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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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experience outstanding shopping and dining office. enjoy alice services all be our guest at frankfurt. airport city managed by frappe, bought, ah ah, ah, ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin to night. russian control in the eastern ukraine going from strength to strength. the rushes as it now has all control of residential area and that key cities ever older nest, but ukrainian troops are saying that surrendering is not an option. also coming up
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to re transfer all of shelters in lithuania, vowing to strengthen nato's eastern flank of id, growing fears of more russian aggression and survivors. speaking out after a massacre at a catholic church in nigeria, 22 people were killed by a group of gunman armed with explosives. where the gunmen were remains unanswered enough. ah, i bring gov is good to have you with us and we begin with the battle raging over ukraine's dawn bass region. russia now claims to control 97 percent of one of the 2 provinces that make up the region in eastern ukraine. and it says its forces have taken full control of residential areas in the key city of several. don't ask a city where we have,
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have reports of urban warfare. troops fighting from street to street. ukraine, admitting its forces are now out numbered, but it says seething territory to russia is not an option. inflicting maximum damage. that is the goal for moscow, which jellies this footage of the pallets us at walk across few cranes, east. the destruction is evident. many of those who the mean have lost everything. i did like this so i do not even know where to start for you that i am standing here and looking, but i have no idea what to do with my blood. i started crying, do i come down? and then i try again. and again, before is the focus now is on the city of 7,
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o. net, which could be key to gain control of the don bass. ukraine says it's troops out numbered, but holding strong. now she's annoyed and is that you was our heroes are not giving up their positions in severe done as pregnant woolley fierce street fights continue in the city. and i'm a guy. the russian army is trying to deploy additional forces in the danverse direction. but it's the 103rd day you can and the ukranian done, but stand, see, it stands firmly meets the cost of that resistance has been high even as russia threatens dire consequences to mo, head, from the west. ukraine says that for its embattled troops, more vapid, could be the difference between life and death. so now 2 fears of a growing global food crisis, millions of tons of grain are piling up in southern new cray going nowhere. because
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the war has blocked ships from leaving ports now to day at the un security council in new york, european council president charles michelle, he put the blame for this on russia. is solely responsible for these food, cries russia alone. despite the trembling stamping of flies and disinformation, i seen it with my own eyes, a few which are due in odessa millions of tons of grain and wheat, stuck into tennis and sheeps. because a fresh and war ships in the black sea and becos officious attack on twitch sports was torture entities, russian tents, russian bumps and mines that prevent ukraine from planting and harvesting. the kremlin is also targeting grinch toadies and stealing gwyn in ukraine while
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shifting the blame on others. this is joe italy. this is for fidel nda pure and simple with agenda, or russian today denied any responsibility for the global food crisis. i talked about that with our correspondent nick connelly, who was in odessa i think there's a lot of diplomatic noise going on right now. there's a meeting tomorrow in turkey, between misses from russia and turkey are with the un on board, and ukrainian somehow involved don't quite know how, but i think this is more about the blame game right now. this is not about real solutions. otherwise, russia would not have destroyed ukraine's 2nd biggest grain terminal just few days ago in city of mich alive, but a 150 kilometers down the road from where i am now. the infrastructure on the ground that could really then let that food out in a hurry to the people who need it in north africa and released that is being destroyed. bit by bit by the russians who was obviously making it very hard for
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ukraine. farmers to get the diesel they need, they've been forming will refineries forming oil storage units and roads. and i think now that russia is nursing that this is a topic that is getting a lot of traction to national it was in countries in africa. melissa, that traditionally are, was empathetic to russian narratives than is the case in europe and north america. and seeing that concern there. now try to play the game base the game on ukraine that has very little reason to trust. russian guarantees that if it takes the minds away from a desk coastline to protecting a desk from russia, braces right now that, that will be respected in that it won't be used by russia to come here to death. invade the city, or talk about where you are right now. nick. odessa, we know that that city was the target of heavy russian attacks. i'm in the early days of this war. what's it like there? now? what's kind of this gets a frantic cleaning on one hand, you have people out in bars and restaurants late into the night. the curfew has been pushed back to 11 pm. but those are mainly locals in the city that apart from
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its port lives from tourism. those tourists, obviously no, to be seen foreign tourists, even lesser, but even people inside ukraine, fin, the 4th month of war at their savings are running low and they can't think about affording our holiday. so you really noticed that people's are busy their reserves, their savings are running low. the people are trying to kind of get to some kind of normality to enjoy this summer. but that they are nervous that they can't really let go because they don't know what's coming. they don't if they'll be able to earn a living. and that is a problem that is facing ukraine. now, even parts of the country that are safe from russian attacks, people don't know if their jobs will still be there in a week or a months time. and whether they might have to soon leave for economic reasons rather than security ones. and if there are some worry reports tonight, i'm coming out talking about another key port city, the city of mario paul, which is now controlled by russian forces. what can you tell us? while we've seen reports in ukraine metre about cholera being err,
