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tv   Kick off Special  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm CEST

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yes, this is the weekdays on d, w, and we're interested in the global economy. our portfolio dw business be on. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. east versus west, give a head with beyond ah ah, ah, welcome to global 3001 father, 12 sons and nurturing new home for refugee children from north korea.
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and natural wonder with boss tub rings in the u. s. a hidden landscape is gradually emerging from the deep and in east africa. drought has left millions of children facing salvation. climate change war and a pandemic after steadily declining for a decade. well, hunger is rising again, a 2021. unicef report said that 811000000 people, so around one in 10 of the global population did not have enough to eat. many of them with children. almost 200000000 children are malnourished, or even on the brink of starvation, in the east african nations of kenya, ethiopia, and somalia, people's lives are at risk. millions could die without urgency food,
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aid, and water. unicef fears that if weather patterns continue, the already massive number of those suffering will saw in this remote part of northern kenya, drought has always been an issue. but years of reduced rainfall has exacerbated the problem. james r eulu is on his way to a village that's home to members of the dust on each tribe. this year the special norse was than normal because saw that the period to the, to header a long periods of drought. and this community lost a lot of lives dog, which is the source of their labeled with tragic consequences. drought meant this family went hungry and their baby daughter died. and then another thought she was only little. we didn't know what was wrong yet. and we took her to the hospital and they told us she was malnourished to that, that they gave us
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a nutritional supplement. but by the morning she had died that was in the drought was terrible. i had no milk to nurse her. my baby died of malnutrition donna got in . now the family is grieving and faces an uncertain future. another. i mean it since the drug began, i lost my heard of all my livelihood call and my child in our order element. i was in one unless been very hard. i've lost everything. i what can i do that will all my children suffer line either under these thoughts keep wearing on me and again, i am a heavy heart to take a brill a child doesn't know how he is going to provide for his family. now. he is devastated by the loss of his child and his herd. he used to have 150 cows and 200 goats that had gotten a son. and one idea that i know when the drought killed or cattle manually for the government told us to pile them up,
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what made an incinerator hold on one. so as to contain the spread of disease yet either de la mancha rabbi shanahan in kenya alone. over 3000000 people rely on food aid. children are especially vulnerable to the effects of malnutrition, and drought also means their parents lack the means to send them to school. the un children's agency unicef says hundreds of thousands of children in the horn of africa now have no access to education because of the drought. the horn of africa is in crisis. it's not just kenya, ethiopia and somalia have also been hit by the worst drought in 40 years. in somalia, 6000000 people don't have enough to eat. many have had to leave their homes and are now displaced inside the country. makeshift settlements have sprung up near the town of dolo. there are now 5 of them in total. this
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young woman travelled 300 kilometers to get to the concisely camp a journey she undertook in order to save her child. but it was in vain. a local last delay soon my child was sick when we arrived in may all she had fever and diarrhea as without a g. i took her to a hospital but she died. it's our, they were late. normally we buried her this morning. well, you know, i got have ology and then the mother is only 20 and was married off at a young age. eunice have says, child marriage is on the rise. another consequence of drought girls are also being married of younger and younger because that means the dowry price is higher. an important factor if her parents are penniless. finding a husband for their daughter is also a way for them to secure her future. every day, more infants and children suffering from malnutrition are admitted to the clinic.
