, 40 percent more than 40 percent of his own members of parliament. in fact, if you take out of the calculation, all the people on his pay row, he actually next the suppose of 3 quarters of his own. m p's. so i think that these
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days are numbered. he'll cling on because boris johnson is not a quitter, but actually it will be a disaster for the party because he is now the problem, not the solution. so how difficult does this now make him? oh rather his ability to actually lead i think very difficult and he's going to have a rebellious party in parliament. it shows the problem that you have when you get a large majority. he's got an 80 seat majority in parliament, but that makes it very easy for people to rebel against him. so if he's going to deliver any so to clear policies and clear leadership, that he's got a problem on his own side of the house. that really is a, not a tenable situation and i think one way or another, he'll be gone by the end of the year. that doesn't sound good. what, what,
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what happens in the meantime? i mean, he, he's going to try to get together his conservative party and get the public back on side. doesn't he? he does in the, in barely 2 weeks time. he's going to face to local elections and i think he's probably going to lose both of them quite badly. so that will show that he's no longer the winning candidate. he's got a cabinet to he's going to address to day and try and persuade that this was a convincing vote and the cabinet, we may well see ministers starting to resign. i think that we have a very weak government, and the outside world may not really understand what's happened. but boris johnson has lost the trust, not only of the electorate but of his own party. what, what does it mean all up to the u. k. n. and the u. k. stance in the world. well,
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as far as you crane is concerned, for example, the war in ukraine, there is a very broad consensus right across all political parties of the need to give you credit, total support in the war with russia. so from that point of view, i don't think it would mean a big change, but certainly from the point of view of the sort of what barriers johnson coles global britain. i didn't think people are paying very much attention to britain at the moment. it's seen as a rather sad excuse for a country that's withdrawn into its own island borders. quite a pill there from chatham house. thank you very much for the inside. thank you. pope francis says he's deeply saddened by a mass shooting and a catholic church in nigeria. on sunday, president mohammed barry also condemns the attack. authorities have yet to report an official death told, but it's believed at least 21 people that they had after
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a group of gunman open fire and worship. as walking the christian holiday of pentecost, a religious celebration turned into a massacre. the assault at saint francis catholic church unfolded during the morning pentecost service. only a few lucky parishioners managed to escape unharmed. i on that side far down the month. i can look it up. i see in the wall like one of my leg did i fall over to the other side that you saw it these 2 children were killed in the attack. thankfully, the other injured youngsters were able to receive medical attention from time. i'm back to the shots. i saw my 2 children and we brought them down here to
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at for damage gas. and and i saw also so many people who are wounded handy debt. i mean, i've been to resolve it with a was in, by, in any way. and i'm of them of good. awesome. so, so you don't so we're, we're just on, it's a to help us with the attack was in our city in the state of ando. it's a relatively peaceful region that's rarely targeted by gangs in islamists, extremists with nigeria battling a prolonged insurgency in the north. many are asking why the south was targeted. ah, but with the onto attackers still free, churchgoers fear the terror could be taking new direction. oh dw,
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florida took what i and lagossi has been reacting to. what's happened? did nigeria? well then, as you said, those encounters those alive testimonies are truly harrowing. and so many people in ange area are just shocked. and quite frankly, scared, especially in the south where the region is e, chris, turn me jury see most people go to church every sunday and so you hear that services are also close and gone. men attack your church and you can't see clearly see that picture because it could have been any church. and so a lot of danger and especially in the south again, are very, very sad about this incident. and young people, especially online are seeing, get your pvcs, get your passports, pvcs mini palm and advertise cards. saw that next year 2020 through. we come for the lead as i can actually help nigeria and get your passport in case you need to.