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discovered among people living in mar, pulled. those are as yet unconfirmed reports. if somebody had reports in the same, at independent russian media that are some of the border regions of rush close to marable and are preparing adventures, infectious diseases, awards for people coming from there, wanting a certain, marable is a city of ruins. people there have very little access to sanitation and the occasional woods truck going around, but we've seen people watching themselves in their clothes, in the sea and of the lots of bodies still on recovered. it was a very dangerous duration of summer. and summer temperatures come in, i think the risk of disease and people suffering in the resist is just going to go over the summer. heat is only going to make things worse to shorten the connelly reporting tonight from odessa. nick, as always. thank you jennifer. oh, shoulds. to day promised to boost the country's military mission. in lithuania, he met today with the leaders of that the way near lafayette and estonia. they all share a border with russia and they want a stronger nato presence corporation. this is martina chancellor. all i shall send
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the training and president guitar know said i wanted to come, they did to announce preparations for an expansion of the multinational nato combat unit. currently station in need to anna. and all i felt was keen to sir dan criticism regarding germany support to ukraine with the okay in a vitamin roughly, we will continue supporting ukraine with weapons deliveries. germany has been doing this more intensely than almost anybody else and will continue with support in the near term. as long as will be needed to rebuff fresh and aggression to come. but words are not enough for both ukraine and nato allies, which press berlin to step up its military support with the baltic heads of states dressing their determination to start fresh as aggression against ukraine. a swallow got gallegos to salute at the i believe that our colleagues always have the right to try all the options. they want to try and euro,
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but this is not lithuanian position, but so we think it is difficult to talk to a head of state who has redrawing the borders and the 21st century. steve, the cmas tuesdays meeting was intended to show unity among nato allies, that germany support will likely be judged by to weapons and boots on the ground. it actually provides those to ukraine and to its nato allies. are here some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world of the trial that she meant. suspected of murdering prominent dutch journalists, peter r devries has begun to freeze, was shot at close range in amsterdam last year and died. 9 days later. authorities believe the killing was connected to an organized crime group. italian authorities have seized more than 4 tons of cocaine in a large scale investigation, targeting a colombian drug cartel. the cocaine st value estimated at
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240000000 euros. molly's government have said a 2 year transitional period for a return to civilian rule and new elections. the government in molly says that this proves it's willing to negotiate with the economic community of west african stains, which imposed economic sanctions on molly. back in january along where we go now, did i jerry, where there are waves of grieving morning, rippling through a community after sundays, mass shooting inside a catholic church. 22 people were killed. 50 injured. when a group of gunman opened fire on worshippers marking the christian holiday of pentecost, no group has claimed responsibility for the killings. the attack took place in the village of oak in the south of nigeria. it's a region which has so far been spared violence that we've seen by
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similar communities in northern gere w's or lisa chip. walmart has more now from nigeria. well, but one thing we can say is that they have lots of tokens off from the state government and the federal government about hans and down to government were carried out on sunday in a catholic church in france. right. yet in on days they will have a visit from the vice president himself yesterday. right. get to the medical center over a couple of minutes away. i did church itself. we had the ruling party lead a p. c. but i've been able also coming to church. i'm visited, patient through those those yesterday, right. yet in all walk. so support has been coming from the federal government and people out of everything including cash. 75000000. myra donated from $0.42 to the medical center and to the victim who supported tax sunday. so
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that's supposed to get them. but in terms of policing investigations that we're not going to grew or what groups carried out to sac on sunday views, elisa to whom i, they're reporting from nigeria are some football news now in germany. germany have drawn one all with england in the nation's league, grew clash after a goal was 1st half eunice hoffman. opened the score for germany soon after the restart, but then just a few minutes before the end, harry came converted the penalty to round out the score. neither team has yet to win a game. in the turner in canada ice hockey is king, but there aren't many queens in many regions of the country. women's teams don't even exist. there's no women's professionally either. but that is changing. girls, aged $7.00 to $14.00, out on the ice playing hockey. it's surprisingly not such a familiar sight in canada. despite canadian women winning multiple olympic gold
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medals in the sport, hockey remains mainly for men. women make up less than 20 percent of players in the country. summer hoping all girls clubs can change that. you know, being with other girls who have the same goals in the same drive as you was really, really important. i remember growing up in and being on teams where it was almost surprising to me. the other girls like me who loved hockey as much as i did who wanted to spend all that extra time. we wanted to do the extra work off the ice and on the ice and sort of be surrounded by like minded people who have those same. you know, goals and dreams is you, i think, is really, really powerful. at this club in toronto, many of the kids say playing at an all girls club makes them feel more comfortable . ah, here a
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group of canadian and american players have founded the professional women's hockey players association, their long term goal to create a cross border league where female athletes are paid as professionals. and don't need to work on the side. feature of queens on the ice. there, that's all for me up next business newton, my colleague christy plants and i'll see you tomorrow. sh, her agenda. i work tags and in the end is a me, you are not allowed to see you anymore. we will send you back or you.


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