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and dolo doctors and nurses like up to cut in more alum have their hands full without the also going to missile dinner with her. and we've admitted over 40 children so far this month. also by ellison measles, diarrhea, hulu, and fever or common in the refugee camps worked on the number of children with ma. nutrition is rising to claim on in a region in turmoil. and children are suffering the most in somalia, ethiopia, and in kenya. they're james are yolo is visiting families to check their children full signs of malnutrition. he brings a tape measure. it allows him to determine if a child gets a dietary supplement called plumping nut. it will cut the peanut paste, contains powdered milk, powdered sugar, and added vitamins and minerals to help treat malnutrition. again, porsha. she has been detected with miss avila more nourished. committed to the
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reporter in the program, or far phoebe and our we have our this tape or for the feeding that we give the child that is severely ma norrish. this is the blank notch plumping that is unlimited supply aid organizations are under funded with a general election coming up in august. politicians have other priorities very busy on campaign and politics. there were forgotten these people in this community at all, or they are not supporting them. and even the distance from our main market that is much said the town to hear. they're also impossible and are getting food is now becoming difficult and very expensive. it's finally started to rain given grounds for optimism, but for now it creates a transport problem. and the rainy season might still not be wet enough to bring change. meteorologists are already expressing doubts. the horn of africa is ravaged
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by drought, and millions of people are going hungry. despite the millions of people on our planet who are starving, the world health organization reports that every year around 1300000000 tons of food goes to waste. a 3rd of all the food produced globally doesn't even make it to our place. a shocking amount of farmed fruit and vegetables. a simply left to route . but there are initiatives that are turning that around. it's all hands on deck in this spinach field just outside barcelona and our grass and the team of volunteers are collecting all they can to day their efforts will supply many needy people in the region with fresh food sympathy, weiss gay. wow, there's so much i can't really gauge how much. yeah. but it should be enough to
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feed $100.00 families or even more on the quote from us. and i could ask works for the sb gallegos, the glee nurse, the non profit organization collects left over crops after the commercial harvest on many fields in spain's catalonia region. this practice was more common before industrialized farming and the introduction of strict regulations. now it has been revived here by the espy will adores around 8 percent of the world's crops. i believe, to be lost at harvest time. the european union fruit and vegetables are rejected to fed too big or small and don't comply with appearance standards see out as that was in god, but they were in the field of spinach that hasn't been sold on the market because there was not enough demand for it under, in don't this enough to we had, i'm was call him though. so if we wouldn't be harvesting the spin generally element, it would go to wayne asked her to be in the thick k bassetti of the farmer would simply plow through the field. here with us,
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try to get her to prepare it for the next harvest, but update, but audio god. so what we're doing here is removing the spinach. she's got to give it a 2nd opportunity. oh, but oddly enough, they will know what the lead up last year alone, her organisation saves over 600000 killers of fruit and vegetables in this way. the water and c o 2 emissions invested in that growth were not in vain. the rescued produce arrives in this warehouse. it's then distributed to charities across the region. avid the economic fall out from the pandemic demand at spain's food banks has at times doubled. now rising prices and economic uncertainty caused by the warn ukraine of putting more pressure on the vulnerable current enough when i phone to coordinate the deliveries at the warehouse in barcelona port a lap black young anthony, i'm listening to the people who are in most need have the poorest diets coming out of it in, of course, because in the end, the cost of food determines what they eat, what happy family, and showing that they're supplied with
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a minimum of high quality basic produce is very important for these people's health . in like only tennis, how they qualify the volunteers activities helped build momentum for the drafting of a regional bill to prevent food loss and waste. recently passed, the legislation promotes the practice of cleaning as a solution. a similar law will come into force nationwide as beagle. others found our media barava is proud of that. she started the organisation in 2014. now she also runs in operation on the outskirts of foss. alona that produces its own brand of preserves, made from food that otherwise would be thrown away in the past few years around 50 people found a job here. financing is generated for the sales of the preserves and state funding committee about about needs more soon. she wants to expand the amazon will they know them by subtlety. yeah, we created