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and guess things get so by there you need to leave the country and that just tells you that people are beginning to lose hope in the future of the crunch and it's already, it's also dawning on the lot of people that look this terrorism fright that we've been that we've been hearing about is no longer just somewhere fiery than north is now right in my backyard is right here in the south with me. so a lot of politicians are the vice president was there in all war? yes. cd. the pop also sent his his, his condolences to the victims and nigeria just generally in the state of morning. this is d 3 after the incident and it's still top lane news for most newspapers. and most people are you talking about it. so to an incident that are having ramifications pop, possibly at a state level, it sounds like the government has lost control of the security situation. at least
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that's what we're hearing from many people there are we're going to have to leave their floors. thank you very much. for bringing us up to date on the situation there in nigeria. now as some of the other stories making use around the world, the dominican republic environment minister has been shot dead in his office. the government says whole hey matter which on multiple times by a close friend whose motives are being investigated. the suspect, the businessman was arrested at a nearby church after reportedly confessing his actions to a priest. a british journalist and a brazilian indigenous affairs experts have gone missing in a remote part of the amazon rainforest, dome phillips and bruno law will piano were last seen early on sunday morning. official say the 2 had received frequent threats from a legal fishman and purchase a loan mosque. his threatened to walk away from his field to buy twitter. the test,
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the boss accuses the social media company of refusing to provide data about fake accounts. twitter agreed to masks, $44000000000.00 take of a bid. in april. the u. s. and south korean military have flown 25 to jade. so south korea's western c, also known as the yellow sate. it's part of a show of force following north korea's latest rocket launch over the weekend. us officials with a fiery early morning display that took all of 10 minutes it's effects were meant to extend well into the future. the launches of 7 south korean missiles and one american missile in a live fire exercise, a tit for tat reply to north korea's launching of 8 missiles a day. earlier. the response came as south korea and it's hawkish, new president, marks, memorial day commemorations. you and so you'll saying more than ever,
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global powers must work to contain north korea. for connie ha, north korea's nuclear missiles, threats are getting sophisticated. 8 fired various ballistic missiles. yesterday it's programs a reaching the level that threaten not only the pace of the korean peninsula, but also northeast asia and the world's view. fannin sure. now you will, you send me that the world has almost grown accustomed to seeing this type of weapons demonstration from north korea. indeed, in 2022 alone, north korea has launched 18 rounds of missile tests including intercontinental ballistic missiles. military intelligence suggests president kim jung own as pushing for north korea's 1st nuclear test in nearly 5 years. doesn't work well, does the height the north korea has repeatedly launched ballistic missiles, including new i see b ems at a high frequency since the beginning of this year though,
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that doesn't look over the last series of north korean actions, threatened the peace and stability of the region and the international community because they cannot be tolerated a to school, thought that you mustn't. the north previous launches were last month as u. s. president joe biden wrapped up a trip to south korea and japan. when bitin reaffirmed the u. s. commitment to defending both allies and kim reaffirmed his desire from north korea to become a nuclear power. extreme weather events of becoming more common, predicting them can help save lives. european space agency is set up a special program using satellite dotted to try to full cast, severe storms or drought. the technology is already helping shape responses to climate change. climate change is already heading our planet much faster than most experts predicted. even just a few short years ago,
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sea level rise ocean heat, greenhouse gas concentrations, an ocean acidic e cation said, alarming, new records in 2021. the global energy system is broken and bringing us ever closer to climate capacity. it's growing more and more clear that the consequences of climate change will be felt by all of us sooner rather than later. different parts of the world are already seen, record breaking heat waves, overwhelming floods, massive droughts that lead to devastating wild fires and the mass death of aquatic life, and fast warming, acidify and oceans. to even begin to grapple with the consequences of climate change, scientists need solid data hi. above the earth's atmosphere, european space agency emissions are providing key information that could help us
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predict extreme weather events. to be very, very frank without satellites. we couldn't have information about the state of our climate. we wouldn't seem to know how temperature water increase. how is he level of eyes, sir? would change because we have to set the information. the mission satellites have global coverage and fly over the same regions. every few days, time after time, that allows researchers to build up a picture of how much the land, sea, and air are changing, and in what ways and make predictions in both the short and the long term. the technology is going more and more sophisticated. we have better and better improved or what is related to weather prediction. we're launching the next satellite end of the year is called them to g i. we have a lightning imager on board, which is a very sophisticated advancing instrument to look at the extreme events link to hurricanes and all methodological activities. in many areas,
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satellite data is playing a role in our efforts to slow down the damage. humanity has already done to the environment, but that's just one goal. many experts expect the number of climate related emergencies, like hurricanes and droughts, to climb inexorably in the coming years. they can no longer be prevented, but at least the satellites will help us predict them, which will help save lives. so the less can help now, because if you have a hairy kin arriving and you're on a plane, you know that this is happening. so satellites are helping now, but they're also helping in the long term. why? because if you have a situation of drought, and typically it's linked to a forecast of food cropped up abilities of food production. this is a longer run thing where you need to know the humidity of the terrain for the agriculture, and you need to support activities which are sick doria once but with the satellite . so satellites ready play a key role in our efforts to adjust to climate change, powerful tools that can help us predict when the next major weather related event
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will strike. and remind her about how story ukrainian president flooded. miss lensky says, his troops are outnumbered, but holding out in the battle force better than at the city is one of several key battlegrounds and rushes push to seize control of the eastern dumbass region. our health show in good shape is up next with tips on savings of headaches. to forget you can get news around the clock, d, w dot com. i'm paying for solon cnx out with ah, with
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who in good shape, throbbing, pulsing, droning headaches. there are more than 2, retire and not be causes unknown. the good is,
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is the help and can often be found conventional and sometimes quite unconventional for life free from the headaches in good shape with extra bug d w. when the c schemes up in the arctic ocean marine biologists are researching under water climate change. the changes on not just a warning sign. rising water temperatures are becoming an existential threat for the entire echo system. closer in 45 minutes on d w. oh, it is a secret in the scene, endless one axis with the conflict between iran on the one hand and israel
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and the united states on the other with more than 4 hears the adversaries have been irreconcilable. there is never been any real dialogue. how did this confrontation begin? how great is the danger that it was spread? the long war? he's real, iran usa starts june 15th on d. w. a. do you sometimes get headaches? len? this installment of dw is health. so might be just the ticket coming up via tiny electrical shocks can help treat headaches. and how a foot bath with mustard pouted.


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