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a social business model that has 3 ames so here let's get the reduction of food loss mainly of vegetables and fruit element, the right to healthy nutrition for every one, but especially for those and a vulnerable situation. but, but i pull that off before and we also wanted to offer job opportunities for these people out in it out of what me i would i left. but if that was gonna come up between both what my 2 miss projects has a model that can work not only on a national scale, but also internationally, that did wonder because in every city there were these 3 necessity as if, which are the reason we exist. at the, on an existence that depends on plenty of helping hands. the people here are happy to be contributing to a circular economy. and social justice was thrown, had people in the long run with our goal is to disappear daily. but that would only happen if the problem of food loss and the other social challenges we face and we're song that that was so that might be a bit utopian. he annoyed the galena self. barcelona are likely to have their work cut out for years to come,
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because there are still plenty of fields with an abundance to share. the western united states is also badly affected by drought, and has been for more than 2 decades now. the effects of it's a very clear on lake powell and the 2nd largest dam in the u. s. is drying up and uncovering a buried natural one. and that is staring debate. a piece of paradise underwater. no one on board here was even born when the glen canyon was drowned. a dam by the same name flooded this american natural wonder and created lake powell, an artificial reservoir. the world under the lake surface had largely been forgotten. but now it sandstone cliffs are reappearing with
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a pronounced white bathtub ring. for wait, quilter, it's a welcome sight. and we can only see the very top of it. if it's almost like if it was a very beautiful person and you could only see their eyes, everything else was covered. so we're seeing just the top. um, i love to be able to see the rest. we'd quilter is a medical student and a river guide to day. he's here with his fiance and his mother, janet quilter, mother and son, are fighting to resurrect the glen canyon. they feel it was a crime to flood it now that i did it. yeah. yeah. that nature, ha, ha, ha,
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connect me it is again that we felt visually regarding but not every one here think so. $3000000.00 tourists flocked to lake powell every year until low water levels force the closure of many launch ramps. we encountered just one boat. i wanted to belabor away. yeah. but greg did it. yeah. i'm down. go like fell but nature is taking matters into its own hands. in recent years, water levels here have dropped by around 50 meters. 15 in 2021 alone. entire side canyons had been revealed and lost worlds recovered
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this entire area was once submerged. i was for this, this is what i was for. i can't imagine this day in age bearing this underwater again. this is what we're, we want. this is where we fill up piece like this is what i picture. i get excited thinking about coming here with my kids in the future. taken hikes through these canyons, yet thousands of people earn their living from lade powell, mike and paul nick now run a family business offering fishing tours. the striped bass are still biting. what's missing since the water level started falling for the tours to catch them hours of fish this we've been pushing this like my dad and i since i was 2 years, all 1982. i mean, if it continues to go down the way that it is, i mean, we may not even have 5 years left, you know, but hopefully it stays up because i don't want to be looking for another job. you know, i really like what i'm doing. it's not about office out here. mike,
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mcnabb remembers the days when lake powell brim with water up there, the resort. the water was flapping right up against the shore people. if they had a fishing pole, they could cast out their rooms in the warm but water levels have sunk to a historic low. the 2nd largest reservoir in the u. s. is just one 3rd full climate change and drought have lessened inflow. that paul mcnabb says to many u. s. states are over drawing the bank account, taking more water out of the lake, then comes in. the main part of that is, is the need for water. that is just phoenix, l a. there's big cities, vegas, big cities that they're having a lot of people and they're getting bigger. go if they say i don't bang in line at my wedding, they go less golf courses less fountains in las vegas and you know,
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just a lot more water conservation and, and even at where it should be in the lake, an artificial lake in the desert for some a big mistake for others, a business, the glen canyon dam, generates electricity for millions of people, but low water levels are putting that in jeopardy to deputy power manager bob martin aims to keep the damn operator. he says, hydro is a cleaner source of power than most last 20 years. we're moving a structure of this size. i wouldn't have a huge environmental impacts on the, the river down below. oh yeah, that's kind of the trade off of for, you know, when we develop these areas, you know, it's, it would be just about impossible in my opinion, to go back to what it was you know, 60 years ago. a colossal man made structure versus the massive architecture of
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nature. gregory bridge is a natural arc that until last fall stood completely under water. 2 now wade quilter can drive his boat under it, but there are very few people around to witness the world that's re emerging in many side canyons here. for hours. we don't see another soul when navigating this section where tree tops are re emerging weight, quilter has to be extra careful. we're heading to the spiritual heart of glen canyon, the cathedral in the desert. long a place of pilgrimage for hikers. this natural monument could only be seen by divers after the cannon was flooded. but now everyone can marvel at its stunning beauty. so we're only here for a split 2nd, this,
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this stuff. so it's supposed to be here for a long time this morning, but knew it to you hopefully we can just enjoy it and not mess with it. or you feel overwhelmed, overwhelm the glen canyon is be revealed again. this one's most world is full of surprises. and wonders we'd love the water surface. 2 in 1950, a bitter 3 year war broke out between north and south korea. almost 4000000 people lost their lives. since then the country has been divided into poverty stricken
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communist, north korea. and weston oriented south korea. the after effects of the war a still felt to day it's almost impossible to cross from north korea to the south. those who managed to flee, find themselves in a totally different world. oh, ah, him t hoon and his family are winning team. he's gathered his brood together. he says bowling bill. teen spirit. his eldest foster son, hardy young is 28 and has long been independence. but 10 year old june, sung still clings to his father. can tie who lives in soul with 12 foster children from north korea. they all stick together and put up with a lot. yep. you can get that on virtual shamira, you know,
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people say watch out when they're around and when someone who knows how they were raised in north korea, ok, get on better, closed the doors and windows. they can be dangerous one on one. so south korea, many north korean fleeing poverty and repression in their homeland wind up here. even though they're korean, they faced prejudice and discrimination. luckily this kim tie. who and do you now go wake up. it's time for breakfast young, so now make your bed, lizzie. oh yeah. are you them? kim, typhoons household is full of children who come from the unknown world on the other side of the board and they fled north korea often without their parents. now they
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live in a patchwork family of 13 people. you'd been where no different than any other family. they were like brothers even comes from the same villages. me it doesn't. it's a miracle to run. cotton mode is on that alone. over we're talking about party young was the 1st to find a new home here. he was 12 when he arrived with his mother from north korea. after spending 3 months, been careful by the state, his mom found work, though far away, hardy young had to get along without her in foreign surroundings. although cubans organ going shopping, taking the bus and go up doing basic stuff. everything was difficult for me. where to go? there was almost never any food in the house for boxing. imagine a 4th grader living virtually alone and friending for himself. up to that point, there was just one person he'd really gotten to know in the south,
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kim tahoe. he'd worked as a volunteer in the 1st place where hardy young and his mother found shelter alternative on an old girl. it's one lay sick, him tie hoon, wanted to see what had become of them. with 2 other than he i ega. i walked in guilty to when i saw him lying face down on the floor, and he had fallen asleep in front of the t. v dancer, all alone. and i thought was the last time he had something to eat. when michael came, ty, whom simply had to help with the permission of the boys, mother party young became his foster child. soon kim typhoon was asked to take in more north korean foster children 23 in the last 15 years. every day he goes to the market to buy food by the kilo for his sons. now, the costs are covered by the south korean authorities. they're glad to have someone
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to take care of the children and help them settle in here. kim's mother jim, me, one has come by to help him prepare supper. look about him. for years, the 2 of them had no contact. she was upset that his son gave up his career and publishing to look after children from north korea. bar muma bold, but he tells us the children are more important to him than anything else. and so she's come to accept it this home with them honestly. how could i love these kids right from the starter. but he told me that if i want to come here, i have to buy and i'm not allowed to ask the children about any bad experiences they've had either. otherwise, i'd better not come at all at school on hand. i moved to can typhoon says looking after children is what he does best. there we bought a home. that's why this is the right life for
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him. when you get to evil, this is my duty and these are my children. i'm responsible for them. who yeah. who else would do it otherwise? take a take him to answer. ah, can tell you and says his kids give him more than anyone else. and his 12 foster children clearly feel the same way about him. c and that's all from us at global 3000 dis, wait, drop us a line at global 3000 at d, w dot com and check us out on face. but to d, w global ideas. see you next time. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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do you like it? do you want it? okay, then buckle up, put the pedal to the metal and lets ride. mm. read it. 90 minutes on d. w. law has no limit. of love is for everybody. love is live with love matters and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn char, mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more divide and deny that. and this i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an end welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911 and he says after 911,
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the clubs came off where organized cry, rules. genuine use a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to anyone operation, the criminal economy, where conglomerates and make their own laws. they invade our private lives through surveillance, hidden, opaque, secretive, or through what's big. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind, whose benefits and why are they a threat to us all
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o peak wolf this week on d w? ah ah ah ah, this is due to the news life from berlin out numbered, but holding out prison zalinski says ukrainian forces are doing everything possible to resist the russian all slot in the key eastern city,


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